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Heart shapes are a fun shape to introduce to your child as Valentine's Day approaches. 

The excitement of getting cards (with hearts on them) and candy (often shaped like hearts) makes it a great time to learn about this shape.  Plus, all the candy makes for a tasty object lesson!

Below are four worksheets (not tasty) you can print out with activities for your Pre-K or Kindergarten students that focus on shape recognition and drawing or tracing the correct forms.

Heart Shapes Worksheets & Activities

The first activity includes a drawing task.  There are four heart outlines.  The heart is one of the most difficult shapes to make, at least it was for our kids, so I made a few different 'levels' of hearts.  The first one is complete and the others have bits of information missing.  As your child works through tracing each shape, they will gradually get harder. Have your child trace the dotted lines and 'free hand' the parts that are missing.  At the bottom of the page is an identification activity.  Have your child look at all of the objects.  Count all of the hearts that can be found in that section and write the answer on the line.

The second paper has four rows of shapes.  The shapes are all mixed up and include, triangles, hearts, squares, and circles.  In this sheet, we will focus on shape recognition, so have the student color the hearts in each row.

Next is a shapes maze.  Like the previous worksheet, the maze is full of hearts, triangles, and squares.  Again, the focus will be on the child's ability to recognize the heart shape when it's found among other shapes.  Have your child help the mailman deliver the box of chocolates by coloring in the hearts to make a path.

The final printable activity sheet is a matching one.  There are only hearts in this worksheet so we're working less on shape recognition and more on the different ways that hearts can be drawn.  Hearts can be confusing because unlike most other shapes, their form can be more fluid.  Whereas a square has four equal sides, a heart may lean one way or another, have a long point or short point, and is really at the mercy of whomever is drawing it.  This is just a fun activity to show your child that hearts can take many shapes, but they're still hearts with two mid-points and curves!  Your students need to draw a line from the hearts on the left to the shapes that match them on the right.

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Below are a few more units on shapes that you may find helpful.  The Dot To Dot puzzles are a fun way to work on recognizing shapes and the flashcards can be printed at home and used to practice while you're on the go!

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Worksheets heart shape

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