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Updated Postage Rates for 2021

Domestic Mailing Price Updates went into effect January 24, 2021:

  • The First Class Mail letter (1 oz.) rate for postage purchased at the Post Office will remain at $0.55 (no change from 2020). That means that Forever Stamps will remain at $0.55, and that the amount you need on an envelope in vintage postage for the forever stamp equivalent (if not using a forever stamp) will still be $0.55 .

  • Each additional ounce for a First Class Mail letter will cost $0.20, rather than $0.15, a five cent increase from 2020. That means instead of $0.70 for many wedding invitations that weigh 1.1 oz. - 2.0 oz., it will now be $0.75 to mail those invitations, and an additional $0.20 for each additional ounce beyond that.

More detail can be found on the USPS website here.

Vashti Davies

Holiday Postage Inspiration
Holiday Postage Inspiration

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Five 2019 Stamp Releases that I'm Very Excited About
Five 2019 Stamp Releases that I'm Very Excited About

Interested in the 2019 USPS forever stamp lineup? Details are here!

On November 20th, USPS issued a press release detailing the 2019 Forever Stamp Lineup. Here are five sets that I’m particularly excited about, and why.

All images sourced from the United States Postal Service.

Wild and Scenic Rivers

What they are: “This issuance celebrates Wild and Scenic Rivers — exceptional American streams that run freely through natural landscapes without man-made alterations. The pane of a dozen different designs features photographs that represent the more than 200 rivers or river segments designated within the Wild and Scenic Rivers System.” - USPS

Why I love them: I do SO many nature-themed wedding sets for brides. I always love being able to pull in an at-price current stamp that helps to tie in vintage ones. I’m particularly excited about this set because it features 12 stamps that are ALL gorgeous in their own right. Bravo, USPS on pulling some beautiful images across the sheet. (clapping emoji hands here)

Walt Whitman

What they are: “With this stamp, the 32nd in the Literary Arts series, the Postal Service honors poet Walt Whitman (1819–1892) on the bicentennial of his birth. The stamp features a portrait of Whitman based on a photograph taken by Frank Pearsall in 1869. In the background, a hermit thrush sitting on the branch of a lilac bush recalls “When Lilacs Last in the Door-yard Bloom'd,” an elegy for President Abraham Lincoln written by Whitman soon after Lincoln's assassination on April 14, 1865.” - USPS

Why I love them: First, this is a 3-ounce stamp (currently worth $0.92, though rates are scheduled to go up early in 2019), which is awesome because with everyone getting super creative with their mailings/wedding suites (read: lots of inserts, wax seals, etc.) I am running out of ways to get more and more postage on heavy/irregular sized envelopes. Second, the GORGEOUS lavender hue will pair so nicely with so many existing vintage stamps — I’m excited to have more violets in my lineups!


What they are: “In 2019, the Postal Service issues Frogs, four new stamps in a booklet of 20, featuring digital illustrations of four North American frogs: the Pacific tree frog, the northern leopard frog, the American green tree frog and the squirrel tree frog.” - USPS

Why I love them: Say what you will about amphibians, these bright green stamps will add such a fun pop to your correspondence. With an extensive vintage hoard of green stamps, the sky is the limit on pairing these with some gorgeous green hues. I can’t wait to pair these with some of those vintage low-value greens that I love using so much.

California Dogface Butterfly

What they are: “The California dogface graces the seventh non-machineable butterfly stamp for use on irregularly sized envelopes, such as square greeting cards, invitations or announcements.” - USPS

Why I love them: I’m all about the butterfly stamps. This will mean that eventually those beautiful blue butterflies will go away (OMG, please no!), but it’s time for something new, and these open up some new possibilities with different color schemes… pinks, yellows, oranges… I’m loving the idea of shifting away from a heavy blue phase. Though, I still love the idea of having a little something old and blue on the outside of a wedding invitation.

