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The 5 Best ROHO/Air Wheelchair Cushions - [Updated for 2021]

Pressure wounds can range in severity from inconvenient to life-threatening. Decreasing the pressure on an area of skin is a standard prevention and treatment method, and a ROHO seat cushion redistributes the force against the skin. A ROHO cushion increases and decreases the air in its cells, matching the user’s body contours, expanding the contact surface area, and spreading out the pressure that’s put on the skin from sitting. This provides protection for people living with or healing from skin pressure sores.

The Top 5:

#5 Contour Select Wheelchair Cushion


ROHO Group has designed our #5 entry, the Contour Select Wheelchair Cushion, for posture and positioning to keep you centered while you are sitting upright.

With four quadrants of adjustable inflatable air cells, this ROHO seat cushion provides customized immersion and advanced positional support contoured to the user’s shape, weight, and position. The Isoflow Memory Control feature allows the four quadrants to communicate and ensure distribution of the air where it’s needed. The process starts with overinflating the cushion with the included hand pump, the user sitting on the cushion, and air being let out to adjust the contour of the cushion. 

Designed for positioning and posture, this cushion is ideal for users who have lost muscle mass or are a risk of muscle atrophy, who are underweight or with less padding around bony areas, are overweight and have difficulty shifting positions, have decreased blood circulation, and increased swelling, are aging with thinner skin, have scar tissue, have spasticity that can cause skin rubbing, or don’t have good balance while seated. It helps keep the user-centered and in an upright pelvic posture, providing leg alignment and pelvic stabilization.

This ROHO cushion is easy to clean and maintain, and it’s repairable if the patchable black neoprene support pad is ever punctured. It has a two-way stretch cover and comes with a manual inflation pump. For anyone seeking postural stability and control, this model at number 4 on our list will address skin pressure issues while keeping the user-centered in the middle of the cushion.

Features and Benefits

  • Centers user in the middle of the cushion
  • Minimizes front to back and sideways motion
  • Delivers postural control
  • ISOFLO Memory Control independently inflates each of the four quadrants
  • Adjustable while user is seated on the cushion

Customer Feedback


  • Take pressure off sacrum for all-day wheelchair users
  • Extra elevation and adjustability provides customized positioning
  • Great for positioning, comfort, and support
  • Controls heat
  • Helps fight chronic pressure sores


  • Does not provide a firm platform for transfers
  • Takes a lot of force to inflate with hand pump

#4 High Profile Single Compartment Cushion


The inventive High Profile Single Compartment Cushion by ROHO Group has 30 size options and incorporates self-ventilating air pods that adjust with your body as you move throughout the day, increasing blood flow and combating pressure sores.

This high-profile ROHO seat cushion has tall interconnected air cells and is made of soft pliable materials that provide maximum immersion to decrease friction and skin shear. A simple adjustment in inflation and this cushion conforms to your exact shape to maximize blood flow and minimize tissue stress and damage. This cushion will remain firm and comfortable, and won’t lose its shape over time.

An inflation pump allows for user-controlled air pressure to ensure optimal comfort and support and maintain the best environment to combat skin and soft tissue integrity problems. This adjustability makes this cushion adaptable to your shape, weight, and changes in position over time. As weight is redistributed over a larger surface contact area to fight pressure wounds, the ventilated separated air cells provide a cooling environment to keep you comfortable and your skin as healthy as possible.

The cover is machine washable, and the cushion itself can be cleaned with soap and water. If the black neoprene of this latex-free cushion is ever damaged, it can be patched to extend its service life. The ventilation provided by our number 4 pick of best ROHO seat cushions creates a comfortable and healthy environment for fragile skin that is susceptible to pressure ulcers. 

