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Thankfully though, we have compiled a list of some of the best weapons that you should definitely consider picking up in Call of Duty’s battle royale mode, Blackout.

Assault Rifles


When it comes to popularity, there is no denying that the ICR-7 is among one of the most favored weapons currently in the game. This is all due to its exceptional precision and very minimal recoil, which is why it is among one of the most sort after weapons in the AR category.

If you can't manage to get your hands on the ICR-7, we highly recommend trying the VAPR-XKG as great substitute.


With it’s ability to wreck opponents at both long and close range distances, the VAPR is among one of the best all-around Assault Rifles currently in the game. Attach a x2 scope and you’ll be almost unstoppable. While it all depends on personal preference, the ICR-7 also makes for a great substitute.


When it comes to an all-around great assault rifle, there is no denying that the KN is perfect for all skill levels. With controllable recoil and decent damage and accuracy stats, the AK47 style rifle is great in almost all situations.

When paired with a complete loadout of attachments and a x2 scoop, the KN is definitely one of the more reliable assault rifles that you should consider picking up.

Tactical Rifles


Claiming the spot for best overall DMR in the game, the ABR offers impressive stats across the board. With exceptional accuracy, recoil, and range capabilities, the ABR is definitely a weapon to be feared when kitted out with the right attachments.


Depending on who you ask, the Auger DMR may very well be among one of the best Tactical Rifles in the game if you know how to use it. The semi-automatic tactical rifle isn’t just extremely powerful, but it is also very accurate and can even double as a substitute for a sniper rifle simply due to its sheer power.

Although it may be rare, it is a great universal weapon that can be used successfully for sniping, mid-range encounters, and even close quarter combat if you’re quick enough on the trigger.

If you can manage to get your hands on this weapon your opponent’s better be worried, as the Auger DMR is extremely powerful when used correctly.

Light Machine Gun


Only obtainable by killing Zombies or through a rare ground spawn in Zombie related areas, the Zweihander is an absolute beast of a weapon that can be used in either close quarter combat or even at lengthy distances. This unique Zombies LMG has an enormous clip and the ability to deal huge amounts of damage in a short period of time.

Despite its lengthy reload time, the Zweihander is a must have weapon and should always be picked up when encountered.

It is worth noting though, that if you do intend on using the Zweihander, it does go through ammunition very quickly, so always make sure you keep a watchful eye on your ammo. 

Submachine Guns


Thanks to its insanely fast firing rate and high damage capabilities, the Spitfire is an absolute beast when it comes to close quarter combat. Although the weapon may struggle in those longer-distance encounters, there is no denying that the Spitfire is one of the best weapons to use during the beginning of the game and especially while navigating tight spaces.

It is also recommended that the Spitfire should only ever be used as a secondary weapon due to its rather poor long-distance abilities.



Only obtainable by killing zombies, the Ray Gun is one of the most iconic weapons in Black Ops history.

Despite the Ray Gun's terribly slow bullet travel time that makes the gun frustratingly difficult to use, it is its ability to instantly kill your opponents that makes it one of the most devastating weapons in Blackout.

If you are willing to risk it, the Ray Gun is well worth the time that it takes to obtain, plus there is no denying that it is absurdly fun to obliterate your opponents in one shot.

Sniper Rifles


Let’s face it, the Paladin HB50 and Koshkasniper rifles are both amazing weapons and each have their own advantages and disadvantages. The Koshka has a much faster firing rate but falls short in its damage abilities. Whereas the Paladin is much slower but has the ability to kill in just one to two shots.

With that being said though, when it comes to selecting the better sniper rifle it ultimately comes down to personal preference and how you best use the weapon.

It is important to note, that both weapons are very loud and will quickly draw the attention of any surrounding players. For that reason, you will always want to kill your opponent as fast as possible, which is why the Paladin may just have the upper hand if you know how to use it correctly.