Coral Reefs

What they are: “Four new postcard stamps celebrate the beauty and wonder of coral reefs. Each stamp depicts a type of stony coral, along with associated reef fish, in a highly stylized manner: elkhorn coral, shown with two French angelfish; brain coral, with a spotted moray eel; staghorn coral, with bluestriped grunts; pillar coral, with a coney grouper and neon gobies.” - USPS

Why I love them: OK, so these might be a little too bright for most of my brides, but the more I look at these, the most I love them. These are postcard stamps, so they are currently worth $0.35. I feel like there are some fun tropical weddings that could pull these into some fun response envelope designs. Thoughts?

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My Paper People Series | Cheree Berry Paper Holiday Cards
My Paper People Series | Cheree Berry Paper Holiday Cards

Interested in vintage postage this season? You’ll need some beautiful holiday cards to mail first, and I’ve got just the place to find them!

Where to start with this incredible group of artists and creatives…

I had heard tales of Cheree Berry Paper a number of years ago, but it wasn’t until my best friend got married and worked with the Cheree Berry Paper team that I really came to understand the level of differentiated experience and product that brides, and by extension, holiday card purchasers, receive when working with and buying from Cheree and her talented team. Custom... High-end…. Unbelievably stunning... all projects are done with an eye for detail and beautiful design.

In short, this company provides all the answers to my bizarre and obsessive paper fantasies. 

For those who don’t know the backstory of Magnolia Postage, I got into the vintage stamp business after I decided that a fun wedding project would be to customize every single one of my wedding invitation envelopes with postage that spoke to my relationship with each guest, their location, their hobbies, etc. This involved spending an unconscionable amount of money on vintage stamps (no one was really doing the custom vintage postage thing yet), and being left with a HUGE collection of vintage postage.

I relay this story because my goal as an obsessive bride was to do things here and there that I thought would truly floor or touch our guests in a different way. Paper, despite everyone’s argument that people would just throw it away, was a place that I thought I could differentiate the experience… and for the record, we got more positive feedback on the stamps and on our invitations than on just about any other thing we did (my uncle claimed that he was planning to frame the envelope).

But let’s get back to the point I’m trying to make:

Paper, in an age where people seem to be numb to the constant onslaught of information and email communication, is an incredible way to make a statement and to set your event or greeting apart.

Around the holidays, this applies just as much - there is nothing I love more than sending a beautiful card with an envelope covered in vintage stamps that makes people pause, take another look, and say “Wow! This is something that goes in the keepsake box”. Cheree Berry Paper does just that.

Cheree’s team has a stunning set of holiday cards and envelopes this season which can be customized with a family photo and holiday message, and many of which also have personal elements that can be modified to represent you and your family (monogrammed envelopes, illustrations, gold foil, etc.). Cheree Berry Paper’s cards are known for their interactive elements like die cuts and peek-a-boo windows (remember that keepsake box comment?....), AND to my great joy and excitement, they also have a number of statement envelopes which feature creative holiday touches on the envelopes themselves (those reindeer pulling a sleigh full of vintage stamps is pretty incredible). 

Cheree Berry Paper has a design and production department based in St. Louis, MO that lines all the envelopes, ties all the bows, and assembles each set of cards before shipping them out to you.

I love their website’s about section that sums the group up as “a team of creatives that approaches all aspects of the design process with enthusiasm, passion and meticulous care. Founded in 2007, primarily as a custom stationery company, CBP has since evolved to become an award-winning graphic design firm sought after for its playful, yet polished, sensibility. As visual storytellers, we create conceptual designs that are unexpected, clever and command attention. No matter the project, big or small, we love the creative challenge of identifying one visual solution just right for our clients.”

If you’re interested in purchasing vintage stamps for your holiday cards, you can shop our vintage holiday postage collection here, peruse our sample holiday postage gallery for inspiration, or you can submit a custom design request here.

You can learn more about Cheree Berry Paper here: All holiday cards in this post are linked to their counterpart on, but they can also be found here:


  • Merry Mail Boxed Card Set – Interactive mailbox card. Put your holiday message on the postcard and pull it out to reveal your greeting.

  • Scallop Boxed Card Set – Gorgeous scallop envelope with room to place a personal holiday message inside.


You provide your family photo and holiday greeting, and then a designer hand typesets your message, performs slight retouching on your photo and delivers a digital proof before production.

