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Epson LabelWorks LW-400 Label Printer

  • Ideal for your labeling needs — prints labels up to ~¾" (18 mm) wide
  • Backlit display — type and print labels in low lighting conditions
  • Amazing variety — 14 fonts, 10 styles, 300+ built-in symbols, over 75 frames, bar codes and more
  • Less waste — smaller lead margin compared to other brands, for up to 60% less lead margin waste
  • Large built-in memory — store up to 50 self-created label designs
  • Prints up to four lines of text — more space for you to add specialty frames or symbols to enhance your design
  • Specialty print modes — a variety of flag, tab and wrap style labels — ideal for cables, wiring and more
  • Easy to apply — automatically printed with a split back for easy and fast peeling
  • Asset tagging — easily print barcodes for products and merchandise
  • Whisper quiet — prints labels without distracting those around you
  • Supports seven languages — set to the language of your choice
  • Specialty labels — double-sided tab tapes, glow-in-the-dark, reflective, metallic, strong adhesive, fluorescent and decorative tapes for everyday use in the home or office
  • Easy-to-use safety symbols and frames — perfect for labeling hazardous materials; use the glow-in-the-dark tape to help light the way in the dark

What's in the box:

  • LW-400 Label Printer
  • ~½" (12 mm) Black on White LC sample tape cassette
  • User's Guide
  • Warranty Card

Label Printers and Presses


Durable, on-demand color

Handle Globally Harmonized System (GHS) requirements with ease and eliminate pre-printed label stock.

Custom food

Just in Time Color on-demand labels

Print the food labels you need, whenever you need them.


Color-enhanced labels, tickets, and wristbands

Reduce healthcare risks, lower costs and improve patient care.

Branded product labels

High-quality digital printing with water-based inks

Produce prime labels on any size run with exceptional line and finish quality.

Color packaging labels

Exceptional on-demand digital printing

Increase productivity and reduce costs with our color packaging labels.


Epson is committed to helping you get the most out of our Epson products.

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ColorWorks C6000 Desktop Color Label Printers

The first printer specifically designed as a color upgrade to black-and-white thermal transfer printers¹, the ColorWorks Series of inkjet printers deliver on-demand, 4" and 8" color labels at a comparable price². Engineered for mission-critical applications, these reliable printers speed through labels at up to 5" per second.3 Featuring up to 1200 dpi resolution produces crisp images comparable to pre-printed labels. Compatible with ZPL II, SAP® and more, and built to accommodate remote printer management, these versatile printers offer seamless integration with your existing workflow.

