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Let's face it: Shopping for socks isn't exactly the most exciting task in the world. We're not here to change your mind—but we are here to make the process feel like less of a chore you keep putting off. The first step is taking note of what's lacking in your wardrobe so you know exactly what requirements to add to your shopping list. Have most of your ankle socks long lost their initial stretchy shape? Do you constantly rotate between the same four pairs of dress socks for work? Are you looking to add compression socks to your workout routine?

Once you've got that figured out, that's where we come in. We scoured Amazon for the top-rated men's socks in every category: Whether you're looking for dress socks, compression socks, ankle socks, no-show socks, or even slipper socks, we have you covered. Keep reading to shop our picks for the best men's socks the e-retailer has to offer—then, go ahead and toss anything with a stretched elastic or a hole in the toe. Your closet deserves better.

Paul Smith Artist Top Men Socks


Swap out your boring black dress socks for this striped pair by Paul Smith. Made in Italy, they're a fun pop of color that ensures that every part of your outfit feels considered (even if it's not visible). 

Stance Gamut 2 Socks (3-Pack)


Make slipping ankle socks a thing of the past: These lightly cushioned options have a silicone grip at the heel, so they'll stay firmly put throughout the day. They also feature seamless toe closure to prevent friction from rubbing against your shoe. 

Wander No Show Socks (7-Pack)


Need no-show socks for your boat shoes this summer? Opt for this set, which currently has over 12,000 5-star reviews on Amazon. These soft grey socks are needle-knitted and provide lots of stretch, with a breathable mesh toe and non-slip silicone heels to boot.  

Bering Athletic Ankle Compression Socks (6-Pack)


Your workouts are about to get a lot better. Bering's ankle compression socks come in a pack of six and offer a snug fit with medium thickness to keep you secure during your runs. Plus, they're designed with cushioning at key zones to improve shock absorption. 

Rative Anti-Slip Slipper Socks


These slipper socks are the easiest way to deal with slick tile floors. Equipped with grippy soles to give you traction on any surface, they'll prevent slips and help you keep your balance—and as a little bonus, they come with built-in arch support.  

Calvin Klein Mixed Pattern Dress Socks (6-Pack)


If variety is what you're after, Calvin Klein's mid-calf dress socks have you covered: They come in three muted prints that are perfect for formalwear. The best part? They're made from a moisture-wicking fabric, to keep you cool and any potential sweat at bay.  

Dickies Heavyweight Cushion Compression Crew Socks


For heavy-duty compression socks, we love Dickies' cotton blend design. Not only does it offer ankle compression, but it also includes arch compression—and a reinforced heel and toe for maximum support. Wear this pair to increase your circulation or reduce swelling whenever needed.

Saucony Comfort Fit Performance No-Show Socks (6-Pack)


This best-selling set has over 19,000 5-star reviews and is super affordable, but those aren't the only reasons to hit purchase. Each of these no-show socks is made with moisture-wicking fibers, features mesh ventilation, and incorporates targeted arch compression to keep you secure whether you're at the gym or just running errands.   

Pembrook Non Skid Socks


When in doubt, you can't go wrong with a pair of fuzzy slipper socks. These have skid-resistant rubber treads and are the ultimate cozy accessory, making them ideal for colder climates. They're also very high-quality: Originally designed for hospital use, they're guaranteed to be sturdy on any surface. 

Coovan Cushion Ankle Socks (10-Pack)


Stock up on ankle socks with this 10-pack option. This one-size-fits-most style is the perfect basic: The socks are anti-odor, sweat-wicking, versatile, and lightly stretchy, with extra thick padding that makes them feel ultra plush. No wonder they have an average 4.7 star rating. 

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Love walking, cycling and other outdoor activities? Of course you do! Then you'll also know the importance of owning a good pair of waterproof socks to keep the wet weather out of your hiking boots or shoes, if you want happy adventures.

Because nobody wants to trudge through wet grass with squelching feet, Country Living has done the searching to bring you the best waterproof socks to buy in 2021.

If you are looking for all-weather protection this season, you'll want to scroll through our best waterproof jacketsand waterproof glovespicks, too.

