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10 Hip Tattoo Ideas That’ll Inspire Your Next Trip To The Parlor

One of the most obvious ways to add a touch of art to your skin is with a tattoo. Essentially, every square centimeter of your body can serve as a canvas — so you have plenty of space to work with when planning where to put some ink. Not sure where to start? Hip tattoos can be a chic and discrete spot for pretty much any design you have in mind.

While you should brace yourself for one of the more potentially painful ink experiences (depending on your pain threshold), hip tattoos make up for it by being incredibly versatile. They’re a great placement option for when you want something you can conceal but that you can also show a peak of with, say, a high-slit dress. Plus, with summer approaching, it’s the perfect ink spot to showcase while lounging poolside.

Regardless of what type of tattoo you’re looking for, there are endless options for hip tattoos — you can get everything from a delicate micro-tattoo that is practically imperceptible to a statement piece that covers the side length of your body.

To help you figure out exactly what you want (because, TBH, you can weed through ink designs for hours upon hours on end), here are 10 cool hip tattoo ideas from Instagram to inspire your next trip to the tattoo parlor.


Bold Red Dragon

Getting an all-black tattoo is always classic, but this bold yet simple red dragon makes a strong case for trying out something more vivid. The design starts slightly above the hip bone and slithers down the top of the thigh for a subtle reveal that can peek out of your outfit (depending on what you’re wearing).


Sentimental Numbers

Whether it’s the address of your childhood home, a loved one’s birthday, or another number that’s significant to you, there are infinite options for a small row of digits along the side of your hips.


Visualize A Nickname

A tattoo is a great way to commemorate a memory or celebrate yourself. This little outline of a ghost is sweet inspo for visualizing a memory into ink — try something abstract.


Fruit Vines

Sometimes it’s nice to celebrate that life is a peach, ya know? This tattoo runs along the hip line but has barely-there colored shading for some subtlety. You can try it with any fruit you love.


Whimsical Line Drawing

This hip tattoo is equal parts ephemeral and whimsical. The abstract design looks like something the Alice in Wonderland caterpillar would exhale — it’s all in the eye of the beholder.


Vivid Details

The colors in this piece are so vibrant they look like a painting. If you’re looking for a striking and imaginative tattoo, this eclectic design is great inspo.


Tiny Bouquet

There’s a reason tiny tattoos are everywhere — they’re dainty and delicate, but still add some art to your canvas. This tiny flower bouquet is a cute idea for the hip bone.


Cursive Phrase

Cursive phrases are a great way to celebrate a mantra, a line from a poem, or a favorite book through your tattoo design.

Sours: https://www.bustle.com/style/hip-tattoo-ideas

Would you like to get a tattoo, but are you afraid of not getting the right one? We know, when choosing a tattoo that will last forever on you, it’s never easy… If you feel the same, you may think of having a small tattoo in a location that’s more “private”, a placement that you can’t see every time so you can enjoy your life without overthinking too much. That’s why you’re here because we’ve collected the best tiny hip tattoos for you.

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Why a Hip Tattoo?

So, we talked about secret places for a small tattoo and the hip is one of that. And that’s a really cool spot you can show off whenever you want and hide when you prefer.

Like thigh tattoos, you can express the best of your creativity and choose from a big to a very little design. And since the hip and the waist area are very versatile spots, you can really think of any tattoo you like to get inked on you. As you already know, we love minimalistic and simple designs because they are sexy and so damn seductive. So prepare yourself, because this collection is really hot.

It’s time to explore all the hip tattoos ideas, let’s jump in!

The side area of your hip is probably the sexier zone you can think of to get a tattoo. If you’re looking for something small, elegant, and minimal, there’s nothing better than choosing quotes tattoos. But, this is also a good spot for bigger ideas like flowers or mandalas.

persian calligraphy side hip tattoo
little zap tattoo on hip


mini heaven tattoo on hip

What you imagine, you create

what you imagine you create side hip tattoo

Strong love beyond words

strong love beyond words tattoo
stretchmark script tattoo on thigh

Fight like a girl

fight like a girl tattoo on hip
grl pwr hip tattoo
fine rose hip tattoo
enjoy the journey tattoo
amar quote tattoo for summer on hip

Small Front Hip Tattoos

This area is very very private, and that’s a good thing for two reasons:

  1. You can choose who can see your incredible hip tattoo.
  2. You may want to get something intimate, and this is perfect for you.

More extreme is the inner hip area for tattoos because it’s very close to the bone. In fact, we recommend choosing a small tattoo, maybe a word or two if it’s your first time. Moreover, if you choose a little design, the pain won’t be so troublesome.

smal fineline inner hip rose tattoo
handpoke front hip tattoo

Small Back Hip Tattoos

Finally, we’ve gathered some small back hip tattoos you may love.

Tiny Tattoo Inc

Sours: https://tinytattooinc.com/36-elegant-small-hip-tattoos-youll-need-to-get-in-2020/
  1. Salt water gulp
  2. Harmonica c chords
  3. Vintage tools ebay
  4. Ford brothers auction

Are you looking for a cool hip tattoo? Did you know that these are some of the most popular & common tattoo options and placements for women who enjoy feminine pieces? If you are someone who loves to stand out with their unique choice and you’re looking for the perfect hip tattoo, keep on reading! Here, we will let you see some of the best and diverse hip tattoo options.

Why Get Hip Tattoos?

Hip tattoos can be playful, feminine, as well as colorful. They are usually quite small and delicate, which makes them ideal for women who prefer minimalistic pieces. You can enjoy a bright hip tattoo and express its meaning however you like! You can also fully customize it per your preference.

Do Hip Tattoos Hurt To Get?

Since there is not a lot of skin or extra meat around this area, they do hurt, and can feel a bit uncomfortable to place down. Make sure that you book an amazing tattoo artist and that you are fully mentally prepared before you head out to get it tattooed.