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Vintage Christmas Seals, what's the deal?
Vintage Christmas Seals, what's the deal?

A few years ago when I was getting started in the vintage stamp business, I accidentally bought a large lot of Christmas Seals thinking that I was buying a large collection of Christmas stamps (oops). When the holiday seals arrived I found myself saying, “huh, that’s strange, why don’t these stamps say how much they are worth?…” which was when the realization set in that I hadn’t bought vintage Christmas stamps at all.


Lesson learned: seals and stamps look very similar - but Christmas seals are definitely NOT postage stamps.

Are they vintage? Yes

Are many of them gorgeous and well designed? Most definitely

Can you use them? Yes

… just not on the front of your envelopes.

The first Christmas seals were created in Denmark in 1904 when a Danish postal clerk named Einar Holbøll was looking for a way to raise money to help sick children with tuberculosis. Throughout the 1600-1800s in Europe, TB caused 25% of all deaths. Similar numbers were reported in the United States [1]. Tuberculosis was a disease with a massive impact on populations and its impact on children was particularly cruel. Though TB rates have gone down over time, especially in the US where a total of 9,105 TB cases (a rate of 2.8 cases per 100,000 persons, or %0.0028) were reported in 2017 [2], TB is still one of the most common major infectious diseases in the world.

More than 4 million Christmas seals were sold in Denmark that first year, and the trend was subsequently picked up by other countries. Soon after Denmark issued the first Christmas seal, many other European countries followed suit with the majority of all TB seals issued around Christmas time. Many of the Christmas seals included the international symbol against TB, the double barred Cross of Lorraine (you will see that red symbol on most older Christmas Seals).


Christmas seals were introduced to the US by Emily Bissell in 1907 when she was looking to raise funds to save a sanitarium in Delaware that was on the verge of needing to shut down. Bissell had heard of the success of Christmas Seals in Europe and she designed and printed special holiday seals to sell for a penny each at the post office.

By the end of her holiday campaign (and after an endorsement by President Roosevelt), she and a large group of committed volunteers had raised ten times the goal and the American Lung Association Christmas Seals® were born. The tradition continued and grew year after year through World War I, The Great Depression and World War II. [3]

As the American Lung Association’s mission expanded to include research into other respiratory diseases, such as lung cancer, more people began to send Christmas Seals®. As the American Lung Association stepped up to protect children and families from pollution and cigarette smoke in the 1960s, 70s and 80s, America continued its support each year by supporting the Christmas Seals tradition. [3]

In 1987 the American Lung Association acquired a US trademark for the term "Christmas Seals" to protect their right to be the sole US national fundraising Association to issue them, and Christmas Seals are still released annually to benefit the American Lung Association.

Today, there are nearly one hundred different lung associations worldwide that issue Christmas seals. Many different countries issue their own Christmas seals, as well as cities, states and territories. Additionally, many other organizations and charitable funds (e.g., religious organizations, civic and fraternal societies, patriotic organizations, sororities, etc.,) issue seals around the holidays, often designed to portray Christmas themes.  Since these seals are not issued to fight tuberculosis, they lack the double barred cross of Lorraine, the international symbol for the fight against tuberculosis.


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My Paper People Series | Happy Menocal
My Paper People Series | Happy Menocal

I had such grand plans when I decided to start this blog project (isn't that the case for like 99% of all blogs - most of which are total flops?), in fact, I sat down and came up with enough ideas to do two blog posts a week for the whole rest of this year .. there were grand plans to go on and on about vintage stamps, and vintage wedding postage, and themed stamp collections, etc., etc... I have no shortage of ideas, but I do seem to have a shortage of free time.

... But, I digress ...

Here I am, with another blog post to kick off a new (realistically not so regular... let's just be honest, shall we?) series called "My Paper People", because stamps need beautiful paper to go on, and as such I work with a lot of beautiful-paper-making people.

Happy Menocal Studio is based in Brooklyn and is a team of creative geniuses who create whimsical, gorgeous, drool-worthy paper suites (along with other fun projects) for all manner of celebration and heraldry. The team is led by Happy Menocal, and I love working with them because they are responsive, have a 6th sense for beautiful design and color combinations, and they genuinely love the work they do.