Whether you're after Sealskinz waterproof socks, waterproof cycling socks or just an excellent pair to wear during muddy dog walks, you'll want to keep scrolling for our pick of the best ones to invest in right now.

Our excellent selection includes the best styles for men and women, with unisex designs available. Depending on your activity, you'll want to choose the right waterproof sock for you too, and you'll find ankle length styles that are ideal for the summer, as well as longer, waterproof socks to wear in extreme weather.

A quality pair of waterproof socks will not only keep your feet dry, but offer breathability, comfort and durability, so you can wear them for the most challenging of pursuits, whether it's hiking, biking, fishing or skiing.

Browse the best waterproof socks to buy right now.

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Even the best workout socks aren’t exactly the type of gear that most people get jazzed about. But every real runner and gym rat we know is totally neurotic about their feet's first layer. And it's for good reason: The truth is that the shoes you wear are only as good as the socks on your feet, no matter if you get your fix from sprinting or lifting, CrossFit or cycling. (Do you like blisters or hot spots?) 

That’s why brands across the board have reassessed what a good sock should look and feel like, innovating with new fabrics, materials, and designs. No matter your athletic endeavor of choice, there is a perfect workout sock for you. 

To see more of thebest workout clothesand gear hand-picked by GQ editors, check outthe GQ Fitness Awards.

The Best Do-It-All Workout Socks

Adidas Superlite Prime Mesh 3 socks (2-pack)

If you’re looking for one pair of socks to meet all your workout needs, look no further than Adidas’s Superlite Prime Mesh 3 socks. Breathable, but not so thin that they feel like papier-mâché on your feet, Adidas packed these socks with their Climalite fabric for maximum sweat wicking, plus extra cushioning in both the heel and toe to ensure they hold up to even a tough HIIT workout with tons of cutting and jumping. A low-profile heel tab—much more subtle than the obnoxiously large heel tabs found on most running socks—helps keep you blister-free. And the additional arch compression means they’re more than suitable options for the basketball or tennis courts.

The Best Socks for Runners

Under Armour UA Run Cushion crew socks

Lightweight above the ankle with targeted cushioning underfoot, Under Armour has created one of the more comfortable pairs of running socks we’ve tried in a long time. The somewhat tighter fit of these socks (which give a compression-like feel) are offset by the Y-shaped heel, resulting in a sock that feels like it is moving in complete synchronicity with every step you take. Plus, the reflective back logo is a welcome addition to your night-running gear.

The Best Socks No One Will See

Nice Laundry Performance no-show socks (6-pack)

As commonplace as the sockless look has become in everyday life, it’s near impossible to find a pair of true no-show socks that can stand up to a real workout without slipping off your foot. That is, until Nice Laundry released their Performance No Show socks into the world. Made from their proprietary Hydra10 nylon—which is said to be able to absorb more than 10-times its weight in water—the real winning feature is the non-slip silicone lined in the back of the heel to make certain these socks always stay in place (and which doesn’t suddenly disappear after one or two wash cycles, either).

The Best Basketball Socks

Stance Men's Icon Hoops crew socks

For years now, Nike has dominated the hardwood with their immediately recognizable Elite Crew. There’s no denying their greatness, but if the back stripe is starting to feel a little played out to you too, Stance’s Icon Hoops crew socks are ready to juke right past the Swoosh. With loads of cushioning to help balance out impact and built-in ankle protection, Stance also promises a lifetime guarantee if your big toe ever rips a hole through them.

The Best Socks for the Great Outdoors

American Trench merino socks

Even novice hikers know that one must-have is a pair of quality wool socks to help keep your feet dry and fresh. The folks at American Trench took things a step further, adding nylon, spandex, and silver to create a perfectly weighted sock that doesn’t just keep you warm when temperatures start to drop, but comfortable no matter what the elements may throw at you. And if nothing else, their terry-knit design and classic Americana stripes will guarantee that you’re the best dressed person on the mountain.

11 More Socks We Love

Nike Spark lightweight running socks

Inspired by Nike’s Breaking2 project, in which Eliud Kipchoge first sought to break the sub-2:00 marathon barrier, these running socks are the closest you’ll get to a true barefoot feel without sacrificing comfort or support.

