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The CORSAIR Hydro X Series XR7 240mm Water Cooling Radiator delivers extreme custom liquid cooling performance, with 54mm radiator thickness and 25 micron thin cooling fins maximizing heat dissipation surface area. A premium copper radiator core core is optimized for use alongside copper CPU and GPU water blocks, further increasing the thermal transfer rate. Intuitive extras such as Integrated Fan Screw Guides and built-in Screw Protection Plates make it easy to install fans, without worrying about damaging the radiator. Equipped with standard G1/4" threads for universal compatibility and the surface area to tame even the highest-end hardware, the XR7 240mm radiator stands ready to cool even the most ambitious custom cooling loops and defeat the heat.

Dual 120mm fan mounts on either side of the radiator are ready for your most ambitious custom liquid cooling build

30mm radiator thickness delivers extreme cooling performance with high-airflow and low-noise fans.

A premium copper radiator core and 25 micron thick cooling fins provide a high thermal transfer rate optimized for CORSAIR’s performance copper water blocks.

High-quality matte black polyurethane coating delivers a flawless finish to match your system.

Integrated Fan Screw Guides make it easy to install fans even when the radiator is fitted into a case.

Screw Protection Plates prevent too long or over-tightened screws from damaging the radiator core.

Standard G1/4” threads for all inlet/outlet ports provide universal fitting compatibility.

Radiator Dimensions: 275mm x 120mm x 55mm

Screw Thread Size: M4xP0.7

Materials: Copper / Brass

Compatible Materials: Only mix with other copper / brass products


The Corsair Hydro X Custom Water Cooling Review, on a Ryzen 9 3950X

During Computex 2019, Corsair unveiled its new Hydro X series - a new range of water cooling hardware that markts its first entry into custom water cooling market. The range offers CPU blocks for multiple sockets, multiple fittings, tubing types, and a pump/reservoir combo, allowing users can build a high-performance system with nearly all Corsair branded parts. We used the Corsair Hydro X series in our ASRock X570 Aqua review and built a full system to showcase what Corsair is offering, and here is a build log of that system.

The Corsair Hydro X Series: Making a Big Splash

Widely known as one of the major players in the closed-loop cooler markets, Corsair made a big splash into the custom water cooling market with its Hydro X series last year. By offering a family of custom liquid parts that includes CPU blocks, GPU blocks, radiators, a pump and reservoir combination, to a range of coolant and fittings for users to select from to customize a full loop, Corsair is aiming to both undercut the competition but also be able to provide as much of the system as a Corsair as possible.

The Corsair Hydro X series is fully integrated to work with Corsair's iCUE RGB customization software which allows users to run Corsair RGB fans, the Hydro X series, as well as link up devices such as Corsair peripherals. Most companies that use RGB as one of its driving features are focused on creating an immersive ecosystem so that its RGB laden product families can be managed through a single interface. The Corsair Hydro X range, unlike other water cooling brands, is primarily constructed of nylon which as a material, which Corsair claims is more durable and easier to produce in higher quantities.

All of Corsair's Hydro X Series water blocks come with G1/4" threads, and each block has thermal materials pre-applied for ease of use.

Corsair Hydro X Series XC7 CPU Block for LGA115x and AM4

On CPU blocks, Corsair has two series of CPU blocks: the Hydro X Series XC7, and the Hydro X Series XC9. The Corsair Hydro X Series XC7 comes in three varieties, one for Intel's HEDT LGA2066 socket, one for AMD's HEDT sTR4 socket, and a final one designed for both Intel socket LGA115x and AMD AM4 sockets.

The Hydro X Series XC7 includes RGB LED lighting and has 60+ cold plate fins. The XC7 uses nickel-plated copper so compatibility is limited to other water cooling products that use copper and brass internally. The XC7 is available at present in black, while the XC9 comes in silver.

Corsair Hydro X Series XC9 CPU Block for LGA2011/2066 and sTR4/sTRX4

The second of two available processor blocks is the Corsair Hydro X Series XC9 CPU block. This is higher-end in terms of specifications, and is designed solely for the Intel LGA2066 and AMD sTR4 platforms. With a larger than average nickel-plated copper cooling plate designed for larger and more powerful processors, the XC9 has more cooling fins. Like the XC7, the XC9 has a transparent flow chamber for users to see water flow, but the XC9 also has a sandblasted aluminium trim designed to have a more premium look and feel. Again, RGB LEDs are present.

