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C String Panty Shopping in India

The Indian women are curious and confident enough to experiment with creative dressing styles. Now young ladies want to have the comfort of a sexy c string panty which feels cozy and gives a hot feeling too. Wearing a c string thong also becomes essential when you are planning to wear a tight-fitting dress. Be it your regular trousers, a pencil skirt, a fishtail gown or few other similar close-fitting dresses; you need to buy c string in India for a comfortable and bold look. C string panties come as a marvelous chic for women who want to bare their beautiful curves and silky skin t their partner. Apart from the sensual appeal of sexy c string panties, the comfort feature lets a woman sleep peacefully in a c-string panty. C string online shopping is an enjoyable experience as you get to check amazing designs in c string for female panties.

Sexiest Panty - C String for Women

If you are looking for some of the sexiest patterns in c-string panties, you ought to check out the category of c string for women at PrivyPleasures! Give a new style to your lingerie needs and buy string panty online shopping India at our store. You need not worry about c string panty how to wear or how to take care of the same. Wearing a c string bikini or a c string panty is easy. If you are new to wearing a c string thong or panty, you might be confused wearing it first, but once you try a fantastic pair, you will love the comfort it provides!

Have you been wondering that what c string thong is? If so, you need to buy one. However, let us make it clear that it is beautiful and hot slim fitting underwear which fits perfectly to your body without showing any outside lines. Gone are the days when only a few Indian stores were selling c string underwear or cstring thong. Today, there are multiple stores, both online and offline which are in the business of selling cute lingerie for women. It includes marketing stylish c string thong underwear too. However, women who do not want to compromise on quality and uniqueness can always shop c string panty online at PrivyPleasures. We provide highly comfortable and sexy c string thongs that help augment the beauty of any woman.

C String Panty How to Wear

Do not worry about how to wear c string panty or thong. Those who are new to this lovely lingerie style might be confused initially. But we can assure you that few practice sessions will make your job much more comfortable than before. You would be able to wear your c string thong panties in just a few moments. Exploring PrivyPleasures will help you find glamorous and comfy c string underwear. We also have abundant collections of c string vibrating panties, c string invisible thong and other appealing varieties.

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So no-one likes a VPL. Or, at the very least, we will do our best to avoid it. But, when it's the day before laundry day (Sunday, obvs) and all you've got left are your biggest, baggiest pair of undies, who really cares anyway?!

Well, clearly the people who invented the C-string do. Yep, it's a thing and we first heard about it in 2014. But, after a stint under the radar, the C-string might finally be making it big time. 

The C-string is basically a thin piece of wire with fabric around it that can be moulded to fit the shape of your crotch. It's a sanitary towel/thong hybrid.

It looks like this…



C-strings are sold online at cstringdirect.com and they now come in a variety of colours and materials, including lace and polkadots. And it seems that they're pretty popular.

One owner left a review saying:

 'A girlfriend got me to try the C String last year. At first, I wore it just around our house, then under my jeans when going out. It's quite comfortable, I'd say more so than my thongs, even while sitting through hours-long boring college lectures. In fact, you can easily forget you even have it on!

'The real test was a month later at the beach on vacation overseas. I admit at first I was dreadfully insecure at the thought of it falling off while walking around without me noticing and leaving me totally nude (it was a topless beach).

'But it didn't and provided me with some necessary modesty down there. But I do have to admit it was kind of fun watching some of the guys do a double-take but not getting to see what they wanted.'

Browse the C-string collection for yourself here. Would you try one out?

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Sours: https://www.cosmopolitan.com/uk/fashion/style/news/a42948/c-string-underwear/
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Racy C-string underwear is taking off in the UK as Brits dare to flash the flesh

IF you thought G-strings were racy then you really haven't seen anything yet - the C-string has landed and nobody knows what to make of it.

The barely-there briefs look more like a headband than anything else, and are designed to tuck between a woman's cheeks whilst just about protecting her modesty at the front.

 The racy undies are apparently proving popular with sunbathers, although not everyone is so impressed


One of the C-string's advantages is that they can be easily customised, coming in an array of different styles, materials and colours.

Wearers can also bend the wire to improve the C-string's fit, and there's even a male version - which comes with a handy pouch for the wearer to store themselves in.

 The barely-there briefs are designed to be tucked between a woman's cheeks whilst protecting her modesty at the front


Whilst C-strings have been around for a while now, they are apparently proving popular with sunbathers, as brazen Brits opt to leave their boring old granny panties behind and rock the racy underwear instead.

But, unsurprisingly, it's not the women wearing them who are all that keen on the eye-catching design.

It turns out that men have been buying C-strings for the women in their lives, who aren't as keen on the uncomfortable undies as their boyfriends and husbands seem to be.

The bendy briefs, which can be bought on sites such as Amazon for as little as £1.50, have been flying off the shelves, but it's fair to say that reviews for C-string garments have been fairly mixed.

 Would you wear one of these? Plenty of women are less than impressed with the bendy underwear


Whilst a few reviewers claimed they are "surprisingly comfy", most wearers complained that the style isn't particularly practical or fun to wear.

One scathing forum post reads: "It doesn't stay in place. Can't see wearing this for more than 2 minutes. Don't waste your money ... this product is worthless."

 As celebrities such as Paris Hilton opt for increasingly revealing outfits, they are reportedluy turning to C-strings to pull them off


 Husbands have been buying C-strings for their partners, who have taken to forums to discuss the unusual undies


However, a chuffed husband had a different experience, saying: "My wife didn't like it very much - but I loved it!"

