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Shop the Design: Mid-Century Modern Bedroom From West Elm

Mid-Century Round Nightstands with Marble Tops

Modern Plug-In Wall Sconces

Modern Upholstered Sleigh Bed

Blue “Maze” Rug

Brass Swoop Arm Chandelier

Upholstered End-of-Bed Bench

Round Captain’s Mirror

Waffle Textured Duvet - White

Windowpane Euro Shams

Textured Gray Throw Pillow

Belgian Linen Lumbar Pillow

Blue Abstract Art

Dipped Ceramic Vases

White Totem Table Lamp

Faux Fern Plant

I mentioned in the intro that this bedroom has a masculine edge to it, but it also feels cozy and inviting. Why is that? Well, it has a lot to do with the curves seen in a lot of the pieces of furniture. Take a look at the nightstands, for example. The round tops complement and soften the more angular legs. Or that (amazing!) chandelier. It’s minimalist and slimmed down, but the swoop adds a feminine twist to the design. Curves are everywhere!

I think in mid-century design, things can sometimes start to look a little stark and harsh, so my goal here was to create a bedroom that still felt like a mid-century space, yet had a relaxed vibe. It’s tailored, but cozy. That’s how I want my bedroom to feel - how about you?

So what do you think of this mid-century modern bedroom? Do you have any questions about any of the other pieces I didn’t talk about? Let me know in the comments or over on Instagram!

Shop the Design: Mid-Century Modern Bedroom From West Elm

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West Elm Bed Frame Reviews

West Elm has a wide array of both platform beds and bed frames. Most of their platform beds and bed frames feature wooden designs and involve a bit of assembly unless you upgrade your delivery preferences. Most customers like what they receive from West Elm, but there were some that had issues, especially concerning assembly, delivery, and durability.

For those that are looking for something stylish and long term, see our list of beds and bed frames for competitive options. Below we'll go through both West Elm's bed frame and platform bed options and discuss which get the best ratings from customers.

West Elm's Bed Frames

When it comes to West Elm's bed frames, they have three different types, traditional wooden frames, metal bed frames, and a modular bed frame. We'll go through each below in detail.

First, we'll go through The Modular Floyd Bed:

The Floyd Bed is one of the most interesting bed frames available, and it is available direct and not just through West Elm Retailers. It is made of fully modular, solid birch, which allows the bed to grow with you or your family. Overall, customers really like the Floyd Bed. However, it may be a better deal to buy direct, especially given some of West Elm's delivery complaints.

Get Floyd Bed's Best Deal

If modularity isn't your thing, West Elm also offers an affordable Simple Bed Frame:

The Simple Bed Frame by West Elm comes in a variety of colors, including Acorn, White, and wide variety of upholstered colors. These bed frames feature slats but no headboard. Overall, most customers should like these bed frames, but there were some issues described by customers around delivery wear and tear, and durability issues.

West Elm's last bed frame offering is the Box Bed Frame:

The Box Bed Frame comes in a metal design, including antique brass which will add a stylish, classic look to bedroom designs. This design features engineered wood slats that are supported by a middle beam, but no headboard. Customers like these designs, but there were issues with delivery and durability for some.

West Elm's Platform Beds

West Elm's Platform Beds offer more designs with headboards. These include mainly upholstered versions and wooden designs. We'll go through the options below to discuss what features you can expect.

First, West Elm has a variety of Mid-Century Beds:

Mid-Century modern designs have become very fashionable over the last few years. With this style's resurgence, many brands have begun revitalized these designs -- including West Elm. Their styles include the Walnut Mid-Century Platform Bed and Mid-Century Bed. While the platform bed comes in walnut, the Mid-Century bed comes in either natural or painted wood. Other options of theirs, including upholstered beds, may have some mid-century modern touches, like tapered legs. Overall, customers like these offerings in style, but some have had issues with delivery and durability.

