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About Opa Locka Muffler Shop

Opa Locka Muffler Shop located at NW 22nd Avenue in Opa Locka, FL services vehicles for Mufflers Repair. Call () to book an appointment or to hear more about the services of Opa Locka Muffler Shop.

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Business Name: Opa Locka Muffler Shop

Address: NW 22nd Avenue

Phone Number: ()

Email: not listed

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    Opa Locka, FL

    Services: Oil Change and Lube, AC and Heating Repair, Alternator and Starter Repair, Auto Repair, Brake Repair

  • Services: Oil Change and Lube, AC and Heating Repair, Alignment, Alternator and Starter Repair, Auto Inspection

  • Services: Auto Parts, Oil Change and Lube, Towing Service, AC and Heating Repair, Alignment

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    Services: Oil Change and Lube, AC and Heating Repair, Alternator and Starter Repair, Auto Repair, Brake Repair



Our mission is to provide you with the highest quality of service. We keep everything in stock: BORLA, MAGNAFLOW, FLOWMASTER, DYNOMAX, Factory (OEM) Mufflers and Exhaust Systems, Catalytic Converters and much more.We, at, would like to thank you for your interest. Our mission is to provide you with the highest quality of service. We keep everything in stock: BORLA, MAGNAFLOW, FLOWMASTER, DYNOMAX, GIBSON, Factory (OEM) Mufflers and Exhaust Systems, Catalytic Converters, Y Pipes, X Pipes, Down Pipes, Resonators, O2 Bongs, Gaskets and much more. We have set the standard with a tradition of excellent service. Our techs replace only what is needed while providing educated assessments and alternatives to what you may find at a national chain. We believe that every muffler problem has a simple explanation. We offer better service, more products, and a higher knowledge of your vehicle than any of our competitors. We specialize in custom bending and custom exhaust work, which gives us the ability to customize the vehicle to everyone’s liking. Servicing the communities in Broward and Dade County is important, which is why we carry an extensive variety of products in stock, we also have custom pipe bending capabilities. So, if factory equipment isn’t your thing, we can tailor your car, truck, exhaust system to fit your needs and/or budget. always provides you with a wide range of manufacturers, from the absolute best and brightest in the industry, to even the most cost-effective solution.

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Muffler Shop Miami

Muffler Repair and Exhaust Work in Miami, Florida

As a family owned and operated one-stop auto repair shop in Miami, Florida, A S Automotive offers the best value for our muffler and exhaust services. As we have been ASE certified since , we’ve mastered the art of quality muffler service for our customers in Sunset and Country Walk. With over 30 years of experience, you can be guaranteed that your exhaust repair will be quickly and effectively completed.

For more information on our services, call us at ()

Muffler Repair

Known to cause a decreased MPG rate, damaged mufflers can be a headache. Unfortunately, at some point or another, your muffler may require a repair. If left untreated it can be obnoxious, illegal, and even dangerous as a muffler is a huge component of an engine’s exhaust system and noise reducer. Don’t let your car’s noise outshine its luxury. If you notice your vehicle sounding louder or rattling, bring your vehicle in to A S Automotive for an inspection.

Custom Exhaust

Curious about custom exhaust service? The benefits of a custom exhaust service compared to a stock exhaust are endless. With new exhaust tips, you can control the sound and style of your exhaust system. For a new exhaust pipe, don’t be fooled into buying the biggest pipe possible, it isn’t always best! Your exhaust pipe will be calculated with your engine size and horsepower in our shop to find the best size for your vehicle. We are also specialized in performance exhaust systems.

In addition to being a full service muffler shop, A S Automotive also completes auto repair service at an affordable rate in Miami. We offer a warranty on all exhaust work and pride ourselves in doing the job right the first time. Have questions about an exhaust repair? Call us at () today!


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Miami muffler shop

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