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A Mercedes Benz Sprinter RV You Can Depend On

There’s a reason you get excited when you hear Mercedes-Benz and it’s because of the innovative, modern, and safe features. Our Sprinter RVs are no exception; you’ll find those same features you love with our motorhomes. Whether you’re at the campground or traveling from the Appalachians to the Pacific Coast Ranges, you can depend on your Thor Motor Coach Mercedes Sprinter.

Mercedes Benz Sprinter RV Amenities

Compact and filled with all of the amenities you love from a larger motorhome, a Sprinter camper is perfect for families that want to get off the beaten path. If you’re traveling, vacationing or living in your Mercedes Sprinter RV, you’ll be doing so in comfort and style. Designer interiors, overhead bunks and conversion sofas, Dream Dinettes®, fully-equipped kitchens, spacious bathrooms and more provide a camping experience you’ll never forget.

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A camper van built in a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter comes with full kitchen, two showers, and a bed — see inside The Last Resort

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The Last Resort Mercedes-Benz RV
Advanced RV
  • Advanced RV created The Last Resort, a tiny home on wheels built on a 144-inch Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 3500.
  • The van was outfitted for a couple who wanted to live on the road full-time after selling their home when their children left the nest.
  • The inside of the Sprinter includes a full bathroom with a shower, a kitchen, a bed, and multiple entertainment systems.
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Advanced RV has created The Last Resort, a tiny home on wheels built on a 144-inch Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 3500 for a couple who decided to live the #VanLife.

The van conversion company was founded in 2012 by Mike Neundorfer, a former mechanical engineer who sold his own pollution abatement company to start building campers and motorhomes, including The Last Resort, which was completed in January.

The couple who requested the build sold their house after all of their children had left home. They decided it was time to live life on the road, and wanted their new tiny home on wheels to be "off-grid" and discrete, allowing it to be driven in both the city and in the great outdoors.

The interior design of The Last Resort was thought out in order to take advantage of every inch of the space, according to Advanced RV. The couple was also directly involved in the design, including selecting the upholstery and countertops for their new camper van.

Keep scrolling to learn about the Mercedes-Benz camper conversion that allows the duo to travel around the country at their leisure:

The team at Advanced RV completed the entire conversion upon receiving the Sprinter 3500.

The Last Resort Mercedes-Benz RV
Advanced RV

The couple chose to not have any windows in the "living" part of the van...

The Last Resort Mercedes-Benz RV
Advanced RV

...but decided to have a roof hatch.

The Last Resort Mercedes-Benz RV
Advanced RV

The camper has a bathroom with a shower.

The Last Resort Mercedes-Benz RV
Advanced RV

The bathroom door uses the same latches as airplane bathroom doors.

The Last Resort Mercedes-Benz RV
Advanced RV

There's also an external shower with a hose that can be pulled out from the van.

The Last Resort Mercedes-Benz RV
Advanced RV

The kitchen area has a steam convection oven, sink, and espresso machine.

The Last Resort Mercedes-Benz RV
Advanced RV
Sours: https://www.businessinsider.com/advanced-rv-camper-van-mercedes-benz-sprinter-kitchen-shower-bed-2020-2
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2022 Sanctuary Mercedes Sprinter Camper Van Is a Class B Sanctum

Your camper needn't be an actual sanctuary, but this one from Thor Motor Coach doesn't hurt.

You don't need a decked-out camper van when it comes to camping. The van or truck you currently own, a basic cooler, some survival food, and a stout tent perched on any small splotch of dirt does the trick just fine. Lots of people grew up camping this way, and there is something magical about the nostalgic memories made camping with the bare necessities.

But, as many have discovered, you don't have to camp this way if you don't want to. With a pile of cash, adventurers can camp in full luxury and connectivity, and there's something extremely tempting about that prospect.  Motor coach manufacturers have been churning out new Class B camper vans as quickly as possible, and the market loves 'em. The newest example is this 2022 Sanctuary Sprinter camper van from motor coach manufacturer Thor Motor Coach, the latest Class B offering to join in on the #vanlife action. Other Thor Class B vans include the Sequence, Tellaro, Rize, Scope, and Tranquility. Creative names seem to be their thing.

The Thor Sanctuary Sprinter doesn't reinvent the camper van scene, but it doesn't have to. It's built upon a 2022 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 4x4 van platform with a 144-inch wheelbase and a workable 19-foot, 8-inch exterior length (excluding the roof ladder). It can tow about 3,500 pounds, thanks to its 3.0-liter V-6 diesel that churns out 188 hp and 325 lb-ft of torque, which is more torque-y than the gasoline 3.6-liter V-6 (280 hp, 260 lb-ft of torque) that powers the Ram ProMaster at the heart of the roughly similar Winnebago Solis Pocket but less than you get in the Ford Transit's 3.5-liter V-6 EcoBoost (310 hp, 400 lb-ft of torque) that underpins the Thor Compass AWD Class B+.