5 Colorful Hip Tattoos For Women

1. Phoenix Red Hip Tattoos

Phoenix Red Hip Tattoos

You can go for this thigh piece tattoo and embrace the power of Phoenix! This bright red tattoo is for anyone who is a fan of powerful, sexy, as well as hot ink (literally). Large thigh tattoos are time-consuming, yet perfect for anyone who is into showing their perfectionist side.

A Phoenix usually symbolizes and represents resurrection. It is a powerful bird that will show its wings whenever trying to express its new side and a bright future. This tattoo will suit you if you’re going through something new and if you’re on the lookout for deep inspiration.

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2. Big Hip Tattoos Lizard Colorful Design

Big Hip Tattoos Lizard Colorful Design

How about a thigh tattoo? This one will suit men and women the same. It is a powerful and colorful piece that you will enjoy if you’re an animal lover. A lizard can symbolize your personality, as well as your colorful and multi-fun side! This tattoo will take you 3-4 hours to place on top of your body.

Lizards usually represent and stand for a new chapter, as well as a positive change. You are someone who can adapt and adjust to the situation? If this does apply to you, get this large thigh and hip tattoo.

3. Front Hip Tattoo & Thigh Placement Poison Design

Front Hip Tattoo & Thigh Placement Poison Design

If you’re someone who loves to get noticed when it comes to your tattoos, you will enjoy this colorful and bright piece of art. This is a poison-inspired heart image and a marvelous piece that you will love if you’re a fan of larger tattoos.

Place this poisonous heart over your hip and thigh if you’ve been poisoned by love at one point in your lifetime. Everyone can feel their ups and downs, but you can make them your positive trait and embrace a new chapter by sticking to this pop of color and this artsy tattoo.

4. Hip Tattoo Designs & Thigh Design Panther Image

Hip Tattoo Designs & Thigh Design Panther Image

Are you an animal lover? More importantly, are you someone who loves to recreate cool art? If you are an artsy person and a soul who loves to express your unique side, this tattoo is perfect for you. It will symbolize your character while looking cool and cute at the same time. Perfect for men or women who are into dramatic and marvelous pieces.

A bright panther image will show off your personality. You are a fighter who knows how to express his or her feelings while staying bold and cautious in all situations. Panthers are good at hunting their prey, are you?

5. Hip Tattoos Flowers

Hip Tattoos Flowers

Hip tattoos and flowers usually go hand in hand together. This larger image will suit you if you’re someone who loves to stand out at all times, especially when at the beach. Roses or flower hip tattoos will express your gentle side, is that someone that you are trying to achieve?

This bright piece of ink stands for your creative side. Roses symbolize your personality and your inner vibe. If you’re a giver who loves to make people around them happy and pleased, you will definitely be pleased with this tattoo.

5 Animal Hip Tattoos For Women

1. Front Hip Tattoo Animal Design

Front Hip Tattoo Animal Design

If you’re a peaceful person and an animal lover you might prefer an elephant tattoo over your thigh and hip area. Black ink tattoos are usually quite easy to achieve and they are not as pricey either. This tattoo will suit women who are creative and powerful at the same time.

Elephants are wise, and you can showcase your wisdom through this ink. It will suit you if you’re a decisive person and someone who knows how to show their emotions and your feelings.

2. Kitty Inspired Hippie Tattoo

Kitty Inspired Hippie Tattoo

Are you a cat person? Maybe you love to play with kittens or you’re a proud owner of one furry pal? Either way it may be you might enjoy this hip and leg tattoo. It is perfect for women who love their body and their pets.

This image will show your true intentions and your brave side. You are someone who knows how to express your true self and your love for others around you, especially pets and animals. Perfect for younger women who are also quite wild and down for fun activities.

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3. Dramatic Dragon Hip Tattoo

Dramatic Dragon Hip Tattoo

Are you a fan of dragons and old-school tattoos? This one has that Chinese element to it and it will show your bubbly side. If you’re a determined and strong person who knows how to express your emotions and you’re a warrior you will enjoy this ink the best.

This pink dragon with some flowers can represent your hard times and your warrior personality. Not everyone is interested in fiery and dramatic tattoos. However, if you’re on the opposite side, as well as someone who knows how to rock scary tattoos, this one is for you!

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4. Wolf & Hip Flower Tattoo

Wolf & Hip Flower Tattoo

How about a combination of wolves and flowers? This print is unique and different when compared to some other tattoos. Hip tattoos such as this one will take you some time to get. Go for it if you’re a fan of art and powerful encouraging pieces.

This tattoo will tell others that you’re always available for them. You’re also probably someone who is a lone wolf who loves to stand out from the rest. If you feel like you can’t join or blend in with the rest this tattoo is perfect for you.

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5. Hip Tattoo Rose & Lion Image

Hip Tattoo Rose & Lion Image

A lion tattoo is quite popular with powerful women. You can also decorate your tattoo with some flowers to express your ladylike side. It will take you 5-7 hours to get this unique piece placed over your thigh and hip area.

It will represent your true colors and your feminine feelings. You will also come off as a person who is always seeking answers and is growing as time goes on, and who wouldn’t love that?!

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5 Flower Hip Tattoos For Women

1. Blue Rose Hip Tattoo

Blue Rose Hip Tattoo

Bright blue flower tattoos are quite common among women who dislike roses as well as pink and red colors. This thigh and hip tattoo is a time-consuming piece, so be prepared to spend several hours at a tattoo shop when getting this placed over your body.

Blue is the color of power and strength. If you’re someone who has a loud side and you love to express yourself through different art you will enjoy this bright piece.

