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I am sure that you have all seen the new cake trend known as “Sugar Sheets” that have been circling Instagram lately. A beautiful sugar sheet wrapped around the cake, making them look

The first thing you want to do is weigh out the granulated sugar and add the 1/2 tsp of Tylose powder. You are going to want to sift these to ingredients to ensure that the Tylose has been evenly incorporated.

Then, you are going to weigh out the corn syrup and if you would like to color the sugar sheet, add the gel food coloring to the corn syrup at this point. Once the color has been fully incorporated, add the corn syrup to the sugar/tylose mixture.

With a spatula, begin to mix the ingredients together. Do so in a folding motion, and make sure to press the mixture together against the bowl. Continue to blend together until the mixture resembles wet sand.

Next, you will need two silicon mats. Place one on the table and lightly apply some oil. (Bakers Joy works wonders!) and then place the sugar sheet mixture on top. 

Take a rolling pin and fit it with 1/4 separators. Begin rolling the mixture from the center out. Measure out the length you need in order to wrap around the cake. Next, check the sheet to make sure that it has an even thickness throughout.

Upon trying this new trend, I found out that it was easier to paint the edges before the sugar sheet completely dries. When I first attempted this sugar sheet, I waited until the sugar sheet had dried and I placed it on the cake, to then paint the edges. When happened at this point was, because I was adding a liquid to the sugar, it was causing the edges to absorb the liquid and wilt on me.

On my second attempt, I painted the edges while the sugar sheet was still wet and then allowed it to dry.

Allow the sheet to dry for 6 – 12 hours. (Depending on the environment of your work space. The more humid, the longer it will take to dry out)

Once the sugar sheet is dry, gently peel it off the silicon mat and wrap it around a freshly iced/frosted cake. The icing/frosting has to be freshly apply so that the sugar sheet has something to adhere too.


Note: Once the sugar sheet has been placed on the cake, Do Not, I repeat, Do Not place the cake in the refrigerator. From experience, it will ruin the sugar sheet. What happens is that the cold air from the fridge will make the cake create condensation, ultimately adding liquid to the outside, causing the sugar sheet to melt.


  • 1/2 tsp Tylose Powder
  • 30 g Corn Syrup
  • 100 g Granulated Sugar * Using Super Fine sugar works best
  • Weight out your ingredients

  • In a bowl, combine and the granulated sugar and /2 tsp of Tylose powder. It is best to sift the two ingredients to ensure even blending.

  • Weigh out the 30 grams of corn syrup and any food coloring that you would like. Add the food coloring to the corn syrup and incorporate, before adding to the sugar.Gel colors work best.
  • Using a spatula, combine together all the ingredients, making sure to press them together on the side of the bowl. Continue to mix until the color is even through out the mix and the mixture resembles wet sand.

  • Place the mixture on top of a silicon mat that has been lightly coated with some oil. Then with a rolling pin fitted with 1/4" separators, begin rolling from the center out.The separators helps to keep the sugar sheet an even thickness. Any thinner than 1/4" and the sugar sheet will be to thin and it will rip.
  • At this point, cut the size sheet that you need to wrap around your cake. Use any leftover pieces and place on the top portion of the sheet if desired.

  • If you would like to accent the top edge of the sheet, now is the time to do it. By painting the edges now, it will firm up once the sheet dries. If you add the colored edges once the sheet is dry, it will become wet and humid and not hold its shape.

  • Let the sheet dry for 6 - 12 hours. It all depends on the environment. The more humid it is, the longer it will take to dry.

  • Once the sheet is dry, carefully wrap it around a freshly iced cake. The icing needs to be a little wet for the sheet to adhere to it.

** Once the sheet is wrapped around the cake, DO NOT PLACE IN THE REFRIGERATOR! The cold air will cause the sugar sheet to become humid once its taken out of the refrigerator and cause the sugar sheet to wilt and distort its shape.




Prep time: 15 minutes │ Cook time: 12 minutes │ Additional time: 1 hour 30 minutes│

Total time: 1 hour 57 minutes

Yield: Enough to almost wrap a 6inch cake that is 10cm high. However if the mixture is rolled out longer and less wide, it will be enough to completely wrap around a 6inch cake.