Corsair Hydro X Series XG7 RGB 2080 Ti Founders Edition GPU Block

The XG7 series represents its custom solution graphics card water blocks and although it doesn't support every available model, there is an XG7 model for reference NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070, 2080, and 2080 Tis. Corsair also has custom variants for the ASUS ROG RTX 2080 and 2080 Ti STRIX models. For the AMD side, only one block is available and has support for reference AMD RX 5700 XT. Each block is constructed from nickel-plated copper, with a full aluminium backplate and comes with 16 integrated individually addressable RGB LEDs. For added style, the block itself has a transparent front cover to allow users to see the flow, and show off colored coolant.

At present, Corsair is offering a single pump and reservoir solution through the Hydro X Series XD5. This includes a Xylem D5 PWM pump with a 330 ml capacity reservoir. Like the majority of the range, the fluid chamber is constructed from Nylon. The the flow rate is advertised as 800 L/h at 2.1 meters of pressure. The Xylem D5 PWM pump is rated up to a maximum of 4800 RPM, and has a power draw of around 30 W. Integrated into the reservoir are ten RGB LEDs which can be controlled by the Corsair iCUE RGB software, and hook up to directly to Corsair's iCUE lighting controller.

Included with the pump are mounting brackets to allow users to mount it in various parts of a system including in drive bays and on 120/140 mm cooling fans. Also supplied is an in-loop temperature probe and a 24-pin power supply jumper so users can fill up without having to power the system components on. This is important for debugging any issues with a loop.

The Corsair Hydro X Series offers two main types of core fittings and tubing. This includes Softline in 10/13 mm ID/OD, and hardline in 14/10 mm. The Hardline is constructed from PMMA, while the Softline is made from PVC. There is a wide variety of fittings to allow users to create the right configuration including 45° and 90° angled fittings, as well as rotary splitters, ball valves, and a fill port.

The fittings themselves are constructed from brass and are G1/4" thread. Each core fitting is knurled brass and is available in both silver and black varieties. Corsair states that its range should only be used with other parts constructed from copper and brass to avoid mixing metals which can cause corrosion. 

It wouldn't be a full water cooling series without radiators, and Corsair is offering its slim 30 mm XR5 radiators in six sizes including 120, 140, 240, 280, 360, and 420 mm. The thicker XR7 radiators are available in 240 mm, 360 mm and in a larger 480 mm size. Each XR7 radiator is 54 mm thick and is constructed from copper and brass, with support for 120 mm cooling fans. Dependant on the size and space inside the chassis, each radiator supports both push and pull for better cooling performance. At present, the radiators are only available in black.

The Corsair Hydro X Series XL5 coolant is manufactured by renowned fluid specialist Mayhems Solutions and is available in clear, and four colors. This includes red, green, blue and purple and each bottle is available in 1 liter capacities.

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Hydro X Series custom cooling helps push your system's performance as far as it can go, while lowering temperatures and noise levels

CPUs and graphics cards run hot under heavy load. While gaming, this heat causes air cooler fans to run at a very high speed, producing noise. Unlike air coolers, water cooling doesn't blow hot air around your case. The liquid moves heat to the radiators, and efficiently blows it out of your case. This means you can run fans at much lower speeds, reducing noise output while still keeping unmatched cooling performance. Moving the cooling to radiators outside the usual hot zones also gives you much better overclocking capabilities.

*Air cooled Benchmarks measured on a Win 10 PC System with NVIDIA RTX 3080 FE GPU & AMD Ryzen 7 3700X CPU using a AMD Wraith Prism CPU Air cooler, during Far Cry 5 gameplay.

Custom cooling not only improves your PC’s performance, but also its visuals, turning it into a work of art. Nothing else quite compares to the distinctive style of elegant, polished water blocks and the unique twists and turns of hardline tubing runs. The Hydro X Series also offers additional customization options through integrated dynamic RGB lighting, opening up more potential for personalization.

* Featured community photos have been posted online on public forums and we wanted to showcase them in the Hydro X gallery. In case you own one of these photos and would like it removed, please contact us.


Corsair Hydro X Series XD7 RGB - White

Efficient RGB tank/pump

TheCorsair Hydro X Series XD7 RGB combines a tank and pump to efficiently cool your PC via your custom watercooling circuit. TheXylem D5 PWMpump adjusts to the temperature of the circuit with its built-in sensor and offers RGB backlighting to be controlled via Corsair iCUE using the Corsair commander Pro or Corsair Lightning Node Pro.

Main features:

  • Tank with pump - G 1/4" thread
  • 36 LEDRGB backlighting(only possible with Corsair Commander Pro or Lightning Node Pro)
  • Capacity: 140 ml
  • Molex connector + 4-pin fan (45 cm long)
  • Max. power consumption 30 Watts
  • Pump speed: 4800 RPM max.
  • Flow rate: 800L / h at 2.1 m pressure

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Corsair Hydro X 5000D Black \u0026 RGB Theme - Time Lapse Build

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