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'Skyrim', 'Oblivion' Composer Offers Modders Permission to Use More Of His Tracks

There are so many incredible mods out there for Bethesda's The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and for good reason! The luscious open-world RPG has tons of lore to uncover and adventures to partake in, but another huge aspect that makes this adventurer game so beautiful is its stunning soundtrack. Luckily for those modders out there looking to keep their projects truly authentic, the composer himself has granted permission.

Jeremy Soule has an impressive resume when it comes to his work on gaming, including The Elder Scrolls franchise like Skyrim, Oblivion, and - my personal favorite - Morrowind. Though some of his property has already been available for modders to use, Soule is opening up even more of his musical listings for the community to utilize.

The Northerner Diaries is one of several tracks available to use and it would be the perfect addition to so many of the breathtaking projects out there. Though he's not yet slated for The Elder Scrolls 6 at this time, his work does live on through his numerous projects until we get official word as to who is scoring the next step in this beloved franchise.

You can hear even more of Soule's work through his Patreon right here to see for yourself why he is such an esteemed name in the gaming community. We hope to see him in the next The Elder Scrolls game, though we know Inon Zur (personally am a huge fan of his other fantasy contributions) will do an amazing job on The Elder Scrolls: Blades, just as Brad Derrick continues to do on The Elder Scrolls Online.


What are your thoughts on The Elder Scrolls modding community? Do you have a favorite track from Soule? Sound off with your thoughts in the comment section below, or hit me up over on Twitter @DirtyEffinHippy!


Skyrim mod replaces battle music with 80s Transformers power ballads

After almost five years, I honestly thought the modding community had shown me every nutty idea it had to offer. Surely after the and and dragons wearing , I’d seen it all.

My friend, these maniacs.

The elegantly titled “” takes all music triggered by combat and replaces them with one of two songs: The Touch by Stan Bush or Dare by Stan Bush. These two classics are straight off the soundtrack for stone cold 1986 classic . Like any dragon...born in the ‘80s, I knew what I must do. I installed the mod, loaded up my most recent save (from 2013!) and went berserk on the nearest living thing with a broadsword. Here's a video showing what you have to look forward to.

These songs are extremely ‘80s. The Touch is the most ‘80s things to ever happen to my brain, and I got hit in the ear with a Rubik’s Cube in 1989. These songs are thirty years out of date and several genres away from Skyrim’s , but it doesn’t matter. This is Skyrim as it was meant to be played: as a training montage.

Stan Bush’s power ballads are incredible with Skyrim’s clashing steel and battle cries. The synth keyboards, the power ballad vocals, the inspirational lyrics all yearn for a good fight. They ache for it. As I fought, the keyboards whispered in my ears: Don’t weigh the odds, Dovahkiin. Don’t get held down. Damn it, Dovahkiin, Stan Bush just needs to you to believe in yourself. You’ve know perfectly well that you’ve got the moves. You know the streets.

Replacing Skyrim’s meticulously crafted and award-winning musical score isn’t just good. It’s beyond good. Beyond evil. Beyond…. 

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I'm away from home and was curious if there any good music mods?

In fallout 4 I have the 80's music mods 1 and 2 total of 146 songs from the 1980's and I was hoping a mod creator would make some awesome music songs :-}
Havent seen as good as music with skyrim yet, for console mods ,I realy liked 80s for fallout too :)

"Up the Irons

There's a music mod that plays all the music from morrowind, oblivion, as well as skyrim.

As for 80s music or modern stuff, haven't seen anything.

As of 3/7/18- 2018 Dodge Charger Scat Pack 6.4L and 2017 Dodge Challenger RT modded.

Celtic Music mod is a MUST for me

GT- CHawk84

I like the additional music mod: there's a version which replaces the vanilla music and one which adds to it. It's nice and I think it fits in well. The Witcher music mod is nice too.

Straight up sewaside

TES Combined Music Overhaul adds soundtracks from Morrowind, Oblivion, Elder Scrolls Online and Skyrim.

It also plays the correct type of song at the correct time such as combat music during combat, certain music in dungeons, taverns and even depending on what time of day it is, such as morning, day and night.

