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Backhoe Loaders

For businesses such as residential construction and landscaping, large commercial development, road maintenance, farming and many others, backhoes are an essential piece of equipment for optimizing efficiency. When you’re in the market for a new backhoe for sale and other parts in Indiana and the surrounding areas, MacAllister Machinery is the go-to source for the largest selection of top quality earthmoving equipment in the region.

As the only authorized Cat® dealer for the territory, we carry a complete line of new large, medium and compact backhoe loaders. Need help deciding which Cat backhoe is right for you? Call us at () or request a quote today!

Genuine Cat Backhoes for Sale

When your success rests on the quality and performance of your fleet of heavy equipment, few pieces of machinery are capable of ramping up productivity like a Cat backhoe digger. Backhoes manufactured by Caterpillar® are known to deliver the right combination of power and precision to handle the widest range of rugged applications no matter the operating environment. Whether you’re searching for a small backhoe for sale in Washington, IN or an entire fleet of compact backhoe loaders in Lafayette, we’ll help you identify the units that represent the most efficient fit.

In addition to powerful and fuel-efficient Cat ACERT engines that meet most U.S. EPA emission standards, our line of backhoe loaders provides the following features and benefits:

  • Industry-leading digging and loading performance with excavator style booms and top quality construction and componentry.
  • Smooth ride performance in bumpy or soft underfoot conditions with available advanced Ride Control Systems.
  • Comfort cabs including adjustable air ride seats, ergonomic controls and available climate control.
  • Large front windshield screen and excellent over-hood and up-to-bucket dump visibility for a safer work environment.
  • Latest productivity and remote monitoring technology for improved operator performance.

The Convenient Way to Buy a Backhoe in Indiana

As a heavy equipment dealer with over 70 years of experience, MacAllister Machinery understands your needs for direct access to powerful and dependable machines. We strive to be your one-stop shop for machines from large to small backhoes for sale with a massive inventory backed by peerless customer service and support. In addition to new equipment sales, we also offer complete parts and services, commercial contracts, work tool attachments and more.

Whether you’re replacing a piece of equipment or expanding your fleet, MacAllister offers convenient sales locations across the region. When you visit our stores in Fort Wayne, Lafayette, Terre Haute, Indianapolis, South Bend and Washington, you’ll benefit from:

  • Highly trained sales staff capable of providing expert advice on choosing the right compact backhoes.
  • Extensive inventory in stock and configured for your local applications and environments.
  • Competitive prices on quality equipment and free, no-obligation quotes.
  • Equipment protection programs, extended warranties and flexibility financing for qualified customers.
  • Backhoe work tool attachments to unlock the versatility of your entire fleet.

Contact MacAllister Today

When you need to buy a backhoe loader and only the best will do, nothing answers the call like legendary Cat equipment. MacAllister is the exclusive source of the complete line of new backhoe loaders for sale that sets the industry standard. Call us at () , contact us online or visit our location in your area today to speak to a knowledgeable representative.

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If you are thinking about a large-scale construction project, then the odds are you need some equipment. One very useful piece of equipment for large-scale projects (and even small-scale projects) is a backhoe. If your project involves moving large amounts of dirt and earth, then you may need to look into renting or buying a backhoe. 

In short, it can cost anywhere between $10,$, to buy a backhoe, depending on the brand, model, size, and whether it is new or used. For example, the Kubota L39 has a lift capacity of 2, pounds and a digging depth of 10 feet and costs a base price of about $40, A brand new CAT  Excavator can cost up to $, Smaller used models can run as low as $10,$20, Alternatively, it costs $$80 per hour to buy backhoe services from a company, and it costs anywhere between $$ a day to rent a backhoe for DIY projects. 

Buying a backhoe involves more than just the cost of the machinery. So we put together this comprehensive guide on how much a backhoe costs. 

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What Backhoe Specs Affect Price?

When it comes to most machinery, people look at just horsepower. However, a backhoe also has hydraulic systems so you need to take those into account too. Here are things that affect the cost of a backhoe. 

