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Image: "In the barn, late at night, a flock of clucking geese"
Message: Establishing a pecking order.

Monday through Wednesday expect dramatic emotions from friends and silent, cryptic moods from family members. Over the next few days powerful emotional influences will cause others to become either uncharacteristically expressive or especially withdrawn and sulky. Both reactions may well be a response to overwhelming stresses, painful realizations or past regrets. Deep emotional influences are at work this week: expect others to make little, if any, sense. Much of this begins to clear later this week but may reoccur from time to time over the next few weeks. Thursday through Saturday older family members may ask for financial favors or advice. Go slow here and realize that you may not have all the appropriate facts. New financial contracts or loan agreements should be very carefully entered into over the coming three days: don't overextend.


by Lasha Seniuk B.A, M.F.A.


The Mystic Stars web site is going through some changes. In the coming weeks the Monday Horoscope Column and the Saturday Wisdom Column will not be updated. We apologize for any inconvenience. Lasha will still be available for private phone consultations, which can be ordered through the Mystic Stars website.

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Oh my. Thank you for all the emails. Everything is fine, health is good...all is well. After all these years, I just need a bit of a break from writing columns. The Weekly and Wisdom columns will return in the very near future. And yes, certainly, I can still be reached via this site and will continue to take phone consultations. Have a great few weeks....see ya very soon!

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Image: "Beneath the wharf, a gathering of concerned pigeons"
Message: Speaking a common language.

Business projects begun in the last two months will this week become either solidly rewarding or quickly fade into the background. Look for obvious clues of business or employment movement later Wednesday afternoon or early Thursday morning. News, messages or unexpected changes that arrive this week will lead to fast improvements in working conditions, pay schedules or business funding. Some Leos may also be asked to change their image or appearance on the workscene or take on the supervision of a younger employee. After this week business progress and advancement is set for the next five weeks; so be sure to enthusiastically take on all new tasks. Thursday through Saturday legal issues, balanced ethics and co-operation in business partnerships may require added attention: remain openly cheerful and ready to handle unusual proposals or ideas.

Image: "At the bottom of a mine shaft, a small white dove"
Message: Nurturing the peace within.

Before mid-week friends and lovers will be far too focused on the past to make much sense: expect unresolved issues of love, broken trusts or lack of emotional completion in relationships to be unavoidable for most of this week. All of this moodiness will have a powerfully positive outcome, however, and for some Virgos may actually mark the beginning of a five week phase of solid planning and commitment in relationships. Later this week long standing issues of emotional regret or sadness in love will quickly evaporate. This is an excellent week to begin making your thoughts, desires and feelings known to others. Late Thursday evening and early Friday morning watch for a extremely powerful flash of awareness and clarity in the areas of life planning, financial security and marital relationships. Trust your intuition and ask for what you want.


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