2. Dramatic Hip Thigh Tattoo Flower Image

Dramatic Hip Thigh Tattoo Flower Image

Bright flower tattoos and dramatic bouquets are different when compared to other images. This giant hip tattoo and the colorful piece will look dramatic yet appropriate for women who love irregular tattoos. Enjoy its symbolism and meaning.

This tattoo will let others see your soft and sensual side. If you’re someone who loves to stand out and show your true colors, you can show all of them with this tattoo!

3. Black Ink Floral Hip Tattoo Designs

Black Ink Floral Hip Tattoo Designs

This black flower hip tattoo is a stylish and glorious image. It is a precise and well-done tattoo if you know where to find the best tattoo artist. You will enjoy this piece if you love dramatic black ink.

Every lady will enjoy this tattoo. It will show your soft side and your layers. If you are someone who enjoys flowers and different species go with this hip tattoo.

4. Small & Petite Floral Hip Tattoo

Small & Petite Floral Hip Tattoo

Are you someone who is afraid of the needle? If you are afraid of a tattooing process and you’re someone who needs something quick and easy to get, give this hip tattoo a do!

Blue flowers symbolize peace and romance. If you have a gracious side and you’re someone who enjoys smaller images go with this print. It is fancy and feminine at the same time.

5. Sunflower Hip Tattoo

Sunflower Hip Tattoo

If you need a black thigh tattoo that also goes up to your hip you will enjoy this precise art. It is fine and well-done, as well as artsy at the same time. Make sure to book a tattoo artist who is good at what they do and you will enjoy this tattoo for your lifetime!

Black flowers can symbolize your journey and your loss. If you were grieving at one point and you felt lost this tattoo is perfect for you! It is appropriate for every woman, cure and stylish at the same time.

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5 Black Hip Tattoos For Women

1. Black Portrait Tattoos On Hip And Thigh

Black Portrait Tattoos On Hip And Thigh

Are you a religious or a spiritual person? Some women will prefer this larger hip and tattoo ink. It is quite dramatic and attention-seeking as well. You will easily steal the spotlight and express your artsy side with this tattoo.

This giant piece can show your love for religion and spiritual journeys. If you have had a tough journey finding yourself this tattoo will represent your past, present, as well as your future actions!

2. High Hip Tattoos Lion Image

High Hip Tattoos Lion Image

Combine your lion print image with a spiritual and precise romantic design. If you want a tattoo that defines you and your personality, this is the ideal piece for your hip placement! Your hip will pop, and others will enjoy this organized and extraordinary tattoo.

If you’re a Leo sign and you believe in the power of the zodiac you will want this powerful design. It shows your personality and your love for the extraordinary, and who would like that? Girls who are firm believers in the power of stars will love ink.

3. Black Ink Dragon Hip Tattoo

Black Ink Dragon Hip Tattoo

You can go for a fierce dragon print on your thigh or your hip if you’re a powerful woman. You will enjoy it if you know how to rock dramatic and large tattoos. This one will take you 4-5 hours to place over your hip or thigh region.

Dragons symbolize power and fire. Are you a fiery and fierce individual? Only brave women will easily rock this black ink. Perfect for girls and women who prefer power and unique tattoos.

4. Scary & Mystic Black Ink Thigh Tattoo

Scary & Mystic Black Ink Thigh Tattoo

A unique combination of a wolf image and a girl print will look great over your hip area. This piece is a piece of art, ideal for anyone who wants to stand out at all times when it comes to their tattoo choice. Black ink is not as painful nor pricey to get.

This duo will tell the world that you are a determined girl who can fight her own battles. Every girl will enjoy looking cute while feeling brave, and this tattoo will represent all of her moods and future moves.

5. Clown Inspired Hip Tattoos

Clown Inspired Hip Tattoos

How about a scary yet unique joker-inspired hip tattoo? This piece is playful and artsy while having that cartoon vibe to it. It is perfect for women who enjoy playful characters and who need something with that pop vibe.

This tattoo will let others know where you stand in life. If you’re someone who can joke around and you always see a positive side in everything around you, get this image! Perfect for women who enjoy showing their character in a real way.

5 Small Hip Tattoos For Women

1. Front Hip Tattoos Small Design Flower Image

Front Hip Tattoos Small Design Flower Image

Women who dislike pain and who would love to get something cute, feminine as well as playful will enjoy this tattoo. This hip tattoo is quick and easy to get and you won’t feel a lot of pain when tattooing it.

Leaf can symbolize your different journey as well as your wavy personality. Leaves are also bringers of good luck and positivity, so embrace your road with this print.

2. Hip Tattoos Quotes

Hip Tattoos Quotes

If you’re looking for a hip tattoo design and you need only one word image, this honey print is for you! It is sexy and sensual at the same time. Women who dislike larger tattoos and who want to emphasize their feminine personality will like this minimalistic tattoo.

Do you feel like a honey at times? Black & white word tattoos can emphasize your powerful side. If you are an edgy yet sensual sweetheart this is a solid image to go with!

3. Hip Tattoos Flowers Black Tattoo Image

Hip Tattoos Flowers Black Tattoo Image

Black floral tattoos are quite common among women worldwide. This piece is simple and easy to achieve. If you need a tattoo that is sexy and respectful at the same time go with this inspiration. It will take you 3 hours to achieve this image.

Black flowers are for women who dislike a lot of color. This hip angle and this combo will represent you as a dangerous and a fiery person. You are a determined and feisty person, so go for this hip tattoo!

4. Butterfly Hip Tattoo

Butterfly Hip Tattoo

Butterfly tattoos or butterfly hip tattoos are some of the best and most common designs at tattoo shops. Make sure that you find a tattoo artist who is good with animal designs, as well as feminine tattoos before you book your session.

This butterfly will symbolize your freedom. This tattoo also shows that you are always growing and making your next big moves. If you love to travel and you love your freedom, this is perfect for you.