Rapha Pro Team socks

If you were one of the many to go all in on a Peloton in 2020, you might as well complete the transformation by picking up the same socks worn by actual Tour de France winners. Boasting reinforced heel and toe boxes and an elasticated arch brace, the Rapha Pro Team socks come in three different lengths to make sure that whether you’re riding indoors or outdoors, you won’t have to worry about your socks keeping pace.

Lacoste Spring crew soacks

Designed to withstand the constant start-and-stop movements of modern tennis players while aesthetically harkening back to Roland Garros in the 1980s—a clean winner down the line.

Myles merino wool low profile sock

Myles’s Italian-made merino wool sock is naturally moisture wicking and odor resistant, so you should have no issues rocking these from the gym to the office to drinks at the bar. 

Rec Gen Stripe Sock (2-pack)

Socks don’t always need to be constructed with hyper-advanced technology to be great. Case and point: the Rec Gen Stripe sock. Made primarily of cotton, these crew socks have just enough nylon in them to ensure they can hold up at the gym—and are way cooler than the dingy, graying pairs you’ve kept in your drawers. So why not toss those in the name of spring cleaning and upgrade? 

For when the temperatures really begin to soar, the Swiss running maestros at On created a polyamide-elastane blend sock with mesh paneling specifically designed to keep your feet from ever burning out, even on the longest runs.

Pedestal 5.0 sock

If you’re a disciple of barefoot training, Pedestal Footwear has created a whole range of socks that allow you to ditch your shoes without leaving a trail of nasty foot funk around the squat rack. Designed with triangular non-slip grippers across the bottom, they’re perfect for when you want to give the heavy weights a rest and focus on some recovery in a pilates class, too.

Smartwool heavy hiking socks

While most brands are looking to find a way to make socks lighter and lighter, Smartwool knows that certain scenarios call for a sock with some heft to them. These merino wool and nylon socks feel like they will last forever, no matter how many trails you trek.

ASRV Essential no-show socks

Similar to the Nice Laundry no-show socks, ASRV stitched a thick silicone liner into the hem of the heel to guarantee you never have to kick off your shoes to pull your socks back up in the middle of a workout.

Ten Thousand training socks

Not only did Ten Thousand make a great looking sock that will help elevate your gym fits, they designed them with left-and-right foot contouring and advanced cushioning in high impact zones without sacrificing an ounce of breathability.

Nike Everyday Plus cushioned socks (6-pack)

A GQ essential. If you prefer to buy your socks in bulk, or just can’t bring yourself to spend more than $15 on a single pair of socks, the Nike Everyday Plus socks are here to save the day. Their comfort, durability, and adaptability to literally any scenario is why these socks have truly stood the test of time.


The 9 Best Diabetic Socks of 2021

Final Verdict

Dr. Scholl’s Women’s Diabetic Ankle Socks (view at Amazon) and Men’s Premium Diabetic Socks (view at Amazon) are excellent options for those looking for a diabetes-friendly sock that covers all their bases. The socks are comfortable, flexible, and easy to slip on—plus, they promise to remain dry and fresh throughout use. If maximum comfort is your focus, Creswell Sock Mills’ Diabetic Socks (view at Amazon) are flexible, and minimally irritating.

What to Look for in Diabetic Socks


When experiencing poor circulation and neuropathy, the goal should be to keep feet dry, comfortable, and protected. According to Robert H. Eckel, M.D., an endocrinologist who previously practiced at the University of Colorado Hospital, “Make sure socks and shoes do not fit tightly or rub. If the feeling is reduced in the feet, pressure can cause sores or inflammation that can result in opened wounds and infection.” Because a general side effect of diabetes is excessive or decreased sweating, Dr. Eckel also suggests looking for cotton socks without seams so your feet can breathe. 


Diabetes can restrict blood flow to the feet, so socks with compression features should be avoided. Instead, look for a pair with a looser, non-binding fit, which will prevent any further circulation restriction. Some pairs have extra room in the toes and heel areas, which is a great option if your feet are particularly sensitive in those areas.