Sours: https://www.thesun.co.uk/living/1648011/racy-c-string-underwear-is-taking-off-in-the-uk-as-brits-dare-to-flash-the-flesh/

What the F is the C-string?

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  • One of the strangest underwear inventions that we’ve seen in a while…

    Everyone’s talking about the C-string, but first things first… What the hell is it?

    The pictures are misleading and the product’s strange shape has confused the internet. Is it a strange hairband? Is it a sexy shoehorn? Is it a Victorian torture device?

    No, it’s actually a piece of underwear. And yes, we’re serious.

    The C-string first appeared on our radar in 2014, but it looks like the experimental lingerie is making a come back, trending online as we speak.

    The aim of the C-string is to avoid a VPL (visible panty line), helping women who were previously forced to make the ‘tough’ choice between going commando and having obvious underwear lines.

    Described as an ‘extreme thong’, the C-string is essentially a sanitary towel shaped piece of fabric designed to cover your crotch, held in place by a thin piece of curved wire that goes between your butt cheeks – the name deriving from the more traditional G-string, with the ‘C’ standing for the curved shape of the wire.

    The idea behind the strange underwear is aesthetic, comfort and ease – its site claiming that you can pop the C-string on and it will stay put, furthermore promising that ‘you will forget that you’re even wearing it’.

    Well, no offence to the inventors of the C-string but the Internet seems to disagree. ‘It is very uncomfortable’ one reviewer explained, ‘I can’t see myself wearing it for more than two minutes’, whilst others went on to say that they would actually rather go commando than don the wire thong.

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    Judging by the reviews we’re not sure why the C-string is making a come back, but it seems like more of a novelty craze than an actual underwear trend.

    We don’t know if we’re brave enough to join the C-string movement. We do hate a VPL but we would die of embarrassment if anyone found one of these in our underwear drawer – it looks more like a sex toy than lingerie and we definitely don’t want to endure the awkward conversation that would follow.

    Sours: https://www.marieclaire.co.uk/fashion/what-the-f-is-the-c-string-9847

    C string female

    I Actually Wore This Weird Underwear

    Let's consider this my first official investigative journalism piece, shall we?

    I wore the C-String.

    I know, I know — you're welcome, ladies. I took one for the team on behalf of women everywhere. I did this so YOU don't ever have to. I also did this because I was genuinely curious about the claims that this "undergarment" (using the term VERY loosely) is "very sexy and comfortable," according to its Amazon page.

    I opted for the black lace, because if I am going to own a C-string, I am damn well going to have the prettiest and most practical version.

    Lace Women's C-String Thong Panty, $2.24, Amazon

    First thing I noticed upon taking it out of the box was that it was slightly bent out of shape. Funny, because so was I, when I realized I was actually going to have to wear this thing.

    I bent it back to its original shape (which wasn't too hard, considering the entire thing is basically a wire with some fabric over it. Mmmm, comfy... ), and I put it on. It's easy enough to wear. You just kind of spread your feet a little, and place the front lacy area up against your lady parts. The c-string just kind of knows where it's supposed to go (your butt crack) and lays where it should, with minimal adjusting required.

    And then, there I was.

    Wearing a C-string. Just like that.

    Since I was in the comfort of my own home, I wandered around wearing only the c-string to get used to it a bit. I decided after glimpsing at myself in the mirror that Amazon's claim that this thing was "sexy" was questionable. It kind of just looked like a fancy loin cloth.

    "Hmm," I thought. "Maybe my fiancé will appreciate it more than I do?" I mean, he's a dude. Dudes like tiny black lacy things, right?


    He, too, was kind of horrified.

    "What IS THAT?" he asked. Not exactly the reaction I was hoping for, but hey, two points for honesty.

    "It's a C-string," I replied. (DUH.) "Do you think it's sexy?"

    "It's REAL weird." -Fiancé

    Okay. So, now we know both of Amazon's claims are definitively false. The c-string is not comfortable. It is also not sexy.

    I decided to at least see if I had any outfits in my closet that I would need to consult my C-string for in the future. I mean, this thing has to be good for something, right?

    Here's a list of things in your closet that will never require you needing to wear a C-string:JeansLeggingsShortsShort skirtsMaxi skirtsDresses

    I don't have any other "category" of clothing in my inventory aside from those items listed, and the C-string will never be required for any item in my wardrobe. So, I decided to try to think of some other creative ways I could use my C-string, since I clearly won't be needing it for fashion purposes.

    Idea #1: To fish out an earring-back from hard-to-reach places

    Hey, that curvy wire part will do much better as an earring-back reacher than stuck in my butt crack.

    Idea #2: A slingshot

    Hours of fun could be had by all. And who else can say they own a black lacy slingshot!?

    Idea #3: A gag bridal shower gift

    I can't guarantee your bride-to-be friend won't hate you/think you're a creep when she opens this in front of her grandma, but how funny would it be to tell people you gave someone a C-string as a gift? Lolz! (Please note, any of my friends reading this, that I already own a C-string, so nice try.)

    I hardly expect the c-string to catch on as a popular undergarment trend, but in the event it does, don't say I didn't prepare you.

    Images: Alexandra Kozinski

    Sours: https://www.bustle.com/articles/34628-i-wore-the-c-string-so-you-dont-have-to-experience-the-weirdness-that-is-this-barely
    VenCouture Plus Size Invisible Lady Pink C String Underwear

    Here she clinks glasses with me personally with a glass, here she cuddled too closely during a common photo, here she laughs, although she didnt seem. To say anything particularly funny. In general, at some point the sweet illusion of inevitable sex finally took shape (in all meanings) confidence.

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