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5. Hip Bone Tattoos Small Wave & Mountain Image

Hip Bone Tattoos Small Wave & Mountain Image

This hip wave & mountain tattoo is for women who love smaller tattoos. If you are a minimalist lover and you enjoy precise and meaningful tattoos, go with this as your next go-to when at a tattoo shop.

Can you move mountains and ride the waves? Are you a spiritual person? If so, this is unique and perfect for you. Mountains & waves can represent your ever-changing personality, as well as any future steps that you plan on taking.

5 Funky Hip Tattoos For Women

1. Funky Side Hip Tattoo Pizza Image

Funky Side Hip Tattoo Pizza Image

Are you a pizza lover? If so, how about this funky and weird hip tattoo? It is the perfect choice for women who want to stand out with their design. If you are a junk food lover you must have it!

The placement & its size will not hurt, a lot. Pizza lovers should go for their favorite toppings and express their playful side with this funny image. Ideal for teens as well!

2. Spider Inspired Hip Tattoo

Spider Inspired Hip Tattoo

Are you afraid of spiders, or do you admire them? This black scary spider tattoo is for women who love to stand out and who are into satanic tattoos. This region might feel a bit painful and it is not the best choice for women who have sensitive skin, so heads up.

This tattoo can show off your brave side. You will also enjoy it if you’ve overcome your fear of spiders. How much you’ve changed, and how badly do you want this unique tattoo?

3. Neon Galaxy Cat Hip Tattoo

Neon Galaxy Cat Hip Tattoo

Neon tattoos are quite popular, believe it or not. However, neon cat tattoos? Not so much! If you are someone who wants to show off a unique and artsy tattoo, give this one a go-to! Not so many people will have it, that’s for sure.

This print can symbolize your party side. If you are someone who loves to have a good time, you party often, and you love to drink – this hip cat tattoo is for you. It will let others know that you’re always up for fun!

4. Red Heart Lollipop Hip Tattoo

Red Heart Lollipop Hip Tattoo

Women who want a funky and cute tattoo should go with this heart lollipop image. It will look sexy and cute over your hip. If you are also into sweets you will enjoy placing this one over your hip.

It can symbolize your love for the other person. You can always dedicate a heart symbol to someone you love, but keep it funky by sticking to a lollipop symbol!

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5. Hip Thigh Tattoo Dramatic Woman Ink

Hip Thigh Tattoo Dramatic Woman Ink

Last, but not least, how about this giant gypsy inspired thigh tattoo? It is a dramatic and large ink that will suit those who wish to stand out. Stick to this unique print and spend 7-8 hours when achieving this hip & thigh tattoo.

It will symbolize your layers, as well as your different moods. This gypsy image with a snake print is for mature women who want to be noticed and approached by everyone!

Which Tattoo To Go For?

Were you able to find your ideal tattoo? Are you a fan of hip tattoo placements? Both men and women can find their ideal and unique hip design in this article. Let us know your top-pick when it comes to these 30 designs.

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Categories DesignSours: https://www.savedtattoo.com/hip-tattoo/

While your hips may not be the most obvious location for a tattoo, they are an excellent placement for both small and large designs.

Popular particularly – though not only – among women, tattoos around the hip area allow lots of room for creativity and flair.

hip Tattoos

Specific placements of hip tattoos

The phrase ‘hip tattoo’ refers to a design placed basically anywhere in the vicinity of your hip bones. This could mean:

  • The side of your hip – from the top part of the thigh to the lower part of the stomach
  • The area just below the front of the hip bone
  • The area just above the front of the hip bone
  • On the hip bone itself
  • Just ‘inside’ the hip bone – on the lower stomach

octopus hip Tattoos

The size of the design you choose will be one of the determining factors when it comes to deciding on the specific place.

Small designs can go just about anywhere, while larger ones will need a bigger, relatively flat area.

Large designs can stretch all the way from the side of your stomach to mid-way down your thigh.

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Hip TattoosHip Tattoos

Hip tattoo design ideas

When it comes to great-looking designs for hip tattoos, the sky is the limit.

Hips are a versatile area that can accommodate any kind of design, from tiny and minimalistic to large and bold. Here are some popular design ideas to consider:

  • Flowers – flowers and floral patterns are among the top choices for hip tattoos for girls in particular. Hip tattoos are generally considered to heighten femininity – unsurprisingly, since they enhance the shape of the hips – so feminine floral motifs are a natural choice. Whether you opt for a large, colorful design with several flowers or a simple design with one flower, you can’t go wrong. Floral tattoos involving just a black outline have become particularly popular over the past couple of years – the simple outline is balanced with the intricate level of detail, and results in an elegant, modern-looking tattoo. Keep in mind that many flowers, such as roses, daisies, and lotuses, have interesting symbolic and/or cultural meaning.
  • Writing – writing is a common choice for all tattoo placements – hips are no exception. One of the advantages of placing a writing tattoo on your hip is that you can easily keep it private – hips are one of the best areas for tattoos that you want to keep to yourself, since they’re easily covered up with clothing. Names, dates, single words or longer quotes – any kind of writing will be a great choice.
  • Symbols – for many people it’s important that their tattoos have symbolic or metaphorical meaning. Hence, symbols such as anchors, hearts, yin-yang, or infinity are always a popular choice for tattoos. Many animals also have symbolic meaning – birds, butterflies, lions, and deer are some common examples.
  • Mandalas – mandala tattoos are usually done in all-black and involve a high level of detail. They’re circular in shape by definition, and like circles, they represent ideas of wholeness, eternity, perfection, and balance.
  • Mythical creatures – dragons and phoenixes are great choices for large, colorful designs – and the side of the hip provides the perfect placement for such tattoos. If the idea of a mythical creature design appeals to you, consider a Japanese-style tattoo for a bold, intricate, original look.
  • Tribal hip tattoos – tribal tattoos are usually abstract or semi-abstract patterns made up of curved lines which are thicker in the middle and come to sharp points. Traditionally done in black ink, it’s not uncommon nowadays to see tribal designs done in differently colored ink, or even shaded in several colors.
  • Geometric hip tattoos – as the name suggests, this style of tattoos relies on the use of geometric shapes as the basis for a design. Usually done in black, geometric tattoos depend primarily on straight lines and strategically placed dots. Even abstract-looking geometric hip tattoos can have deep meaning behind them – within the concept known as ‘sacred geometry’, symbolic meanings are ascribed to geometric shapes and proportions. If you’re interested in this style, have a look at our dedicated article on the subject.
  • Watercolor hip tattoos – if bright colors are what you’re after for your hip tattoo, watercolor style might be the right choice for you. This type of tattoo is intended to look like a free-form watercolor painting and is suitable for a whole range of designs and subjects. The design can either be done entirely in watercolor, or only have a watercolor background with a black symbol or image in the foreground.
  • Biomechanical hip tattoos – designs in this style are defined by the combination of organic elements and mechanical pieces. Often done in a hyper-realistic 3D technique, biomechanical hip tattoos are inspired by the sci-fi genre and make for original, striking designs. They generally look best as large tattoos, so again the side of the hip will be the best choice of placement here.
  • Symmetrical hip tattoos – another cool idea is to get matching mirror-image tattoos on both hips. One of the best placements for these are the areas along the hip bones on the lower stomach – elongated tattoos, such as feathers, arrows, or tribal patters that follow the line of your hip bones will work best. These types of tattoos are great at drawing attention to your stomach and enhancing the shape of your hips. They also create depth, giving your lower stomach a toned look.

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Hip TattoosHip Tattoos


Tattoos in your hip area are likely to be hidden by clothing a lot of the time, though of course this depends on the exact placement. This could be an advantage if you’d rather keep your tattoo private or aren’t interested in showing it off. Conversely, for those planning on having the tattoo in plain view most of the time, you’ll have to plan your clothing accordingly.

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Pain level

We all have different pain thresholds for different kinds of pain, but there’s no denying that a tattoo is going to hurt. Exactly how much it hurts will depend on your pain tolerance, exact placement, and the size and level of detail of the tattoo.

If you already have tattoos, you probably know what to expect. However, if the hip tattoo you’re considering will be your first one and you’re concerned about the pain, there are a couple of things to keep in mind when making your decision.

First off, for most people the pain from tattooing is at its worst in areas where there is little muscle or fat. Therefore, getting a tattoo on the hip bone itself – where there’s not much tissue between the skin and the bone – will likely hurt the most out of all possible hip tattoo placements.

Having said that, if you’re opting for a large design that wraps partway around the top of your thigh, the back and inside of the thigh are highly sensitive areas. Expect relatively high pain levels there, too. The side of your hip and thigh is generally the area that’ll hurt the least.

Secondly, the size of the design and the level of detail involved will naturally influence how long the tattooing process is – i.e. for how long you’ll have to put up with the pain. Small, simple designs such a line of writing or a basic shape may only take half an hour. Meanwhile, very large or complex designs will take several hours and may even require more than one session, with at least a couple of weeks in between to allow the tattoo time to heal.

If you’re thinking of going for a large design with a lot of detail and/or color as your first tattoo, you may want to consider getting a smaller one first, just to make sure you’re okay with the pain and comfortable with the commitment of a tattoo.

That being said, most people can handle the pain without too much trouble. If you’re still concerned, talk to a tattoo artist you’re thinking of hiring for your tattoo – they’ll be able to give you advice specific to your idea and your circumstances.

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Celebrities with hip tattoos

There are plenty of celebrities who chose to get their hips inked, including:

  • Kylie Jenner – Kylie has a small writing tattoo on her right hip. The letters form the phonetic spelling of the word ‘sanity’, and are done in red ink.
  • Cara Delevingne – Cara has a tattoo on her right hip – ‘DD’, inked in black stylized lettering. This is supposed to be a matching friendship tattoo with model Jourdan Dunn.
  • Jessie J – Jessie has a lyric tattoo on her right hip, which says ‘Don’t lose who you are in the blur of the stars’.
  • Lea Michele – Lea has two hip tattoos – one is a small green bird on the front of her left hip bone, supposed to symbolize freedom. The other is a blue butterfly on the back of her right hip.
  • Cardi B – Cardi B has a large, colorful peacock tattoo on her right side, stretching from her waist to mid-way down her thigh.

Hip TattoosHip TattoosHip Tattoos

Hip TattoosHip TattoosHip TattoosHip TattoosHip Tattoos


Hip Tattoos




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After getting inked once, it's hard not to become obsessed with looking at other designs. It usually starts with a small tattoo, and then all we want to do is move onto a bigger, more detailed one. Sometimes we know exactly where that perfect tattoo should go but not exactly what it should look like, right? This happens to all of us, so there's no shame in looking around for inspiration first. For anyone interested in a hip tattoo, we've got some lovely ideas! 

Since the hip is forever one of our fave spots for tattoos, we picked out some of the most intricate, interesting, or otherwise inspiring hip tattoos. 

With a mix of classic tatoo designs as well as feminine and ornate designs, the hip zone will take on a totally new life. Is there anything more stunning than when a hip bone is adorned with a pretty piece of ink? The area allows people to get really creative with their tattoos, and maybe choose a piece that wraps around their torso. And just imagine how much better that bathing suit game will be, come summer time. After all, who could resist enticing black ink or gorgeous floral designs?

All these hip bone and side hip designs look so awesome that we want to steal them immediately (but alas, we each only have two hip bones ...). Take a look at this inspiring roundup of hip tattoos and find the one.


