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I'm looking for the best porn game subreddits to share or discuss porn games with other XXX gamers!

Ah, Reddit. The massive super-forum pulls billion visits a month, hosting conversations on everything from anime and being a virgin, to fedoras and how abstaining from masturbation gives you superpowers. I know I get a lot of mileage poking fun at the neckbeards, incels, and furries who populate the site, but you know what? There are always a ton of good discussions, arguments, and information when you gather that many deviates in one place. These perverts know a lot about porno games!

One of Reddit’s real strengths is the sheer volume of subreddits devoted to really specific topics, no matter how obscure or obscene. That’s definitely the case with the sex game subs on this list. How many other websites do you know that host dedicated, active forums about both dogs with jobs and shemale video games? Prepare for a deep dive with into porn games with thousands of knowledgeable perverts who love to talk about their passion for playing video games one-handed.

What kind of porn game subreddits can I find on your list?

Dude, have you seen Reddit? Because the site has such an incredibly huge, worldwide userbase, they’ve got discussions on basically anything. Their sex game subreddits ain’t like chatting with your pervert cousin who rode the short bus and loves to play DOA with the DualShock 4 against his dick. He’s probably on there, but so are a ton of horny freaks and geeks who really know their shit.

Are you looking for a new hentai game to download for free? I just saw one posted. Need a tip on fucking the last teacher in that visual novel you’ve been fapping through? There’s a subreddit for that. Want to see a hot sister getting fucked from behind while playing an FPS on PC? I’m looking at the GIF looping right now, and honestly, I might need a spank break.

What kind of porn games subreddits do they have? Fucking all of ‘em, dude! If there’s something you’ve been wondering about in the realm of eroge RPGs, waifu simulators and interactive VR porn adventures, you can find a discussion on it here or start your own conversation. It’s free and easy as fuck.

Can I create my own porn game subreddit?

Yeah. Again, it’s free and easy as fuck. They’ve got a few standard rules against things like jailbait and revenge porn, but you’ve got a lot of freedom in what you are allowed to post. You can have one up and running in a few minutes, modding your own sub about Flash-based schoolgirl sex games or why dating sims are better than real life.

In a lot of cases, it’s easier to get attention to a post in an already established porn game subreddit than to start your own. Some of these subs have tens or even hundreds of thousands of users, which means a lot of eyes instantly on your rant about how God of War didn’t have enough anal. This list will help you find where the action is on Reddit.

What are the best porn games subreddits in ?

That depends a bit on what you’re looking for. Are you looking for just an all-around, general discussion about the melding of pornography and video games? In that case, LewdGames is a good start, with over 80k members chatting it up about all things pervy and gamey. There’s also NSFW gaming, NSFWGames, and the slightly more specific HentaiGames.

There’s also FuckGaming, which is more popular than any of them at k members. This one has less real discussion and more real amateur porn with a video game theme. See ripe teens sucking off their boyfriends while he plays Call of Duty, and Asian schoolgirls doing some face-sitting and smothering during an intense game of Fallout.

Reddit hosts a lot of discussions on virtual reality tech in general, so naturally, there are a bunch of subs devoted to VR porn gaming. OculusNSFW and AdultVRGames are some of the most active discussions on the web about the topic. On the other tech end of the spectrum, you can find games for your phone in AndroidNSFWGames.

Futanari_Games is an entire subreddit devoted to hentai games where at least one chick has a dick. The really popular porn games often have entire subreddits of fans posting pervy screenshots and looking for tips on how to build the biggest harem. The sub for SummerTime Saga alone has nearly 20k members. There’s also VAMscenes, a virtual library of homemade Virt-A-Mate scenes that users keep building.

PornDude, are you also active on these porn game subreddits?

Wouldn’t you like to know? Look, I’ll tell you this much: if you want to be a respected Porn Dude helping people find the Best Porn Games, it’s a good idea to have your ear to the ground and your dick to the mechanical suction device. These thriving hubs of porn game chatter sometimes hold gems about what’s coming out next, not to mention patches to unlock all the H-scenes in that big-titty zombie shooter you can’t beat. What self-respecting pervert wouldn’t tap into that free knowledge base?

PornDude, what's your favorite porn game subreddit?