  • Digging Depth. A smaller backhoe on the cheaper end of the spectrum might be able to dig up to 7’’. Larger more expensive backhoes can dig up to 30 feet deep and deeper. 
  • Bucket Width. The larger the front and back buckets, the more earth you can move at once. Bucket width is relevant if you are renting and need to maximize your time with the machine. A typical rear bucket is about 12 inches wide and can move cubic feet of material. 
  • Weight. Heavier backhoes have a greater environmental impact and require more fuel. So they will cost more to operate than smaller machines.  
  • Load capacity. A typical mid-sized backhoe can lift around pounds with the rear bucket and around 1, pounds with the front bucket. Make sure you buy or rent the right size backhoe for your project. 
  • New or used. Like most heavy machinery, brand new backhoes are substantially more expensive than used backhoes, even though used backhoes can perform just as well. So it’s generally in your best interest to consider used backhoes instead of buying a brand new one. 

Backhoe Costs

The costs of a backhoe vary widely based on make, model, size, and whether it is used or new. 

  • Small. Small backhoes have a digging depth between feet. New models start at around $25, while used models with thousands of hours of use. start at around $10, For example, a heavily used compact Caterpillar loader costs around $10, while a used John Deere backhoe can start at about $25,$30, 
  • Medium. Medium-sized backhoes can dig between feet and usually start between $50,$, For example, a brand new CAT with a feet digging depth starts at $, from the manufacturer. Comparatively, a used JCB 3CX feet backhoe loader starts at about $65, 
  • Larger. Larger backhoes are ones that can dig 16 feet or deeper. Large backhoes start at over $, and some models can reach over $, brand new. For example, a brand new JCB 3CX 17 with a foot maximum digging depth costs $, brand new. A new CAT excavator can cost around $, while larger used models with a few thousand hours start at $,

There are just average figures and actual prices will also vary based on your location and unit availability. So we will consider the average costs of some of the more famous brands of backhoes to give more concrete numbers. 

Average Kubota Backhoe Cost

Kubota has been in the US marketplace for about 50 years and has made a name for its highly versatile and compact construction equipment. Their main line of backhoe loaders is the TLB series, which includes 3 base models of different sizes and with several modifications to fit your project needs. 

  • B26TLB. This model is the smallest one and has a HP engine.
  • L47TLB. This Kubota model has a HP diesel power engine and a total lift capacity of 2, pounds. 
  • M62TLB. This is the largest model Kubota offers and has a large 63 HP engine. 

Generally speaking, the smaller models cost less and the larger models cost more, but costs differ depending on the vendor and location., A medium-sized Kubota backhoe with a dig depth of 15 feet costs approximately $$!50, while a larger model with a dig depth greater than 16 feet starts at over $, You can expect to pay anywhere between $8,$10, extra for each model for buckets and other necessary attachments. 

Average Caterpillar Backhoe Cost

Caterpillar (CAT) backhoes are extremely popular and high-quality. Most CAT machines are pretty large and so they are also pretty expensive compared to other brands. However. CAT quality is praised industry-wide so when you buy CAT, you are buying something reliable. CAT machines can last up to years if maintained properly. 

CAT offers 4 basic backhoe models 

  • CAT E. This model has a 74 horsepower engine and can dig up to 14 feet deep. The CAT model starts at around $80, brand new.
  • CAT E. The CAT E is the mid-sized model from CAT and has an 89 HP engine and dig depth of 15 feet. It starts at just over $90, 
  • CAT E. The CAT E has a large 97 HP engine and usually starts at just under $, It has a max dig depth of 16 feet. 
  • CAT E. The CAT E is the largest model. And features a HP engine and a max dig depth of 17 feet. The CAT E starts at over $,

In addition to these base prices, you can expect to pay another $10, for attachments. Most CAT models also come with a canopy upgrade if you want more coverage in the cabin for an extra $10, 

backhoe prices

Average Terramite Backhoe Cost

Terramite is another popular heavy construction machinery manufacturer that has been around for over 50 years. Terramite advanced the split hydraulic system commonly found in modern tunneling equipment and their line of backhoes includes 3 major models of differing sizes. Most Terramite backhoe loaders fall in the compact to small size ranges.  

