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aestheticsupremacy: “elitealphabruh: “athleticbrutality: “chemically enhanced arrogance ” For real Alphas, even genetic perfection aint enough ” enhancement is only the beginning of his descent into darkness. ” Start with the body, then mold the mind...

chemically enhanced arrogance

For real Alphas, even genetic perfection aint enough

enhancement is only the beginning of his descent into darkness.

Start with the body, then mold the mind into the douchebrah the world needs you to be.


emulate the fallen heroes you wish to resurrect with your greatness.


Is there a better view for a fag?

Every MILF on the block has seen this view


Never stop flexing on the loser faggots of the world. Never stop growing. The world is yours to rule and faggots are a disease. Smash and use them and they’ll crown you their god. Be a god. Use your power and wrath. Harness your hate. You’re a selfish narcissistic mother fucker and you deserve the world. Breed bitches and hurt pussies and grow your fucking kingdom

When you see what the future holds


young king in YoungLA drip

don’t need to use discount codes when betas will buy the newest drop for you.

Alpha lifestyle: sending out pics to the betas clearing off your Amazon wishlist whole waiting for the MILF of the day to make it to your place so that you can rail her.


That look when the MILF’s sexts don’t meet your expectations. Denying her the goods for a day or two will put her back in line.

personal worth is determined by personal work.

I’m surprised that he could stop looking at his phone long enough to flip it around. If you can’t stop looking at yourself, how will you ever expect the sluts to swoon? All that matters is that vascular, aesthetic shred and your narcissism. If you can’t step up into the pantheon and take your place amongst the other gods, then you’re fuckin nothing bruh.


DestinedDom — My First Alpha or (If I only knew then what I now...


I met Scott in my last year of college. I was 19 about to turn 20. He was 25. I had had a few sexual experiences up till then but mostly unsatisfying – I craved a “real man” and most of the out gay guys on campus were great as friends but lets just say we used to joke that when we slept together it was like “bumping pussies.”

I was in a store near campus and this tall manly guy starts talking to me. I didn’t know what was going on. He was six feet, ruggedly handsome, dark hair and eyes, an athletic body and very deep voice. (the alpha in the photo above is what he looked like – he just didn’t have a beard) He seemed totally straight. Me on the other hand – a 5’7” blue eyed, pretty boy with a gymnast body was clearly gay.

The absolute ease and confidence in how he made clear that he wanted me made me swoon – and next thing I knew I gave him my number. The next day he called and told me to meet him at a gay bar/lounge for a drink. He seemed nothing like any of the gay guys I knew. We sat next to each other talking but he would occasionally lean over and whisper in my ear, ‘such a pretty boy – the things I want to do to you” I was achingly hard in my pants the entire time.  Finally  he said, “let’s get out of here.”

He didn’t say where we were going and I didn’t ask. He was clearly in charge and I just followed.  The next thing I knew we were in his apartment. It wasn’t long before we were in the bedroom.  His body was beautiful. A perfectly proportioned ripped muscular six foot hairy body – a perfect jock bubble butt and a big fat heavy hung man cock.

Naked on the bed – he crawled on top of me. And I came – instantly I was that turned on by him! Which he loved. Being 19 I was hard again in a second. He was sexually experienced but I was too tight that first night to get fucked (which he liked) but he assured me we’d get there.

Very soon we became serious boyfriends.

I couldn’t get enough of him. His smell. His manliness. His kinky-ness. I would lick his ass while he was standing at the bathroom sink shaving. He would have me sit under his desk at home and nurse on his dick while he was working. Sometimes he would order me to sleep with his dick in my mouth all night. Or sleep with my face in his ass. Occasionally he would spank me with a belt that he ordered me to crawl naked to give him – me bringing him the belt in my mouth like a dog. 

And when he fucked me I felt complete – I would come every time without touching myself. He would tell me how he was going to get me pregnant. I was in love and lust.

One day he told me that his good friend Dan was really attracted to me and as a gift to him Scott wanted me to have sex with Dan.  I protested but Scott said he would be there with us.  In bed I could see Scott was turned on by how turned on Dan was by me – I wasn’t turned on at all – I just tried to keep looking at Scott.  

Dan decided he wanted to fuck me and just as he was about to enter me - Scott suddenly pushed him away – saying “Nobody fucks him but me” It was a declaration of ownership and I got teary.  Scott took me in his arms and fucked me so intensely, for so long and so hard – saying “your pussy is mine. I own it. No one fucks you but me understand?” I was cunted that nigh in a way that bound me to him so deeply that to this day I still jerk off about it.