When it comes to shotguns, there isn’t much of a difference between the SG12 and the Mog 12 as both are able to perform devastating blows to the head and chest. While both shotguns have a decent amount of damage capabilities, the SG12 is simply the better pick thanks to its automatic abilities and slightly increased range capabilities, which definitely comes in handy when facing off against those with an assault rifle.

However, shotguns should never be considered an end-game strategy as they are simply way too under-powered when compared to other weapons such as LMG’s and Assault Rifles, making you an easy target to get picked off at long distances or even in close quarters when caught off guard.


Bowie Knife

In what was once an exclusive Zombies weapon, players can now experience the classic Bowie Knife in Blackout.

Much like the Combat Knife, the Bowie Knife has the capability to deliver devastating 1 hit kills, making the weapon an ideal choice for those perfect close encounters that don't necessarily require the unneeded noise of a gun.

The Bowie Knife can be found in several different locations in Blackout such as Equipment Stashes, Zombie drops, and even as weapon pickups in randomized Zombie locations.

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Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 offers a gritty, grounded, all-out combat experience, with a Multiplayer mode that increases tactical gameplay and player choice, and also the biggest Zombies offering ever. New for CoD is Blackout, where the Black Ops universe explodes in a battle royale experience

Call of Duty Blackout: Best guns - The best weapons in Blackout

Our COD Blackout best guns guide details the best pistols, best SMGs, best shotguns, best assault rifles and best sniper rifles in the game.

If you're into FPS games at all (or even if you aren't), then chances are you'll be familiar with Call of Duty. It's a franchise that's spawned countless titles to the point where it's become somewhat of a household name in the videogame industry.

Similarly, the inception of PUBG and the staggering success of Fortnite's Battle Royale (BR) mode opened the floodgates for a new wave of BR spin-offs and IPs. So it comes as no surprise that Call of Duty has jumped on the bandwagon and created its own take on the BR genre with "Blackout". Makes sense though, as pairing up the multiplayer tension of BR with COD's impeccable gunplay and polished mechanics makes for one of the best BR experiences yet.

Wingsuit into a few games of Blackout and it becomes immediately obvious that there's a whole host of different weapons to choose from. While it's great to have such a fine selection, you're only able to practice with a limited arsenal per match, which makes it a lengthy process identifying which weapons are ludicrously overpowered or particularly easy to use.

For those of you unfamiliar with the game, or those who still aren&#x;t sure what&#x;s considered a strong weapon in Blackout, we&#x;ve put together a guide that&#x;ll take you through those guns that we consider to be the very best.

Editor&#x;s Note:

It&#x;s worth quickly mentioning that Blackout&#x;s likely to receive more weapons as time goes by and we&#x;ll endeavour to keep this guide updated with all the latest and greatest in the armory.

Blackout: Best Weapons List

Here's our list of the strongest weapons we've come across so far. We'll continue updating and tweaking this page as time goes by, so keep your eyes peeled for further changes in the near future!


Easily the best Assault Rifle in Black Ops 4's multiplayer modes, and this translates to Blackout as well. While many other Assault Rifles in this list have a bit of shudder or kick (as you'd expect), the VAPR-XKG feels like a laser beam when you pull the trigger. There's barely any recoil which makes this remarkably easy to use. Couple this with decent damage stats and a fast fire rate, and you've got yourself a winner.


A more common drop than the other Assault Rifles on the list, but this doesn't make it any less powerful. It's essentially Blackout's version of the AK which means it packs a punch and won't let you down when it comes to accuracy too. Another great all-rounder.

Maddox FRB (AR)

This assault rifle is another option you shouldn't pass up. It's compact in hand, surprisingly weighty when fired and has just a touch more kick than the VAPR. Long range isn't a strong point, but it hits very hard in short to mid-range engagements.


Blackout&#x;s version of the popular AUG assault rifle, this is remarkably similar to the Swordfish (another AR) in both form and function. Tap the trigger and you&#x;ll fire off a three round burst that&#x;s surprisingly strong. A brilliant tool for taking out enemies at mid to long-range.