Happy Menocal 11.PNG

I first came across Happy Menocal a number of years ago when I realized that Paperless Post had a real paper arm to go alongside their paperless one. I did all of my wedding save the dates and invitations through Paperless Post, and the ease of pushing out a custom paper invitation (along with the seemingly endless selection of options) helped me come to the conclusion that all parties, events, announcements, and general correspondence truly require gorgeous paper, with curated vintage stamps, of course. 

Happy Menocal Paperless Post Samples

If you go to paperless post and search for Happy Menocal Studio's designs (or click here)... there are a cool 95 options to select from.

But Happy and her team don't only supply Paperless post with paper/paperless options, they also work with clients to create stunning... and I mean REALLY stunning ... paper suites and custom emblems (and more!) for all sorts of things (weddings, parties, events, announcements, etc.). Talk about the perfect team for a passion project!

When I reached out to the team and they graciously agreed to collaborate, I almost cried when the box of paper (samples pictured in shots below) rolled into my mailbox. Had I died and gone to paper heaven? I think I had... I have... Yep, I'm there. 

I'll wrap this up by saying that Happy and her team are one of my favorite groups of paper people, and I offer up the following as proof that beautiful paper and vintage stamps were meant to be together.

Who wouldn't treasure a wedding invitation and outer envelope with vintage wedding postage like this for years to come?


Where to Find the Prettiest Postage for Your Snail Mail

You've invested in beautiful stationery and taken up the lost art of letter writing. After crafting your note, you perfectly calligraph your envelope and reach for a stamp—only to notice that the one you've grabbed is lacking in the aesthetics department. That's not to say that today's USPS postage offerings are entirely lackluster, but the ones you have on hand (or the ones currently in print) might not speak to your paper notes, message, or style. If that's the case, it's time to look into the past for postage, says Patrick Dea, a stamp collector and the owner of Edelweiss Post. "The beauty of opting for vintage postage and discontinued Forever stamps over the current USPS selections is that your options increase exponentially," explains Dea.

yellow stamps on envelopes
Credit: Courtesy of Edelweiss Post

And when it comes to pretty postage, Dea has seen it all: "I began curating stamps for my own wedding invitations in 2011 as a special homage to my stamp-collecting grandfather. He had tried (and failed!) to get me to start as a child, so it's somewhat ironic that I'm now carrying on his legacy," he shares. Here, Dea shares his best tips for sourcing, collecting, and arranging stamps to add yet another layer of meaning to your thoughtful hand-written notes.

Related: Pretty Stationery Sets That Prove Old-Fashioned Mail Is Still the Best

Look to Etsy

"The best place to look for vintage stamps—hands down—is Etsy," says Dea. "It's so easy to search our Etsy shops for postage by color, subject, or theme. We also have the best photography, so you really know what you're getting." Sellers on Etsy tend to be better stocked with rarer finds in large quantities, he adds, which makes these shops the best places to search for invitation postage. As for how to determine which shops are top-notch? Look to their ratings. "The best Etsy stamp shops are obviously ones with the best review ratings, but also have accurate photography and detailed product descriptions."

Why Postage Matters

According to Dea, pretty postage can elevate the entire letter-writing experience. "Stamps are the very first thing you notice when receiving a piece of mail, whether it be a letter from a friend or a wedding invitation," he says. "There is just something captivating about these tiny pieces of art and history. By selecting just the right stamps, you are adding both beauty and meaning to your mail." In the age of social distancing, this is something that has never been more important, he notes.

The Art of Stamp Collection

Dea has curated his personal collection by forging relationships with stamp dealers and collectors all over the country throughout the past decade—so if you're interested in beginning your own, you should know that it can be a time-intensive hobby. "I found many of the stamps you see in my shop at the World Stamp Show in New York City, but that only happens once every ten years!" says Dea. "The process of locating, sorting, separating, and packaging stamps into units that my customers are looking for is very time consuming and labor intensive. I think that's a big reason why my snail mailers love Edelweiss Post—I've done the 'boring part' for them! But for me, it's quite literally a labor of love."