Features and Benefits

  • Lightweight and easy to transport
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Pump is included for personalized inflation control
  • Cellular air bubbles reduce pressure wounds and increase ventilation
  • Included inflation pump lets the user control their pressure preference

Customer Feedback


  • Provides instant relief and is worth the investment
  • Aids in faster healing of pressure sores
  • Tall profile facilitates better posture
  • An upgrade from other foam models


  • Not covered by insurance for early-stage pressure sores
  • It is possible to puncture this

#3 Dual Compartment High Profile Cushion


The #3 Dual Compartment High Profile Cushion from ROHO Group is a pressure-relieving cushion designed for taller patients.

Reducing skin friction and shear with its immersion and pressure redistribution properties, this ROHO seat cushion has 4-inch tall air cells that are interconnected and deliver therapeutic results. It conveniently and automatically adjusts to your individual needs while you are seated. It is ideal for users who have any history with skin or soft tissue breakdown, pressure wounds at any stage, risk of skin or tissue injury, impaired sensation, and who require accommodation and/or correction of pelvic asymmetry and increased sitting stability, 

The Dry Flotation technology fits and matches the user’s shape, facilitating maximum restorative blood flow to promote healing and reduce the risk of worsening skin damage. Constantly tracking and conforming to body movements, the simple adjustment of the cells meets your changing needs and positions throughout the day. Any adjustments can be made while the user is seated in the wheelchair, so you don’t need to transfer on and off the cushion to evaluable the level of support being provided.

The dual compartments can be independently adjusted, which adds to the side-to-side or front-to-back stability and positioning control of our number 3 choice. Easy to clean, this lightweight ROHO cushion is repairable if it is ever punctured, and it comes with a machine washable cover that can be ordered in a heavy-duty version for added durability. 

Features and Benefits

  • Facilitates blood flow by matching the shape of the user
  • Adjusts to meet individualized pressure distribution needs throughout the day
  • Postural adjustments can be made while user remains seated on the cushion
  • Unique design allows for constant conformity to body movements and position

Customer Feedback


  • Extra height helps larger individuals have enough space for airflow
  • Promotes healing of pressure sores
  • Much more comfortable than foam cushions
  • Quality made


  • Hand pump is not of highest quality
  • Position of air valve must be monitored so it doesn’t get caught on tire or frame

#2 Mosaic Wheelchair Cushion


Weighing less than 1 pound, the Mosaic Wheelchair Cushion by ROHO Group is an affordable wheelchair cushion that won’t bottom out while it evenly distributes pressure.

This ROHO seat cushion has a mild contour and effective controlled airflow, making long periods of sitting safer and more comfortable. You can sink into it and enjoy how it conforms to your body’s contours, and its expanded range of sizes ensures it will be a great fit for your wheelchair. This single-cell ROHO cushion has interconnected air chambers and it comes with an air pump that inserts into the nozzle on the front of the cushion to fill to the desired level of pressure. It’s easy to adjust while it’s in the cover, which comes in your choice of standard or heavy-duty.

This ROHO wheelchair cushion has a weight capacity of 315 pounds and delivers basic preventive protection for skin and soft tissue. It doesn’t add noticeable weight to a wheelchair and won’t contribute to user fatigue like heavier seat cushions sometimes do. It is popular in professional care settings, serving a wide range of users who seek a cost-effective, lightweight solution to support and maintain skin health.

Our number 2 pick on our list of Top 5 ROHO Seat Cushions is an affordable, solid choice for anyone seeking a basic level of protection that is easy to transport and simple to maintain.

Features and Benefits

  • Basic support,, comfort, and protection for skin and soft tissue
  • Lightweight and easy to transport
  • Distributes weight evenly
  • Adjusts to position, shape, and weight of user
  • Mild contour and effective airflow

Customer Feedback


  • Doesn’t bottom out
  • Super easy to clean
  • Adjustable air level takes the pressure off the sitting bones
  • Can use in recliner and wheelchair to make either more comfortable
  • Alleviates back pain


  • Would appreciate higher weight limit
  • Remember to put the valve pointing forward or can’t adjust without getting out of chair

