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  • This is a consignment store that also sells some new items (mainly large furniture pieces).  After a month the price goes down and then again each month and at 4 months (I think) it gets super reduced to clear.  

    The people who work here are very nice.  Not a huge sense of urgency when checking out but, hey you are consignment store shopping.  What is your rush?

    They do a good job of pricing.  Some deals to be had if you know your stuff.  And being in a pretty affluent area you can find some really nice brands like Limoges, Waterford, Ethan Allen, Tiffany Crystal.  

    And it is pretty large!  So if you are hunting for furniture this is a great place to go.  Some other consignment shops just don't have the space for furniture sets.  


    Photo of Southern Comforts - Roswell, GA, United States. Large inside. Lots of home decor.

    Large inside. Lots of home decor.

    Photo of Southern Comforts - Roswell, GA, United States. Front - near a Publix.
  • Bless. Your. Heart.

    I like to stop in here occasionally to see if I can find anything good. Every now and then I find something I like, but most times are a miss for me. They do sell consigned furniture and home goods, but they also sell new, farmhouse style goods.

    My big issue here is that the employees are so unfriendly. Where is that southern hospitality at, sweetheart? I would say 9 times out of 10 NO ONE even says hello. I can walk around the entire store and no one says anything. Granted, I don't want to be pestered, but I also would appreciate a greeting.

    They have other locations, and I would recommend the store in Alpharetta. It is much larger, the employees were friendly, and there is also a large antique store nearby so you can go to two places instead of one.

  • We have bought several pieces from SC with good experiences.  Owner was with the delivery team for one item we could not carry ourselves.  Their stock rotates pretty well and they can only sell what people bring to them.  Prices have been fair.  Instead of paying several hundred dollars or more for a child's bed frame, went to SC and they had 2 twin frames with headboards and foot boards for like $125.  Will shop there again when we need another piece.

  • I went here a couple of weeks back before going into Publix, which is right next door. This place works kind of like a consignment store. I can't remember the exact policy, and it doesn't seem to be on the website, but it was something like... If an item has been there for more than 3 months, it gets knocked off a percentage. And every subsequent month, it get knocks off even more. Though most of the things at this store were out of my price range, I had eyed a Japanese Saki set when I first entered, only to find out that I would get something like 25% off of it, which pretty much made me decided to buy it.

    Besides that, there is a lot of antique furniture and book cases, tables, etc. So, not exactly what I was looking for, but certainly someone else's cup of tea. People have to remember that all thrift stores and antique stores are constantly changing their inventory, and just because I am giving this place 3 stars doesn't mean that someone else will find something they've always been looking for here. Antique stores and thrift stores are always a coin flip. I'd come back to this one day, if I was ever in the market for some antique furniture.

  • Very dissapointing past experiences has led me to have to leave a negative review..I'm a frequent buyer here and quite a spender. I've been coming here for a while now and last Friday I came in at 5:45pm and right from the start I received the not welcome and bothered feeling from Jim. I have owned my own business for some while and have worked with customer service for 14 years now. If my door says I close at 6pm I close my door at 6pm and treat every last customer with respect and try to help in the best way possible. Even after the unwelcoming feeling I still spent my money there I then realized I had paid more than for my items..he mentioned system went down so I just let it be. I tried to over look that experience because like I said I have shopped here for a couple years now. Ms.Marie I believe is her name has always been sweet and helpful so I apologize. Today I decided to come here once again for a couple things but that's never the case I spent $300 Jim was there again Ms.Marie and 2 other guys. I started to load all my items but one of the guys handled one of my paintings which I purchased half off and even then I thought it was a bit much but I love the fact that it's so close to me and I tend to overlook the higher prices due to painting was damaged and I was offered to get it painted...or fixed. Jim said a refund couldn't be processed because only management can do that. I was told to leave my painting there and that the manager/owner would reach out to me for a refund. I even suggested if I could get a credit but again nothing was offered to accomadate me. After today I will not be shopping at "southern comfort consignments" Roswell ever again.

  • Never again! Too much work and no respect!

