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GMC Yukon / Yukon XL Angel Eye Halo & LED Projector Headlights

Looking for a set of complete headlights for your GMC Yukon / Yukon XL? Consider our high quality projector headlights for your GMC Yukon / Yukon XL. These are direct replacement headlights that feature projection lighting technology and Euro style Angel Eye Halo rings design. Some of these headlights also equipped with day time driving LED lights to enhance your front end appearance and increases safety.

All projector headlights comes with everything needed for a easy installation. These are direct replacement headlights that designed for easy plug and play installation. Even the low beam light bulb is included to ensure your driving vision at night time with these headlights.

  • Manufactured by OEM approved manufacturer that meets OE standard.
  • Some wiring may be required for operation of Halo, LEDs (if equipped)
  • Great quality & fit perfectly with no modification.
  • Replace stock dull Headlights with this New Designed Projector Headlights
  • Sours: https://www.protuninglab.com/lighting-projector-headlights--gmc--yukon.html

    Headlights Problems of GMC Yukon

    1 Headlights problem of the GMC Yukon

    Failure Date: 05/31/

    Manufacture defective , front driver side headlight assembly has high condensation which continues to get worse. It has caused the light to malfuction and now will not work. I was told by a mechanic that the whole headlight assembly has to be replaced because if not the bulbs will continue to burn out due to the condensation.

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    3 Headlights problem of the GMC Yukon

    Failure Date: 05/24/

    Vehicle has under 45, miles and both headlights need to be replaced due to malfunctioning led's from water intrusion. This happens after washing my car and now it will not pass state inspection due to driver side daytime led not turning on, and passenger side drl not turning off. I can not get this fixed because the passenger side light is on backorder, yet my local dealer said this isn't a known problem. Take a look on the internet and it's clearly a manufacturing issue (hence backordered headlights).

    4 Headlights problem of the GMC Yukon

    Failure Date: 05/14/

    The most disturbing concern is the fact that I lost my brakes as a result of a known problem that gm has even recognized relating to a faulty vacuum booster pump. I incurred a $ repair bill despite gm's acknowledgement of the problem and willingness to pay for cars with less than miles. Unfortunately, mine was over the allowable mileage. Additionally, I am looking at a $ repair bill for a sealed headlight replacement and another $ bill for a side detection system ( lane departure warning). Gm made a poor car that is unsafe and is not properly addressing the problem.

    5 Headlights problem of the GMC Yukon

    Failure Date: 02/13/

    All led lights have went out on right side, as well as break lights. This is a know issue to GMC, and yet they will not correct it. My quote to have it fixed was 00 from local dealership. That is crazy. Led lights should last a whole lot longer than this. Also condensation is in the front headlight with no holes or cracks. If this happens with house windows, they are replaced by the manufacturer. There are so many complaints, I will also be contacting the better business bureau. GMC knows there is a problem with these models.

    6 Headlights problem of the GMC Yukon

    Failure Date: 05/28/

    Headlight has water condensation in it and dealership says it's a sealed unit so the whole headlight needs replaced and if it happened to the passenger side it's most likely going to happen to the driver side 1 headlight cost $1, to replace and labor if GMC knows this is a problem with the Yukons how come something is not being done about it because $1, is not a small amount of money!.

    7 Headlights problem of the GMC Yukon

    Failure Date: 05/01/

    Vehicle front headlight and taillight leds are out. Three out of the four lights have gone out in the last month.

    8 Headlights problem of the GMC Yukon

    Failure Date: 01/22/

    Wife driving children home at night. Used dash light dimmer wheel to adjust dash brightness. Caused all lights, including headlights to turn off.

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    9 Headlights problem of the GMC Yukon

    Failure Date: 11/08/

    The passenger side headlight assembly was working and now after having the truck since April the running light has gone out completely. It was already hard seeing the road ahead with the lights working because all of them are so dim but now it is even worse. The entire headlight has to be replaced because of moisture inside the so called sealed assembly. I took the truck to the dealership only to find out that it will cost me $ plus dollars for the light and labor this is really ridiculous. I have read on many different GMC forums that this is an all around state to state problem that I think GMC should address not only because of the cost but because of the safety issues that this poses. Please do something about this problem.