  • T5 CTLB. The T5 CTLB has a 25 HP engine and a lift capacity of 1, pounds. New models of the T% start at around $25, for just the frame. You can expect to pay another $8, for buckets and either attachment. 
  • T7 CTLB. The T7 CTLB is a larger model with a dump height of 96” and a total lift capacity of 1, pounds. The T7 has a more powerful diesel engine and a higher breakout force as well. New units of the T7 model start at around $32, Attachments start at around $10, 
  • T9 CTLB. The T9 CTLB is the largest model they offer and has a powerful 32 HP engine as well as 2-wheel and 4-wheel drive options. The T9 CTLB starts at $40, new and attachments cost about $12, 

Other Backhoe Costs

The basic machinery is just part of the cost. Most backhoes allow you to switch attachments and buckets for different jobs. You will most likely need at least one or two different buckets or attachments for whatever projects you want to do. Here is a quick list of some of the most popular attachments and their costs. 

  • Hammers. Hammers attach to the rear hydraulic so you can break down structures like brick and concrete. They can also be used to break up the ground. Hammers cost about $4, per attachment. 
  • Fork pallets. Fork pallets are used to lift pallets without a separate forklift unit. These attachments are fairly cheap and cost around $$ 
  • High-tip buckets. High tip buckets give you more reach so you can take advantage of higher clearance. High-tip buckets cost about $3, 
  • Side tip buckets. Side-tip buckets load from the side and are designed for unloading in narrow spaces like hallways and tunnels. A side-loading bucket costs about as much as a regular bucket; between $1,$3, 
  • Bale spikes. Bale spikes are used by farmers to transport large bales of hay. Average costs for bale spikes start at about $$ 
  • Grinders. Grinders are used to remove tree stumps and other root systems deep in the earth. Grinder costs can range greatly due to tree size but they fall between $1,$5, 
  • Crushers. Crushers are similar to hammers and can be used to demolish and pulverize concrete, bricks, and other materials. Crushers are also used for mining applications. Prices for crushers vary due to materials but usually cost about $2,$4,

Lastly, you may also have to pay a fee to remove dirt from your site. Local disposal fees can cost up to $ depending on your location. It may also be necessary for you to work with a disposal company that can load the dirt in trucks and take it away. 

Financing a Backhoe

Most people do not have the working capital to outright buy a backhoe. Most manufacturers offer some kind of financing plan so you can pay in affordable installments. Make sure that you talk to your manufacturer about financing options if you plan to buy. 

Rent or Lease a Backhoe

If you don’t want to outright buy a backhoe, you can opt to rent one for the short term or lease one for the long term. 

Backhoes and other large equipment are typically rented by the day or half-day. If you want to rent a backhoe for the short-term, you can expect to pay anywhere between $$ a day. For example, you can rent a Kubota B26 backhoe with a 26 HP engine starting at $ per day. Most companies also charge a delivery fee. 

If you rent a backhoe, then you will most likely also have to buy insurance. You will also have to put down a deposit between $$1, Attachments can also cost anywhere between $$ per day so make sure you budget for those accordingly. 

If you need a backhoe for a longer project but do not want to outright buy one, you can lease a backhoe instead. If you have good credit, you could pay as little as $1, per month for a backhoe with a base market value of $50, 

The good thing about a lease is that you normally do not have to pay any money upfront. Most leases also have a buyout clause so you can outright buy the machine at any time during the lease if you want to. Leasing may be a viable option for some projects, but after a certain point, it might be better financially to just buy one. 


Backhoes are useful pieces of equipment and are used for all kinds of construction projects. If you have a construction process, then odds are you will need a backhoe; 

Like most heavy machinery, backhoes are expensive so they are a large capital investment. So there are options to rent or lease if you do not want to buy. We recommend considering renting a backhoe or leasing one first before considering buying. 

But, if you do want to buy, most manufacturers and sellers offer some kind of financing program so you can pay for it in installments. Either way, make sure you understand all the relevant costs before buying, leasing, or renting a backhoe. 


New Cat Backhoes For Sale

A backhoe loader is a critical piece of equipment utilized in construction, landscaping, road maintenance and many other industries that require the right combination of power and versatility. We offer small and compact backhoe loaders, as well as backhoes in larger sizes.

Proudly serving New Jersey, eastern Pennsylvania, Northern Delaware and Staten Island!

New Jersey and the surrounding areas of eastern Pennsylvania, northern Delaware, and Staten Island are home to countless businesses that rely on productive and reliable construction equipment to make progress possible.