If keeping your toes warm is your number one priority, look for a wool-based pair. Because diabetes can restrict blood flow to the feet, you'll want to look for a pair that provides warmth without any added compression.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Along with seamless socks and sturdy shoes, Deena Adimoolam, M.D., a spokesperson for the Endocrine Society, says that with good diabetes control, neuropathy can be prevented via taking prescribed diabetes medications and focusing on a healthy lifestyle. People with diabetes should make regular foot exams a top priority. “The most important step in diabetes foot care is performing daily foot exams. Examine your feet daily with a mirror to be aware of any cuts, calluses, etc. If your feet are dry, make sure to moisturize them daily to prevent skin breakdown or breakage. Also, avoid cutting nails too deep, which can lead to cuts and infection."

  • The whole point of finding the right shoe or pair of socks when you have diabetic neuropathy or poor circulation is to protect the feet. But how often should these items be worn? According to Alex Kor, M.D., a podiatrist practicing in Lebanon, Indiana, your feet don’t know the difference between a slab on concrete outside and your unswept dining room floor. “I tell patients that they should not do any prolonged walking, climbing, or standing in their home without a good supportive shoe or sandal. As much as possible patients should wear shoes with socks in the home.” 

What the Experts Say

"Make sure socks and shoes do not fit tightly or rub. If the feeling is reduced in the feet, pressure can cause sores or inflammation that can result in opened wounds and infection." —Robert H. Eckel, M.D., an endocrinologist who previously practiced at the University of Colorado Hospital

Why Trust Verywell Health?

As a seasoned health writer, Lindsey Lanquist understands how important quality product recommendations can be. She's careful to recommend products that are reliable, comfortable, and genuinely well-reviewed by those who’ve tried them.

Additional reporting to this story by Janae Price

As a health writer, Janae Price understands the importance of a knowledgeable and honest review. When there are so many different opinions out there, it's great to have a concise answer that cuts through all the junk online. Every product in this piece has been thoroughly researched and sourced by professionals with potential user needs in mind.


Amazon mens socks

I went through a phase almost a decade ago when I shunned socks. For some reason or another, I liked showing my ankles, and I refused to cover them up. Even when I went to the gym or to the park for a run, I donned a pair of thin, low-cut options, thinking my feet would be fine. I should have known better, but I didn’t. As a result, my shoes built up a funk, I constantly had blisters, and my socks would just wear away, turning into rags. This went on for longer than it should have, almost three months in fact. I learned my lesson.

Now, I have socks for every conceivable occasion. For my runs, I have a ribbed white set from Nike with built-in arch support and added cushioning. Under Armour, Puma, and Adidas also have similar options. If I have to dress up, I reach for a colorful pair or some durable, black, calf-length options. And when I want to show my ankles, a pair of nude, sturdy, sweat-wicking ankle socks are my go-to. Thankfully, all are available on Amazon, just ready and waiting to keep my feet—and yours!—comfy, cozy, and blister-free.

Ribbed Crew Socks (3-Pack)


We'll definitely toast to these fun, drinks-embroidered socks. 

Resistor 3.0 No Show Socks (6-Pack)


With a name like Under Armour, best believe that the brand offers offers that kind of socks needed to face any uphill battles. 

Cotton Half-Cushioned Crew Socks (10-Pack)


A sturdy, cushioned set from Amazon's in-house label.  

Running Socks (3-Pack)


These socks are built for running, so rest assured that they'll keep your feet blister-free for when you want to show off your ankles. 

Roller Crew Socks (3-Pack)


Stripes on socks is as classic as it gets. Just make sure to get them from the brand that's known for stripes above all else.

Low-Cut Socks (6-Pack)


A sleek six-pack that definitely lives up to the animal the brand is named after. 

Crew Socks (3-Pack)


Cole Haan consistently offers dress shoes at affordable prices, so it should come as no surprise that the brand offers socks with the same quality.  

Unisex Performance Cushion Crew Socks (6-Pack)


The Swoosh has everything for every type of activity, including a great pack of cushioned socks perfect for everyday wear.

Ribbed Tube Crew Socks (6-Pack)


Nothing comes between you(r feet) and your Calvins.

All-Terrain Boot Crew Socks (6-Pack)


Heavy-duty is synonymous with Carhartt, and these tough-as-nails socks are proof. 

Barry SamahaBarry Samaha is the style commerce editor at Esquire, where he covers all things fashion and grooming.

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