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Chalets for rent in Lebanon

Batroun for example, is a coastal city in the Northern side of Lebanon which has a major beach resort that is known for being one of the cleanest rock and pebble beaches in Lebanon. If you go for a beach chalet for rent in Lebanon, you can enjoy many fun activities like parasailing, windsurfing, sport fishing, jet skiing and much more! There are numerous Lebanon chalet for rent in the Northern area. Nevertheless, there are also various chalet for rent in Jounieh which is an area closer to Beirut. You can look for a chalet for rent in Holiday Beach Lebanon which is a resort located in Jounieh. 

Every chalet in Lebanon on the beach is unique in its own way, you have to do your own research and compare the different market offerings. You may want to find a chalet in Lebanon for rent per day or look for a chalet for rent in Lebanon monthly this depends on how much time you want to spend on the beach or in the mountains. You might also look for a a chalet for rent in Lebanon for one day if you aren't really keen on spending a lot of your time in the mountain or near the sea. When you’re looking for a chalet Lebanon rent you need to compare the available chalet locations, areas, amenities, and don’t miss out on looking for fun activities that can be done in nearby locations. When it comes to the chalet design and area, you can find a chalet as cozy as 50sqm or as huge as sqm. It really depends on whether you’re going for a family vacation, a romantic getaway, or alone in search of peace of mind which you might want to search for chalet for rent in Lebanon daily. Amenities available also differ between one chalet and the other, but most chalets for rent in Lebanon provide you with the luxury of a private garden, shared or private gym and pool.

Most Lebanese look for a chalet for rent New Year Lebanon and to be more specific a chalet for rent in cedars Lebanon. You might want to include cheap chalet for rent in Lebanon since prices skyrocket around the time of New Year because everyone is on the search of a chalet for rent in Lebanon for New Year. 

In conclusion, vacations in Lebanon can get really exciting when you rent  your own chalet to stay at. Whether it’s a Lebanon chalet rent with a sea or mountain view, or whether it was winter or summer time, you can always try to make the best out of your experience. Lebanon is the house of high-end chalets to rent where you can spend good times with your family, loved ones, or peacefully on your own. Decide on what you want for your vacation and the hunting for your chalet becomes super easy!


Chalets for sale in Lebanon

Add to that, having your own chalet that you return to can be very convenient especially when it comes to storing items and packing. For instance, if you’re looking for a chalet for sale in Lebanon in Faraya which you plan to visit each December, you might store your ski equipment and outfit, as well as winter blankets and PJs allowing you to carry less items on your way to the chalet. This also allows you to make unscheduled weekend trips away from the hassle of packing and worrying about carrying your ski equipment.

In Lebanon, you’ll find that the best place to start your purchase journey is by looking at chalets for sale in Mount Lebanon. Chalet prices vary between $75, and $2,, on average. Areas like Laqlouq, Ehmej, Aamchit, Faytoun and Baadbdat have plenty of less expensive chalets for sale in Lebanon. Within Mount Lebanon, chalets for sale in Kesrouane are the most popular, with Jbeil and El Metn coming next. If you’re looking for more fancy chalets for sale in Lebanon, you might want to search for chalets for sale in Fakra, Tabarja, Zouk Mosbeh, and Faraya.

While it is less likely to find chalets for sale in Lebanon in the North area, you might find a couple of chalets for less than a $, in areas like Batroun, Tripoli or Al Bahsas.

Don’t delay, start your search for a great chalet for sale in Lebanon today.

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St Remon Chalet Apartments - Bouar Lebanon

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