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60 Cute Owl Pictures – Some Interesting Pictures For You To Enjoy

If you are a nature lover, then looking at birds and animals in their natural habitat must be something that you look at on a regular basis. However, for most of us, who do not have the wherewithal in terms of time and resources to look at nature in all its glory, the next best thing is to look at images of birds and animals clicked in their glory. Have you ever seen a owl? It is something that most of us who are night owls ourselves that may have come across, if we are surrounded by trees and such things.

The owl, which is often perceived as a mysterious bird not only due to its nocturnal nature but also due to its appearance. The owl has been attributed with wisdom and intelligence; it could be true given that it does hunt in a way that catches its prey unawares most of the time.

According to, despite a popular belief, not all owls stick to a strict nightlife. Many can also hunt during the day. Owls live in a variety of places, meeting all over the considered area. Some of them are migratory, and some live on the ground. Owls do not build nests, settling in old crow and predatory bird nests, hollows, rock niches, and other natural shelters, as well as human buildings. They have pure white, almost round eggs with glossy shells. Nestlings hatch blind and helpless, covered with white floccus which is replaced with a kind of juvenile plumage – mesoptile – and only after that acquire normal feathers. Almost all owls feed on small animals, especially voles, mice, and rats. Owls are covert creatures, and in nature, you are more likely to hear their voices than see them. Almost all owls are well defined by their voice.

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It is worth looking at pictures at owls, as many people may not be aware of the fact that there are more than 200 species of owls. Most of them are nocturnal though some of these species are known to come out in the twilight. The owl has a quiet and slow way of flying that will take the prey totally unawares. The eyes of the owl are exceptionally good at long sight. The owl also has a neck structure that enables it to swerve to almost 270 degrees. The eyes of the owl are quite huge which is also the reason that people attribute the owl with being wise.

owl pictures (1)

In some cultures, the owl is considered evil due to the look that it has with huge eyes and the way the head swerves. Nevertheless, in most the owl cultures garners a lot of respect for the way the owl hunts and conducts itself. In fact, you will find that the owl is so versatile; some of the species have adapted themselves to catch fish from waters.

Looking at pictures of owls will give you much information about the many species of owls that are out there. The pictures will also show the owls doing many activities that you would normally able to see in nature. Viewing them in their natural habitat doing these things will take a lot of time and patience. Looking at the pictures could be the next best thing to do.

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Plus some of these pictures of owls are not only educational they are downright cute and adorable. Looking at cute and adorable pictures is known to lift your mood, make you concentrate more on work and be able to do detail oriented work with better efficiency. So why not indulge in an activity that is fun, educative and also one that makes you better at work?

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The owl has been such a misunderstood creature due to its unique looks, which these pictures can serve to educate you about many aspects of this creature. What is more the owl has been a source of inspiration for pictures that denote in cartoon like pictures, which let us, look at the owl not only a creature that is seen at night but also as something amusing.

owl pictures (4)

Often you will see the owl shown in amusing and wise ways in cartoons and children’s stories. This is a good way to teach kids about nature and also teach them life lessons. Take a look at the exceptional collections of pictures of owls in their natural situation and various other poses and learn more about these exceptional creatures that mother nature has placed on the planet.

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owl pictures (50)

Burrowing Owl family

owl pictures (52)

owl pictures (53)

owl pictures (54)

owl pictures (55)

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owl pictures (59)


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Owls are just so cute with their big round faces and fluffy-looking bodies and don’t get me started on the tiny owls, they are just too cute to be real.

If you also think owls are cute then you need to check out this ultimate list of the cutest owls in the world.

There are about 250 species of owls in the world but these 15 have to win the contest for cute owls.

Owl cute they all are (did you see what I did there!)

15 Cute Owls You Need to See

  1. Elf Owl
  2. Boreal Owl
  3. Burrowing Owl
  4. Snowy Owl
  5. Southern white-faced owl
  6. Flammulated owl
  7. Spotted Owlet
  8. Crested Owl
  9. Western Barn Owl
  10. Jungle Owlet
  11. Pygmy Owl
  12. Spectacled Owl
  13. Ural Owl
  14. Eastern Screech Owl
  15. Little Owl

1. Elf Owl

Credit: Desert LCC

Elf Owls are the tiniest owls in the world and who doesn’t think tiny equals cute. They are only the size of a sparrow and they live around the Mexican border.

They weigh about 1.4 oz (50g) which is less than 2 slices of bread. They are only 5 inches (14cm) long and can easily fit into the palm of your hand.

2. Boreal Owl

Cute Boreal Owl

Credit: Patti Petersen

These cute owls, in delicate black and white coloring, grace the forests at night in North America and Europe.