The 2022 Sanctuary has many features beyond useful torque that make it competitive in the Class B van category: A cassette toilet, shower, sink, 190-watt solar panel, 24-lb propane tank, 19-gal freshwater tank, 4.8-gal black water tank, 20.0-gal gray water tank, 2.4-gal water heater, refrigerator, dual-burner gas cooktop, convection microwave over, stainless steel kitchen sink, fold-out exterior table, side steps, LED light bar, screen doors, pull-down shades, 24-inch cable-ready TV, 100-watt power inverter, an Onan generator, and more.

What we found interesting about the Sanctuary was the inclusion of standard Thule gear for the perfect touch of overland ruggedness: a Thule power patio awning with integrated LED lighting, Thule roof ladder and roof rack system, and a Thule bike rack on the rear door.

How much will the 2022 Sanctuary from Thor Motor Coach set you back? The adventure van starts at $148,680 for the 19P floor plan and $151,060 for the 19L floor plan. Optional off-road tires ($1,744)—seemingly BF Goodrich KO2s from what we can tell from the photos—and an optional re(Li)able Power Pack electrical system consisting of a 400-Ah lithium battery, 3,000-watt inverter, and 170-amp alternator ($8,495) make that price jump pretty quickly. That's a cumbersome entry fee when contrasted to nostalgic camping that costs nearly nothing, but it just might be a worthwhile sacrifice for those who can swing it.



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  • If you've ever thought of converting a Mercedes Metris into a camper van, hold on. You can now get one that's professionally done.
  • A rooftop tent, sleeping for four, and a pop-up kitchen are all possible in the new Weekender.
  • Important details such as price and when it will go on sale are not yet available.

Mercedes-Benz is ready to help Americans explore a slightly smaller version of van life than we're used to these days. Sure, aftermarket Sprinter van conversions are readily available, Mercedes introduced its first modern pop-up camper designed for the U.S. market today at the Chicago auto show. Called the Weekender and based on the Metris, the new van brings European-style van camping to the U.S. with plenty of options to customize.

Mercedes calls the Metris a "right size" van, smaller than the Sprinter but still large enough to fit what you need. In the U.S., the Metris is currently sold as a passenger and utility van, and Mercedes isn't doing the conversions to camper mode itself. Instead, the automaker is partnering with Driverge Vehicle Innovations and Peace Vans to install a raft of standard and optional camper features at Driverge's facility in North Charleston, South Carolina, which is adjacent to the new Mercedes factory there.

Let's start with what's standard: an elevating roof that creates a sleeping area for two people with a two-inch memory foam mattress, three windows, and USB ports. A rear bench-slash-bed for two and 180-degree swiveling front seats are also standard, as is a second battery to charge devices and run the interior lights.

It's in the options that things get more fun. Integrated solar panels will be key for anyone planning on taking one of these vans on an extended trips, as is the pullout rear kitchen. Depending on where you fall on the camping vs. glamping divide, you can also have an eight-foot awning, insect nets for the rear hatch and sliding doors, and a extension tent that covers the rear liftgate. Utility roof racks are also available.

Non-camping specific upgrades include getting your Weekender wrapped in one of 200 available colors and choices of better audio and navigation features. One thing to note is that the Weekender seats five but only sleeps four, so packing a tent might still be required in some situations.

In Europe, Mercedes sells that market's version of the Metris camper van as the Marco Polo. This Euro-spec model comes in three variants, including the base Marco Polo, the Marco Polo Horizon, and the Marco Polo Activity, which offer different levels of luxury and ruggedness.

"Everyone knows there has been a hole in the market for 25 years" for a van like this, Peace Vans president Harley Sitner told Car and Driver. So, about three years ago, he started actively working on what would become the Weekender. After making some connections with Mercedes in Europe, he got Mercedes officially involved about 18 months ago. The team—including Driverge, which does the actual conversion based on Peace Van's R&D—has been working especially hard for the last six months to get the Weekender ready for the Chicago auto show.

Seattle-based Peace Vans restores old campers vans and converts new ones, but it was the rental market that influenced some of the design choices that went into the Weekender. Sitner said that five or so years ago, people who were renting one of his 20 or so camper vans wanted to charge up maybe one or two devices total. Now, each person on the trip has an average of two devices, he said, which is why the Weekender has extra USB ports built in and the second battery to provide more power.

The Weekender is converted from a passenger model Metris, Sitner said, which starts at around $40,000. The base conversion costs a little over $25,000, so the cheapest you will be able to get a Weekender is just under $70,000, he said.

Official Mercedes-Benz van dealers will start taking orders in about two weeks, and the first deliveries should happen at the start of summer.

If all of this strikes your fancy, get your name in early. The first 100 customers will get their Weekender with a free National Parks Pass attached, which means there will be no excuses to not get out into the wild as soon as possible.

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Outstanding Mercedes Sprinter camper van conversion from MegaMobil

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