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I believe Total uses the Verizon network. Not sure about what speeds or if it throttles much or anything. They were somewhat compelling for the Verizon aspect and offering some decent shared data plans, but now with so many offering unlimited shared plans its less so.

My Mom used them for a short while back before she had a real smartphone (they still made her pay for a 1GB data plan though because her phone somehow counted as a smartphone according to them).

I'd guess they're fairly typical MVNO.

I'd guess the phone is worse than your S6. Possibly considerably so, but possibly not much in ways you'd notice, but I doubt they'd be better than even an S6.

If T-Mobile coverage is good for you and you're ok with iPhone and smaller phone, MetroPCS is offering two iPhone SEs free if you port in a non-T-Mobile/MetroPCS number, which would be $80 a month for 2 lines unlimited data.|SEspacegray|iphoneseonus

If you or your wife are 55 or older, T-Mobile is $70 (including taxes and everything, so that's $70 flat) for two lines of unlimited (can't add more lines though although I believe you can add like tablet/smartwatch data only ones, and doesn't include free Netflix). And if you have good credit you could upgrade to S9s for like $30 a month (think they have a buy one get one free). And if you're active or former military you can get 2 lines unlimited for $80, and I think that includes free Netflix (so if you already did Netflix it'd save you about $12 a month), and likewise can do deal for S9s. If you need or add more lines its cheap (think its $10 per line after that, so 3 lines $90, up to 6 lines at $120).


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TravelforFun wrote: ↑Mon Apr 29, 2019 12:27 am The only thing that has prevented me to sign up with TW is that it doesn't allow my phone to be a hotspot.


Update concerning TW. I bought an unlocked Moto G5s Plus from Best Buy a couple years ago and immediately put it on TW service. I was a little worried when first getting service set up but it went through just fine. I also got an ~ 2016 TW iPhone SE from Target for ~$100. That went on TW just fine as well.

We have never had problems turning either of our phones as hotspots for wifi tablets or other devices. We don't do it often but when we do it works.

I agree that the LTE data speed is likely slower than Verizon post or pre paid but it hasn't been a problem.

I just activated a new 2020 iphone to the account taking over the old 2016's line/phone number. I did it all through their app using a TW BYOP sim kit myself, no customer service needed. It took about 20 minutes for the service to actually register and switch over completely. There was a brief time when a phone call went to both phones, but the old phone stopped having service completely within 20 minutes.

(I believe this is what paying for premium Verizon or other service does, they do the above for you, likely in a nearly identical way. Log into account, insert sim card, type in the sim card number, type in phone IMEI number, and phone number. Restart phone and wait a few minutes and you are good.)

TW works well for me, and for ~$75 for two lines or ~$85 for 3 lines is way better than some people I know that pay $130 for one line on Premium services.

So TW may have hotspots enabled, they do for me. It is possible that some TW phones have it deactivated, but our TW 2016 iphone SE and Unlocked Moto G5s Plus have had working hotspots.

Page Plus Cellular (Official Forum)

I think it is about time to have a little discussion about "forum decorum". Now, to start off with, I have pretty thick skin ... and I am far from "politically correct". So, I can and will let quite a bit slide in here ... but don't be shocked if a little bit gets dished back out to you.

I also fully understand that many people that find their way here did so because they are upset about something. As a Page Plus dealer for almost 8 years, I can promise you that I have had


  • I have been a Page Plus customer for several years now and was mostly satisfied until Page Plus merged with Tracfone or whoever. Now their customer service is very lacking in knowledge and training not to mention trying to understand them halfway acros…

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Total Wireless versus Verizon Cell Network: Switching from Verizon to Total Wireless Review

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