    10 Headlights problem of the GMC Yukon

    Failure Date: 06/22/

    I have a GMC Yukon with condensation in the right and left front headlight assemblies. My turn indicator stopped working which usually indicates a burned out bulb. I did not notice the condensation and I took my Yukon to the dealership for what I thought was going to be a simple bulb replacement. The headlight assemblies are completely sealed which requires the replacement of the complete lamp assembly if a bulb filament burns out. The dealership pointed out the condensation and told me the bulb malfunction is likely caused by the condensation. Since my visit to the dealership yesterday, the turn indicator has worked intermittently. A call back to the dealership with the update and the response was that the condensation likely caused corrosion and still needed to be replaced. They advised me the other headlight and signal indicator were likely to malfunction as well. It is obviously an ongoing issue since gm issued a technical service bulletin around may and updated it in March to include and models. The condensation covers the entire lens. This is obviously an issue at night when using the headlights. The headlight assembly is non serviceable - entire headlight assembly must be replaced for non-working bulb at a huge cost $/side). Gms technical service bulletin notes that if certain conditions are noted (such as in my case), the replacement of the lamp assembly may not correct this condition.

    11 Headlights problem of the GMC Yukon

    Failure Date: 12/08/

    Headlights do not illuminate the road far enough to allow safe driving. Took vehicle to local dealer and they checked the lights and said they meet manufactures specification. When driving on country road with no other illumination the headlights do not project far enough to see what is ahead. Driving at posted speeds 55 to 60 mph cannot see what is coming up. Have to use high beam in order to see far enough to be safe. Did an online search and found that this is a common complaint for this model year.

    12 Headlights problem of the GMC Yukon

    Failure Date: 11/30/

    Headlights are too dim and do not provide appropriate visibility for safe driving at night, particularly when navigating curvy roads as the lights do not project an adequate distance. Factory bulbs have been replaced with another brand with minimal improvement.

    13 Headlights problem of the GMC Yukon

    Failure Date: 02/20/

    Truck started to have major eletrical issues. Blubs burning out often sockets burning out had to replace too often. Light covers melting. Headlights out and will not come back on for days, have to tap them to get them to come back on. Horn blows from alarm all times of the day and night. Inside lights on dash, steering wheel and doors will not work at times all lights are not functioning correctly. Lights at times too often will not work at all. Stability warning light comes often. Afraid truck will catch fire from the electrical issues. . Please help!!!!.

    14 Headlights problem of the GMC Yukon

    Failure Date: 03/16/

    On several occasions between 2/05/11 and 3/8/11 while driving at night, with headlamps in auto mode, idling at a full stop, the headlights and dash lighting shut off completely and will not reset in auto mode. Gm repaired by replacing a ambient light sensor on 3/9/ This did not fix the problem. Problem only occurs while stopped/idling at night (does not occur at normal driving speeds). Headlights/dash lighting work correctly in manual mode.

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    15 Headlights problem of the GMC Yukon

    Failure Date: 02/26/

    Low beam headlamps have poor lighting performance high beams are not any better and is not measurable difference between them. I have been driving with the high beams on and oncoming traffic does not even flash me to turn them off.

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    16 Headlights problem of the GMC Yukon

    Failure Date: 01/12/

    The contact owns a GMC Yukon. While stopped at a light, the front headlight caught fire. There were no warning indicators prior to the failure. GMC stated that they would have a dealer inspect the vehicle and repair it at the owner's expense. The vehicle has not yet been repaired. The failure and current mileages were ,