Spitfire (SMG)

A big favourite of ours. It&#x;s got an insane fire rate and high damage output, making it deadly at close range. Things start getting trickier when tackling enemies from afar, so we&#x;d recommend switching out to something else if you spot someone in the distance.


A fantastic alternative to the Spitfire. It's not quite packing the same high fire rate, but it's by no means a slouch either. What you've got here is a steady all-rounder of an SMG that'll go nicely with your primary weapon and is more than capable of downing an enemy or two at close range.

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SG12 (Shotgun)

There are only two shotguns in the game currently, but this one trumps the pump-action MOG 12 as it's fully automatic. This means you're able to pull down the trigger and pepper enemies at close range without the inconvenience of reloading between every shot.

Paladin (Sniper)

The beefiest sniper rifle in Blackout and one that's certainly been adopted as one of the favourites so far. It's all down to the sheer power of its cal bullets and the surprising ease at which it'll return to position once it's fired off a booming shot. Plant a round in someone's head and you can be sure they won't see the light of day again.

Outlaw (Sniper)

Not quite as powerful as the Paladin, but it has such a fast fire rate that it almost belongs in the DMR category. This makes it a fantastic option for more frantic mid-range fights where you've got less time to line up a shot.

Zweihander (LMG)

A big ol' LMG with an enormous clip and huge damage potential. Despite it's cumbersome weight and lengthy reload time, this thing's a monster when it comes to holding down the trigger and shredding multiple health bars in one clip. Just don't go spraying too long as it's easy quite easy to lose control!

Hellion Salvo (Rocket Launcher)

A rocket launcher that's able to lock onto vehicles. While it's not quite as potent in Solos, this weapon comes into its own in Duos or Quads where players are more likely to be grouped up in helicopers and trucks. There's nothing more satisfying than watching a rocket sail into a chopper as it desperately attempts to swerve out of the way.

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Call of Duty: Black Ops 4: The best guns in Blackout

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is the first game in the series to feature a battle royale mode, inspiring the spin-off title Warzone to improve upon that foundation. Blackout mode drops you and other players onto an enormous map to fight to the death. There are a ton of different weapons at your disposal, but it can be difficult to determine what you should use when you’re new to the mode and its stealth-oriented approach to combat. Cold War didn&#;t bring back this mode, leaving Blackout as the only Black Ops specific version of a Call of Duty battle royale.

Further Reading

The best guns in Blackout

For this list, we’ve chosen 10 weapons that you&#;ll have great success with in Blackout mode. These include light machine guns, assault rifles, shotguns, and pistols. We’ve left out sniper rifles, as they’re more likely to get you spotted and killed than anything else, and specialty weapons because they&#;re difficult to find. These are all great mid-tier choices that won&#;t require an immense amount of effort to find and won&#;t put you at risk of being killed. These are the best guns you can use in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’s Blackout.

1. RK 7 Garrison

Black Ops RK 7 Garrison

You won’t last very long in a full Blackout match if you use a pistol the entire time, but the RK 7 Garrison is a great option for when you first touch down from your parachute. With burst-fire rather than a traditional semi-automatic mode, the RK 7 Garrison can take enemies – even armored ones – down fairly quickly, and buy you the time you need to find something a little beefier.

2. SG12

Black Ops SG12

There are a few different shotguns available in Blackout, but they aren’t all created equal. The pump-action MOG shotgun is unreliable, even at very close range, to kill a target armed with something like a submachine gun or assault rifle. The semi-automatic SG12, on the other hand, can fire a few shots before your enemy is able to respond, and it’s the perfect weapon for guarding a small room against invaders.

3. Spitfire

Black Ops Spitfire

If you need to absolutely light a room up with your bullets, we’d consider a lamp instead, but the Spitfire is also a great choice. With a ridiculous rate of fire and caliber ammunition capable of stopping targets better than some of the other submachine guns, it’s ideal for those who stick primarily to indoor areas in Blackout, and it serves well in conjunction with a tactical rifle.