But I couldn’t stop finding problems. He was the strong silent type and I kept wishing he was “more fun” (even though I had my gay friends for that)  Or we’d be out and he’d look at or comment on other boys he thought were hot and I wanted all his attention on me.  I try to tell myself it was because I was so young – and maybe that’s true – but in hindsight it seems SO naive and ridiculous on my part.  

I soon moved in with him  and we naturally assumed our roles – I did all the domestic stuff – cooked cleaned – which I loved – but when I was doing the laundry I would occasionally find scraps of paper  in his pockets with someones phone number on it  - or little notes from a guy that indicated they were having sex.

I’d confront Scott about it and he would just say it’s only sex with them but I couldn’t stop being jealous. And he was clear he was not going to stop having sex when and with whoever he wanted. The weird thing was– part of me was also turned on by it.  I had this total stud boyfriend that could fuck who ever he wanted. But I was trapped in old thinking –  I thought we should be faithful to each other. Yes he was the top and I was the bottom but in my mind we were equal.

And this was my fatal mistake.

I didn’t realize that we simply were different animals. We weren’t equal. He was my superior. He was an alpha. He needed to conquer. To rule. I was his sub, his inferior, his boywife.  I only wanted  him and couldn’t see that both could co-exist.  

It’s not like his other sexual escapades affected our time together. Had I not known he was having sex on the side I never would have known from the way he treated me. I was the one he came home to every night. The one he said he loved.  But because he was “unfaithful” I would start to shut down, with-hold sex from him – or become snappy and bitchy. When I look back I feel ashamed at this.

The relationship I now realize ended because I couldn’t surrender to the truth. I couldn’t accept my place. I believe if I had, we would still be together. There was an insatiable physical attraction between us and a deep psychological one too. I just couldn’t accept my inferior status and give him the freedom he needed to be a real man. And he didn’t have the language or the understanding of his own superiority - his own alpha-ness to explain this. 

Learning this lesson,  now years later I can serve a superior man fully – in the way that is his birthright – either as a fag to my straight Home Depot Alpha or to a gay alpha who is out there somewhere looking for his boywife to serve him and treat him like the king he is. 

The point is, once we accept who we are – and embrace the status nature has determined for us – everything falls into place. Serve superior men. You will reap many rewards and finally be fulfilled.

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faggot serving ALPHAS

The longer you lick the better you feel and the better you feel the more you want to lick. That’s it, be the good boy who licks the Alpha’s sock!

Don't you just wish you're there, at my powerful feet, faggots?

Text to serve me, scumfuck.


That’s it fag, the shine is starting to come through now. You have all the others to do.

More on Twitter @chavmaster1


good night ladies and gents....and faggots!


Look at yourself. Look where you've gotten yourself. Not only did you ask for this, but you begged. Debased yourself in hopes to serve me as you are now. And how does it feel to get what you wanted? To be where you belong? It feels good doesn't it boy? Yeah, I thought so. Now enough distraction, get back to worshipping my feet.

faggots are just so easy to control...hahaha


“I found the keys to your dick cage. You should be more careful with things like that, you wouldn’t want to lose them. Don’t worry, though; I took care of that and put them somewhere safe. What? You want them back?

You’ll have to earn them.”

dany35 asked:

my man wants that i will wear a chastity / what should i do

Obey like a good faggot, I‘d say ;-)

What are you fighting with?



Some pictures that I've found from the web or that others have posted and are not of me (mostly). NSFW. Intended for 18+. Gay Porn.  ISO slave for training and fun.
raw faggot whore
raw faggot whore
no limits faggot whore for hardcore, nasty extreme use by mean, brutal bastards. KIK = rawfaggotwhore
Young. Athletic And Dom.
Young. Athletic And Dom.

Into useless faggots and cashfags. But I'm not into ridiculous idea of fag buying me a car, it's not about money, it's about power to take and willingness to obey, eagerness to submit, play it right and $10 tribute gonna make your fagot cock leak.For those who's craving to smell real man I send my used underwear. Feel free to ask

Extremely worn Lacoste trainers currently on offer too.