Official Creator of w00tbeer - Gamertag: Devil Hunden
Academi Contractor - Personal Security Specialist/EMT

For me, the Witcher 3 and Skyrim music overhaul.

"These violent delights have violent ends." PSN: reidy16982 Other PSN: Da3boys-RDB XGT: yoshio1998

chaomas (Topic Creator)4 years ago#8

All awesome info's, tyvm :-}

Witcher 3 And Skyrim Music Overhaul is Amazing

PSN: Sins-X
FC: 4571-0234-9600


Skyrim: The Top 15 Sound And Music Mods So Far

The Skyrim modding community has come up with a ton of excellent audio and music mods players can install for unparalleled audio immersion, and that goes a long way towards providing a better sense of immersion and fantasy. This goes double for players who are sick and tired of hearing the same Skyrim soundtrack over and over for years on end.

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Mods that are related to sound and music elevate the gaming experience to a whole new level, and take one out of the real world for a little while. There are several aspects that play a major role in absorbing players into the world of Skyrim, and sound is probably one of the most important. Skyrim's audio mod offerings are vast and expansive, and we have updated this list to include more options for those who want to create a much more vivid and dynamic sound space.

Updated January 29th, 2021 by Derek Draven: We have updated this list to include more music and audio mods that greatly compliment the Skyrim experience. Since audio is such an integral part of the gameplay experience, it's wise to stock up on the right selections in order to truly bring out the best the game has to offer.

These mods also liven things up for seasoned Skyrim players who like to pursue multiple playthroughs. It can become positively tedious to listen to Skyrim's vanilla soundtrack and sound effects for years on end, without change. By choosing the mods on this list, one can liven up the game and give it a fresh coat of audiophilic paint.

15 Enigma Series - All In One SSE

Dragon voices in Skyrim are a hit-or-miss affair. Some sound great, while others sound flat and uninspired, and that can be a real problem when it comes to squaring off against these incredible beasts. The Enigma Series AIO pack does a shine job on every unique dragon's voice line from the game.

The result are more dynamic, varied and powerful dragon voices that better fit the atmosphere of the game. The mod page contains sound bytes one can listen to before deciding whether to install.

14 Quieter Interiors

Caves and dungeons in Skyrim tend to be rather loud places. There's an assortment of booming low-end audio coming at the player from all directions, which is an attempt on the part of the developers to make it more creepy. In reality, it's rather distracting.

Quieter Interiors plays up the creep factor by reducing the volume of these sounds so they are less prominent. This has a much more atmospheric and immersive effect - not to mention a more ominous tone.

13 Lucidity Sound FX SSE

The PC version of Skyrim was cursed with a less-than-stellar soundtrack, including effects samples which were downgraded to a lower bitrate. As such, they can sound fuzzy and low quality in an attempt to save disk space.

If that's no issue, Lucidity Sound FX SSE is available for gamers who want the most pristine quality effects, straight from the source. This is a remastered and remixed collection of sounds designed with enhanced audio quality in mind, for a greater gameplay experience.

12 Fantasy Soundtrack Project SE

If one's goal is to replace the Skyrim soundtrack with a far more expansive offering, they'd be hard pressed to do better than Fantasy Soundtrack Project SE. This is one gargantuan audio mod that adds 12 full hours of new music into Skyrim.

235+ individual orchestral tracks heighten the fantasy feel of the game in a way, affecting everything from exploration to towns and castles. There are two versions - a Replacer, and a Non-Replacer version for those who would rather mix soundtracks together.

11 Celtic Music In Skyrim - SE

This is an oldie but a goodie mod that was ported to Special Edition in 2016, and it remains one of the best music mods out there. Celtic music fits naturally with the rustic Nord feel of the Skyrim game world, and fans of the genre will love how easily it integrates.

This mod features 79 beautiful Celtic and Viking-inspired music tracks that liven up the game's rather aged soundtrack in a big way. Couple with a few Lord of the Rings-style mods, and players can experience a level of immersion like never before.

10 Immersive Music

After playing through Skyrim a few times, one doubtlessly grows tired of hearing the same tunes over and over again.  Immersive Music fixes that problem by injecting 16 hours of lore-friendly music into the game to keep the ears tickled.

