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20 Best Corner Desks You Wouldn&#;t Regret Buying

Corner desks play a vital role in enhancing the beauty of your house and interior while serving several other functions. The multipurpose uses of a desk make it a must-have, whether it&#;s for storing purposes, academic purposes, as an office desk, or any other purpose. People who are looking to redecorate their houses should really invest in a corner desk. The corner desks will give your space a more comfortable and homey feel while not cramping up your space. Corner desks can be placed anywhere in the house, whether it&#;s your living room, lounge, or bedroom. We have compiled a list of 20 of the best corner desks so that you don&#;t have to go through this hassle of finding the perfect corner desk for your house.



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Black is something you can never go wrong with, and a black corner desk can easily match with your house interior.  A black corner desk can be found in any big box store, and plenty of options are available depending on size, material, and design. Tangkula has designed a simple yet elegant design, this corner desk with drawer is available on Amazon. The desk is made of wood and can be used as a computer desk as well. It comes with a built-in drawer and is ideal for placing decoration items and also works perfectly as a bookshelf. The sturdy and durable design of the desk makes it one of the top-rated ones on amazon.



2. Haotian Wall-Mounted Corner Desk

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Who says a corner desk can’t be made into a floating desk? Hoatian have come out with a floating desk that can easily be installed into the tiniest of corners and make it into a workspace. It&#;s ideal for homes with very little space, and it keeps the floor free to place other stuff. The Hoatian corner desk with a drawer allows for more storage because it has storage shelves. The desk is made of engineered wood and comes in white. White corner desks have always been trendy, so get that before the stocks run out.



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We are living in times when more and more people are working from the comforts of their homes. Individuals looking for the perfect office desk for their homes should definitely check out Bestar Hampton&#;s home office corner desk. The corner desk has a modern design and gives a sense of luxury to the person using it. It&#;s a one-time investment that you won&#;t regret. The desk has a keyboard tray and comes with a big side storage compartment for your belonging. The laminated flat surface desk comes with a monitor stand, which is optional and can be easily removed. Overall, the near to perfect design will definitely target a niche audience.



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It won&#;t be wrong to say that corner desks are more sought after in offices or working environments. Corner desks are able to fit in more drawers and have extra features as compared to simple office desks. The Sauder harbor desk is space-efficient but can still hold several monitors because of the decent working space. It is in no way a small computer desk and has several drawers and a storage compartment.  The desk is solidly built and comes in various colors and finishes, making it a desk worth looking at. Check out the desk on Amazon for further details about the product.



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What makes a white corner desk a class apart from other colored furniture? It transcends all fashion and trends while maintaining the style quotient intact. The white corner desk from Monarch is extremely popular as it blends with your house or office interior. The L shaped desk adds a modern touch to your space because of its hollow design. The sleek and contemporary design provides a perfect combination of functionality and durability. The desk provides an ample amount of workspace fo your laptops, computer, writing material, and other accessories. There are a total of three drawers and plenty of open cubby space to store your belongings.



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Many people out there are looking for more than just a corner desk with drawers. An L shaped desk with a hutch is a requirement for some as they get added advantage of shelves with a desk. The desk from Ameriwood is perfect for people who handle a lot of paperwork. At first impression, the desk may seem huge, but don&#;t be afraid as it can easily fit into a corner of your office or home. The hutch provides you ample amount of closed and open storage space. To top it off, the cherry color of the desk gives the L shaped desk a unique style. The desk is available on Amazon so do check it out before the stocks run out.



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It is one of the best corner desks available in the market and the white color makes it even more elegant. The white corner desk is compact as compared to other desks in the list but is extremely functional. It can easily fit into the tiniest of corners of your house and give it a more spacious feel. It works perfectly as a small computer desk and is ideal for placing your laptops. The small size has its advantage and is a relatively cheap desk which many can afford.