Secondly, for those that have been interested in more modern styles, West Elm offers Modern Platform Beds:

West Elm's Modern Bed includes wooden options with tapered legs and linen weave headboards -- in either a natural or indigo fabric color. Customers who like wooden styles but a more modern feel than the mid-century beds will do well with these. Customers feel good about the look, but as with the other beds, there may be some issues around delivery and durability for some shoppers.

Third, for another similar feel, but with an angled headboard, West Elm offers Wright Beds:

The Wright beds offer either an upholstered or an all-wood design. The upholstered version features a headboard with a light gray, natural linen color. Most customers like the look of these beds, but there were some that reported issues with delivery.

Next, for customers that like something both modern and industrial, take a look at the Logan Industrial Beds:

The Logan Industrial beds offer metal accented wooden platform beds. They include an option in smoked brown and also another in a natural color. These modern and industrial beds will pair nicely with ultra-modern styles. Overall, customers like the designs, but there are some who had issues with delivery and durability.

Lastly, for the customers that are interested in something else entirely, West Elm also offers a variety of Other Platform Beds:

West Elm also offers a variety of other platform beds to choose from. These include upholstered versions in multiple fabric colors. Also, there are others that include textured wood options. Some of these may involve some amount of assembly unless white glove delivery is selected. While most customers describe that they like their platform beds, there are some issues reported when it comes to durability and delivery for some customers.

Who Are West Elm Bed Frames Right For?

West Elm Bed Frames are ideal for those who like the wealth of options they provide, but there are some issues when it comes to delivery and durability that may inspire some shoppers to seek other options. For those looking for more options and a longer outlook for durability, see our List of Top Rated Beds for great alternatives.

Sours: https://www.slumbersearch.com/west-elm-bed-frame-reviews-rating
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About West Elm 

West Elm Furniture Review

West Elm is a high-end furniture and home decor company known for its trendy and modern designs. Their collection ranges from West Elm rugs, West Elm chairs, to West Elm modern wall art. With a huge following of over 2.4 million on Instagram, they have been featured in numerous publications including PopSugar, the New York Magazine, the Huffington Post, and Refinery29

If you’re in the market for modern pieces for your home, this company might be for you. This West Elm furniture review will take an in-depth look at the brand, its products, customer ratings, promotions, and more, to help you decide if their collection is right for your pad.

Overview of West Elm

West Elm Furniture Review

West Elm was launched with its first ever catalog in 2002 under its parent company of Williams-Sonoma and Pottery Barn. More specifically, Williams-Sonoma is one of the oldest and largest e-commerce retailers that sells kitchen-wares and house furnishings, starting all the way back in the 1940s.

West Elm produces a variety of contemporary and mid-century home decor, furniture, and wares, for the modern consumer. Their headquarters are now based in New York City. 

West Elm also focuses on lessening its ecological footprint, with 60% of their products supporting at least one sustainability initiative. A portion of their inventory is Fair Trade certified, handcrafted, organic, or sustainably sourced. Additionally, 35% of their wood furniture is FSC certified, meaning they help support forests and ecosystems worldwide. 

“You shouldn’t have to choose from getting value and shopping for your values. Or between looking good and feeling good. From natural materials to nontoxic finishes, we’re making it easy for you to create a healthier home.”

Before we get into this West Elm furniture review, let’s go over some initial pros and cons:


  • Thousands of contemporary home decor, furnishings, wares, and furniture to choose from
  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly business practices
  • West Elm credit card for customers to earn rewards every time they shop
  • 3D room planner allows customers to see how their products fit into their room 
  • Free design services including virtual consultations and phone calls
  • Installment payment options through Affirm


  • Pricier compared to other furniture retailers
  • Varied customer reviews 
West Elm Furniture Review

So, what’s your aesthetic when it comes to home decor? There are a variety of options available, including minimalism, vintage, rustic, transitional, French country, and more.