    After getting approval for my items through their corporate office via email, I took three pieces of like new upholstered furniture to the Roswelll location to be consigned. Arriving with our preapproved furniture, the experience quickly became something I would never do again!! We were treated us as though we were there to take advantage of them, not to add to their inventory!

    They priced my items surprisingly low, and at those bargain prices, they sold within days.  You have to log into a website to watch for your items to sell.  They do NOT ever notify you directly when they sell, and they DO NOT MAIL YOUR CHECK.  You have to go back to pick it up....It's all on you to get your money!! I'm sure this is quite profitable for them, with busy people not making it back within their time in their pocket!

    I then took two similar chairs to Board of Trade in Roswell - items are approved via email, and they are more selective as to what they take, but treat you with respect! They price things more appropriately and gradually make them down if don't sell...and they call if you get offers. AND....when something sells, they just put your check-in the mail! Easy!!

    A good place to browse and maybe find a bargain but after one experi nice of taking several items to the Roswelll location to be consigned, I would never do it again or even go back to this location to shop. The person I dealt with was less than easy to work with and treated us as though we were there to take advantage of them, not to stock their inventory. My items sold within days, BTW, but priced so low, this was no surprise.  Try Board of Trade in Roswell - they price things more appropriately, then if they don't sell, they mark it down.  (This review is written for specially the Roswell location, I cannot speak as to their other 3 stores)

  • This chain of stores (4) is a great find. I visited all four locations and found some great furniture at s good price. Staff very helpful and accommodating. Each store is slightly different so I would recommend going to all four.

  • This place isn't really a thrift store. If you are looking for cheap furniture, this isn't the place to be. However, they do have some great stuff here. I just felt out of place because I was looking for a coffee table for around $50 bucks and not $500.

  • I had a fantastic experience here looking for specific pieces to furnish a house my husband and I just bought. The staff was friendly but not overbearing. They have a huge selection of all kinds of items at all kinds of price points. Left with a huge cabinet for the kitchen and an entryway table for an excellent price. Will definitely be back!

  • Don't be fooled thinking this is anything but 90% or more new furniture priced at full retail. If you are looking for consignment go somewhere else.

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Southern Comforts

Yelp users haven’t asked any questions yet about Southern Comforts.

Your trust is our top concern, so businesses can't pay to alter or remove their reviews. Learn more.


    I stumbled upon this store while looking for another store.  I initially thought that it was a restaurant until I saw their delivery van.  This is actually a consignment shop that sells high-end furniture and accessories.   It has too levels with the larger pieces being on the main level and the smaller pieces along with drapes being on the lower level.  

    Carefully read the review written by Asaf C. because I have no doubt that this could be an actual scenario based on their posted prices.  At these price points, I would definitely not purchase items from this store. When it comes to consignment shopping, there are some things that must be considered as far as I'm concerned.  The ultimate goal is for the customer to score and get a great deal, not to  enrich the seller or the consignment shop.

    When it comes to fabrics, they get worn and tend to absorb odors and stains.  Now, if you find a couple of antique chairs that are an unbelievable deal, and you simply have to have them,  you may have to factor in the cost of having them reupholstered to make sure they are fresh and fit in with your existing decor.   Consider ALL associated costs, not just the purchase price.

    When it comes to the price points in this store, you might as well just purchase new, otherwise you will get gouged.  Ouch!   Some of these items were priced as if they were new and some seemed to be priced higher than what I would consider paying in new condition. When it comes to high-end furniture, I definitely believe in buying new items where you are afforded certain protections under the warranty and because I just believe that certain items should not be purchased as second hand items.

    This store has some beautiful pieces that are very HUGE and heavy similar to what you might find on the Ponderosa, (Google it).    I am talking tables that sit ten or more people, heavy wooden items, huge sectionals and grandiose statement pieces that would need special consideration prior to purchase:  (Are your ceilings tall enough, will the item clear your doorway or fit in the elevator, will it need to be hoisted up to the second floor balcony?,  

    Seriously, this is the tall and big store of furniture that seems to have been purchased in the land of  giants!  In addition to the big furniture, they also have great decor like lamps, chandeliers, rugs and art.  It's a great place for browsing but you really need to know furniture, (depreciation and costs), and understand exactly what you are paying for prior to making a purchase.