Floral Outline Hip TattooFloral Outline Hip Tattoo

Floral Outline Hip Tattoo

This simple yet fantastic floral line tattoo is perfect on curve of the hip. Even without a drop of color the roses are lovely.


Elephant Hip TattooElephant Hip Tattoo

Elephant Hip Tattoo

How precious are these little guys? We're obsessed with the geometric design!


Ornate Hip TattooOrnate Hip Tattoo

Ornate Hip Tattoo

This gorgeous hip tattoo is full of drama and ornate detail. This is definitely some ink worth flaunting.


Floral Butterfly Hip TattooFloral Butterfly Hip Tattoo

Floral Butterfly Hip Tattoo

The gorgeous black and white details on this butterfly and floral tattoo make this a standout piece of artwork, perfectly placed on the hip.


Wave Hip TattooWave Hip Tattoo

Wave Hip Tattoo

We love these ocean waves and their simple, clean design. Don't they feel as peaceful and as restful as the beach itself?


Daisy Hip TattooDaisy Hip Tattoo

Daisy Hip Tattoo

Everything about this is just right -- it's a perfect size, it's the perfect color, and it has that perfect "just doodled" quality.


Feather Hip TattooFeather Hip Tattoo

Feather Hip Tattoo

This teeny-tiny design is basically an updated feather tat, and it's cooler and edgier than anything we could ever come up with. Love!


Locket Hip TattooLocket Hip Tattoo

Locket Hip Tattoo

There's something so charming about small and clean tattoos, and this teeny locket is everything we love about them.


Roman Numeral Hip TattooRoman Numeral Hip Tattoo

Roman Numeral Hip Tattoo

What is it about roman numerals that make simple dates or numbers so much cooler? We're not sure, but we love them anyway.


Sagittarius Hip TattooSagittarius Hip Tattoo

Sagittarius Hip Tattoo

The zodiac symbols are awesome choices for tattoos -- they are meaningful, say something about who we are, and most importantly, look rad.


Heart Outline Hip TattooHeart Outline Hip Tattoo

Heart Outline Hip Tattoo

How dainty and delicate is this?! Something so small is an awesome but powerful piece.


Symbol Hip TattoosSymbol Hip Tattoos

Symbol Hip Tattoos

These miniature symbols mean "explore," "learn," and "create." We're inspired just looking at them now.


Seahorse Hip TattooSeahorse Hip Tattoo

Seahorse Hip Tattoo

Not only is this little seahorse impossibly cute, but it's also a copy of one of Kurt Cobain's famous drawings. Love the meaning, love the location!


Hawaii Hip TattooHawaii Hip Tattoo

Hawaii Hip Tattoo

These tiny Hawaiian Islands look perfect scattered across the hip bone, but we're pretty sure any state would look equally great.


Watercolor Hummingbird Hip TattooWatercolor Hummingbird Hip Tattoo

Watercolor Hummingbird Hip Tattoo

We never, ever want the watercolor tattoo trend to end -- they're beautiful and perfect every single time.


Rabbit Hip TattooRabbit Hip Tattoo

Rabbit Hip Tattoo

This little guy is pretty minimal, but they choose only the good lines to keep. Too cute!


Lemon Hip TattooLemon Hip Tattoo

Lemon Hip Tattoo

We adore how the yellow lemons contrast with the vivid turquoise flower.


Branch Hip TattooBranch Hip Tattoo

Branch Hip Tattoo

This freehand hip tattoo of a black branch is elegant, simple, and feminine.


Botanical Hip TattooBotanical Hip Tattoo

Botanical Hip Tattoo

The colors of this botanical hip tattoo are majestic -- Mother Nature would definitely approve.


Hummingbird Hip TattooHummingbird Hip Tattoo

Hummingbird Hip Tattoo

This cute little hummingbird is a wonderful addition to its owner's hips. We love how there's a splash of red.


Snake Hip TattooSnake Hip Tattoo

Snake Hip Tattoo

This hip tattoo of a snake is stunning, daring, and super sexy!


Watercolor Nautical Hip TattooWatercolor Nautical Hip Tattoo

Watercolor Nautical Hip Tattoo

This watercolor nautical hip tattoo is so cute! The splash of color makes it extra lively.


Outline Bird Hip TattooOutline Bird Hip Tattoo

Outline Bird Hip Tattoo

This outline of a bird spreading its wings over some roses is stunning and truly an elegant piece of ink.


Blackout Rose Hip TattooBlackout Rose Hip Tattoo

Blackout Rose Hip Tattoo

This blackout rose tattoo is striking, and the hip is the perfect place for it.


Manta Ray Hip TattooManta Ray Hip Tattoo

Manta Ray Hip Tattoo

This tribal manta ray is giving us serious island vibes.


Red Flower Hip TattooRed Flower Hip Tattoo

Red Flower Hip Tattoo

This red flower hip tattoo is eye-catching, and incredibly vivid!


Seashell Hip TattooSeashell Hip Tattoo

Seashell Hip Tattoo

This ornamental seashell hip tattoo is a dazzling piece of work. It drapes perfectly across her hips.


Rainbow Lotus Hip TattooRainbow Lotus Hip Tattoo

Rainbow Lotus Hip Tattoo

We've never seen such a bright and colorful lotus tattoo! We'd show off our hips all the time if we owned this.


Sun & Moon Hip TattooSun & Moon Hip Tattoo

Sun & Moon Hip Tattoo

Is anyone else obsessed with this sun and moon hip tattoo? The dotwork is stunning!


Deer Hip TattooDeer Hip Tattoo

Deer Hip Tattoo

This deer is so adorable, and we adore the shading! Bambi would be proud.