Collector Favorites

Not exactly sure where to start when selecting your stamps? Look to Dea's favorites (although, he notes, being asked to choose a favorite piece of postage is like "choosing a favorite child!") as a guide. "I live in Minneapolis and my favorite bird is the loon, so I adore the beautiful 20-cent Minnesota State Bird & Flower (1982)," he shares. "Some other favorites are the recent Andrew Wyeth Forever Stamps for their ultra-moodiness and the Oscar de la Renta fashion stamps for their bold designs and vivid colors. I think the all-time prettiest stamp might be the "Beautification of America" issue (1969) which feature tree blossoms and spring landscapes in and around Washington, D.C., where I grew up."

Mix and Match

When you buy vintage postage—and they aren't Forever stamps—you'll likely need a few to hit the going 55-cent rate. But a mixed tableau of stamps only adds to the aesthetics of your note. Dea puts together many of these mixed-and-match creations—and, luckily, posts them on Instagram to inspire others—and says the secret to a cohesive result is simple: "A lot of my curations on Instagram are inspired by the color or mood of one stamp. I'll choose a stamp that catches my eye and then other stamps which have similar (or contrasting!) color palettes and piece them together on the envelope. I often tell people it's like putting together a jigsaw puzzle, but that you get to choose the pieces you want to use."

Travel is another jumping-off point, he says. "Why send a postcard with a fish stamp if I'm visiting the desert? There are cactus stamps for that!" he notes. "The same goes for seasons and holidays, which also inspire my mail art. The only time I'd ever reach for a regular United States flag stamp would be for the Fourth of July—and even then, I'd probably use a red stamp, a white stamp, and a blue stamp."

  1. Chevy bowtie accessories
  2. United rentals jobs
  3. Ames maximum stretch

From the introduction of the Penny Black in 1840, to the special edition stamps of the modern day, postage stamps have helped us keep connected across the UK and overseas.

Available individually, in books or in sheets if you need lots, stamps are the quickest and easiest way to send letters, cards and documents within the UK or abroad.

Buy your stamps from any of our 11,500 Post Office branches and use them whenever and wherever you need them. Pop a stamp on your envelope and post when it suits you – in branch or in one of over 115,000 Royal Mail post boxes around the UK. It’s simple and convenient.

The price of a stamp depends on how quickly you want your mail to arrive and its size and weight.

For additional features like next day delivery, tracking or a signature on delivery you’ll need to ask in branch for Royal Mail Signed For or Special Delivery Guaranteed services.


Format and maximum measurements

1st Class
(Aims to deliver the next working day)

2nd Class
(Aims to delivery within 3 working days)

24cm long, 16.5cm wide, 5mm thick
Up to 100g


Large Letter
35.3cm long, 25cm wide, 2.5cm thick
Up to 100g



blue air mail stamps

Stamps can also be used to post letters and cards abroad or as make up values and are available at all Post Offices in denominations from 1p to £5.

The postage price depends on the size, weight, destination and if you want tracking or need a signature on delivery. Trust our experts in branch to help you find the perfect service.

When posting internationally with Royal Mail:
Items usually reach Europe within 3-5 working days and the rest of the world within 6-7 working days.

Posting internationally

blue air mail stamps

Available in selected branches from 13 November 2020

Star Trek has so far produced more than 700 TV episodes and 13 movies plus books, comics and games – including some of the earliest computer games. Screened globally, it's been a cult phenomenon for decades and among the highest-grossing media franchises of all time.

These new Star Trek Special Stamps and limited-edition collectibles celebrate classic characters from the ground-breaking TV series and big-screen blockbusters. They're great gifts for franchise fans and collectors alike.

Where to buy commemorative stamps

Commemorative stamps are only available in some of our branches, use this branch finder to find your local branch which stocks collectibles. Please note stock levels vary across branches and Post Office Ltd cannot guarantee your local branch will have the stamps your looking for in stock.


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TUTORIAL - Making Faux Postage Stamps - Inspired by Anne-Lise Ryan

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