Whatever your taste is, there’s a large inventory of home-related paraphernalia that can complement many interior design styles, like opulent West Elm chandeliers and West Elm beds with modern flair.

West Elm Furniture Bestsellers

From sculptural, overarching West Elm lamps that embody an artistic quirk, to contemporary West Elm bedding, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. 

Before you start perusing their catalog, take a look at this West Elm furniture review, as we highlight a selection of bestsellers that might pique your interest. 

West Elm Modular Sectional Review

The sofa is one of the most integral pieces of furniture to have in the living room. Not only does it fill empty space, it’s an area where family and friends can gather. However, don’t settle for just any type of couch. The Modular Sectional, hailing from their Harper collection, delivers a sense of contemporary class and elegance that is sure to elevate your living space. 

This modern and Scandinavian West Elm sofa features a low profile with thick shapely arms and a slim seat deck. It also features wide, tailored cushions that are made for sitting down or stretching out. Some key features of the Modular Sectionalinclude a kiln-dried frame, metal legs finished in antique bronze, and webbed seat support. 

There are nine ways to assemble this stylish sectional, depending on the layout of your room. This includes left-arm chaise, right arm two-seater sofa, and corner. Customers can also choose the fabric and color that would work the best in their living space. These customizable options mean the sectional varies in price from $899$1999.

West Elm Mid-Century Leather Show Wood Chair Review

If you’re looking for a fashionable and reliable chair, look no further than the Mid-Century Leather Show Wood Chair. This understated beauty features a sleek silhouette that’s perfect for the minimalist or rustic home decor vibe. It showcases solid ash wood arms and legs covered in a pecan or espresso-stained finish

Upon the legs holds your choice of genuine top-grain leather or vegan leather. This West Elm chair is contract grade– meaning it’s very durable. Consider buying two with a West Elm coffee table, so you can create the ultimate breakfast space to sip your morning brew and read the newspaper (tablet or print). 

The Mid-Century Leather Show Wood Chairvaries in fabric, color, and leg style which all differ in price. This ranges from $799$2148, which is a limited-time offer.

West Elm Volume Side Table Review

Traditional side tables can oftentimes be quite plain. However, the Volume Side Table features a unique cylindrical design, which is almost akin to a tree trunk. With its rounded base and beautiful wood grain, this West Elm Side table is simplistic enough to go in any modern household. 

Polished with a water-based finish, this table has wood wrapped with a cool walnut finish or winter wood veneer. Additionally, all wood is kiln-dried for added durability. It is also high enough to accompany most West Elm couches.

As a cool little addition, place a wireless charging pad and a simple white lamb for a modern, high-tech touch. TheVolume Side Table costs $249, $23/month with Affirm. 

West Elm Media Console Review

First impressions are always important. When guests enter your house, you want your home to look as neat and orderly as possible. To impress your guests, go for the tribal Media Console for your foyer or living room.

Perched on Y-shaped metal legs in an antique brass finish, it holds kiln-dried mango wood with three compartments containing adjustable shelves. It is worth noting that the mango wood is sustainably sourced from trees that no longer produce fruit.

This Media Console accommodates a flat-screen TV up to 80” with four cutout openings at the back for cord management. If you’d like this in your foyer space, try placing some in-season flowers in an elegant vase for a more traditional look. 

As a finishing touch, there’s a beautifully carved, geometric pattern on the front for added visual interest. Measured at 19” in depth and 27” high, the West Elm Media Console comes in three different colors that vary in price:

  • Flax: $1499 (or $136/month with Affirm)
  • White or black: $1699 (or $154/month with Affirm) 

West Elm Mid-Century Smart Desk Review

Desks can be considered the hub of hard work. Whether you’re busily writing your next article, or holding an important Zoom meeting, it’s quite important to get a desk that’s durable, and can hold many things.

This mid-century desk is made out of Fair Trade certified eucalyptus wood that’s sustainably sourced, kiln-dried for strength, and completed with water-based finishes. 