That’s kind of a toss-up. I’m definitely a sucker for FuckGaming, though it may be because of my rampant Viagra addiction. The subreddit is definitely the easiest to fap to while I’m on a break from one of my action porn game binges. The subreddit is a constantly flowing stream of beautiful amateur gamer girls doing all kinds of kinky shit. As I write this, there’s a babe with a pink Wii controller up her twat and a girlfriend distracting her Xbox-playing boyfriend by climbing onto his dick.

If I’m looking for actual info, though, LewdGames is my first stop. I like that it’s busy as hell and encompasses everything porn game related. You’ll find game release announcements, video previews from new pussy-eating visual novels, and direct downloads for free porn games. It’s the best of all worlds.

PornDude, I'm going to look for some XXX gamers and get some NSFW multiplayer action going!

See, mom? You don’t have to leave the basement to make friends. Connect with thousands of likeminded gaming perverts right now in the busiest and best subreddits out there. Signup is free and only takes a few seconds, but even you antisocial perverts can lurk without a membership.

Remember I mentioned how easy it is to start your own sex game subreddit? There are new ones all the goddamn time. Most of them fizzle and die, some of them rise quickly to the top, and some of the great ones lurk in relative obscurity for years. Bookmark this page, and you’ll always know where to find the absolute best ones out there.

Sours: https://bestporngames.com/reddit-porn-games


Reddit Lewd Games, aka r/LewdGames! You may think of me as some kind of giant-cocked god among men, spending my days and nights banging the hottest women in the world. While I can’t disagree with that, I’ll also admit that we have more in common than you probably realize. I mean, shit, the entire reason you’re here is because we both share an appreciation for Lewd Games. That’s also the name of a Reddit you and I would probably both appreciate. What a coincidence!

LewdGames is one of the biggest NSFW game subs on Reddit.com, with a cake day in early They’ve built up a hell of following since then, with nearly 90, horny members gawking at the offerings on the regular, and those numbers don’t even count the lurkers too afraid to click the Join button. A cool deviates were browsing the discussions today as I checked out the subreddit, so I knew I was in good company. They’ve also got a thriving Discord with over 3, members and hundreds online at any given moment.

Reddit: It’s Not Just for NoFap Losers

You’re familiar with Reddit, right? It’s a massive super-forum with discussions on every goddamn topic under the sun, from anime to fedoras, Star Wars to body pillow waifus. The site has a whole fucking culture of weirdos (“NoFap”) who think they’ll be able to fly like Superman and see-through walls if they stop beating off, and an overlapping community of incels who are forever butthurt about their inability to get laid. They don’t even have the social awareness to realize men dislike them just as much as women.

But there’s good shit, too, as evidenced by the whole list of porn game subreddits I have here at BestPornGames. Some of them are really fucking specific, like r/Futanari_Games or the sub devoted entirely to Summertime Saga. Along with r/NSFWGames, r/LewdGames is one of the biggest adult game subs on the site. That hugeness stems from the open nature of the community, which incorporates pretty much everything as long as it has to do with games you can beat off to. They describe themselves as, “Your go-to community for all things adult games related.”

Redditors who use the site frequently probably have their own display options dialed in already, but the default view here shows the Hot material first, based on a combination of newness and popularity. This is a modern site, so of course, it’s got the same filters you’re used to everywhere. I prefer the New view, because it ensures I never miss a thing as long as I’m keeping my regular routine.

The New filter also shows you exactly how often new posts are added to the board. An hour ago, somebody was looking for games similar to Super Deepthroat, which I’ve reviewed here. Earlier, a new porn game company was announcing a work in progress, with a link to their Patreon. There’s a teaser video for a game showing a CG stripper dancing around a pole, and a link to a free release of a Virtual Slave Girl Chat Game. I was a little excited about that last one until I noticed how many times it’d been downvoted, which is a really useful gauge of how fappable any of the content here is.

Every day sees a few dozen new Lewd Games posts, and yeah, it seems like everything goes when it comes to porno games. One of the things I really love about it is how porn game fans and creators interact directly all the time. New games are announced, demos are released, and video trailers teased, and meanwhile, fans talk about what gets them off the hardest and share their favorite videos of Lara Croft getting fucked in the face. Do you see any of the fuckers at EA, Capcom, or Bethesda getting so intimate with their audience?