    17 Headlights problem of the GMC Yukon

    Failure Date: 03/02/

    Purchased new Yukon denali xl on 3/19/ Initially my husband and I noticed the seat position memory was faulty. Problem was minor did not report it. Replaced the head lights every 2 months ~ drove us crazy but we did not complain. Less than 8 months paint on the console and accessory buttons peeled. Finally on 3/2/07 I was driving to work and got a transmission hot message. Furious and concerned I drove straight to the dealer for assistance. Later that day I find out that my less than two year old truck costing about $50, needed a new radiator and coolant system, replaced radiator hoses upper and lower,heater hoses, replaced coolant jug, replaced thermostat, replace bypass hose and truck needed an extensive engine block cooling flush, further indicating that the transmission and radiator fluid mixed - totaling $2, Truck was in the shop on 1/12/07 for regular scheduled maintenance, which included inspection of the radiator, coolant system and hoses. On 3/6/07, called to check on my truck to find out that there was slight damage to the transmission; however, the advisor stated " I would not get the transmission replaced right now, just begin a service for a new vehicle" just the words you want to hear after wasting your money on a luxury SUV. I contacted GMC customer care and they indicated there are no recalls on the issue. After doing an in depth online search I am now aware that many people have had the same problem. GMC as well as the dealer act as if it's not a big deal so owners have not pressed the issue. Many owners state that they are not interested in the run around so they get the car repaired and don't pursue the issue. This matter needs immediate attention and possible recalls. No automobile should have transmission / radiator/ coolant/ electrical (head light) /memory malfunction or cheap interior issues within 2 yrs. GMC needs to step up to the plate and except responsibility for their poorly manufactured Yukon denali.

    18 Headlights problem of the GMC Yukon

    Failure Date: 11/27/

    The headlamps on both sides have been replaced six times. The dealer wanted to replace the entire headlamp assembly to the tune of $ that, we were told, was not under warranty. The daytime running lights are intermittently on and off and replacement of bulbs does not fix the problem.

    19 Headlights problem of the GMC Yukon

    Failure Date: 03/01/

    Yukon transmission seal failed because of rough shifting, serpentine drive belt squeaks. Vehicle leaked fuel consumer had to get a ride home while fire dept cleaned up spill. A seal failed and coolant leaked into the transmission and destroyed it. The radiator seal failed. The head light lens was loose.

    See all problems of the GMC Yukon 🔎.

    21 Headlights problem of the GMC Yukon

    Failure Date: 01/15/

    : the contact stated the vehicle's driver side day time running lights kept burning out. The contact expressed the socket part of the bulb overheated and malformed. The dealer was contacted but provided no solution. The vehicle was not taken to the dealer for inspection. The manufacturer was not contacted.

    22 Headlights problem of the GMC Yukon

    Failure Date: 11/15/

    Got in my vehicle one morning and low beam head lights( daytime runnings) did not come on but the high beams would nor would they come one manually. I drove for awhile then they came on. I would drive down the road and they will flicker. They do scome one every once in awhile. Nothing has been done as of yet.

    23 Headlights problem of the GMC Yukon

    Failure Date: 10/15/

    The contact owns a GMC Yukon. The contact stated that the rear seat radio function was not functioning. The contact noticed the console was extremely hot. The dealer was made aware of the failure but a diagnostic test was not performed. Also, the contact stated that the passenger side daytime running headlight bulb was replaced three different times. The contact noticed the light bulbs that were removed were black and appeared melted on the bottom. The vehicle was not repaired for the radio failure. The VIN was not available. The approximate failure mileage was

    See all problems of the GMC Yukon 🔎.

    24 Headlights problem of the GMC Yukon

    Failure Date: 09/23/

    Head light flicker while driving and turning or going over bumps. Appears to make drivers think I am flashing my high beams. Dealer could not duplicate problem. Very distracting while driving, not only to me but people who are ahead of me. Dealer was not very concerned about problem and sent me on my way. I feel like this is a safety issue and should be taken care of. This is not an intermittent problem, it happens every time I drive at night.

    25 Headlights problem of the GMC Yukon

    Failure Date: 07/07/

    High beam on passenger side wasn't operating, checked bulb, not burned out, fuse in engine compartment failed, replaced fuse high beam switched on, fuse blows again continues to blow fuses instantly.

    26 Headlights problem of the GMC Yukon

    Failure Date: 05/03/

    Whenever there is rain vehicle continuously leaks water onto the front floorboard, which shorts out the electrical system. Took the vehicle to the dealer for repairs. The consumer was told that there was a defect in the firewall or a seal. Headlights short out while driving.