Alpha Nick's Playroom
Alpha Nick's Playroom

The name is Nick. You can call me SIR, Alpha or Master. I'm Cocky Dom Alpha looking for faggots to abuse, humiliate, train, cashrape and fag tax for My fun. Here's a tip - if you want My attention then reblog my posts!

Looking for boys that are willing to serve. Know your place before you message me.

This goes without saying this blog is NSFW and very 18 and over.


Tumblr alpha dom


alphaderrickcage: “My teammates asked me several times how come my cleats are so clean every day. I told them my slave tongue cleans them every night. They don’t believe. I invite my teammates over. Now tongue clean my whole team’s dirty stinky...

My teammates asked me several times how come my cleats are so clean every day. I told them my slave tongue cleans them every night. They don’t believe. I invite my teammates over. Now tongue clean my whole team’s dirty stinky cleats on your fucking knees and impress us, the real alpha MEN!

This back isn’t gonna rub itself! Kik: alphabearoso98
Ripe and tired Kik: alphabearoso98
Start licking you pathetic fag
mastertylerdurden: “4 miles running today, socks are soaked through completely, shoes are rank as fuck. Smells of pure Alpha sweat. I bet your little nose is pressed to the screen right now 😂😂😂 ”

4 miles running today, socks are soaked through completely, shoes are rank as fuck. Smells of pure Alpha sweat. I bet your little nose is pressed to the screen right now 😂😂😂

Taylor Swift - Style



Ma qualche fag italiano non c’è ?

fuckyeahbeatdown: “If I ever catch you checking me out again….. ”

If I ever catch you checking me out again…..

fuckyeahbeatdown: “now he understands his place ”

now he understands his place

Would love to hear the audio


Now discussing:

White faggot/manwife for Alpha

For me, spanking is discipline and not ‘erotic’. I do understand that people do enjoy the more erotic side of spanking however I am very much into role play and it would take away from the ‘scene’ if there was a sexual element. For example a ‘dad / son’ scene just wouldn’t feel right, if dad fingered the boys butt, or stroked his cock.

I do believe though that the chastising of a boy or son should not entirely be restricted to just straight up spanking.

Here are just a few discipline techniques i also think a daddy should use during a spanking session. 


For me this is an extremely important part of any spanking. It should be made before, during and after a spanking. A father or dom should send a clear message to his boy that he is no longer in control and that he has been naughty for a particular reason. A father should remain in control when scolding his boy and should never shout. He should speak with authority and make his boy understand that he is wrong, and will do as he is told from then on in. This chastisement should make a fully grown adult feel like a little boy, and is an integral part to the discipline process. A spanking without scolding, is just a spanking, and the boy won’t learn his lesson.


A particular favorite of mine is dad setting his son rules that the boy will be expected to abide by. For example 1. you are grounded for the next 2 weeks 2. your bed time is now 10pm every night. 3. you will do all your house chores before school/work etc. These rules could be laid down in front of the boy while over daddys knee, and the boy made to read them while being spanked. Daddy can also stick them on the wall, for everyone to see, to further embarrass the lad.


“if you are going to act like a naughty little boy, you are going to look like one”. This is a good way for dad to exert his authority over his boy, and show him that he is the only man in the house. It’s extremely humiliating for any boy to be shaved front and back by his dad.


Corner time should always be a part of a fathers weaponry. It can be used before, during(if it’s a particularly long session) and after. Nothing better than when a dad drags his son by the ear to the corner and makes him spread his legs. The duration should be dependent on how naughty the boy was. As a variantion the dom could place a wooden stool for the boy to sit on in the corner as well.

As an additional extra dad might wish to add something like a coin that the boy must hold with his nose against the wall, hands on head and legs spread. Or even better if a white board is available dad can write “*boys name* TIME OUT ZONE” and draw a circle for the lad to put his nose against.


Writing lines or apology letters reinforces to the boy that he has been naughty and will ensure he regrets whatever he has done.


Swearing during a spanking? Not whilst daddy’s around you don’t!! Drag the boy to the bathroom and soap his mouth out good and hard whilst spanking him or make him kneel in front of you and rinse him out.


Having a dad wash his boy before or after a spanking(before being sent to bed) is extremely embarrassing.


Tucked in like the naughty young boy and told to be good whilst dad ruffles your hair. Need i say more?


Ginger could also be inserted into the boys bum. Never tried this before but I have heard a lot of people say this is a great way to discipline a boy as it stings like hell.

Share and comment with other embarrassment / punishment techniques you enjoy!!


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