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[ sˈʌnʃa͡ɪn], [ sˈʌnʃa‍ɪn], [ s_ˈʌ_n_ʃ_aɪ_n]
  • adj.

    yellow (adjective)
    • tawny,
    • canary,
    • crocus,
    • maize,
    • gold,
    • sallow,
    • jaundiced,
    • jasmine,
    • buff,
    • sulfur,
    • yellow,
    • honey,
    • lemon,
    • Aurin,
    • chartreuse,
    • goldenrod,
    • creamy,
    • amber,
    • saffron,
    • golden,
    • champagne,
    • dandelion,
    • Flaxen,
    • sunny,
    • straw,
    • Xanthic,
    • fallow,
    • ecru,
    • primrose,
    • mustard,
    • citron,
    • buttery,
    • Cream-colored,
    • honey-colored,
    • gilded,
    • sandy.
  • n.

    LSD (noun)
    • blotter acid,
    • dots,
    • blue heaven,
    • drug,
    • cubes,
    • microdots,
    • owsley&#;s acid,
    • Lucy in the sky with diamonds,
    • purple haze,
    • hallucinogen,
    • instant zen,
    • acid,
    • yellow sunshine,
    • mellow yellow,
    • electric kool-aid,
    • strawberry fields,
    • tabs,
    • microdot,
    • california sunshine,
    • owsley,
    • mellow yellows.
    • buddy,
    • dude,
    • man,
    • BRO,
    • mate,
    • bud,
    • buster,
    • sport,
    • sonny,
    • son.
    day (noun)
    • diurnal course,
    • sunshine,
    • astronomical day,
    • working day,
    • dawn-to-dark,
    • early bright,
    • light of day,
    • sunlights,
    • mean solar day,
    • sunrise-to-sunset,
    • nautical day,
    • daytimes,
    • daytime,
    • brights,
    • bright,
    • sunlight,
    • sidereal day.
    daylight (noun)fair-weather (noun)light (noun)
    • star,
    • glint,
    • incandescence,
    • torch,
    • Fulgor,
    • phosphorescence,
    • glimmer,
    • window,
    • taper,
    • lamp,
    • lantern,
    • morn,
    • scintillation,
    • irradiations,
    • blaze,
    • brilliance,
    • flare,
    • radiance,
    • sheen,
    • effulgence,
    • splendor,
    • luster,
    • lighthouse,
    • beacon,
    • sunbeam,
    • refulgence,
    • morning,
    • coruscation,
    • brightness,
    • emanation,
    • flash,
    • glare,
    • brilliancy,
    • candle,
    • lambency,
    • sunbeams,
    • Lights,
    • shine,
    • luminosity,
    • illumination,
    • radiation,
    • bulb,
    • gleam,
    • tapers,
    • Lighthouses,
    • irradiation,
    • glitter,
    • sparkle.
    lysergic acid diethylamide (noun)Other relevant words: (noun)
  • v.

    Other relevant words: (verb)
  • Other synonyms:

    fair-weather Other relevant words (noun):
    • tide,
    • blitheness,
    • charming,
    • millennium,
    • gratifying,
    • spirits,
    • dazzling,
    • cheerful,
    • interesting,
    • instruct,
    • engaging,
    • advise,
    • joy,
    • blessedness,
    • dusk,
    • ravishment,
    • good luck,
    • delectation,
    • good humor,
    • paradise,
    • beautiful,
    • enlighten,
    • pleasant,
    • agreeable,
    • congenial,
    • enjoyment,
    • consider,
    • exaltation,
    • insolation,
    • dayshine,
    • self-restraint,
    • merry,
    • fine,
    • in accordance with,
    • ray of sunshine,
    • lucid,
    • cheerfulness,
    • heyday,
    • announce,
    • gladness,
    • attractive,
    • geniality,
    • reflect,
    • according to,
    • blissfulness,
    • twilight,
    • run of luck,
    • cloudless,
    • cogitate,
    • beatitude,
    • joyfulness,
    • acquaint,
    • contemplate,
    • caper,
    • exuberance,
    • high tide,
    • pleasure,
    • green flash,
    • glad,
    • amusing,
    • happy,
    • lively,
    • encouragement,
    • gorgeous,
    • enchantment,
    • fragrant,
    • high spirits,
    • radiant,
    • enchanting,
    • warmth,
    • rainless,
    • delightful,
    • feel at home,
    • illumine,
    • broad day,
    • solar radiation,
    • sun spot,
    • advertise,
    • declare,
    • intoxication,
    • sunburst,
    • golden era,
    • Cheeriness,
    • sunday,
    • seventh heaven,
    • glorious,
    • clear,
    • white lightning,
    • prosperity,
    • take a picture,
    • compare,
    • mirth,
    • FAIR WIND,
    • Gayety,
    • glee,
    • transport,
    • excellent,
    • lovable,
    • delectable,
    • temperateness,
    • utopia,
    • grateful,
    • live in comfort,
    • take care of,
    • gaiety,
    • halcyon days,
    • enunciate,
    • elation,
    • good times,
    • breathe freely,
    • beam of light,
    • collect,
    • row,
    • collate,
    • clarion,
    • nice,
    • bliss,
    • to,
    • amiable,
    • felicity,
    • zen,
    • luck,
    • promulgate,
    • Light-heartedness,
    • sunshiny,
    • lovely,
    • beam,
    • golden age,
    • think,
    • meditate,
    • joyance,
    • ponder,
    • rapture,
    • flood,
    • illuminate,
    • delight,
    • ecstasy,
    • look after,
    • enjoyable,
    • assert,
    • ghost,
    • sunniness,
    • inform,
    • happiness,
    • heaven,
    • proclaim,
    • animal spirits,
    • notify,
    • winsome,
    • fair,
    • the sun,
    • beatification,
    • pleasing,
    • cloud nine,
    • exhilaration,
    • bewitchment,
    • entertaining.
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He saw Phoebe, however, and caught an illumination from her youthful and pleasant aspect, which, indeed, threw a cheerfulness about the parlor, like the circle of reflected brilliancy around the glass vase of flowers that was standing in the sunshine. He made a salutation, or, to speak nearer the truth, an ill-defined, abortive attempt at curtsy.

It was betrayed in the unconscious smile with which he regarded Phoebe, whose fresh and maidenly figure was both sunshine and flowers,--their essence, in a prettier and more agreeable mode of manifestation.

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After lunch, people strolled about, by twos and threes, through the house and garden, enjoying the sunshine without and within.

They stood watching her, with faces full of love and hope and tender pride as she walked away, leaning on her husband's arm, with her hands full of flowers and the June sunshine brightening her happy face--and so Meg's married life began.

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At last she could run no longer; she sat down on a large stone, and when she looked about her, she saw that the summer had passed; it was late in the autumn, but that one could not remark in the beautiful garden, where there was always sunshine, and where there were flowers the whole year round.

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If there could ever be any sunshinehere, it would come from above our heads."

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"No, my little Pearl!" said her mother; "thou must gather thine own sunshine. I have none to give thee!"

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Hetty, in her red cloak and warm bonnet, with her basket in her hand, is turning towards a gate by the side of the Treddleston road, but not that she may have a more lingering enjoyment of the sunshineand think with hope of the long unfolding year.

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Soon every house was blazing merrily, while the ancient fire-tender sat upright in the sunshineblinking at the destruction of his village.

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Sister Myra is right is one thing Rose is a delicate creature, quick to flourish in the sunshine, and as quick to droop without it.

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He slowly moved his head back and forth under it and turned from side to side, now in the sunshine, now in the shade, feeling the shadow, as it were, testing it by sensation.

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A sudden cry on the shore sounded plaintive in the distance, and ceased abruptly, as if stifled in the downpour of sunshine. A puff of breeze made a flash of darkness on the smooth water, touched our faces, and became forgotten.

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Anne wakened on the morning of her wedding day to find the sunshinewinking in at the window of the little porch gable and a September breeze frolicking with her curtains.

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Astor Applies to Government for Protection.- The Frigate Adams Ordered to be Fitted Out.- Bright News From Astoria.- SunshineSuddenly Overclouded.

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There are three things a wise man will not trust: the wind, the sunshine of an April day, and woman's plighted faith.


The beauty, the mystery,—this fierce sunshine or something—stir——' She hesitated for a fraction of a second.


To travelers blessed with golden sunshine, the Rhine may wear a grander, nobler aspect, and to such I leave it.




nounlysergic acid diethylamide


nounlight part of every 24 hours


nounluminescence from sun or other source


nounluminescence from sun or other source

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