    27 Headlights problem of the GMC Yukon

    Failure Date: 10/07/

    While driving at night the headlights and dash lights flicker off and on. This condition only occurs while traveling at speeds above 35 mph and when hitting a bump or making a curve. This condition is not only distracting, but when driving at night with no other ambient light I am unable to see adequately ahead of my vehicle. I have had drivers ahead of me pull over thinking that I was flashing my lights at them and other drivers get irate believing that I am "bright lighting them". This is a safety issue that appears to be widespread on the denali's with stabilitrak. Gm states that this condition is "normal". I believe that headlights are meant to burn steady and not flicker off and on. I am requesting that NHTSA investigate this with the auto manufacturer to mandate a fix before there are injuries attributed to this condition.

    28 Headlights problem of the GMC Yukon

    Failure Date: 08/01/

    Headlights fail to come on sometimes if steering wheel is tilted, it will have to move tilt on steering wheel sometimes they will come on in a certain position on the wheel and the interior dial will not make them come on, if they are on and high beamed or used it will make the lights go out all together, will not come on until tilt is readjusted.

    29 Headlights problem of the GMC Yukon

    Failure Date: 12/01/

    While drving the vehicle at 60mph at night time consume states has problem with interior light as well with head lights, causing to pull out of the road. Dealer has been notified. Please provide further information thanks. Ts.

    30 Headlights problem of the GMC Yukon

    Failure Date: 07/01/

    Headlights just go off on low beam will work only on high beam. Sometimes they work and then at other times they go off. Took to local dealership in brandon mississippi, could not reproduce, however got stranded wouldn't crank at miles, boosted, took to dealership, gauges were clicking and jumping battery was replaced under warranty but I am afraid this is not the end of this problem. We have had three GMC's with previous battery problems while under warranty. Dt.

    31 Headlights problem of the GMC Yukon

    Failure Date: 11/24/

    As I was driving through a snow furry I the snow packed up on the high-beam head lamps that were not in use in the heavy part of the snow storm. These lamp's collected the wet snow and it packed over the lamp so much so when they were activated "no light' of which, would be of use, on wet roads at highway speeds came on the high-beam was of no use at all !!! the problem; when you activate the high-beam the headlamp program is for the "l0w-beam' to go out **** this leaves you the driver with-out any head-lights at all and in this case I mean no light at all . I was traveling at 70 on a 2 lane road in nevada, in a slow lefthand curve when this happened. Thankfully I now the road very will and I drive class a trucks for a living for the passed 18 years so " I' didn't freeze-up when this happened. Sometime soon if not corrected (GMC can do a simple wire re-configureation and solve this problem tomarrow ) somone is going to be killed or injured. I have 1. 75 "million miles' of safe driving under my belt and this is the first time I have ever felt so strong on a problem that I have written anyone. I wrote GMC and the letter I got back does not make me feel they will address this problem at all. Per veh this is such a low cost correction. But if left un-corrected the cost can be so high, not just in money but in lives. Thank you frank b. Rustad cc abc, nbc, cbs, l. A. Times, salt lake tribuine, san francisco-cronicle, .

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    32 Headlights problem of the GMC Yukon

    The driver's side headlight was holding moisture and had to be replaced. Nlm.

    Other Common Exterior Lighting related problems of GMC Yukon

    Sours: https://www.carproblemzoo.com/gmc/yukon/headlights-problems.php
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    GMC Yukon Denali Headlight

    About our GMC Yukon Denali Headlight locating service:

    We can help you find the GMC Yukon Denali Headlight fast and cheap. Fill out your contact information and your Headlight request will get distributed instantly to a nationwide network of auto recyclers, salvage yards, wrecking yards, junkyards and parts brokers across the country. Shortly after, you will receive price quotes directly from the sellers that stock the Headlight.

