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easy class reunions man - woman 02:23

Pre-Listening Exercise
Class or school reunions are times when people get together with former classmates and relive past
experiences in high school.

"crack a book" = to open books to study (usually a negative meaning)
"Brandon hardly ever cracked a book in high school, but he still was able to graduate."

"cut class" = to skip school

"Why do you always cut class? You won't pass the class if you do."

Listening Exercise
A. Listen to the recording and answer the questions.

00:00 02:23

What is the woman's name?

Her name is Ashley.

The woman's name is Amber

It's Amanda.

Where is the reunion going to be held?

Mountain Country Club

Meadow Country Club

Mesa Country Club

The reunion starts at ________.

6:30 p.m.


6:15 p.m.
How much do two tickets cost for the reunion?

They cost $20.

The price is $30.

The total comes to $40.

James feels uncomfortable going to the reunion because he ____.

didn't have many friends

doesn't have anything nice to wear

he wasn't a good student

Vocabulary Practice
Do the vocabulary quizzes using the words from the conversation for more practice:

Mixed-Up Sentence
Multiple-Choice Questions
Sentence and Vocabulary Matching
Gap-fill Exercise

Post-Listening Exercise
Do former classmates in your area or country hold class reunions? If so, how often do people organize
such events? What activities do people do at such reunions? Have you ever participated in a class
reunion? Describe your experience.

Online Investigation
Contact a former classmate who attended the same high school by email, Facebook, or other social
media. What was the person like back then (the person's personality)? Where does the person live
now? What does he or she now do for a living?