Created in collaboration with Pottery Barn Teen, this GreenGuard certified West Elm desk also features a USB power strip, integrated LED lighting, and a handy corkboard for your reminders and post-it notes.

The Mid-Century Smart Desk comes in either acorn or white. Make this an integral part of your bedroom for just $799 or $73/month with Affirm. 

West Elm Quinn Lacquer 6-Drawer Dresser Review

There’s nothing like a bedroom dresser to organize your clothes and hold your vanity mirror. The Quinn Lacquer 6-Drawer Dresser features a glamorous and vibrant silhouette, as it showcases textured drawer fronts and lofty metal legs.

All parts of this West Elm dresser are made out of extra strong kiln-dried mahogany wood and covered in a haze lacquer finish. What’s especially cool about this dresser is that its legs have built-in levelers that can adapt to varying floor levels.

It also has six drawers that open on metal gliders, which makes it super easy to pick out your outfit for the day. The Quinn Lacquer 6-Drawer Dresseris priced at $1399, or $127/month with Affirm. 

West Elm Cotton Duvet & Standard Sham Review

It’s time to ditch those itchy granny quilts and thin bedding blankets. The Cotton Duvet & Standard Sham is as cozy as your favorite t-shirt. Woven from cool-to-touch organic cotton percale, it makes garment washing extra cuddle worthy.

Its luxurious and relaxed look will surely elevate any traditional bed to a more contemporary and modern design. You don’t just have to buy just the sham, you can also purchase a duvet cover, duvet cover and sham, or set of two shams.

Customers can also select the size of their sham depending on the dimensions of their bed. TheCotton Duvet & Standard Sham comes in multiple neutral colors. Complete this bedding set by adding other West Elm pillows, matching West Elm pillow covers, and West Elm duvet covers. 

The price for the Cotton Duvet & Standard Sham varies in price, depending on the sham or set:

  • Duvet Cover and Sham Set for King/Californian: $209 (or $19/month with Affirm)
  • Individual sham for Euro Sham in asphalt: $40
  • Set of two shams for standard sham in stone white: $59 

West Elm Linen & Luster Velvet Curtain Review

If you have a feeling that your living room is missing something, chances are that you overlooked an essential touch of warmth–curtains. The curtain can easily make or break a room, as its color or design can impact the overall aesthetic or vibe.

TheLinen & Luster Velvet Curtain showcases a lightly colored European linen with a luxurious golden oak velvet at the bottom for a modern color-blocking effect. Not only do these West Elm curtains brighten up the room, but they also block out any glaring sunlight and help insulate the windows.

Available in various lengths, pair this curtain with a golden or brass curtain rod for a more glamorous look, the Linen & Luster Velvet Curtain comes in three sizes:

  • 108”: $179 
  • 84”: $149
  • 96”: $164 

West Elm Hand-Knotted Fragment Rug Review

Rugs not only provide a more homey look to your bedroom or living space, they also offer some protection to your floors. The Hand-Knotted Fragment Rug is the perfect floor mat to add some jazz to your space.

This rug is handcrafted by highly skilled artisans in India, which is made out of a combination of wool and viscose. Featuring a subtle fragmented, abstract design, it’s colored with muted beiges, greys, and hints of navy blue.

Pair this beauty in your living room next to a set of matching leather chairs and a West Elm dining table. TheHand-Knotted Fragment Rugwill be sure to bring some extra spice for $281

West Elm Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

West Elm Furniture Review

This West Elm furniture review found a varied customer response based on its research. On Trustpilot, they have a ranking of 1.3/5 stars with over 280 reviews.

Customers noted that there were issues with their delivery times, having reported delays or not receiving their orders. There are also reported issues with customer service, with buyers claiming the team was unhelpful in remedying problems or were unresponsive. 