4. GKS

Black Ops GKS

A more well-rounded submachine gun than the Spitfire, the GKS is accurate and functions well in both indoor and outdoor areas, and can essentially take the place of an assault rifle in your loadout. This gives you room for a specialty weapon for taking out helicopters or ground vehicles – just make sure you keep plenty of reserve ammunition in stock.


Black Ops VAPR-XKG

Reliable for indoor and outdoor firefights, the VAPR-XKG is a balanced and powerful rifle that you can count on in nearly any engagement. It has enough range to take on enemies wielding tactical rifles, and its rate of fire and damage are plenty high enough to compete with smaller weapons. Using ammunition, you’ll have no problem keeping it firing, and several attachments can be added to further improve its efficiency.

6. Hellion Salvo

Black Ops Hellion Salvo

See a helicopter flying through the air or a truck driving on the road? Want to see it explode? Then the Hellion Salvo is the weapon you’re looking for. You won’t run into the launcher too often, but its rockets allow you to quickly destroy enemy vehicles, throwing a wrench into a potential escape plan. It also has lock-on for hitting mobile vehicles, but you will have to fire a couple of shots to take out a truck coming directly toward you.

7. Zweihänder

Black Ops Zweihänder

This gun. This gun. The Zweihänder falls into the category of super-special guns you aren’t going to usually find roaming around on the map, but there are usually a ton of them on the floor of the Asylum to the east. More accurate than it has any right to be and packing a huge punch, the Zweihänder will win nearly any battle it’s thrown into, against either a human or a pack of zombies.

8. Swordfish

Black Ops Swordfish

A burst-fire tactical rifle, the Swordfish excels in medium-range encounters, and you’ll be able to take out most assault-rifle-wielding enemies you see out in the open. It won’t replace the efficiency of an assault rifle, shotgun, or submachine gun for closer engagements, but you can quickly spit out bullets in a hurry in the event that you are surprised by another player in a building.

9. Titan

Black Ops Titan

The Titan light machine gun is the perfect weapon for holding down a position, especially toward the end of a match when you’re likely defending yourself outside. Putting out an absurd amount of damage and using ammunition that is readily available, it can easily be your main weapon during a Blackout match, though its accuracy is significantly reduced at longer distances.

Rampart 17

Black Ops Rampart 17

Technically an assault rifle because of its automatic fire, the Rampart 17 is nevertheless a tremendous option for medium-long engagements. The weapon does considerably more damage than most other automatic weapons, and though it has a slower rate of fire as a tradeoff, it only takes a few hits to kill an enemy.

Editors&#; Recommendations


Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 - Blackout weapon ranking and best weapons for Blackout mode

Drop into the Blackout map and you'll find an abundance of weapons and other gear to help you survive in Call of Duty's new battle royale mode.

Once you've scrambled to grab the nearest weapon to hand and checked your corners, you're going to want to upgrade your weapon as soon as possible. It's all well and good knowing which is the best weapon in Blackout, but you still need to find it.

Weapon drops and locations are randomised in Blackout so we can't guarantee you'll find every weapon on this list each time you play. Once you're armed, however, your chances of finding better gear increases, so grab what you can and run for cover.

Clearing out a horde of zombies can grant you something special like the lethal Ray Gun or Monkey Bomb, while Supply Drops will usually gift better than average assault rifles and snipers.

Enemies will also drop their gear which you can loot, and with the added pressure of a shrinking play area and threats from other players, you will need to make decisions quickly as to what weapons and gear you take.

We've compiled our list of the best weapons to carry in Blackout. We won't go over every weapon, so if you don't see one here then let us know why you favour it in the comments below. If it's not listed here it's probably an average weapon - the purpose of this list is to know what to horde and what to avoid on the Blackout map.

Blackout weapon ranking - which are the best weapons in Blackout?

Assault Rifles

Assault rifles are good all-rounders for short and long range confrontations, so narrowing them down to the best can depend on personal choice and skills.