It includes add-on tracks for outdoor exploration, furious battles, or skulking about in creepy dungeons.  All tracks have been normalized and balanced for proper playback without any inconsistencies, making Immersive Music one of the best audio add-ons one can apply on top of the vanilla game.

9 Silent Combat Music

For those who are sick and tired of that played out fight music kicking in every time one happen upon so much as a Skeever, they may want to download Silent Combat Music.

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This simple mod removes the battle music trigger and keeps Skyrim's ambient music playing, even when combat is initiated.  Yes, that heads-up alert is gone, but it does maintain immersion.

8 Immersive Sounds Compendium

This powerful mod packs in a ton of replacement sound effects that drastically overhaul Skyrim's foley, voice and magic effects with enhanced versions.  Immersive Sounds Compendium was designed to enhance the impact of the game's major sound effects with an extra-special focus on realism.

Weapon swings sound proper, magic effects crackle and thunder with extra sizzle, and creature voices are more balanced.  The best part is that it can be installed along with the next mod on our list for full audio immersion.

7 Sounds Of Skyrim - The Complete Edition

Welcome to the granddaddy of Skyrim sound overhaul mods.  Sounds Of Skyrim - Complete Edition adds a massive amount of sound effects, voices and atmospheric tones to the world of Skyrim.  Dungeons sound both frightening and foreboding, the wilderness comes alive with the sounds of birds, insects, and animals, and towns reverberate with playing children, laughing townsfolk and raindrops hitting the windows.

It's a beefy mod to be sure, but easily the most immersive audio mod on our list, and highly recommended for one's next playthrough.

6 SSE High-Quality Voices

Special Edition players will want to pick this mod up, especially if they're audiophiles at heart.  SSE High-Quality Voices takes the higher quality NPC voices of the PS4 version of Skyrim and adapts it to the PC version by getting rid of Bethesda's XWM compression.

This eliminates muddy, low-quality voices that have been compressed for the sake of smaller file size, while upping their overall volume for a more even delivery. It includes all voice DLC content as well, making it great for those who want crystal clear conversations with the game's NPCs.

5 Thundering Shouts

Skyrim's Dragon Shouts didn't ship with quite the same "oomph!" that gamers witnessed in the debut game trailer so many years ago.  Thundering Shouts aims to solve this problem by dropping the pitch of the Male and Female Dragon Shouts about 10%, while simultaneously enhancing their thunderous power.

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It's no fun 'Fus Ro Dah'ing' one's enemies off the sides of cliffs unless they feel like a Dragonborn in the process, which is where this mod shines.

4 IHSS - Improved Horse Step Sounds

Nothing's more fun than riding nearly 90 degrees up the side of a mountain on the back of a horse.  Why do it with unrealistic sound effects?  Improved Horse Step Sounds is one of those mods that appears irrelevant, until it's installed.

It changes the sound of horse hoof impacts on various types of terrain such as gravel and grass, and integrates seamlessly with any mod that changes the in-game horses.

3 Improved Combat Sounds

If battle is a major focus of the Skyrim experience, players will want some good old fashioned sound effects to match.  Improved Combat Sounds affects everything from weapon swings to impacts, wounds and archery effects.

There's a weight to the sound of each attack which reduces the tinny nature of vanilla effects in favor of more visceral replacements.

2 Illy's High-Quality Fire Audio

Fire in Skyrim is important to the overall atmosphere.  Whether players are camping in the wilderness or kicking back at the Inn after a long day of dragon-slaying, a crackling fire can soothe the senses.  Illy's High-Quality Fire Audio is a great sound mod that intensifies the sound of fire without going overboard.

Crackles are light and balanced, and a minor wind element is added into the sound mix for greater atmosphere.  All that's needed are a couple of ghosts (or fish) stories to entertain the companions.

1 Immersive Dragon Sounds

It's safe to say players will be doing a fair bit of dragon-hunting during their Skyrim playthrough, and with so many encounters to be had, it pays to have a good sound mod that caters specifically to these beasts.

Immersive Dragon Sounds overhauls everything from attacks, to wing flapping and breathing to make dragons sound far more menacing.  This adds a lot of impact to Dragon battles, especially when one comes in for a dive attack with the awesome power of its wings soaring past the player.

