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About This Product

Battery backup ready Made from Recyclable Materials year standard warranty


  • Manufacturer: Sol-Ark
  • Model: SAK
  • Rated Power Output [W]:
  • Length [mm (in)]: in
  • Width [mm (in)]: in
  • Depth [mm (in)]: in
  • Weight [kg (lb)]: 77 lbs
  • Warranty [Years]: 10

Surge/Lightning Protection


  • Inverter Type: 5
  • Maximum/Peak Efficiency [%]:
  • CEC weighted efficiency @ V [%]:
  • Transformer / Transformerless: 4
  • Max. Input Power [W]:
  • Max. Input Voltage [V]:
  • Max. Input Current [A]: 40
  • Number of DC String Inputs (Inlets): 4
  • Number of MPP Trackers: 2
  • Max. Input Current per MPPT [A]: 20
  • Voltage Lower Limit for MPP Range [V]:
  • Max. output current [A]:
  • Max. recommended PV power (@ module STC):

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AccESS PHI Sol-Ark 12k &#; UL certification for applications > 20 kWhGeneralDimensions” W x 76”H (w/feet) x 20” D /
75 cm W x cm H x 51 cm DWeight lbs ( kg) (w/out batteries)Enclosure RatingNEMA 3R Outdoor ratedOperating Temperature-4°F to °F (°C to 50°C)Charging Temperature (batteries)32°F to °F (0 °C to 49°C)MountingFree-standing or Pad-mountedEnclosure Warranty Period2 yearsCertificationsULSA Rule 21, HECO Rule 14H, SGIP Approved, PREPA Approved, Rapid Shutdown compliant, UL , included batteries ETL certified and certified to UL InverterSol-ArkSol-Ark 12KApplicationOn or Off-GridAC Connections1 Bi-Directional Grid Port (63A double-pole), 1 UPS Load Output (50A double-pole), 1 Generator Port (63A double-pole); can be used for Smart Loads outputOutput Frequency (selectable)60 Hz or 50 HzOutput VoltageL-N: VAC; L-L: VAC | L-L: VAC (2/3 phases in 1X and 2X Sol-Ark 12K configurations, 3/3 phases in 3X Sol-Ark 12K quantity configurations) | VACOff-Grid Output Power System9 kW ContinuousSolar PV Continuous Power12 kWInverter AC Continuous Power9 kWInverter Battery Continuous PowerTo grid: 9 kW per Sol-Ark 12KMax Output Charging Current ADCCEC Weighted Efficiency%Warranty Period10 yr standardParallel StackingYes (needed for true 3 phase power)Other FeaturesSol-Ark 12K units may be EMP hardened upon request (against Nuclear EMP and Solar Flare) EMP protection does not include the paired batteries, Smart Load capabilities (CTs included)Solar PV &#; DC CoupledSol-Ark Dual MPPT1 &#; 6 PV String Inputs (3 max per MPPT)Max Connected PV Power13 kW
12 kW max simultaneous utilizationMin PV Array Starting Voltage VDCMax Open Circuit PV Array Voltage Voc per PV StringMPPT Voltage Range – VDCMax Array Short Circuit Current33A per MPPTMax Array Operating Current20A per MPPT @ V | 18A per MPPT @ VSolar PV &#; AC CoupledMax AC Coupled Input kW (string or micro-inverters)Other FeaturesInternet Connected
Computer or Phone App
PowerView ES Monitor and ProgrammingAutomatic Generator StartTwo-Wire Automatic Generator StartBatterySimpliPhi PowerPHI kWhV BatteryRated kWh Capacity @ C/219 kWh, up to kWh with additional BOSS cabinetsUsable kWh Capacity @ 80% DoD kWh, up to kWh with additional BOSS cabinetsMax Combined Output Power kW DC or up to kW DC (limited to up to 27kW AC by up to 3 x Sol-Ark 12k&#;s)Max Combined Charge CurrentLimited to ADC per Sol-Ark 12KCharging Temperature32°F to °F (0°C to 49°C)Depth of Discharge3up to % DoDRound Trip Efficiency98%Cycle Life10,+ (@ 80% DOD)Warranty Period10 yearsModel NumberA-XPHI-SA, A-XPHI-2SA-SP, A-XPHI-3SA-SP, A-XPHI-3SA-3P
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  2. Fish erie forum
  3. Raw cabinet doors
  4. 600mbps modem router

Iron Edison

This inverter has pure sine wave output.  8kW continuous AC output when working off-grid, and kW continuous on-grid output.

The inverter is equipped with a color touch display, quiet variable speed fans, one V 50 amp circuit breaker's, battery temp sensor, auto generator start, Solar PV rapid shut down control, exernal current sensors, battery communication, Wi-Fi and cloud-based monitoring, four PV input, and a DC disconnect for the 48 volt battery.

The Sol-Ark inverter features and extremely high efficiency due to the transformerless construction of this inverter.

The Sol-Ark inverter features in and P/solar flare/lightning resistance to double military required levels.  MIL-STDG

4 millisecond instant battery back up

Expandable solar array from kW to 11 kW

Batteries are optional with this inverter.

Grid tie mode– sell your power to the grid

Grid zero mode- consume solar and battery, then use the grid as a back up

Time of use mode- use the battery to avoid paying more during peak hours

/ V AC output.  Three phase output also available.

The Sol-Ark inverter is capable of AC Coupled Solar with battery back up

Optional wireless monitoring and remote software updates

10 year warranty


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Ark battery sol

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The Rise of Sol-Ark!! (Retrofitting Sol-Ark Inverter and New Batteries)

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