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The white corner desk is very similar to the desk by brands but has two significant advantages. Firstly the small desk has an open lower shelf which is ideal for placing books or other decoration stuff. Secondly, this antique white desk has better and more reviews than desk by King&#;s. The desk has an enclosed drawer that can easily hold small items and spacious tops can hold just about anything.



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It&#;s another Sauder classic that works perfectly as a computer desk. The desk is way more fashionable than other corner desks because of its unique design. The base of the desk is made up of two shelves which give ample storage space to store your belongings. The cherry color desk is perfect for limited spaces and heavy material which ensures durability and a longer lifespan. It is a cheap disk that is available on Amazon so give it a look and see if it works for you.



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The elegant and trendy design of this desk is what sets it apart from its competitors. The corner desk with drawer comes in multiple colors so it gives you the luxury to choose the one which pleases you. The modern design L shaped desk has two shelves and three drawers giving you ample space to store stuff. The desk is easy to assemble and its affordable price makes it easy on your pocket. We recommend the sleek white finish one so do check it out on amazon before the stocks run out.



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The Wheaton reversible desk by Bush comes in a reversible design as its pedestal attachment can be placed at either side of the desk. It&#;s not a huge desk so it can easily fit in tight corners of your home or office making it quite convenient. The pedestal unit of the desk has two cubbies and the same number of drawers.



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People looking for a desk with a classic design should definitely give this L shaped desk from Bush furniture a look. The Espresso oak finish of the desk give it a traditional look and is perfectly designed for your office space. The desk has ample space on top and in the storage drawers for your belonging. The storage cabinet door is made of floating glass giving it a classic feel. Its a perfect office desk and even has a USB hub with ports inbuilt for our convenience. The durable L shaped desk has a file drawer and a box drawer to store all your office-related material.



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Its another desk from bush furniture which is quite similar to the above-mentioned Cabot desk, but with a few changes. It is a black corner desk that has its unique vintage look which can blend well in any modern home. The working surface is large and has a cherry finish; the cherry and black contrast work perfectly for this corner desk with drawers. The desk has multiple storage spaces which include drawers, cubbies, and a closed storage area. The simple design of the desk is beautiful to look at and definitely deserves a place in your living space. 



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Its no surprise there is another desk from Sauder in this list. Sauder, Bush, and Bester are two famous furniture brands and their top quality products ensure there are multiple desks from these brands in our list of twenty best desks. This desk from Sauder comes in a salt oak finish and is highly durable. The corner desk with drawers is beautiful to look, and the engineered wood used in its making ensures its long-lasting. The desk provides sufficient storage space and has three drawers and an enclosed storage area for your belongings




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Minimalistic and simple design desks are preferred by many and this desk from Somerset fits the bill perfectly. The versatile L shaped desk has a spacious desktop with ample storage space comprising of two sliding drawers and a storage cabinet. The simple corner desk with drawers will not burn a hole in your pocket like the rest of the desks. The desk is available in three different styles, so choose the one which complements your home or office interior. 



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The list of corner desks will be incomplete if we didn’t include a desk made of glass. The L shaped glass computer desk by Z-line designs has a stylish and modern design. The frame is made of steel and there are reinforced plates at the welding joints which ensures the desk is durable. A slide-out tray is present to place the keyboard and a layered shelf to store or display other items is also present. The desk is a must-have if you are looking for something ultra-modern.



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The office desk from Ameriwood is compact in design but has complete functionality. It&#;s not like your typical L shaped desks but is more square in nature. The only drawback of this desk is not as spacious as other desks on this list but it is still best if your home office space is limited. The desk has a hutch with cubbies which compensates for the missing storage below.



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It&#;s one of those desks by Bush which is designed for people who like to work in a relaxing mood and has a separate footrest for such people. The blank corner desk is very stylish and gives an elegant look which enhances the beauty of your living space. The desk even has cable management grommets present on the desk surface to hide cords. It’s a cheap desk as compared to others available on the market making it a value for money products. Looking at the functionality of the desk and the price range, getting this desk at this price is a total steal.