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Soundtrack mods skyrim


AFK Forum topic

This mod is for Skyrim LE or Skyrim SE.

This mod installs silent music files which the game will load instead of the original music, disabling the music.

You choose which music to disable by type ( personally I prefer to disable everything except Discover Special locations, Reward music, Tavern music, and the two Special music options for the DLCs )

Resulting in no invisible orchestra throughout the game.

You could just turn the music volume down in settings ..

But then you dont get to hear Tavern music for example

( because the music volume turns down all music )

With this mod you selectively silence music by type.

Also you will not get any hints from the music of any danger ( explore music changing to combat music - you can't hear it ), immersively its a better experience. Now you will be a bit more cautious in your travels.

You will get to hear more of the games sound effects and ambient sounds a bit more clearly around the game too. Including other mods sound fx like AOS.

For anyone who has the repeating combat music bug, that is a game engine bug which nobody has been able to fix, the same bug was also in Oblivion, FO3, and FONV before Skyrim. The Unofficial patch team are unable to solve that problem soo .. Just kill it with this mod


And .. Just maybe .. Trolls might not be so bad tempered if they dont have to wear pink ear muffs to go to sleep in case you wander past with your stupid invisible orchestra keeping everyone awake. Disclaimer : I cannot be held responsible for Trolls jumping up and down wildly gesticulating after you have installed the mod, you may have upset them all too much already.

In all cases - Install the music types you wish to be silenced

( This may sound weird, but remember you are installing silent music files )

If using Nexus Mod Manager, it will use the scripted installation. Follow instructions and make selections.


If using Wrye Bash, after putting the zip in Bash Installers, go to the Installers tab and right click the zip, and choose Wizard install, follow instructions and make selections.

( or .. just select individual sub-packages followed by right click install / anneal - Wrye Bash users know the drill )

Extract the archive with 7zip

Copy the music folder(s) of the music you want, to skyrimdata folder.

For example, if you want to disable only Skyrim exploration music, copy ..

20 Skyrim - Explore Music / music / *all-files* to skyrim / data / music / *all-files*


NMM / Wrye Bash users just get your mod manager to un-install / re-install it as required with different options or none.

Manual installations : Delete your skyrim/data/music folder to restore the original music, or delete individual folders inside skyrim/data/music to restore only those tracks ( This procedure assumes you have no other loose music files installed, if you have then you will need to take care not to delete other mods music files ).

====TWEAK TIP - For users of KTO====


The default value is 262144 ( normally a hidden setting, it does not go in the ini by default ).

Too much cache brings out a game engine bug = sounds are repeated for different items when they should be playing a different sound, lowering the cache limit to 8mb makes the game refresh the cache more often, preventing repeated sounds for different sound events. Picking up a gold coin for example plays the generic pickup sound. Picking up a second gold coin plays the right sound, and this will last until you leave the area or switch to picking up other things. This tweak solves the problem.

And seeing as you are also using Kill The Orchestra ( short 4 second duration silent sounds at only 28k each replacing the original music files some of which were as big as 100mb ), there is even less need for such a huge sound cache.

If you experience any problems ( similar to the ones mentioned

in this post ) then try the setting at uMaxSizeForCachedSound=65536 instead. For some machines ( seems to be rare ) your mileage may vary, the problem and solution effectiveness are variable, probably depends on drivers and different motherboard sound setups.

==========TOOLS USED===========

BSAOpt by Ethatron
To extract the original files from the games BSA and find out their folder path and names

xWMAEncode from SkyrimSoundTools
To convert xwm files to wav and vice versa - Needed to be able to listen to them and determine what some of the music was used for

The best open source sound manipulation tool out there :)
In this mods case, used to create the one file which was used repeatedly to replace all the files we needed to silence.


I use Audio Overhaul for Skyrim ( AOS v2.5 at time of writing ) which changes the games sound fx, but does not change music .. So yes that mod for one is compatible. Sounds of Skyrim I should imagine is similar if you use that instead. My mod has no plugin or records to worry about, no scripts or references which will become embedded in your save game, just plain ol' replacer music files.

Install / remove / overwrite as much as you want.
Though overwriting them with someone elses music files will give you different music ..
That becomes your problem in deciding what you want, these or those, simple.
As is any Mod manager related questions.
Go forth and rtfm.