Watercolor Dreamcatcher Hip TattooWatercolor Dreamcatcher Hip Tattoo

Watercolor Dreamcatcher Hip Tattoo

This watercolor dreamcatcher tattoo is what dreams are made of! (Sorry, we had to.)


Humpback Whale Hip TattooHumpback Whale Hip Tattoo

Humpback Whale Hip Tattoo

How gorgeous is this humpback whale tattoo? It fits perfectly on the side of this person's hips.


Lion Hip TattooLion Hip Tattoo

Lion Hip Tattoo

This lioness does look fierce, but the delicate dotwork also makes it look pretty elegant!


Purple Rose Hip TattooPurple Rose Hip Tattoo

Purple Rose Hip Tattoo

We love seeing roses in a pretty purple rather than the classic red.


Watercolor Floral Hip TattooWatercolor Floral Hip Tattoo

Watercolor Floral Hip Tattoo

With no black outlines and only pretty shades of pink and purple, this tattoo is undeniably feminine.


Ocean Hip TattooOcean Hip Tattoo

Ocean Hip Tattoo

This simple gray wave is accompanied by a burst of sunshine -- a literal sun with no black outlines.


Pineapple Hip TattooPineapple Hip Tattoo

Pineapple Hip Tattoo

Pineapples are already such colorful tattoo subjects. This one gets even more fun with floral adornments.


Watercolor Sunflower Hip TattooWatercolor Sunflower Hip Tattoo
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Hip Side Tattoo for Females - Hip and Thigh Tattoo

Tattoos are amazing for many different reasons, one of which is because they can make a certain area of the body very alluring and interesting. Hip tattoos can be very sexy and seductive if they are done properly. If you are looking for something different, then a hip tattoo may be just what you are looking for.

Tattooing has a lot to do with creating and implementing a gorgeous tattoo design that will look amazing. There are many areas of the body that you can get a tattoo, but the hip area is becoming increasingly popular. You can just imagine how sexy a hip tattoo can look if you have the right design. They are certainly more popular when it comes to women and girls though men have got them as well.

The hip area is basically where the upper torso is joined with the lower part of the body. This area is a wonderful canvas where you can create some magical designs. The sky is the limit for getting these hip designs done; you can get a small design or a large one. It really doesn’t matter what design you get, just the fact that the tattoo is placed on the hip makes it pretty sexy.

The great thing about hip tattoos is that they can easily be covered if you have a career that frowns upon tattoos. But you also get to flaunt these amazing tattoos while you are on the beach or just wearing shorts while hanging with friends on a patio. Imagine how amazing the tattoo would look with a dress that is slit all the way to the hip.

Below are 78 Sexy Hip Tattoos That You Are Sure to Love:

1. Flower Jewelry

A great tattoo design that has a lot of detail. I love the jewelry elements that add some elegance to the style.

hip tattoos

2. Lion Headdress

This stunning tattoo fits perfectly on the hip. There is a lot of detail involved in this gorgeous tattoo.

3. Little Mermaid

If you love cartoons, then you are sure to love this sweet design of the Little Mermaid. It’s cute and colorful and fits nicely on the hip.

4. Chandelier Designs

These designs are gorgeous because of the jewelry elements to them. It’s a sweet design that is sexy on the hip.

5. Florals

If you like flowers, then this is the perfect tattoo design for you. I love these designs and they go all the way down the hip.

6. Moon Designs

This is an incredibly sexy tattoo and it’s also very elegant. This jewelry chandelier design is in the shape of a moon and it’s gorgeous.

7. Bold Colors

If you love wildlife or even hunting, then you are sure to love this tattoo. There are some amazing colors involved. 
8. Portraits

A gorgeous hip tattoo of a few women that are quite detailed. These detailed images are stunning and I love the splashes of colors amongst the black and white.

9. Red Rose

If you love roses than this is a simple design that you are sure to love.

10. Leopard Spots

This is a unique tattoo design that is beautiful and creative for the hip area.

11. Dreamcatcher

This large tattoo design is an incredible looking dreamcatcher. It’s a fun design with some amazing colors. 12. Fruit Designs

This fun design combines fruit and florals together to create a beautiful tattoo.

13. The Gypsy

The gypsy is known to be a mysterious and sexy person and this image is certainly both. It’s a great image that is also large, fitting perfectly on the hip.

14. Pretty Pink

A great floral design that has just a splash of color.

15. Elegant Images

Lace, pearls and gorgeous flowers, what more could you want from a stunning hip tattoo.

16. Kitty Moon

If you love cats, then you are sure to love this design of a moon and a cat.

17. Stunning Floral

A simple tattoo design is a clear image. The design element is perfectly implemented here.

18. Hot Air Balloon

This tattoo is bold and bright. A hip design that is truly a gorgeous one. The design is detail and the colors are bold and bright. I love the deep red involved with this tattoo.

19. Black and White

This hip tattoo is gorgeous and all you need is a black and white outline. It’s an amazing design that you are sure to love.

20. Bold Coloring

These great flowers are gorgeous hip tattoos and the colors involved are truly beautiful.

21. Elephant Design

A great tattoo of an elephant in a headdress. I love the detailed tattoo design especially in the face of the elephant. The eyes are so clear and gorgeous. 

22. Beautiful Birds

A gorgeous bird design that has a heart shaped floral design around them. I love the colors that they have here.

23. Hip Leaves

Leaves on either side of the hip. they match and they are gorgeous.

24. Red Rose Tattoos

A great floral design that is gorgeous. There are three flowers here that are just wonderful. 25. Stained Glass

This stained glass floral design has some wonderful colors.

26. Stunning Hip Tattoos

This large tattoo is really beauty and it doesn’t need any color. It’s a large design that goes along the ribcage as well.

27. Deep Pink

Three bright pink flowers that you are sure to love. These colors are incredible.