Watch Overview Video

Watch Print-and-Apply Video

Watch Experience the Power of Color Video







Key Model Feature

ColorWorks C6000A:4-Inch Printer with Cutter

ColorWorks C6000P:4-Inch Printer with Peel-and-Present

ColorWorks C6500A:8-Inch Printer with Cutter

ColorWorks C6500P:8-Inch Printer Peel-and-Present

Best For

ColorWorks C6000A:Replacement for Existing B&W Barcode Printer

ColorWorks C6000P:Replacement for Existing B&W Barcode Printer

ColorWorks C6500A:Replacement for Existing B&W Barcode Printer

ColorWorks C6500P:Replacement for Existing B&W Barcode Printer

Print Modes

ColorWorks C6000A:Black & White and Full Color

ColorWorks C6000P:Black & White and Full Color

ColorWorks C6500A:Black & White and Full Color

ColorWorks C6500P:Black & White and Full Color

Ink Type

ColorWorks C6000A:UltraChrome DL Pigment Ink

ColorWorks C6000P:UltraChrome DL Pigment Ink

ColorWorks C6500A:UltraChrome DL Pigment Ink

ColorWorks C6500P:UltraChrome DL Pigment Ink

Print Head

ColorWorks C6000A:Epson PrecisionCore TFP

ColorWorks C6000P:Epson PrecisionCore TFP

ColorWorks C6500A:Epson PrecisionCore TFP

ColorWorks C6500P:Epson PrecisionCore TFP

Print Resolution

ColorWorks C6000A:Up to 1,200 x 1,200 dpi

ColorWorks C6000P:Up to 1,200 x 1,200 dpi

ColorWorks C6500A:Up to 1,200 x 1,200 dpi

ColorWorks C6500P:Up to 1,200 x 1,200 dpi

Printer Speed

ColorWorks C6000A:Up to 5-Inch per Second

ColorWorks C6000P:Up to 5-Inch per Second

ColorWorks C6500A:Up to 5-Inch per Second

ColorWorks C6500P:Up to 5-Inch per Second

Printer Language

ColorWorks C6000A:Epson ESC/Label & ZPL II

ColorWorks C6000P:Epson ESC/Label & ZPL II

ColorWorks C6500A:Epson ESC/Label & ZPL II

ColorWorks C6500P:Epson ESC/Label & ZPL II


ColorWorks C6000A:SAP, Windows, Mac OS, Linux

ColorWorks C6000P:SAP, Windows, Mac OS, Linux

ColorWorks C6500A:SAP, Windows, Mac OS, Linux

ColorWorks C6500P:SAP, Windows, Mac OS, Linux


ColorWorks C6000A:Gigabit Ethernet & USB 2.0

ColorWorks C6000P:Gigabit Ethernet & USB 2.0

ColorWorks C6500A:Gigabit Ethernet & USB 2.0

ColorWorks C6500P:Gigabit Ethernet & USB 2.0


ColorWorks C6000A:$2,580

ColorWorks C6000P:$3,050

ColorWorks C6500A:$3,500

ColorWorks C6500P:$3,980

*See your Epson Authorized Reseller for the latest pricing information.






Best For

ColorWorks C3500:GHS labels, Visitor ID, Healthcare & Retail

ColorWorks C7500:Heavy production of GHS, industrial, and prime labels on matte media

ColorWorks C7500G:Heavy production of prime and industrial labels on gloss media

Print Width

ColorWorks C3500:1.2" to 4.4"

ColorWorks C7500:4.25"

ColorWorks C7500G:4.25"

Print Modes

ColorWorks C3500:4-Color

ColorWorks C7500:4-Color

ColorWorks C7500G:4-Color

Ink Type

ColorWorks C3500:DuraBrite2 Ultra

ColorWorks C7500:DuraBrite2 Ultra

ColorWorks C7500G:UltraChrome

Print Head

ColorWorks C3500:Epson Micro Piezo

ColorWorks C7500:Epson PrecisionCore TFP Linehead

ColorWorks C7500G:Epson PrecisionCore TFP Linehead

Print Resolution

ColorWorks C3500:Up to 720 x 360 dpi

ColorWorks C7500:Up to 1,200 x 600 dpi

ColorWorks C7500G:Up to 1,200 x 600 dpi

Printer Speed

ColorWorks C3500:Up to 4-Inch per Second

ColorWorks C7500:Up to 11.8 Inch per Second

ColorWorks C7500G:Up to 11.8 Inch per Second

Printer Language

ColorWorks C3500:ESC/Raster

ColorWorks C7500:ESC/Label & ZPL II

ColorWorks C7500G:ESC/Label & ZPL II


ColorWorks C3500:Windows

ColorWorks C7500:Windows

ColorWorks C7500G:Windows


ColorWorks C3500:10/100 Base-T Ethernet & USB 2.0

ColorWorks C7500:10/100 Base-T Ethernet & USB 2.0

ColorWorks C7500G:10/100 Base-T Ethernet & USB 2.0


ColorWorks C3500:$1919

ColorWorks C7500:$8819

ColorWorks C7500G:$8819


ColorWorks Printers for
GHS, Industrial, Healthcare & Prime Label

GHS‑compliant Labels

Fast, efficient, durable GHS solution printing for your production floor

Fresh Food Labels

Fast, full‑color, high‑volume, heavy production labels for busy, fresh food production

Healthcare Label Printing

Fast, reliable printing for custom color‑enhanced labels for healthcare solutions

Testimonials & Case Studies

ColorWorks Media

Epson ColorWorks Media is reliable, durable label media guaranteed to work when paired with Epson ColorWorks printers and DURABrite Ultra pigment ink. Print text, barcodes, and images with astounding sharpness and detail.

Need guidance about media for your ColorWorks Printer?  Visit our Media Brochure.

Media Brochure

We’ve Got You Covered

We offer a variety of Extended Service Plans, representing worry-free solutions that will help you maximize productivity and protect your investment.

Learn More

Authorized Color Label Resellers

Epson works closely with industry‑leading color label partners to ensure you get the ideal solution for your needs. For more product information or to purchase an Epson label printing solution or supplies, contact one of our authorized Epson partners.

Find a Reseller

1 The CW-C6000/C6500 family is the first to bring to market the combination of features of direct ZPL II printing, peel-and-present, remote printer management, companion four- and eight-inch models, applicator I/O interface, broad middleware support, and comparable price points.
2 Printers and consumable costs are similar when comparing similarly featured leading brand thermal transfer printers and supplies for similar high durability images on similar media.
3 Printing in Max Speed Mode, 300 x 600 dpi, 3.5” (89mm) print width.

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