Lastly : Note I will not be supporting any new Mod Managers which come along, I have left the Bethesda games modding scene and have no intention of coming back. If it works with whatever is new since Wrye Bash and Nexus Mod Manager then that's a bonus, not intended or anticipated. Any mod manager which uses Wrye Bash BAIN scripting or OBMM (like NMM, maybe even the newer Nexus Mod Manager (forgotten its name)) scripting should work fine. Otherwise revert to manual installation, if you know how.

olympusgames, GMOD, ModDrop or PlayAsHell sites do not have permission, to upload or redistribute any of my files, images or descriptive content, past, present or future.

Skyrim Mods: Symphonic Soundtrack (SSE) - PC \u0026 XBOX

15 Best Skyrim Sound & Music Mods

I think we can all agree that the music in Skyrim is fantastic.

The game has some great tracks that make me reminisce of my days as a teenager, back when I played the living hell out of this game, which is clearly shown by the fact that most of the music feels like it’s ingrained into my brain.

Yet after all these years and after so many playthroughs, I think it’s time for us to get our hands on some new music. Well I managed to come across a handful of mods that will help reinvigorate the auditive experience of Skyrim by introducing new sounds and OST tracks.

Oh, and one thing: I went with mods that made the game stay true to its identity. I don’t want to break the feeling of Skyrim too much, so I stayed true to the game’s vibe for this list.


15. Celtic Music in Skyrim

Celtic Music Mod for Skyrim

Check Out This Mod

Yes, this mod adds Celtic music to the game. Is it fitting?

Eh, let’s say that it semi-fits the game.

Does it sound good? Oh, yeah, it does. Check it out for sure.


14. Smooth Blade Draw and Sheathe

Smooth Blade Draw FX

Check Out This Mod

Not much to say about this mod, other than you’ll love it when you get it.

Realistic sheathing sounds are one of those modifications that you don’t know you needed until you see them in action.

Definitely subtle, but absolutely noticeable.


13. Better Animal Footsteps

Better Animal Footsteps in Skyrim

Check Out This Mod

Have you ever wondered why all the animals in the game seem to sound the same when they move?

Hey, me neither!

But this mod truly makes you feel much more aware of how poor the animal footsteps sound from the minute you install it. Check it out and see the difference that it makes – it’s almost heavenly.


12. Improved Horse Step Sounds

Improved Horse Step Sounds Mod

Check Out This Mod

Alright, maybe you don’t want to improve the footsteps of all animals. I get it.

Maybe you only want horse steps to sound better.

In that case, I got your back. Well, this mod has your back, but yeah it’s a great companion for the animal sounds mod above.


11. Thundering Shouts

Thundering Shouts SFX Skyrim

Check Out This Mod

Have you ever had that weird feeling that Skyrim shouts just aren’t that intimidating?

They could have a bit more… vibe, you know what I mean?

With this mod, every single shout in the game will sound more imposing. It adds thunder sounds and a deep echo to every shout that the Dragonborn makes.

Time to strike fear into the hearts of your foes before they even feel the effects of your shouts.


10. Immersive Music

Immersive Music Mod for Skyrim

Check Out This Mod

Vanilla music in Skyrim is great.

But what if we want even more of it? Well, we can’t wait around for DLC on this one. So let’s snag the Immersive Music mod.

This adds 16 hours of new music all based on the original Skyrim OST. So the new tracks blend right in with the old.

It basically expand’s Skyrim’s already incredible OST library.


9. Player Voice Sets

Player Voice Sets in Skyrim

Check Out This Mod

Ah, one of those mods that you didn’t know you wanted until you installed it. These are some of my favorites to try out.

Basically, what this does is it allows you to choose a voice for your character. I mean, it won’t come with a bunch of dialogue. But all of the actions that you perform in the game will have a sound effect playing whenever you execute them.

Rediscover the magic of Skyrim and feel more immersed with your character by selecting the voice that you feel it should have – there are plenty of options to choose from!


8. Ultra Realistic Bow and Shoot Sounds

Bow sound effects mod

Check Out This Mod

Let’s face it, fellas: the sounds of bows and arrows in Skyrim are just terrible. They’ve never sounded good.