#1 AirLITE Wheelchair Cushion with Air Bladder


In the top spot on our list is the ROHO Group’sAirLITE Wheelchair Cushion with Air Bladder, a contoured foam wheelchair cushion with an air bladder, deep leg troughs, and an ischial well for lower extremity positional support 

This maintenance-free ROHO wheelchair cushion has a soft foam base and a built-in non-adjustable air insert that prevents you from bottoming out in your wheelchair and conforms to your body’s shape. The leg troughs boast a gentle contour that helps you maintain proper posture. It’s ideal for anyone at risk of pressure sores who has normal sensation, needs extra lower extremity support, requires increased postural stability, seeks a lightweight solution, and wants stability during transfers.

The pre-set sealed air flotation component redistributes the user’s weight to prevent pressure sores, and adds to the comfort of users who sit for extended periods. It is maintenance-free and requires no adjustment. The lowered front and middle makes transfers into and out of a wheelchair easier, and the low profile keeps the user secure while seated. Its air flotation insert helps it maintain its shape, while the soft foam layer comfortably conforms to the user’s shape.

Our top choice is built to last and can be counted on for many years of heavy use. It comes with a 2-year warranty and a fluid-proof cushion around the soft inner foam.

Features and Benefits

  • Air flotation insert prevents bottoming out
  • Made of soft yet supportive comfortable foam
  • Lowered front height makes transfers easier
  • Deep leg troughs provide positional support to lower extremities
  • Fluid resistant zippered cover

Customer Feedback


  • Makes sitting for long periods so much more comfortable
  • Repels liquids and is easy to keep clean
  • Not too high
  • Can start using immediately without any inflation or adjustments needed


  • Doesn’t work well on leather car seats
  • Not enough padding for a person who spends all day every day in a wheelchair

Features to Consider When Purchasing a Roho Seat Cushion

ROHO seat cushions are available in a range of shapes, sizes, and formats. Rehabmart offers a wide selection with multiple options to ensure you find the right cushion for you.

Cushion Size

By measuring the dimensions of the wheelchair seat first, and noting whether the cushion has a weight limit, you can determine what size cushion is appropriate. 


Most ROHO cushions have at least two options for covers. Choices include waterproof, water-resistant, anti-shear, or a combination. Standard covers provide a simple barrier of protection, while water-resistant or waterproof covers address moisture and incontinence. Anti-shear covers are best for users who are at a higher risk of skin issues because of the amount of time they spend in their wheelchairs. Anti-shear covers prevent the skin from sticking to the cover.


The majority of ROHO cushions are formatted with different contours in graduated height options, with the contours designed to provide protection to areas of skin that are at a higher risk of pressure sores. Cushion contours also help keep the user security seated. Anti-thrust contouring helps prevent falls with an elevated front design to keep users sitting back in their wheelchairs. Zero elevation or cushions without added height are either level or have a minor amount of contouring.


What does Dry Flotation Technology mean?

Each ROHO cushion is made of several independently moving individual cells that can twist, turn, bend, and adapt and conform to your body’s shape.

You can sink into your cushion without putting pressure on the tissue, which reduces the change of skin breakdown.

There is a greater contact area for dispersion of pressure, minimizing the pressure on any single area, since the forces and pressures pushing back remain equal at all points.

The cells have a slick surface which, when combined with the cells’ independent movement, reduces friction and skin shear.

How does a Roho cushion work?

A ROHO seat cushion increases the contact area over the user’s skin upon immersing (sinking) into the cushion. This redistributes the force so there aren’t peak pressure points that can cause pressure sores.

How long does a Roho cushion last?

3 to 5 years on average.

Why are Roho cushions better?

They are proven to reduce the development and promote the healing of pressure sores, with options designed to serve users at every risk level.

How much air do you put in a Roho cushion?

The optimal setting is to have a half-inch to an inch of air between the lowest bony prominence and the seat surface.

How is a Roho cushion inflated?

