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Warframe - What are invasion missions?

In Warframe, Invasion Missions sees you temporarily becoming an ally with a faction that is normally your enemy. The balance of power is tricky, so sometimes you'll have to intervene in battles between your enemies to make sure one doesn't win and get too powerful. In Invasion Missions, you choose a side between the Corpus and the Grineer, and then help them achieve their objective.

Where to find invasion missions

You can easily find invasion missions using your browser. Just select it from your ship's menu or mod, then look at the top left in the row of icons. You will see a small fist icon, click on it to see a list of currently active invasion missions. You can click on any of the missions from the list, and it will take you directly to the planet concerned. Missions will be marked on the star map with the same fist icon.

The list will show you where the mission is located, which factions are involved and what percentage of control each faction has in the area. When the percentage reaches 100%, that faction is deemed to have won.

The factions will give you different rewards to help them, and you have to complete the mission three times on the same node to get your reward. The reward is then sent to your inbox when the invasion is complete. Rewards, or Battle Pay, can consist of things like blueprints or parts for the Wraith and Vandal weapon variants. The only time you don't need to choose a side is if the invasion involves the Infested, as they are still your enemies.

It should also be noted; you can only see the Battle Pay when you click on the mission node on the star map and you have to choose between the two sides. From a narrative standpoint, it doesn't matter who you choose, go for the faction with the most compelling reward.

What are invasion missions?

Mission types include Capture, Defense, Extermination, Intercept, Rescue, Sabotage, and Spy missions. They can often change as you play through all three, so you can end up doing two extermination missions and then a spy. After loading the mission, you play it normally, reach the objective, then extract.

The main difference is that the friendly faction will fight alongside you and attack your enemies. It's very similar to a Crossfire mission this way, except one of the factions won't attack you.

Invasion missions in Nightwave

If you play invasion missions are part of Nightwave, then each complete mission will count as your target. You don't need to complete all three missions on the same node for Nightwave, but you will have to if you want to get your standard Invasion Mission rewards. There is no reason not to just do the three missions; it's just a good knowledge to have in case your gaming session is interrupted for some reason. If you only do one or two missions, Nightwave will still count them.

Invasion Mission Rewards

Invasions can lead to great rewards that are otherwise difficult, if not impossible to find. These include weapons, res

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I didn't get any invasion reward or I just don't understand how they work

New to the game so I hope I'm just missing something obvious.

Yesterday, I saw an invasion listed under the Corpus side the words Latron Wraith. I assume the rest of it(Blueprint, stock, whatever) was cutoff and I couldn't see the list. When I went to the planet that the invasion was on, I clicked on the Icon for where the invasion was happening, and it said the battle pay was Fieldron(3). I didn't understand why in the invasion list it listed Latron wraith but in the information display for the invasion it listed Fieldron. I of course made sure I was clicking the right one. I asked in region chat about this but got no answers. I decided to do the invasion anyway. When I got into the first invasion, I asked the person that was in the mission with me how I get the Latron wraith out of the invasion, but got no answer. In the second mission, I asked the same question, and the player said "Do this invasion 3 times and you'll get it". So I did it a third time, made sure that it displayed that I completed all 3 successfully. I got no reward yet, but remembered reading that you have to wait for in invasion to end to get your reward. So I logged off for bed. When I got back, about 10 hours later, I checked that the invasion was not on the list anymore, so I assume it was completed. I checked my inbox for rewards, and saw nothing. I scoured my inventory several times but could not find anything related to Latron or Wraith. I tried typing Latron and Wraith into the Foundry search as well, but nothing came up. Also, I did not get any Fieldron either. I again tried asking in region chat but I got no answers, other than people confirming that Latron Wraith Stock was an invasion reward yesterday.

Can someone please help me understand how this works?


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Can I get both rewards from an Invasion?

No, on each mission you will have to choose a faction to support.

Changing the faction you have supported will subtract from your progress on the original faction until you are back to 0 before adding to the other faction.

So if you complete the mission 5 times for one faction and then 1 time for the other faction, you will be at 4 missions completed for the faction you first did missions for.

And since the reward is not paid out before the node is resolved (100% to one faction), you will not be able to get rewards from both sides even if you play 5 missions for one side and then 10 missions for the other side (I have tried it).

For the event they had where your total missions for a faction counted towards getting special rewards like weapons they said that you would have to have an uneven number of wins, doing 50 for each side would not get you on a winning side even though you then had complete 100 missions.

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Rewards warframe invasion

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Warframe : Beginners guide Episode 22 Invasions \u0026 Rewards

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