As an authorized dealer of equipment manufactured by Caterpillar, we offer exclusive access to the complete line of new Cat® backhoe loaders for sale in Middlesex, Monmouth, Bergen and Morris counties and beyond. Browse our inventory and contact a knowledgeable Foley, Inc. representative for assistance finding a backhoe loader that meets your unique requirements. From compact backhoe to full-sized options, Foley has the equipment you need.

Get a Quote Today

New Caterpillar Backhoe Loaders for Sale

When you buy new backhoe loaders in New Jersey, eastern Pennsylvania, northern Delaware, and Staten Island you benefit from the productivity, durability and reliability of genuine Cat equipment. The backhoes we carry deliver exceptional digging power with the precision controls to efficiently handle a wide range of jobs. No matter the weight of the load or the conditions of the terrain, our Cat backhoe loaders are capable of speeding up workflow while improving job site safety.

Along with setting the bar for operator comfort with adjustable air ride seats, available in-cab climate systems and ergonomic controls, new Cat backhoes feature:

  • Fuel-efficient Cat ACERT engines that meet most governmental emissions standards while providing the power to get the job done right
  • Innovative Ride Control Systems that deliver smooth and consistent performance in soft, bumpy, wet or sloped conditions
  • State-of-the-art productivity technology that allows for real-time equipment monitoring and data analysis to maximize efficiency
  • Improved safety with large front windshield screens and excellent over hood and up to bucket dump visibility Foley, Inc. strives to make the process of purchasing construction equipment as quick and straightforward as possible. We’ve been focused on delivering cost-effective solutions to help grow businesses like yours since Whether you require the versatility of a F IT Cat backhoe loader in Middlesex County or the extra digging depth of the F model in Monmouth County and across the region, our experienced team will help you find the equipment you’re looking for.
  • Get in touch with us today by phone, online or in person at your closest location for more information and to request a free quote on a new Cat backhoe loader for sale.
  • The Best Way to Buy New Cat Backhoe Loaders in New Jersey, eastern Pennsylvania, northern Delaware, and Staten Island and Beyond

Prices caterpillar backhoe

How Much Does a CAT Backhoe Loader Cost?

Get Free Backhoe Loader Price Quotes

Compare CAT Backhoe Loader Prices

When it comes to backhoe loaders, Caterpillar (CAT) doesn't make small machines. If you're looking for a machine with high performance and lots of horsepower, a CAT backhoe loader might just be the machine for you.

The CAT brand is also famous for reliability. CAT backhoe loaders are durable and have long useful lives. They stand up to even the toughest job sites.

CAT Backhoe Loader Average Costs

There are four basic models of CAT backhoe loaders. They begin in price at about $85, and range upwards of $,

  • The smallest model, the CAT E with 74 horsepower and feet of dig depth capability, starts at $84,
  • The CAT E with 89 horsepower and feet of dig depth costs just slightly more, starting at $86,
  • CAT's E model with 97 horsepower and feet of dig depth begins at a suggested retail price of $98,
  • The largest model, CAT's E with horsepower and feet of dig depth begins at $,

Keep in mind that the prices above reflect only the manufacturer's suggested retail price for base models. They do not include additional features and upgrades.

CAT Backhoe Loader Features and Options

Not all features and options you might want come standard with a CAT backhoe loader. Think of it much like purchasing a new car: You can opt for extras like an automatic transmission and power windows. But, they're going to increase the total purchase price.

  • Basic models of CAT backhoe loaders come with a canopy to shelter the operator compartment. If you'd rather have a complete cab, plan on spending about an extra $10,
  • Backhoe buckets also cost extra - usually anywhere from $1, to $3,, not including installation.
  • An automatic transmission will run you an extra $3, or so.
  • Upgraded tires can add a total of $1, to $4, to the total purchase price.

Paying for Your CAT Backhoe Loader

If you don't have $, or more to purchase a backhoe loader, there are several options available to you. You can seek financing through your bank or a private lender. Or, CAT offers financing options.

If you can't afford a big down payment, have credit issues or need to conserve capital for other expenses, leasing is an option to consider. You can lease a CAT backhoe loader for little or no money down for a period of several years. When the lease term expires, you can return the machine, purchase it, or trade it in for a newer model.

Use Our Free Service and Find Backhoe Loader Dealers

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