28. Chinese Symbols

These red roses amongst the Chinese lettering make for a cute hip tattoo.

29. Gorgeous Flowers

This gorgeous design has a colorful feather that turns into flying birds. It’s a unique design that you are sure to love.

30. Multiple Flowers

A great design that has multiple flowers scattered along the hip.

31. The Great White

A great design for those that love sharks.

32. Gorgeous Lotus

Bright and beautiful flowers that you are sure to love. Two flowers that you are sure to love. 33. Stunning Roses

A great design that has just a few roses but it’s a wonderful tattoo.

34. A Mermaid

A stunning and detailed design that is sure to draw the eye. It’s black and white and almost looks like a drawing. 

35. Dragon Design

This tattoo design is detailed and absolutely gorgeous. There is a lot of detail involved in the dragon design and if you have a love for dragons, then you are sure to love this one.

36. Stunning Women

This sexy hip design is very detailed with a woman shaped seductively along the hip. She has designs all over her skin that are gorgeous.

37. Outline Tattoos

A great oriental face amongst some flowers. It’s an original design that you are sure to love.

38. Fun Florals

These flowers are just outlines, but they are still very beautiful.

39. Koi Fish

Koi Fish are very popular designs and the added flowers bring some color to the tattoo.

40. Deep Florals

A great tattoo with many different flowers all along the hip. It’s a gorgeous hip design that you are sure to love.

41. The Painting

This gorgeous floral design is so stunning that it looks like a painting. The colors and the technique involved make it look like art.

42. Daring Pink

A great floral design that has a splash of pink to it. You won’t find a more stunning floral design than this one. 43. Lotus Designs

A detailed floral design that is breathtaking.

44. Gorgeous Flower

Deep and dark designs that are truly wonderful. I like the dark contrast involved with these designs.

45. Creative Designs

Another example of a floral tattoo that looks amazing on the hip.

46. The Warrior

A great design that is very detailed. It’s very ornate and the face is detailed, a wonderful tattoo that you are sure to love.

47. Broken Mirror

A mysterious tattoo that has a broken mirror and an elegant mask. It’s elegant and gorgeous. The red and black together is truly amazing.

48. Jewelry Links

A unique design that has plenty of roses and some jewelry elements.

49. Breathtaking Feather

This feather is not only different, but the colors attached to it is truly breathtaking. If you are looking for a unique tattoo, then you are sure to love this one.

50. Pink Skull

A great tattoo of some black roses and a pink skull, add it a bow and you have something cute and a little badass.

51. Gorgeous Bee

If you have a love for bees, then you will love this design. It’s a great image that shows some great art. A glistening blue eye. 

52. Watercolor Art

A special sort of tattoo that has no black outline. Beautiful colors that look like watercolor art.

53. Special Flowers

A great tattoo that looks more like a painting. There is no dark outline to this kind of tattoo; it’s an entirely different technique.

54. Bouquet of Flowers

A great bouquet of flowers that covers the whole hip.

55. Peacock Love

A great image that has a lot of details that make for an incredible hip tattoo. I love the gorgeous design.

56. Cat in the Hat

A fun tattoo that has a lot of fun images for people who love Dr. Suess. It’s a great depiction of the old school books.

57. Bold Flowers

If you love flowers, then you won’t be able to resist these beautiful flowers.

58. Chandelier Tattoos

A great tattoo design that has a great image that has chandelier elements to it.

59. Fun Images

A great design that you are sure to love. If you are looking for an image that you are sure to love.

60. Snakes

This badass tattoo has a snake slithering through some flowers.

61. Dreamcatchers Love

A great image that has some wonderful colors.

62. Tribal Love

You don’t get much more detail than this one. The feathers in the headdress look so clear and intricate.

63. Bee Tattoos

If you love bees, then you will love this detailed and colorful hip tattoo. 64. Green Flowers

A great tattoo that you are sure to love because of its beauty. A green hip tattoo is truly a beautiful one.

65. Bold Designs

Another example of a tattoo that looks great on the hips. Roses are always great looking tattoo.

66. Small Designs

A great tattoo that is not too large. If you want an average side tattoo, then this would be a great one.

67. Flying Bees

An old school tattoo of a bee flying around some flowers.

68. Ram and Snake

This cool design has a Ram and a snake together. How cool are these amazing details for a hip tattoo?

69. Detailed Octopus

If you love octopuses, you will love the detailed hip tattoo. It’s a great image that is rather large in size.

70. Cougar Love

A great design for those wildlife lovers. It’s a clear image with some great colors.

71. Creative Elements

These flower chandeliers are always so beautiful. I love the pink and blue together, these are beautiful colors.

72. Purple Flower

These gorgeous colors are bright and vibrant. A wonderful hip tattoo.

73. Jewelry Designs

A gorgeous flower design with jewelry elements to it.

74. Stunning Flowers

This is a different style of floral design, with the rich designs. I love what is happening here with the dark contrasts.

75. Gorgeous Jewelry

A solid design that you are sure to love with these jewelry elements.

76. Big Designs

A great image that covers the entire hip. You are sure to love this wonderful design.

77. Orange Tattoos

Fabulous designs such as these ones offer beautiful colors that you can show off at the beach.

78. Simple Rose

One simple rose that will sit nicely on the hip.

There are many great designs here that you can choose from. The next step is to find a tattoo artist that has experience and a portfolio to show you. Don’t go with the cheapest option because you get what you pay for. You don’t want to regret your choice. You want someone that has experience, so you don’t end up with a bad tattoo. They are permanent and you want to be proud of what you have. These tattoos are truly wonderful and we hope that you have found one that you can make your own.

We hope you enjoyed the article! Comment on your favorite image!


Sours: https://www.tattooeasily.com/hip-tattoos/

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