Simple Rules and a Variety of Content

The rules are pretty simple and laid back at LewdGames, which part of the reason for the sub’s massive popularity. It’s all pretty common sense shit, not worth listing verbatim here. The main thing is that every post has to be related to adult gaming in some way. They don’t allow piracy, harassment, kink-shaming, or underage content, which is pretty standard everywhere in the world. Big goddamn deal.

The Filter by Flair box right above the rules in the sidebar is more useful here than it is on other subs, because they post such a wide variety of content. The Discussions are self-explanatory, while the Meta is full of discussions about those discussions. (Put the bong down--Meta’s actually less complicated and way less interesting than it sounds.) The WIP posts are a mixed bag of works in progress that will ultimately end up filed under Art, Video, or one of several Game flairs.

It’s always been annoying to me when sites list the free content and the paid content together without drawing a distinction. It’s a pain in the ass to check them all by hand when you’re broke as hell and can’t afford the premium shit, but let me tell you, it’s still just as fucking lame after you’ve made your big-dick porno millions. Lewd Games addresses the issue head-on with Free Release and Paid Release flairs. There are tons of free porn games to play. If you already spent your allowance on a new Dragonball-themed dress shirt for your cousin’s wedding, you’re really going to appreciate this.

I haven’t found any premium games hidden under Webgame. The flair is an ideal choice if you’re looking to kill a few minutes or a few hours right now with a sex game you can play right from your web browser. A ton of the links point to games I’ve reviewed here, very often on NewGrounds or Itch.io. Nutaku games are strangely absent from the Webgame category, though I’ve seen them discussed in the sub.

Play Sex Games and Watch Videos

One of my favorite Lewd Game flairs is Video. There’s usually a video or two posted every day, and like the rest of the sub, they’re a mixed bag of different types of content related to video games. What I really like about the video section is that there’s plenty of material to just hit Play and enjoy without having to do a goddamn thing except maybe stroke your cock as you watch.

The newest video, added a couple of hours ago, is a preview of a CG sex simulator from a new creator on Patreon. It doesn’t look bad, so I’ll probably give it a playtest and write up a review if I think it’s worth your time. Some other dude this morning posted a half-hour video review and playthrough of a semi-kinky game. I say semi-kinky because I can see the ESRB M-rating in the corner of the screen. AO (Adults Only) is the only ESRB rating I’m interested in, but it’s rare as hell. Honestly, those guys never look at the really good adult games.

Yesterday, somebody posted a preview of a CG porno he’s going to post on PornHub when he’s finished. The furry freakout features a couple of naked broads with huge tits, deer antlers, and cute little red noses fucking each other on a beach. There’s face-riding and doggystyle, and a soundtrack of moaning broads. The one-minute clip, Sexy Reindeer Lesbian Orgy on Spring Break, was created in the game Wild Life, which I recently reviewed here at BestPornGames.

Lewd Games has a really wide focus on the entire adult game scene as a whole. Some gaming perverts might be overwhelmed by the sheer volume and variety, while others might simply fall into a rabbit hole of interactive perversion from which there is no escape. Seriously, there’s a practically endless amount of free content and discussions to get into. A five-minute fap break can conceivably turn into a five-day binge on porn games and related content.

Then again, most perverts don’t know the meaning of the phrase “too much!” In that case, you’ll appreciate the non-stop barrage of free game links, freaky CG previews of upcoming content, and chats about which hentai games have the hottest schoolgirls. LewdGames is one of the most active NSFW game boards on Reddit.com, and only seems to pick up steam as more people learn about it. Join the discussion today, or just lurk silently and perv out to all the porn games, videos, and art.

Sours: https://bestporngames.com/play/lewdgames
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I've made a list of the all the games i played. There is a few criteria that are usually redundant in the games i play: A RPG style with choices to make, some abilities to grind, money to earn. Incest is usually a big factor. I use Summertime saga as a model, since it's one of the most popular and well known.

Games are not placed in a particular order. I will mention in () the version of the game i played at the time, so my review is relevant only for this version of the game. It's very possible that issues or things that i mention are adressed in future updates.

NOTE: I do play mostly with cheats, since i don't like grinds, but i'm usually reasonnable with them, which mean i don't rush the game purely for their content. The cheats are mainly there to eliminate repetitive tasks.