“I placed an order for a couch in early November. I am accepting of Covid delays, what I am not accepting of is the lack of customer service, lack of transparency, mixed messages and zero resolution when trying to figure out where the $2,500 couch I ordered is,” one Trustpilot reviewer wrote. 

There are also continued negative customer reviews on a few of their Yelp pages. For instance, in their Californian location, they have 2/5 stars from 430 reviews on Yelp, and 3/5 stars on Consumer Affairs from 558 ratings.

While there are more reports of bad customer service and delivery issues, other buyers reported problems with the quality of their furniture. This complaint echoes a 2018 Vox article that described shedding sofas and cushions that didn’t hold their shape

West Elm Furniture Review

“They started leaking feathers all over the place, the cushions didn’t hold their shape. … 3 and half months later, I sat on one of the couches and the front beam snapped in half,” The author wrote, adding that “West Elm won over millennials. But now it’s really pissing them off.”

Not all customers are dissatisfied with their West Elm pieces. Slumber Search rates the company 7.7/10 stars out of 129 votes, and Influenster provides a 3.6/5-star rating from 166 reviews. Fans of the brand love the modern designs and were impressed by the quality. There were also limited reviews that reported positive customer service experiences. 

Is West Elm Furniture Worth It?

West Elm Furniture Review

This West Elm furniture review is wary to recommend this brand due to the number of negative customer experiences. But, let’s go over the positives first.

West Elm has a wide array of furniture, home decor, wares, and furnishings that are all beautiful to look at. All of their products have a modern and contemporary feel that is very much on-trend. 

Customers can shop through their sustainable furniture collection. It’s nice to know that a sizable majority of their items are environmentally friendly and ethically made. Another advantage is their room planner feature, which makes it easy to see how the furniture would look in the room it’s intended for.

However, it is hard to overlook the positives when there are several negative reviews. There are poor ratings across many credible websites such as Trustpilot and Yelp, which detail horrible customer service experiences and delivery issues.

The amount of negative reviews has reached the point where it becomes newsworthy, with poor ratings conveyed in several media outlets.

There’s still no harm in pursuing their furniture collection, but be on your guard. Based on this West Elm furniture review, a positive experience is hit or miss. 

West Elm Promotions & Discounts 

West Elm Furniture Review

You can shop the West Elm outlet sale and getselect products for a discounted price. They also have a rewards program, where customers canget a credit card or sign up for ‘The Key’to be given special rewards and exclusive access to deals

They also offer a student discount and send a West Elm promo code worth 15% off upon signing up on their website. West Elm also has a military discount of 15% off.  

Where to Buy West Elm Furniture

West Elm Furniture Review

You can access their furniture collection through WestElm.com. If you prefer to shop in-store, there are West Elm locations in Canada and the United States. Customers can search ‘West Elm near me’ by visiting the store locator on their website. 


Is West Elm owned by Pottery Barn? 

Yes, West Elm is operated under its parent company of Williams Sonoma and Pottery Barn.

Does West Elm offer free shipping?

Only a few items are eligible for West Elm free shipping, such as their Chenille Rib Throw and Cotton Knit Throw

What is West Elm’s flat rate delivery fee?

West Elm ships throughout Canada, the United States, Mexico, Australia, and the United Kingdom. For international destinations, customers must order on their desktop, laptop, or anything other than a mobile device.

Shipping options include front door parcel delivery, local pickup from a UPS Access Point, truck delivery, or store pickup. For West Elm ship-to-store delivery, customers can pick their orders up from a local store that are not in stock.

The customer is charged a competitive flat-rate shipping fee for most eligible orders. There are various fees for each shipment type, which customers can find in detail by visiting their website. 

Customers can track their orders by inputting their West Elm shipping code by visiting their website. 

How much does West Elm shipping cost?

This West Elm furniture review found out that shipping rates vary based on the order total. For instance, an order of $200 can be charged around $21 for shipping.