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Sours: https://es.scribd.com/document/445579641/Class-Reunion-Randall-s-ESL-Cyber-Listening-Lab
www.esl-lab.com Randall S. Davis ([email protected]) --- Davis, Online Research Survey Description:   Randall’s ESL Cyber Listening Lab  Sixty-seven percent of language students and teachers surveyed through an online poll stated that the types of learning materials they want to see more of on the Internet were those focusing on listening and speaking skills. Only five percent said grammar. Randall’s ESL Cyber Listening Lab is an online, multimedia listening Website designed to help ESOL students improve their listening comprehension skills in English. It has also been used widely in the US by the hearing impaired with cochlear implants. The use of the online activities is completely free and requires no login. Students and teachers from over 150 countries have visited the site since 1998. Website supported through contextual advertising related to topics on the site. Background:    Lab first established in 1998 in Japan as an independent educational project and is currently being developed in Utah, USA. The original idea for the lab sprang from the realization that few listening materials existed online specifically designed for language learners. All of the materials, including the transcripts, questions, activities, and audio/video, are created and recorded by Randall and his support team. Features:          The use of streaming audio and video technology for developing multimedia content for language learners; Over 300 original learning quizzes and activities cover both functional language topics (e.g., making invitations, checking into a hotel, buying a used car, etc.) as well as interviews, news broadcasts, and simulated TV and radio programs; The Website can be used for teacher-directed instruction or for self-access learning.Listening quizzes are arranged according to level based on topic, lexicon and syntax, rate of speech, use of paralinguistic utterances, and background noise; Quizzes contain a variety of learning tasks to (a) accommodate different learning styles and (b) derive the greatest benefit from sound pedagogical practice and theory (i.e., from drill and practice and task-based activities to problem-solving Internet activities); Additional pre-, listening, and post-listening activities support and build on each listening quiz for a more well-rounded learning experience; Low-bandwidth media files in Flash, Windows Mediaand RealMedia formats make the material accessible to slow Internet connection rates around the world; Play speed settings in the Windows Media Player allow learners to slow down the audio playback for more precise listening; Use of adult and children’s voices to cover a wide range of conversational styles while trying to preserve natural speech that hasn’t been overly predigested (i.e., simplified) for the consumption of learners; Self-study guide helps visitors organize their study goals and objectives. _________________________________________________________________________________ Randall’s ESL Cyber Listening Lab, Copyright © 1998-2014, Page 1 How to Use the Site: ► Pre-Listening Exercises First, users select a quiz from the main page. Each listening activity provides details on the level of difficulty, topic, type of recording (conversation, news report, commercial message, etc.) of each quiz. This is followed by a Pre-Listening Exercises to help the learner prepare to receive the message, that is, to simulate background knowledge about the topic so learners can begin to predict possible ideas that will come out of the conversation. ► Listening Exercises Randall’s ESL Cyber Listening Lab The learner is presented with a number of multiple-choice questions, with three or four possible responses. The questions are designed to check the learner’s understanding of main ideas, inferences, prediction, cause and effect relationships, and comprehension of discreet-point items like numbers and dates. ► Media Files The media files have been created in three formats: (1) Flash, (2) RealMedia™, and (3) Windows Media Player. The user can download this free software to listen to the audio and video. Users select the answer for each question and then click on the “Final Score” button to check their scores. The files have been prepared for lowbandwidth users around the world who often access the Internet on slower, and sometimes, unreliable Internet connections. The Windows Media Player has variable Play Speed Settings, which allow you slow down the audio for precise listening (see www.esllab.com/players.htm for more information.) ► Post-Listening Exercises Listening tends to be a passive language skill, and thus, learners need opportunities to apply the language skills in spontaneous conversation after listening to the conversation. This section provides topics of discussion that encourages learners to share their ideas, experiences, and opinions by using the vocabulary, grammar, and theme with others. Furthermore, these exercises include online investigation tasks where students use the Internet to collect, compare, and report on information they find. Thus, rather than just memorizing information from the activity through simple drill-and-practice exercises, the student is now given opportunities to create totally new language based on what they have learned. _________________________________________________________________________________ Randall’s ESL Cyber Listening Lab, Copyright © 1998-2014, Page 2 Listening Transcripts and Vocabulary Building Learners also have the option of reading the transcript of the conversation as the listen along with the recording. 1. Key vocabulary words throughout the conversation are highlighted in red, and when the computer mouse is passed over them, a pop-up window will open below the word, revealing its definition. Randall’s ESL Cyber Listening Lab 2. When users click on the key word, they will be taken to the bottom of the page which lists the word and its definition, along with a sample sentence with the word used in context. (Randall taking the role of a used car salesman in his listening activity, A Great Car Deal) 3. Visitors can then do a variety of interactive exercises to help recycle and review the key vocabulary in a variety of situations. These include multiple-choice, matching, and rearranging mixedup sentences. The end results are that students learn to use and apply the vocabulary beyond the exercise in other situations. Final Note: You can read more about the background of this site at: www.esl-lab.com/faq.htm. Contact Randall with your comments and suggestions about the Website at [email protected] _________________________________________________________________________________ Randall’s ESL Cyber Listening Lab, Copyright © 1998-2014, Page 3
Sours: https://studylib.net/doc/8345690/description---randall-s-esl-cyber-listening-lab
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LevelBL-B3 (EAL), CL-C4 (EAL), 6, 7, 8, 9, 10Learning Area
  • F-10: English, English As An Additional Language (EAL)
Curriculum Code
  • EAL > Pathway B: Mid immersion > Level B1 > Communication > VCEALC241

    Interact and respond appropriately verbally and non-verbally in simple conversations with teacher or peers

    , VCEALC245

    Identify some key points of information in short spoken texts, with guidance

  • EAL > Pathway B: Mid immersion > Level B1 > Cultural and Plurilingual Awareness > Plurilingual strategies > VCEALA250

    Distinguish spoken English from other languages and respond in English

  • EAL > Pathway B: Mid immersion > Level B2 > Communication > VCEALC326

    Identify key points of information in short spoken texts

  • EAL > Pathway B: Mid immersion > Level B3 > Communication > VCEALC405

    Understand increasingly de-contextualised and more complex spoken language

  • EAL > Pathway C: Late immersion > Level C1 > Communication > VCEALC548

    Extract essential information from short, simple texts relevant to personal experience

  • EAL > Pathway C: Late immersion > Level C1 > Linguistic Structures and Features > Word knowledge > VCEALL563

    Identify key vocabulary and ideas from short, familiar spoken texts, supported by context