Also, i will not focus on the story by itself, only mention it when relevant, to give a good overview.

Lasty, english is my second language, so there is probably a weird grammar. Bear with me.


A Classic. One of the most well known lewd games and most funded. Excellent art, with excellent story, very large variety of characters and good balance in the gameplay. Not too much grind, but enough progression to make it interesting. Dialogues are funny and believable.

Plenty of sex scenes with different styles. The game is not complicated to navigate and quests are usually easy to follow, but interesting enough to do to keep the player entertained. Updates, while not plentiful in numbers, each bring a good amount of content.

Main flaws are probably the lack of variety in the sex scenes. Overall, a great game.

This game is particular for his real-time 3D world. The graphics are not the best and many of the characters look similar, but overall, it is acceptable. What this game is good for tho is the very high amount of content and and the interactivity for them.

There is not that much characters (About ten) but each of them have LOTS of things to do with and a very respectable of variety between them. Most scenes can be viewed in 3D and are animated, which mean you can look around, zoom-in and out as you wish. There is TONS of dialogues, poses and contents to explore, which give this game a very long life. And the content is nicely spread, so you have lewd scenes all over your playthrough, not just near the end. Main flaw would be that the game is a bit complex and take some time to learn the perticular timing of events.

There is a very precise walkthrough, that really help you out (If you don't use it, i suspect it could be very easy to get stuck at places and not see all of the contents), but even then, it take so much time to see all the contents, which could discourage some players looking for a more short term play. Quests are not always clear and many are hard to follow without the walkthrough to guide you. But overall, one of my favourite. The game currently receive regular updates (every month if i recall) with a good amount of content for each.

Characters are somewhat tied together, which means you have to explore all of them at the same time if you want to progress properly. Excellent game overall, highly recommended.

A nice game with beautiful graphics and a very good progression system. There is a good variety between the characters and they look good, BUT there is currently a limited amount of them. You have to take care of your (player) character, make it learn things and earn money through nice mini-games, where you can use those skills to further progress the story. What i like in particular is the game give you regularly hints about what to do next for each characters, which prevent you from getting stuck or lost in the game.

You don't need to follow a walkthrough to explore the contents of the game and i like the overall design of the game. The characters are not tied to each other, which mean you can concentrate on one in particular that you like, while leaving the others for later. Currently, there is not a lot of content, but the game is fairly new and receive fast updates, but with a low amount of contents for each of them. If you play it and want more, i recommend waiting at least a few updates before doing a new game. But excellent game overall!

  • Big Brother (, Abandoned)
This game had a lot of potential. While i does have a fair amount of content, there is many flaws in-game. One of them is that they give you an enemy (Eric, that is basically a huge cockblocking douche, just like your character) very early and he require a hard time to get rid of. Also, there is distinct lack of logic in some parts of the game (Example: you buttfuck your sister three times a day, but she still make a disgusted reaction when she catches you peeping).

But most importantly, the grind is unbearable. Even with cheats, it take a long ass time to progress, with little rewards. Most of the lewd scenes are much later in-game, with very few things happening early, which is really a huge turn-off with the grind. The characters are quite stupid and the dialogue is not really interesting. Even if you go through all of that, make it through constants walls and refusals from the others characters, you are very likely to get stuck somewhere and have to use a walkthrough or google to find the next step.

Sadly, the game was abandoned by his creators due to patreons guidelines, so the chances of this game flaws to be corrected are almost non-existent. Overall, it's a pretty, but frustrating game that i do not recommend you play, unless you like pain.

Milfy City is quite recent if i recall, it came this january. But even in it's early state, the game is quite extraordinary. Excellent graphics, with some sexy 3D animation, good story and interesting characters. The progression in the story is easy to do, but may require the guidance of the walkthrough to properly do.

But of all the games i played, this one probably have the best characters. They vary from each others, but each have their own design and unique personality that make them stand out from other similar characters in others game. For example, the mom is actually the one being attracted to the player and not inverse. The big sister is caring and lovely, a nice change from the stereotypical bitchy sister you see in others game. And the little nerdy sister, is probably the sexiest looking i have ever seen.