    **** The longer an items stays in the store, the greater the savings as they are consistently marked down over time.

  • Photo of J M.

    This store is very selective about the cleanliness and quality of each piece they consign.  I have consigned and purchased many items, including large wool rugs,  upholstered furniture, stools, chairs, a bedroom suite and loads of decor.   The staff is helpful.  The turnover is high so the merchandise mix changes weekly.  Other consignment stores do not compare, especially cleanliness!

  • We've purchased several items over the past few years but after our most recent visit, won't be hurrying back any time soon if at all.  It seems they have gone from the charming vintage type furniture that they previously carried to new ugly plain looking furniture and overpriced as well.

  • I'm going to this place several times to see if I'm I find something surprising however all that I seem to find a over priced oversized furniture. The store seems to be caught between wanting to be country or shabby chic.  Definitely not a place to go if you looking for anything modern or classic or stylish. I never really find anything that justifies the costs that I couldn't get new

  • Mary is the rudest worker there. I will no longer be a part of that. She is really rude, she is not nice to her employees.  I am
    Not a fan at all.

  • If losing customers is their objective, they are on the right track.  I found Southern Comforts Alpharetta store when I moved to Georgia 2 years ago.  The first salespeople I met, Leslie and Donna, were very friendly and helpful.  I made several purchases and referred other people to the store.  Recently I have noticed that the prices have increased dramatically, and customer service has been reduced drastically.  I can no longer recommend this consignment store.

  • They have a nice inventory of lovely furniture that's priced about 50% higher than what it should be. There were kitchen tables that I could get a more stylish version of at Pottery Barn brand new for $200 cheaper. The selection was not really my style. It seemed more geared toward a Baby Boomer's tastes.

  • We bought a living room set - sofa, loveseat and single w/ ottoman. To our supersize, two weeks later we leaned that the exact sofa sells brand new for $50 cheaper! the loveseat is $10 cheaper! (buying brand new - not used like we got) Called and explained (very politely) our findings and all we got back was "all sales are final" and the manager/owner/whoever will call you during the week - we never heard from them. We did not ask about returning the set - but did at least expect store credit. needless to say, I will never be visiting Southern Comforts consignments again.
    update: Was offered $100 store credit. We won't be wasting our time collecting it.

  • My wife and I bought a large chair/ottoman and dining set. After a moving fiasco, the store went above and beyond to allow us to pick up our furniture when we were finally able to. The staff was extremely friendly and they had a nice selection. Be sure to check the basement for smaller pieces!

    Photo of Southern Comforts - Alpharetta, GA, United States
    Photo of Southern Comforts - Alpharetta, GA, United States
  • Went in to Southern Comforts Tuesday for the first time after driving by it frequently since it's near work.  I'm a huge fan of consignment stores, especially stores that focus on home decor & furniture.  I have to say though, I just was not impressed with the selection.  I am usually able to find something to take home with me but the items here seemed out of style and just older looking.  The prices I felt were on the high side as well.  I'm sure the inventory rotates out frequently but again, just wasn't impressed and doubt I return.

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Southern Comforts Consignments has been Atlanta’s first choice for furniture consigning since 2003 and have made consignment shopping a destination experience. We offer both new and consigned furniture for the discriminating (or savvy) shopper, all at fabulous prices.

Our Mission: At Southern Comforts Consignments, quality and value are our foundation. We achieve these by continually providing the highest levels of service to our customers and consignors. Our employees are our most valued asset and through their contribution, we continue to build on our reputation of excellence. We actively participate in the communities in which we operate and serve them through donation and contributions.

Our Vision: Southern Comforts is the benchmark for the consignment business. We create a unique shopping environment for customers and consignors that promotes an atmosphere of hospitality and engenders friendship so that everyone who visits can’t wait to return. Our values are centered in assuring our business is a place where people come to relax, regenerate and enjoy the treasure hunt.


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