The price of truck delivery is measured from distance, with the longest being the most expensive. 

What is West Elm’s Return Policy?

Most items are eligible for return within 30 days of purchase. Ineligible items such as final sale, monogrammed items, and gift cards cannot be returned. Customers can either initiate their return process by phone, my mail, in person, or online.

Online returns and in-store returns are only available for items that were shipped to the United States. For international returns, customers must receive a return authorization from their customer care center. 

How to Contact West Elm

If you have inquiries that were not addressed in this West Elm furniture review, you can contact the company through:

  • West Elm customer service number: 1-888-922-4119
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Contact form on their website
  • Live Chat on their website

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Tip 2: Make the bed with care. “The reason people think my bed is so high-end is that the way I make it is intentional in terms of the number of pillows and even the way the blanket is folded back,” he says. “Having these elements of layers and textures tricks people into thinking the bed is fancy!”

Leave the (right) light on

The best guest rooms have a light switch right near the door and a bedside lamp. “If there’s room, add a standing lamp too,” he says.

Tip 1: The lower the lighting is in a room, the more inviting it will be. “That’s why it’s best to place a lamp on top of a dresser,” he says. “That ensures light isn’t coming straight down from the ceiling.”

Tip 2: Prep the space and turn the nightstand light on prior to your guests’ arrival. “Doing this makes people feel like they’re coming into a cozy space,” he says.

Keep luxe hotel accessories on hand

There’s nothing cheesy about leaving a fresh pair of slippers and a robe in a guest room closet. “This can be such a nice way to welcome your guests even if they don’t use these items,” Soria says. “It shows you put care into the room, and both of these things can really come in handy, if your guests want to run down the hall to take a shower!”

Focus on your floor

For Soria, rugs define a space. “They’re like the placemat of the room,” he says. “It can feel oddly chaotic when there isn’t a rectangular shape on the floor!”

Tip 1: Floor coverings are a must. “Rugs add a lot of softness on the floor and are easier on the feet,” he says. “Plus, the floor is an ideal place to add texture—that’s why I love layering a sisal carpet with a patterned rug on top.”

Tip 2: Don’t limit your space to one rug: Even a room with wall-to-wall carpeting can be enhanced with a rug on top. “I like to have as many rugs as possible,” he says. “This gives a space a rustic, artsy look.”

Curate any and all accessories

Though your guest room is in your home, avoid filling it with too many personal things. “You don’t want your guests to feel like they’re walking into a creepy relative’s room,” Soria says. “So, you wouldn’t want to use a vintage watch as a prop.”

Tip: Your goal? Limit the tchotchkes to items that are useful. “It’s nice to have phone chargers on hand or to place trays or bowls for your guests to use for jewelry,” he says. “The nightstand in my guest room has little vases and a coaster for water glasses, but there’s nothing else in the room that’s personal. You don’t want your guests to feel like they’re sleeping amidst your stuff.”

Sours: https://www.architecturaldigest.com/story/orlando-soria-tips-guest-bedroom-refresh

Bedroom west elm

15 Game-Changing West Elm Shopping Secrets From an Insider

01of 15

You Can Apply Gift Cards From Other Stores at Checkout

If you shop West Elm, you've likely also spent some time shopping the store's sister brands like Pottery Barn, Williams Sonoma, Rejuvenation, and Mark and Graham. But did you know that gift cards from these brands can be applied to a West Elm purchase? You can get rid of any old gift cards you may have to these stores at West Elm to take a little extra off your grand total.

Phoebe Chair

West ElmPhoebe Chair$499


02of 15

There Are Free Design Consultations

West Elm offers free Design Crew services at every storefront location. Design Crew is a design consultation program, our West Elm insider explains. It pairs you with an expert who can provide design, installation, and registry assistance. You can set up an appointment in advance or simply ask for help while you're in the store.