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Its one of the best small computer desks available in the market and the good reviews on Amazon justify our claim. Its one of the best corner desks money can buy for a small office or home space. The desk is made of espresso wood and is very sturdy and durable because of its robust build. The desk has open shelves that are ideal for storing books or displaying decorative items. The L shaped desk is available on Amazon and deserves your attention.



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The brand Monarch is synonymous with stylish and modern furniture and this corner desk with drawers is just that. The two-tone desk has got plenty of desk space to place your computer and other accessories. The contemporary-looking desk will be a perfect fit for your home office. The desk is available on Amazon and deserves your attention if you are looking for something with decent storage space.


Side Tables

Bedside Tables – Decorative Furniture You Can Get Good Use Out of

There’s one thing that all well-decorated homes have in their bedrooms: bedside tables. But are they really necessary? Here’s a scenario, you take a book to bed with you thinking you’ll read a couple of chapters before you retire for the night. A few minutes into this and you get distracted by the buzzing of your phone. Half an hour into texting, and you realise your throat suddenly feels parched. You get up and fetch a bottle of water. One hour since you decided to tuck yourself into bed, and you’re now finally ready to do so. The only problem is, your bed is cramped with a book, a mobile phone, the alarm clock you need to wake you up, and a water bottle. Where do you sleep amidst this mess?

You see where we’re going with this? If you had bedside tables, you have the option of neatly arranging all these essentials on them. This way, you have your bed entirely to yourself.

Bedside Tables - A Functional Addition to Your Bedroom

Keep all your night-time essentials handy and reachable by getting bedside tables for your room. From mobiles to spectacles to books, you can keep these and other important stuff on these functional tables. These nightstands offer a convenient storage solution for all your essential items. Most of these tables come with drawers or slabs so you can safely keep your stuff within your hand’s reach. 

You can also display your family photos or keep a lamp on this table. A nightstand lamp on this table is handy when you work late at night from your bed or when you feel like reading a novel before you sleep. Once you’re done, you can place the book or laptop on this table and doze off peacefully. To add a more decorative touch, you can add a flower pot or any other ornamental item too. 

Choose Wooden Nightstands for Your Home

Wooden side tables complement well with your bedroom furniture and add elegance to the room’s decor. When you place bedside tables on either side of the bed, they complete the look of your bedroom. These aesthetically looking tables can also be used as console tables in your living room or entryway to place keys or to flaunt your wonderful collectibles. 

Traditionally, nightstands were placed on either side of the bed. But, you can use them in any part of your house, as corner tables or end tables too. These functional and utilitarian tables are perfect to enhance the look of a mundane room. 

These multipurpose side tables add invaluable functionality to your master bedroom, kid’s room, or even the guest bedroom. 

Buy Bedside Tables Online

Online sites offer a huge range of bedside table designs that you can choose for your bedroom. You can browse for these tables from various brands, such as HomeTown, Nilkamal, Nutcase, VAS Collection Home, TimberTaste, Sublime Arts, and more. Wooden side tables come in different finishes that range from light to dark. You can create a cohesive look by selecting bedside tables that best complement the wooden finish of your cot.

Give Bedside Tables a Chance:

Other than offering you a convenient place to put away small titbits, side tables serve another goal. The goal being they enhance the aesthetic appeal of your bedroom. You have different styles of bed corner tables to choose from – modern, rustic, traditional, or vintage. Gauge the general vibe of your room’s decor and incorporate bedside tables which play along with the mood of your personal sanctuary.

Set up framed photos of your favourite moments, or liven up your bedroom by placing a vase of fresh flowers on your bed corner table. Having bedside accent tables in your kid’s room is handy when you’re done reading him his bedtime story and need to put away his story books and toys.