- 2 cups (400g) of granulated white sugar

- 4 tablespoons (80g) of glucose syrup

- 2-3 drops of gel food colouring


1) Mix sugar and food colouring together until sugar is completely coloured. This can easily be achieved by putting the sugar and food colouring in a snap-lock bag and then using your fingers to move the sugar around (see myYouTube videofor a demonstration of this).

2) Melt the glucose syrup slightly until it is a liquid texture by putting it into the microwave for 10 seconds (depending on the wattage of your microwave this may take a little longer).

3) Transfer sugar mixture into a bowl and combine it with the glucose syrup using a spoon at first (as the glucose syrup may be hot).

4) Once the sugar and glucose syrup is mostly combined, use your fingers to mix the rest of the mixture until it is completely combined. Once you reach a sandy texture, your mixture is ready to roll out.

5) Transfer the mixture onto a piece of baking paper/parchment paper/silicone sheet (anything non-stick that can go in the oven). Put another sheet of baking paper/parchment paper/silicone sheet on top of the mixture and use a rolling pin to gently roll out the mixture until the desired length/height is achieved. Be careful not to roll out the mixture too thin, otherwise the chances of the sugar sheet wilting in humid weather is higher.

6) Once your sheet is rolled out, inspect the sheet to ensure no pieces of the sheet have become detached from the main sheet. If this has happened, just use your fingers to re-attach the parts which have separated and gently re-roll it.

7) Let the mixture air dry for 1 hour, and then place it into the over for 12 minutes at 50 degrees Celsius (122°F).

8) Once the mixture is removed from the oven, let it completely cool (approximately 30 minutes). 

9) Once cooled, use a sharp instrument/knife to cut a straight line to act as the bottom of your sugar sheet. This will be the side of the sugar sheet that will wrap around the bottom of your cake so that it is flush with the cake board.

10) Gently wrap the sugar sheet around your cake. I recommend doing this close to the time that you will be serving your cake. You can finish off the tips by painting them with an edible metallic gold/silver, and continue to decorate it however you like!


- Because the sugar sheet is made out of sugar, you want to keep it away from moisture as moisture can soften the sugar sheet. The best way to prevent this is to wrap it around a buttercream that forms a crust (anAmerican style buttercream), or a cake covered in fondant or ganache. Something like a swiss meringue buttercream doesn't work so well, unless you are only covering the sides of your cake without any extra parts of the sugar sheet going beyond the top of the cake.

- Do not place the sugar sheet in the fridge, as they have high levels of humidity.


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sugar sheet cake

The brand new cake trend 2020 is the decoration with sugar sheets. This is a sugar layer which is placed around the cake or used for decoration. You can achieve amazing effects and the variations are almost limitless. Here I show you how you can easily create a cake with a sugar sheet.

Any cake with a fondant suitable frosting can be used as a base for a sugar sheet cake as well. In this case I used a white Marshmallow Fluff buttercream (250g whipped butter + 200g Marshmallow Fluff* and a splash of white food color*) to frost the cake, using my favorite method for sharp edges.

Now we come to the exciting part, the sugar sheet :-) The process is actually quite simple. You start by coloring sugar with paste food colors*. You simply put the sugar with a blob of food coloring into a plastic bag and mix it till it's fully combined. For my cake I needed about 250g sugar and colored it in teal*. On the pictures you can just see a portion of it, because I did some trials and didn't want to waste much if not turning out great. 

colored sugar

Now mix the sugar with glucose syrup* (1 teaspoon per 100g of sugar) until a smooth mixture is obtained. 

colored sugar with glucose syrup

Spread this mixture on a silicone mat and roll it out about 2-3mm thick with arolling pin*. I would measure the height and the circumference of your cake with a tape measure to adjust the shape of the sugar sheet accordingly. The edges do not have to be smooth, but you should cut the bottom edge straight.

sugar sheet

Now put the sugar sheet for about 5-10min at 80°C in the oven. Afterwards it will be more firm, but still flexible so you can form it like you want but it will not break to fast. 

sugar sheet

The last step is the placing on the cake. Take the sugar sheet carefully, wrap it around the cake and press it lightly onto it. If you are using ganache as a base, you can spread some shortening or something similar on it before. Now you can decorate the cake further. I have decorated the edge of the sugar sheet with pieces of gold leaf sheets*. You could also add more decoration or drape the sugar sheet in another shape. I think this cake technique is so great and I am already curious to see which variations we will see in the next weeks and months. 

sugar sheet cake

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Technique sugar sheet

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