03of 15

Design Professionals Get a Discount

Even after you've graduated from design school, there's still one more discount you might be eligible for. If you're a design professional, you can apply for the To the Trade program, which offers approved members 20 percent off merchandise at West Elm and its sister sites.

04of 15

You Can Rack up Savings With a West Elm Credit Card

If you're a diehard West Elm shopper, you may consider signing up for the brand's own credit card. You'll earn rewards like 10 percent back, a $50 welcome reward, access to exclusive offers and events, and a $25 birthday certificate during your birthday month. Plus, if you make a bulk purchase and spend more than $750, you can choose special financing or additional rewards. 

05of 15

It Has a "Furniture Flea" Section

"Each store has a designated 'Furniture Flea' section," our West Elm insider explains. This clearance section is where they sell floor models in addition to other final sale items. It's also where you'll find the lowest prices on a variety of West Elm décor.

Terrace Bar Cart

West ElmTerrace Bar Cart$399


06of 15

New Products Are Released at Specific Times Each Season

If you've ever wondered when new products are released at West Elm and when the best time to buy them is, you're in luck. "We design into all four seasons, and within each season we have three refreshes—so that's 12 reasons to keep coming back to West Elm's website or stop by your local West Elm store," according to our insider.

West ElmThe Arts Capsule Framed Canvas Print$300


07of 15

It Has a Rewards Program Called the Key Rewards

In addition to the West Elm credit card, the brand and its sister sites offer another loyalty program called The Key Rewards. Signing up is free, and you'll receive 3 percent back in rewards every time you shop.

All you have to do is say you're a Key Holder at checkout and provide the phone number you used to sign up to earn rewards.

08of 15

Joining the Mailing List Gives You Access to Special Events

While you probably don't want anything else flooding your inbox, signing up for West Elm's mailing list boasts benefits for dedicated shoppers, like early access to shopping events and new collaborations. Being a part of the mailing list is also the only way to learn about new products, promotions, and other special events online or at your local West Elm store.

Turned Wood Leg Planter

West ElmTurned Wood Leg Planter$50


09of 15

Shop in January, March, July, and September

Four times a year, West Elm updates its selection and sells off floor models. Though they’ve been sitting in the store for a few months, most have never been touched and are discounted steeply.

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Choose In-Store Pickup

While shipping can be expensive on items such as couches, rugs, and other large or heavy pieces, West Elm offers in-store pickup for nearly everything that they offer, even if it needs to be shipped from their warehouse to a brick-and-mortar store (at no cost to you!). With West Elm stores located around the country, an in-store pickup could save you hundreds of dollars.

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Shop Fabric by the Yard

If you already have a couch but love the fabric on one that you saw at West Elm, you can reupholster the one that you already own in that very same fabric. Simply shop fabric by the yard from the company to get that West Elm look without being forced to invest in an entirely new piece of furniture.

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They Have a Cross-Brand Wedding Registry

If you want items from West Elm and its sister brands on your wedding registry, consider signing up for The One, which is a wedding registry collective across West Elm, Williams Sonoma, and Pottery Barn.

west elm mirror

West ElmBohemian Desert Sun Mirror$199


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There Are Perks for Education Affiliations

If you’re a teacher, educator, or simply work for a school, you can get 15% off everything in the shop. That includes everything from a flower vase to a sofa!

14of 15

Ask About Open Box Items

Even if it isn’t one of the four times a year that stock is replenished and turned over, always ask about open box items. West Elm often has a selection of floor items that have not yet sold but are available at a discount if you ask.

15of 15

There's a Pricing Code

If a price is marked with a .97 or .99, it’s the official final price of an item at West Elm. Even it something is on sale previously, it isn’t until the price code follows the aforementioned structure that it isn’t going to drop any further.

Sours: https://www.mydomaine.com/west-elm-shopping-secrets
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In a summer shower, had dinner, went to bed it was already 12 o'clock at night. Sergei Vladimirovich was not yet there.

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