Things to Consider When Buying Bedside Tables:

Their Size:

These end tables come in a whole range of sizes. Large bed corner tables are the way to go, if you like keeping a lot of your essentials close at hand. If you prefer the area around your bed to be free of clutter, small tables should do the trick.

Their Height:

Ideally, the height of your bedside table should be roughly as tall as the top of your mattress. But as it is with everything else, there’s no harm in mixing things up a bit. Decorate your room with tall-standing tables or tables which stop a little above your bed’s legs.

Do They Include Extra Storage Space:

If your apartment if cramped for space, you might want to make the most of every floor inch available to you. Bedside tables with multiple drawers attached to them are a good choice of furniture in this scenario. These corner tables act both as a bedside table, and a storage cabinet for everyday items like your lingerie, beauty products, and other such knick-knacks.

Buy Bedside Table Online:

Online sites bring furniture from brands like HomeTown, Nilkamal, Urban Ladder, Alex Daisy, and Godrej Interio into your living room. Check them out, compare the prices of these tables, and shop for them, all with a few mouse-button clicks. Shop for bedside tables online and you stand the chance to score discounts on them!  Shopping for furniture online comes with a plethora of benefits. You get to browse for a huge range of bedside tables and also compare the different products available there. You can also search for bedside table design ideas, cheap bedside tables, bedside table design images, side table designs with drawers, bedside table white, and more. Moreover, you can choose the perfect furniture for your home by logging in to your favorite website or shopping app and purchasing them from your home or even while you’re in the office. You can choose to pay while purchasing the items or pay by cash or card on the day of the delivery too. These tables that you purchase online will get delivered to your given address in a couple of days too. So, wait no more! Head over to your favorite shopping app and start shopping!

Shop Tables by Types:

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The holidays are right around the corner, and do you know what you're gifting your loved ones yet? If the answer is no, there is still plenty (and we mean, plenty) of time to find out. 

But, if you are looking to step outside your comfort zone this year and shy away from the best candle or one of the best home fragrances, we not only support that motion but offer a suitable alternative. And, what may that be? Enter: coffee table books. 

Yes, coffee table books are one of the world's most versatile gifts to give come the holiday season. Suitable for everyone from parents to siblings, co-workers, and friends alike, coffee table books are an interchangeable gift that updates any outdated candles but adds a bit of a personal touch.

9 coffee table books to invest in this holiday season

From Tom Ford's beloved black book to Reese Witherspoon's perfectly pink pick, here are the five coffee table books worth investing in this holiday season. Plus, you can score them all at Amazon. Win-win!  

1. Made for Living: Collected Interiors for All Sorts of Styles by Amber Lewis

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2. Chanel: Collections and Creations by Danielle Bott

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3. Whiskey in a Teacup: What Growing Up in the South Taught Me About Life, Love, and Baking Biscuits by Reese Witherspoon

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4. Homebody: A Guide to Creating Spaces You Never Want to Leave by Joanna Gaines

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5. Tom Ford by Tom Ford + Bridget Foley

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6. New York by New York

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7. Windows at Tiffany's by Assouline

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8. Live Beautifully by Athena Calderone

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9. The Finer Things: Timeless Furniture, Textiles, and Details by Christiane Lemieux

(Image credit: Amazon)


Best Desk for Your At-Home Office

Remote work, or in layman’s terms, “working from home,” is all the rage in today’s digital climate. While getting to work from the comfort of your own home is a blessing in its own right, it can be a bit of an adjustment for some. Between the inherent cravings to work solely from your bed to the number of household distractions you are required to tune out on a day-to-day basis, there is no shortage of hiccups that can occur when working from home. These can be avoided, however, with the small addition of a home office. But in order to properly construct an at-home workspace, you’re going to need a reliable, sturdy desk to get the lion’s share of your work done. Luckily, there are plenty of affordable, easy-to-install desks available on the web.

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Amazon corner table

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TOP 5 ❌ Best L Shaped Computer Corner Desk 2021 - for Home, Office

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