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My lips. I was in seventh heaven with pleasure. She was still slightly trembling, but she continued to suck my penis like candy on a stick, then lick the head and trunk with her tongue.

Fucking mongrel. Hey, bitch, you will come to me to live. I'm going to drag thee on a leash. Listen, come on quickly, leave something to others too, someone said to my fucker.

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All kinds of developments that I had invented earlier were spinning in my head. Finally, having chosen the right one, I took off my T-shirt and put on a thin and very short robe. So that at any tilt, Maxim could see my naked ass. I tied the belt on the robe so that his eyes could see my vagina and my so-called breasts.

But I just can't get used to your voice, to your gentle languid whisper in my girl's ear. I can not get used to the words of love that pour from your lips in an endless stream of love. For me, they gurgle like a spring in a hot sunny summer, near which you can lie down, relax, quench your thirst and listen to the soothing. Sound of love words.

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She spread her legs in black stockings and said in a casual tone: Do me something nice. She was not wearing panties, and kneeling down, I. Began to gently caress her with my tongue. Fifteen minutes later she jumped on me and in full program began to jump, getting orgasm after orgasm, as it seemed. To me precisely from the situation, and not from my attempts.

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She put on a set of black lace underwear (the bra was enlightened so that you could see the nipples and panties to match. It), black stockings and a short gray dress. She looked stunning only a gay man could not keep his eyes on her. I saw her off and began to prepare the observation post. I decided to equip it in the closet, there is a lot of space and the whole room is perfectly visible, including the bed.

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I took it with one hand and bared it several times. The penis was very pleasant to the touch, and I, emboldened, pulled out the tongue and touched it with the tip of the head. I ran over it several times, trying my first feelings from such close contact with manhood.

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