And after all these years of playing the game over and over, I can’t help but feel self-aware of this. In fact, I’d dare say that they are some of the worst sound effects in the game.

Now that my hate for these sound effects has been made clear, it’s time for me to say why I love this mod so much: it completely changes them for actual believable sounds, and they make the game sound thousands of times better.

If you’re planning on playing an archer, you’ll want to get your hands on this mod for sure. Night and day difference.


7. Immersive Sounds – Compendium

Immersive Sounds Mod collection

Check Out This Mod

There’s a good reason why this is one of the best sound mods out there, and one that was featured in the G.E.M.S. list.

This mod truly makes the game sound different in the most positive way possible. It allows sounds to actually represent and mean something, unlike what they do in the base game (which basically just exists).

Thousands of new sound effects are added to the game which makes creatures feel unique, your armor sounds like it should sound when it moves, and even enhances the way sound is perceived by the player.

It’s a world-class mod, and one of the best that I have ever installed in my game.


6. Improved Combat Sounds

Improved Combat Sounds for Skyrim

Check Out This Mod

One of the most important aspects of combat in an game often comes from the audio with each attack. It can help with timing and evasion too.

However, Skyrim was clearly made without prioritizing audio design, which makes the game feel lacking in key areas (like combat) where it actually isn’t lacking, just from the absence of proper sound effects.

With this mod, everything related to combat audio will feel much better.

Better sound effects when blocking, attacking, slashing, or cutting through your foes. Everything that should’ve come in the base game will come with this mod. The differences will be noticeable from the minute you draw your sword.


5. Heart of the Beast – Werewolf Sound and Texture Overhaul

Werewolf sound FX Skyrim mod

Check Out This Mod

Have you ever wondered why werewolves don’t really sound as intimidating or aggressive as the ones you see in the movies?

Well, this is Skyrim after all…

But wonder no more, fam – just get this mod installed and you’ll be hearing some pretty realistic werewolves.


4. Audio Overhaul for Skyrim v2

Audio Overhaul for Skyrim Mod

Check Out This Mod

As one of the best audio mods of the game, this complete overhaul aims to change the entire audio landscape of Skyrim.

Quite a task, eh? I’d say it does so with flying colors.

This Audio Overhaul mod makes the environment feel way more responsive than it is in the base game – all while keeping the vanilla feel that we’ve grown to love.


3. Sounds of Skyrim – Civilization

Sounds of Skyrim - Civilization Mod

Check Out This Mod

Now this is one of a three-pack, and these are all in my top spots. They just rock.

As the first mod of the Sounds of Skyrim sound-pack, Civilization adds a staggering 220 new sound effects that will play as you walk through the villages and towns of Northern Tamriel.

You’ll feel like every town or city is custom-made – this mod will leave you immersed into the capital of Skyrim as much as it’ll make you feel like a citizen of a forsaken town.


2. Sounds of Skyrim – The Dungeons

Dungeons Skyrim Sound Mod

Check Out This Mod

Explore the dungeons that we’ve all grown to love, and rediscover the magic of Skyrim with this amazing audio mod. Again, part of the incredible Sounds of Skyrim set.

This one adds more than 100 new sounds to the dungeons and caves of the game.

I know the game has been out for so long that you probably feel like you’ve already heard all of Skyrim’s dungeon music. But add this baby to your mod list and you’ll realize how much of an effect music can have at reinvigorating a gaming experience.


1. Sounds of Skyrim – The Wilds

Wilds Skyrim Sounds Mod

Check Out This Mod

To finish off my list, we’ve got the third and final “Sounds of Skyrim” mod at the first spot.

If I may say so, it’s also my favorite mod of them all. Sure, dungeons and cities are some of the places where you spend the most time in the game.

But let’s face it: the wilderness is where we truly live the most epic of adventures in Skyrim.

As such, The Wilds adds 115 new sound effects that you’ll get to hear as you explore the beautiful environments of the Northern Tamrielic region.

Like the rest of the mods from the “Sounds of Skyrim” pack, this one was added to the G.E.M.S. list. Which makes it one of those “must-have” mods from the Nexus as a whole.

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