Rampart 17: The Rampart deals the highest amount of damage, but the trade off is its slow rate of fire. It's one of the best assault rifles in the game if you're accurate enough.

If you want something more balanced, go for the KN, which is a great all-rounder.

ICR-7: The strength of the ICR-7 is its accuracy with minimal recoil. Damage isn't as high as the Rampart, but you'll find more shots hit the target.

The VAPR-XKG is another powerful weapon that has excellent precision at both long and close range distances. When paired with a x2 scope, it's a formidable weapon and useful when waiting out the last few rounds of Blackout.

Tactical Rifles

Auger DMR: The Auger DMR is the best weapon in Blackout. It's great in almost every situation, deals a lot of damage, is superb at mid-range and punches above its weight at long range too. It's accurate and powerful and will win you a fight on more than one occasion so always favour it over the Swordfish.

The Swordfish is a worthy substitute; tap the trigger fast enough and it becomes a fully automatic weapon with exceptional accuracy.

Both of these are essential and you should definitely pick either of them up if you find them.


The SMGs in Blackout are good for close range, especially in enclosed areas where movement is restricted. Get in close and first and you'll overwhelm the majority of enemies.

Cordite: The Cordite takes the most common ammo, and lots of it. It has a quick rate of fire so great for spitting bullets at enemies.

The Spitfire does have a faster rate of fire, but only marginally, and does a little less damage.

MX9: Some of us favour the MX9 for its low recoil and faster rate of fire, and it takes the Cal bullets, the same as the Spitfire.


Light Machine Guns do a lot more damages than SMGs but they're clunky to reload and slower to move around. Great for a confident full-frontal assault or suppressing firepower if you have a teammate doing something a little less conspicuous.

Titan: An absolute beast, the Titan has a high rate of fire and isn't too jumpy with the recoil. Lay down and spit suppressing fire to put groups of enemies under siege.

Zweihander: Eliminate a whole group of zombies and you're likely to unlock the Zweihander. It's a monster with two barrels, and although it doesn't do the most damage it uses the most common ammo type, the mm. It looks cool as hell, too.

Sniper Rifles

For those that take their time and like to fight from a distance, there are two sniper rifles to choose from in Blackout.

Paladin HB50: This does more damage than the Koshka, which fires faster. You'll need to be accurate, but if you know how to handle the Paladin you'll take heads off.


You know the drill with shotguns: devastating at very close range, useless for anything else. Equip when entering the smaller buildings on the map, but still not as usable as an SMG.

SG12: This is the best shotgun because it's fully automatic and doesn't require a reload and as we all know, every second counts. In Blackout, that is.


Molotov: The thing we like most about the Molotov is the chaos. Not only does it spread flames for area effect damage, anyone in close proximity usually panics and makes a move. Great if you know where someone is roughly camping out, and generally more effective than a Frag Grenade.

Hellion Salvo: The Hellion has a very specific use which it does very well. With a lock-on target, it will destroy vehicles and any players inside them. It's most useful in Duos or Quads, where enemies are moving quickly and in groups.

It's rare, so you can take out entire teams who aren't expecting it, but it's not really worth carrying around in Solo unless you drop it near your location and know where to pick it up should vehicles approach - but that's doesn't really happen in the late game.

Special weapons

There are a few other weapons and gadgets dotted around the map that can be lethal in the right situation. These are they.

Ray Gun: The only pistol worth mentioning. The Ray Gun fires really slowly but it's an instant kill if you hit your enemy. Fun, but you'll only find it by killing zombies so it's more of a novelty than anything else.

Combat Axe: the combat axe is lethal, providing a one-hit kill if your aim is true. It's assigned to the right bumper by default, so doesn't take up a weapon slot and it's silent if you're worried about attracting unwanted attention. It's a great find and should be equipped immediately, but remember it will take the place of an equipped explosive.

Back to our complete Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 guide.

