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Microsoft Outage - March 15,

Update @ a.m., Tuesday, March 16,

Nearly all Microsoft services have been restored, including access to email and Teams.&#; Should you experience any issues with access to either application, please contact the ITS Service Desk.&#;

Thank you for your patience during this outage.

Update @ p.m. Monday, March 15,

Microsoft is still in the process of restoring access to Microsoft services.&#; You may experience intermittent connectivity issues when accessing your email via the Outlook desktop client or Outlook on the Web; connectivity to Teams remains intermittent.&#; &#;

ITS is aware of an issue with accessing any services provided by Microsoft , namely email and Teams.&#; We do not know the timeframe for the outage but will post updates to this page as we learn additional information.&#;&#;

If you would like to check the Microsoft status page, please see the following link:


Should you have any other questions, please contact the ITS Service Desk - [email protected]


Contact Us

Virtual Financial Aid Walk-In Advising Hours

While we are working remotely, we will be holding weekly virtual walk in advising sessions for all of our Nursing students. We will send out email announcements prior to each session.&#;

Requesting a Financial Aid Appointment

You may also email us to make an appointment for any weekday between 10am - 5pm.&#; In your email please include your Penn ID number if you have one, some times that are convenient for your schedule, and whether you prefer a phone appointment or a virtual meeting.&#; Please write &#x;FA Appointment Request&#x; in the subject line of the message.&#;

For general Financial Aid inquiries:&#;

Email: [email protected]&#;

(EMail is the strongly preferred method of contact while we are working remotely.&#; Unfortunately we are currently not in the Office to answer the phones, but we are able to schedule phone appointments, please see info above.)

Phone: ()
Fax: ()

John T. DeLong
Financial Aid Counselor

Antoinette Oteri
Director of Financial Aid

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Email Forwarding

Forward your School of Nursing email account:

  1. Sign in to Outlook Web App. For help, see Sign in to Outlook Web App
  2. At the top of the page, choose Outlook (or Mail). Or, choose the app launcher  >Mail.
  3. At the top of the page, select Settings  >Options, and then select one of the following:
  •  Account > Connected accounts


  •  Mail > Accounts > Forwarding

      4. Do one of the following, depending on the options you see:

  • Under Forwarding, enter the email address you want to forward your Outlook Web App email to, set or clear the Keep a copy of forwarded messages in Outlook Web App check box, and then select Start forwarding.


  • Select Start forwarding, enter the email address you want, set or clear the Keep a copy of forwarded messages in Outlook Web App check box, and then select Save.

  Should you have any questions, please contact the ITS Service Desk - [email protected]


Email (Outlook)

Configuring your Windows PC for PennO email and calendar Where possible, we recommend setting up a new profile, rather than adding an account to an existing profile. This avoids problems and many customizations are automatically saved.
  1. Close Outlook on the desktop/laptop you&#x;re configuring. This process will not work if Outlook is running.
  2. Click on Start (the Windows icon in the lower, left-hand corner).
  3. Click on Control Panel (or, if you have Windows 10, type Control Panel in the search field).
  4. Type in mail in the search bar.
  5. Click on Mail (bit).
  6. Under Profiles choose Show Profiles.
  7. Click Add.
  8. Choose a name that you will remember for the profile (e.g., Ben Franklin).
  9. At the Account Setup window (Figure 1), some information will prepopulate. Change the email address information to <PennO> (take out nursing ).