  • EAL > Pathway C: Late immersion > Level C2 > Communication > VCEALC613

    Extract specific information from spoken or visual texts, using guide questions from the teacher

  • EAL > Pathway C: Late immersion > Level C3 > Communication > VCEALC677

    Listen for specific information, using question, preview and prediction strategies

Resource TypeAudio, Web Page, InteractiveKeywordsComprehension, English As An Additional Language, EAL activities, Pronunciation, English Listening, English As A Second Language, TESOL, ESL, English as an Additional Langugage, EAL/D, Eal, Listening Comprehension, EFLScOT KeywordEnglish (Second language)Students with English as an additional language or dialectTeaching languageLanguageEnglish Published Date 11/08/2021Content Sourcehttp://www.esl-lab.com/CopyrightPlease refer to the individual copyright and intellectual property terms and conditions of this resource
Sours: https://fuse.education.vic.gov.au/Resource/LandingPage?ObjectId=871b4f87-102c-4a56-acfb-4cf8cba1809f&SearchScope=All

Randall’s ESL Cyber Listening Lab

Title: Randall’s ESL Cyber Listening Lab
Date: 07.09.2016
Reviewer: Nur Gedik Bal
1) Availability of Membership/Subscription (Phone, email, social media)

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/esllab/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/eslrandall/
Google+: https://plus.google.com/+esllab
You Tube: https://www.youtube.com/user/esllistening
Blog: http://esl-lab.blogspot.com.tr/

2) Whether registration is required for the access to the materials, worksheets etc.
Registration is not required
3) Authorship (Contact/ information about the author/institution/website owner)
Randall Davi
[email protected]
4) Site description and content (Short description of website, purpose, language skills, materials and activities, learners proficiency level, age )
The website is mainly created for listening skills. There are many audio files for beginner, intermediate and advanced level students. Actually, the owner of the website classifies the recordings as easy, medium and difficult. There are both general listening quizzes and listening quizzes for academic purposes. There are both pre-listening activities and post-listening activities.
5) Up-to-datedness (Updated time and current links)
Copyright 1998-2016.
6) Accuracy (Accurate information, bibliography, language accuracy)
The language of the website is accurate.
7) Presentation (Organization/navigation, user-friendliness, technical aspects, graphics, advertisement)
The website is simple and easy to navigate. There are not any advertisements.
8) Usefulness (For teachers / students – in class or out class activity)
It is definitely useful for both students and teachers. Students can work on the quizzes and check the scripts of the audios on their own at home. Teachers can make use of the audios in language classes. As there are extra activities given as a pre-listening and post listening activity, it is reasonable for teachers to make use of the website in class.
9) Overall rating

1 Very Poor (Not recommended)
2 Poor (Not appropriate)
3 Adequate (Acceptable with adaptation)
4 Good (Appropriate for use)
5 Excellent (Highly recommended)
1 2 3 4 5

Sours: http://www.eflteachers.net/websites/randalls-esl-cyber-listening-lab/

Listening lab randalls

Randall’s ESL Cyber Listening Lab – Actividades de Listening online para todos los niveles

Escrito por Eva María Suárez Guillén el . Publicado en III - ESO, IV - Bachillerato, PLW. Primera Lengua Extranjera (Inglés), PLW.I: Comprensión de textos orales, PLW.IV: Producción de textos escritos: Expresión e Interacción, PLW.V: Aspectos sociolingüísticos, socioculturales y emocionales, PMX-PLX. Primera lengua extranjera I y II, PMX-PLX.I: Comprensión de textos orales, PMX-PLX.III: Comprensión de textos escritos, PMX-PLX.V: Aspectos sociolingüísticos, socioculturales y emocionales

WebRandall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab - Actividades de Listening online para todos los niveles

Esta página web contiene innumerables actividades de listening agrupadas en niveles. Todos los ejercicios se pueden hacer online y al finalizar obtendremos una puntuación. Además, cada tarea incluye ejercicicios de pre- y post-listening, así como algunas actividades de gramática o vocabulario. Las grabaciones son de inglés real en situaciones cotidianas. Es recomendable para alumnos de segundo ciclo de secundaria y bachillerato.

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