Sours: https://www.vgcom/call-duty-black-opsbest-weapons-ranking-tier-list

Weapons blackout best

Just like every other battle royale game out there, you're going to start out Black Ops 4's Blackout battle royale mode with nothing but your bare fists for a weapon. In our Black Ops 4 Blackout weapons guide, we'll be detailing a full list of every single gun in the battle royale mode, including taking a look at the best Black Ops 4 Blackout weapons you can find around the map.

For more on Call of Duty Blackout, head over to our Call of Duty Blackout Guide. It’s got helpful tips and tricks, a look at how to use the wingsuit, and a detailed breakdown of the Call of Duty Blackout Map.

Call of Duty Blackout Weapons List

There's a wide range of weapons to find in Call of Duty Blackout. From Assault Rifles to Shotguns, choosing the right weapon for the right situation is the key to winning a game of Blackout. We've listed all of the weapons you can find in Call of Duty Blackout below, then we'll go on to give you our picks for the best ones to use.

Call of Duty Blackout Assault Rifles

  • ICR-7
  • Maddox RFB
  • Galil (zombies)
  • KN
  • Rampart

Call of Duty Blackout Submachine Guns

  • GKS
  • MX9
  • Saug 9mm
  • Cordite
  • Spitfire
  • MP (zombies)

Call of Duty Blackout Shotguns

Call of Duty Blackout LMGs

  • Zweihander(zombies)
  • Titan

Call of Duty Blackout Snipers

Call of Duty Blackout Tactical Rifles

  • Swordfish
  • Auger DMR
  • ABR
  • Essex Model 07

Call of Duty Blackout Launchers

  • Hellion Salvo
  • War Machine

Call of Duty Blackout Pistols

  • Ray Gun(zombies)
  • Strife
  • Mozu

What are the Best Guns in Call of Duty Blackout

Now that you know every weapon that you can pick up in Blackout, it's time to sort the wheat from the chaff. Below you'll find our picks for the very best weapons in Black Ops 4 Blackout.

Paladin HB50

In our experience with Call of Duty Blackout so far, the best set up is a good assault rifle with a 2x scope, and a Paladin with Sniper Scope. The Paladin absolutely shreds armor, and is perfect in the plentiful wide open spaces that the Blackout map is made up of. The Paladin has less bullet drop than the other sniper rifle in the game, and is capable of some very long ranged kills.

Auger DMR

The DMR is a single-shot tactical rifle that is perfect for late game. Stick a 2x scope on it and it essentially operates at sniper range. You can find the Auger around Asylum.

Hellion Salvo

You’ll come across vehicles often in Call of Duty Blackout, and the end game is often dominated by players racing towards the center on quad bikes. If you see a Hellion, pick it up and head outside. Players in vehicles become cannon fodder thanks to the homing lock that is incredibly sticky, and boasts great range. You can also use it to take out other players from afar as well.


It feels like the VAPR might rise to the top as the most popular weapon in Call of Duty Blackout, given how easy it is to use. It has great mobility, and can be great close range if needed. Paired with a 2x scope it’s a very solid all-rounder, and super precise at range.


The Titan is fast becoming our favorite weapon in Call of Duty Blackout, thanks to its ability to tear through armor and vehicles like they’re made of paper. When equipped with a grip and extended mag, it’s incredibly powerful.

Ray Gun

The Ray Gun is as useful as it is silly. It generally downs enemies in two shots, so it’s worth considering. There’s also the added bonus of there being very little drop associated with the laser rounds, so you should be able to it your target with ease.

Will More Weapons be Added to Blackout?

Treyarch has confirmed that there will be new weapons added in later down the line. These could include limited-time exclusives or new regulars introduced in patches. Given Blackout's propensity for dipping into the series' history for its map and weapons roster, it's likely we'll see some fan favorites return in the future. Barrett cal anyone?

That’s everything on the best weapons in Call of Duty Blackout. For a detailed breakdown of the Blackout Map, head over to our Call of Duty Blackout Map Guide.

Best Guns \u0026 Attachments in Blackout!

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