    Figure 1Figure 1Figure 2Figure 2
  10. Enter your PennO password and click Next.
  11. You should get 3 green checkmarks during the configuration. Click Finish.
  12. You should see the window in Figure 2. Choose the new profile. Select always use this profile .
Configuring your MacOS Computer for PennO email and calendar The steps below are for Outlook and may vary depending on your version of Outlook. It also assumes an existing installation of Outlook
  1. Launch Outlook.
  2. Choose the Tools menu and select Accounts.
  3. Under the list of accounts in the left pane of the Accounts window, click the plus sign (+) and select Exchange.
  4. In the Exchange account information dialog box enter the following:
    • Email: Your PennO username (e.g., [email protected]).
    • Username: Your full PennO username (e.g., [email protected]).
    • Password: Your PennO password.
    • Configure Automatically: Leave the checkmark in place.
  5. Click the Add Account button. You should begin to see your email showing up in Outlook, and you can now use Outlook to manage your PennO email.
  6. Calendar Information: Outlook will automatically include your calendar information when you configure your mail.
Configuring your Android device for PennO email and calendar
  1. Tap Settings > Accounts > Add account > Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync
  2. Fill in the email and password fields (Figure 1 - see below):
    • Email address: Your PennO username (e.g. [email protected]).
    • Password: Your PennO password.
      Figure 1Figure 1
  3. Select Manual Setup and choose Exchange. (In some versions you may not need to choose Exchange.)Figure 2Figure 2
  4. On the Exchange server settings screen, review your settings and update if necessary (Figure 2).
    • Email: Your PennO email address (e.g. [email protected]).
    • Domain/Username: Your full PennO email address (e.g. [email protected]).
      • If Domain and Username appear as separate fields in your version of Android:
        • Leave the Domain box empty
        • Type your full PennO email address (e.g. [email protected]) in the Username box.
    • Password: Your PennO password.
    • Exchange Server: outlook.officecom
    • Use secure connection: Selected
  5. Tap Done. (You may need to stroll down.)
  6. You may receive a message about additional security features. Select OK to continue.
  7. On the Account Options screen, choose how you want your account to sync on your device and tap Next.
  8. On the Set up email page, you can change the name of your account. When you&#x;re finished, tap Done/Next.
  9. Your calendar should sync automatically.
Configuring your iOS device for PennO email and calendar
  1. Tap Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars
  2. Tap Add account
  3. On the Add Account page, tap Exchange.
  4. Fill in the email, password, and description settings:
    • Email address: Your PennO username (e.g. [email protected]
    • Password: Your PennO password.
    • Description: A description for your Penn email account that you&#x;ll remember (e.g. Work).
  5. Tap Next. Your account will be verified.
  6. Select the features you&#x;d like to sync. By default, your PennO Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Reminders and Notes information will synchronize with iPhone/iPad. Tap Save.
  7. If you&#x;re prompted to create a passcode, tap Continue and type a four-digit passcode. A passcode is now required to use your Penn email and calendar on your device.
  8. Your Exchange account now appears in the Mail, Contacts, Calendars section.

Email penn nursing

A Message from Penn Nursing’s Office of Admissions

The Office of Admissions is working remotely starting March 16 through March 31 or longer, if necessary. We ask that you&#;e-mail&#;all questions to&#;[email protected]&#;

Admissions staff members are still available to answer your questions about our programs. We encourage you to browse&#;our website, listen to previously recorded&#;admissions webinars, and&#;e-mail&#;with additional questions. We are not permitted to meet with prospective applicants in-person.

We are still reviewing all submitted applications and accepting applications for MSN part-time summer and fall enrollment through April 1. Please continue to submit all documents electronically.&#;Decision notifications&#;are expected to remain on schedule.

Lastly, we have not received any updates regarding changes in start dates or schedules for incoming students. We will notify you if and when updates are made available.

Thank you,

Office of Admissions
University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing

Your Three Accounts at Nursing Part II: Penn O365


Security&#;News and Alerts:

To read the latest security news and alerts from Penn Nursing ITS,&#;click here .


Security Resources

  • Secure Your Information :&#;Penn takes various measures to secure your confidential information, and we depend on you to do the same.
  • Phishing :&#;Information on how to protect yourself from phishing scams and copies of recent phishing email messages sent to the Penn Community.
  • Information Security Essentials :&#;This online training is offered through Knowledge Link and consists of three short videos targeted to raise awareness about Computer Compromises, Passwords & Phishing and Lost or Stolen Data & Devices.
  • Data Security on Foreign Travel :&#;Key information&#;and security recommendations on how to protect Penn systems and data while abroad.

&#;For additional security tools and resources,&#;click here .


Security Policies

  • ITS Computing Policy :&#;Defines the access to and retention of all systems, accounts, and data, maintained in systems owned by ITS or for which ITS is responsible.
  • Information Security and Privacy Program Charter :&#;University policy regarding the protection and responsible use of information collected from and about its students, faculty, staff, business partners and others who have provided such information to the University.
  • Policy on Security of Electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI) :&#;This security policy outlines minimum standards for ensuring the confidentiality, integrity and availability of electronic protected health information (ePHI) received, maintained or transmitted.
  • Policy on Confidentiality of Student Records :&#;Policy to describe the rights and responsibilities of students, faculty and staff regarding the confidentiality of student records, including as specified under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

For additional security&#;procedures and&#;policies,&#;click here .


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Additional information on Penn logo guidelines is available through the Print and Interactive Communications Website.

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Licensed vendor list


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