The story overall is great and have good moments, although there is currently not a lot of meaningful choices (for now). There isn't much grind, which i don't mind at all. The scenes and contents are well dispersed throughout the game. However, the biggest reside in his youth. The game really needs more content and has an amazing potential for the future. At this time, a new update will soon come out and i highly recommend you try this game!

This one is kind of mild overall. I didn't found it bad in particular, but it's not great too. The graphics aren't great and the UI look straight out from The game does have an interesting setting, with fantasies of superheroes, superpower you can acquire and use to explore the contents of the game. There is many choices, many options to use which are a bit overwhelming at the beginning, but are easy to learn once you get the hang of it.

However, i found the game quite grindy and more akin to complex RPG system (You have a bunch stats to follow, to use and evolve) which is not something i like in particular. There is a nice variety of scenes you can do with a large variety of characters, but most are quite mild, being short and having only a few frames and poses for them, with no animation. The character designs are "Meh" for most of them. This game is truly mild for me. I don't hate it, but i don't like it either.

Oh boy. That's a bad one. Off the bat, the art is truly nice! Most of the characters are actually parodies from existing characters, such as Kim Possible, Ben10, Totally Spies, Teen Titans, Scooby doo, etc

But the story is so shallow. The dialogues are empty. The quests are dead simple, super quick and not even remotely interesting. There is pretty much no choices at all. You do a quest, you just click click click through with no mini-games or things to do. You just chat with girls (No dialogue, just a prompt "You talked with her!") to raise a level, and unlock some request as Show tits, show that, do this. The scenes are basically one single image most of the time, and there is some rare, blocky 2D animations that remind me of those NSFW flash games from the last decade.

You can explore the map, and some locations, most of which do or serve nothing at all. The game is still doing updates, so maybe this will get better, but damn, i didn't liked at all. Stay away from it.

Remind me a lot of Summertime Saga in many ways. Hell, it's pretty much the same structure. The art is not particularly beautiful, but it's good.

The main strong point of this game is probably the dialogues, that are very believable for the characters. They are not stupid, they make logical decisions and actually act like someone would in real life. The dialogues also are funny and have many nice references. There is not that much content, but most of it somewhat nice, with a basic animation and a few frames. The game has nice hint system for the quests that tell you exactly what to do next to progress each characters stories. The story has a fantasy element that could be really interesting in further updates, but right now the main story is somewhat short and lack content. Not much else to say, good game that need a few more updates.

  • Dreams of Desires (Ep)
This one is much different from the others games. It doesn't have an open world like the others, instead focusing on a single, main story. There is many scenes and choices to make, most of them being relevant later and that will change the differents outcomes in many scenes or parts of the main story. Characters are quite nice, but sadly, no animations for this beautiful 3D game.

The differents choices make it worth for a second playthrough, but i didn't do it. There is an unexpected fantasy element in this game, which some might not like. I personally wasn't fan of it, but it wasn't bad either. I like the replay system that allows you to revisit the scenes and even make different choices for them. But overall, it's a good linear game that focus on one big story.

  • Daughter for dessert (Ch. )
Another mostly linear game. One big story with some choices, although i have a feeling that not many of them are actually relevant or meaningful. The game does look nice with good 3D characters. There is very few scenes however. Not of them are animated, but they do have different positions and frames. This game has voice-overs, so it focus really on the story and sounds of the characters.

It's much more of a visual novel with the occasional mini-game. Not particularly fond of it, but i don't hate it.

The only First person lewd game i played. With full on real-time 3D, it give a nice feeling to directly play in the game with excellent graphics and animations. It has voice-overs, a bunch of characters and a very large arrays of quest to do. It has custom stories made by the players and the devs that you can add to the game for more content.

All of the sex actions are exactly the same for each characters tho, so there isn't much variety in terms of actual scenes, but the fact that is that you can roam around in the house and do many things that the others characters will react to is very amusing and dynamic. Great game overall!

That's it for now! Sorry for the huge wall, but maybe someone will like to have a honest player opinion or for when they look for another similar game.


Sours: https://f95zone.to/threads/a-review-of-all-the-lewd-games-i-played-so-far/

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Games reddit lewd

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A Not So Lewd Cyberpunk Game for Mature Gamers - Grey Instinct [ Free ]

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