They silently glide through the forest and the male will court the female by feeding her for up to 3 months before nesting. How cute is that!

They are only about the size of a robin and the males can be half the size of a female. Their large white facial discs framed by a dark border at the top look like large bushy eyebrows which helps with the cute factor.

3. Burrowing Owl

What’s not to love about this long-legged small cute owl that runs around and hides underground.

These owls’ long legs make them look comical, along with the flat appearance of their heads.

They are smaller than a crow and live in the western US, Mexico, Florida and the Caribbean.

4. Snowy Owl

Snowy owl

Harry Potter made this white owl race up the charts of the cutest owl. The gorgeous coloring and fluffy feet are so cute.

They look cuddly due to their thick feathers to keep them warm but watch out as these ferocious hunters can eat 1600 lemming in a year.

They live in Canada, Alaska and sometimes northern US states. 

5. Southern white-faced owl

The mustached look caused by the feathers hanging over the beak helps give this owl its cute look. Southern white-faced owls also have cute ear tufts and white face discs framing the feathered beak area.

They live in Africa and are around 10 inches long (12cm).

6. Flammulated owl

Credit: Intermountain forest Service

Flammulated Owls are small cute owls that are only just bigger than a sparrow and have large black eyes set in their tiny round heads.

They breed in western US states and spend the winter in Mexico and Central America but they are hard to spot as they are so small and spend most of their time at the top of trees.

7. Spotted Owlet

Credit: Mike Prince

These cute small owls live in Asia and are only about 8 inches long (20 cm). Their rounded fluffy appearance gives them a cute owl look.

8. Crested Owl

Credit: PEHart

Wow, look at those amazing ear tufts that give this owl its cute appearance. Talk about a showoff. The crested owls’ gentle buff color and striking white tufts really show off the cute small heads of these owls. 

This cute owl lives in Central and South America and has to be one of the cutest owls around.

9. Barn Owl

barn owl

Barn Owls are so graceful and cute looking with the white heart-shaped face disc and black penetrating eyes.

These cute owls can be found everywhere except in polar and desert regions. 

10. Jungle Owlet

Jungle Owlets’ cute rounded appearance and small rounded heads are adorable. They lack ear tufts which make their heads look small and cute.

They are about 8 inches (20 cm) long and live in India feeding on insects.

11. Northern Pygmy Owl

Credit: Terry Gray

Tiny owls have to be some of the cutest and the Pygmy Owl might just be the cutest of the tiny owls. They are tiny, round and fluffy so that wins the cute factor for me.

They are only around 6.5 inches long (17 cm) and weigh just 2 oz (60 g) about the same as a tennis ball.

There are 29 species of Pygmy Owls worldwide and the Northern Pygmy Owl live in western North America.

12. Spectacled Owl

No other owl looks as striking as the Spectacled Owl.  Their dark round heads highlighted by the white feathers, make this owl so cute to look at. The white bellies really contrast with the dark heads.

They live in Central and South America and are quite large, being up to 20 inches (50 cm).

13. Ural Owl

Large pale face discs and black eyes really help with the cuteness of the Ural Owl. The delicate mottled brown and white coloring and rounded head also give this owl cute appeal.

Ural owls live in northern Europe and northern Asia in forests.

14. Eastern Screech Owl

Eastern screech owl

A cute stocky owl is about the size of a robin. The Eastern screech owl is the color of tree bark and lives in eastern US states.

15. Little Owl

Little Owl’s name is cute for a start and its flat head gives it a cute appearance. They are 8 inches (20 cm) so not the smallest owl but cute nonetheless. 

They live in Europe, Asia and North Africa. 


Owls pictures cute

Picture Glass Cute Owl 120x80

About the artist: Ben Heine studied painting and sculpture. Today he lives and works in Brussels. His art is influenced by Surrealism, Expressionism and American Pop Art. With his works of art Ben Heine has meanwhile made it into museums and galleries all over the world. His pictures play imaginatively with photography and graphics.

  • Portrait-format glass picture for the wall featuring colourful photographic art by the artist Ben Heine
  • With this picture of an owl the creative processing brings out all the colours of nature
  • Ben Heine is known for his digital artworks. His works can be seen in museums and galleries all over the world
  • The photo motif is mounted behind safety glass. The feathered beauty takes centre stage without a frame
  • This painting with photo art in large format turns the office, reception area and medical practice into an art gallery

Material: Picture: Polypropylene, Front: Glass Toughened safety glass Laminated

Measures (H/W/D): 120 x 80 x 4 centimeters

Weight: 9 kg

Product number: 51816

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