    Locate GMC Yukon Denali Headlight here


    Available Parts


    • A Pillar (-)
    • Back Window (-)
    • Bed Rail (-)
    • Bumper Assembly, Front (-)
    • Bumper Assembly, Rear (-)
    • Bumper Bar, Front (-)
    • Bumper Bar, Rear (-)
    • Bumper Cover, Front (-)
    • Bumper Cover, Rear (-)
    • Cab Corner (-)
    • Door Assembly, Back (-)
    • Door Assembly, Front (-)
    • Door Assembly, Rear (-)
    • Door Handle, Rear (-)
    • Door Latch, Rear (-)
    • Door Mirror, Side (-)
    • Door Trim Panel, Front (-)
    • Door Vent Glass, Front (-)
    • Door Window, Front (-)
    • Door Window, Rear (-)
    • Fender (-)
    • Front Clip (-)
    • Fuel Tank (-)
    • Grille (-)
    • Ground Effects (-)
    • Header Panel (-)
    • Headlight/Headlamp Door (-)
    • Hood (-)
    • Pillar (-)
    • Quarter Panel (-)
    • Quarter Window (-)
    • Quarter Window Regulator, Rear (-)
    • Radiator Support (-)
    • Rear Clip Assembly (-)
    • Rear Fender Assembly (-)
    • Rear Trim Panel (-)
    • Rear Vent Window (-)
    • Roof (-)
    • Roof Glass (-)
    • Running Board (-)
    • Tail Finish Panel (-)
    • Tail Panel (-)
    • Tailgate Assembly (-)
    • Tires (-)
    • Tires, Set (-)
    • Tonneau Cover (-)
    • Truck Bed (-)
    • Truck Cab (-)
    • Trunk Lid Pull Down (-)
    • Valance, Front (-)
    • Wheel Cover (-)
    • Wheel Rim (-)
    • Windshield Glass (-)


    • ABS Control Module/Pump (-)
    • Air Injection Pump (-)
    • Air Spring (-)
    • Axle Carrier, Rear (-)
    • Axle Housing (-)
    • Axle Shaft (-)
    • Axle, Front (-)
    • Axle, Rear (-)
    • Back Axle (-)
    • Brake Master Cylinder (-)
    • Bumper Shock (-)
    • Cab Clip (-)
    • Camshaft (-)
    • Cylinder Head (-)
    • Differential Assembly, Rear (-)
    • Drive Shaft, Front (-)
    • Drive Shaft, Rear (-)
    • Engine Oil Cooler (-)
    • Engine Pullout (-)
    • Exhaust Manifold (-)
    • Flywheel (-)
    • Frame (-)
    • Fuel Pump (-)
    • Harmonic Balancer (-)
    • Hub Bearing (-)
    • I Beam (-)
    • Intake Manifold (-)
    • Leaf Spring, Front (-)
    • Leaf Spring, Rear (-)
    • Lower Control Arm, Front (-)
    • Lower Control Arm, Rear (-)
    • Muffler (-)
    • Oil Pan (-)
    • Power Brake Booster (-)
    • Power Steering Pump (-)
    • Radiator Overflow Bottle (-)
    • Ring Gear And Pinion (-)
    • Shock Absorber (-)
    • Shock, Front (-)
    • Shock, Rear (-)
    • Spindle (-)
    • Spoiler, Rear (-)
    • Steering Column (-)
    • Steering Gear (-)
    • Strut (-)
    • Stub Axle, Rear (-)
    • Suspension Compressor (-)
    • Suspension Cross Member (-)
    • Throttle Body (-)
    • Timing Cover (-)
    • Torque Converter (-)
    • Torsion Bar (-)
    • Transfer Case Assembly (-)
    • Transfer Case Motor (-)
    • Transmission Cooler (-)
    • Turbo (-)
    • Upper Control Arm, Front (-)
    • Upper Control Arm, Rear (-)
    • Vacuum Pump (-)
    • Valve Cover (-)
    • Water Pump (-)
    • Window Regulator, Front (-)
    • Window Regulator, Rear (-)
    Sours: https://automotix.net/usedautoparts/gmc-yukon_denali-headlight-inventory.html

    GMC Yukon XL - Headlight Bulb

    Your headlight bulb ensures clear vision in poor weather conditions or at night. Like all light bulbs, headlight bulbs will eventually burn out. When one headlight goes out, it's likely the other bulb will also burn out soon. If you have a headlight that has started to dim or has burned out, it should be replaced as soon as possible for your safety. When you need a headlight bulb, visit O’Reilly Auto Parts. There are many different headlight bulb options in terms of brightness, color, and down-road visibility, so you can find a bulb for your repair. We also carry tail light and brake light bulbs and other exterior lighting products for your car, truck, or SUV.

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    Sours: https://www.oreillyauto.com/shop/b/lightingelectrical/headlight-bulb/f5abcf//gmc/yukon-xl

    Yukon headlight 2015

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