The cushion is placed in a chair with the air cells facing up and the non-skid surface facing down. The rubber nozzle of the hand pump goes over the inflation valve then is pinched and turned to open the inflation valve and inflate the air cells. When the cells are overinflated and the cushion arches slightly, the rubber nozzle is pinched and turned to close the inflation valve, then the hand pump is removed.

If I have pressure ulcers, can I sit on my ROHO dry flotation cushion?

Yes. If you have a stage 1, 2, or 3 pressure ulcer, you can sit directly on your ROHO cushion as long as the wound is monitored frequently. Due to the cushion's ability to redistribute pressure, enhance blood flow, and decrease edema, it can facilitate healing. A stage 4 ulcer usually requires surgery to improve and/or heal.


ROHO seat cushions are pressure relief cushions made of soft, flexible interconnected air cells that allow air to flow from one cell to another to provide even support. These seat cushions deliver unrivaled skin protection, with adaptive features not found in other designs. Our number one choice is a contoured foam wheelchair cushion with an air bladder plus deep leg troughs and an ischial well for lower extremity positional support. 

To see more ROHO seat cushions, view our ROHO Cushions for Wheelchairs department. Visit Caregiver University for more helpful articles! 


Mike Price, OT

Co-Founder of Rehabmart and an Occupational Therapist since 1993. Mike has spent his professional career working in multiple areas of Occupational Therapy, including pediatrics, geriatrics, hand therapy, ergonomics and inpatient / outpatient rehabilitation. Mike enjoys writing articles that help people solve complex therapeutic problems and make better product choices.

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Air Seat Cushion Inflatable for Wheelchair Car Seat Office Chair Anti Pain Pressure Relief for Sale


This air seat cushion specially designed to provide extra support for your hip and back with 56 plump 3D air cells covered with breathable Lycra fabric. This cushion provides excellent lumbar support which can help to disperse pressure from sitting up to 30% which is proven to reduce aches and pains.


Our design maximises air circulation, when one cell is compressed the air flows to other cells around it. Therefore maximises heat transfer away from the body and that uncomfortable office chair feeling, all whilst supporting your posture; preventing sedentary sweating and supporting your delicates delicately


Support up to 200kg with this inflatable seat cushion wherever you need it. Got a long journey ahead? We got you covered! Deadline at the office? No problem! Working on that thesis? Take a seat on this! Maximise your productivity and comfort.


Compared to foam support cushions, this Inflatable Seat Cushion is durable and adjustable. It's easy to reach your desired inflation level, 70%, 80%, or even fully pumped, it's your comfort and your choice. With hassle-free storage and portability, your posture will thank you for your purchase.


Now for the science part, our high resilience and quality conformable air cell cushion are covered with an anti-bacterial Lycra fabric that is hard-wearing and easily washable. The non-slip silica gel grip keeps your cushion where you want it to be. To top things off the air pockets are made from eco-friendly TPU materials


42x45 x inflated thickness of 6cm

GEAIRC003 is designed to be a functional, comfortable and stable sitting environment that will aid in the prevention of skin breakdown. The cushion has interconnected air cells that can be inflated and adjusted to suit the individual user.

The Cushion is great for a lounge chair, wheelchair, or shower cushion. This cushion is suitable for those who sit for shorter periods of time and are at risk of pressure ulcers but currently do not have any or have only lesser stage pressure ulcers.

If the user sits for extended periods of time such as all day in a wheelchair or has more advanced pressure sores, this cushion is recommended.

The Cushion comes with a hand pump, instructions and cover.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1- What does a pressure cushion do?

Pressure relief cushions are designed to reduce peak pressure zones on skin, usually by spreading the patient's weight out over a larger surface area. 

2- Do you have any other types of cushions?

Yes! Here at Gilani Engineering we offer many different types of cushions to meet your requirements and preferences.

A few of these include:

We have many more cushions that come in different designs and materials which you can see here on our website.

3- When would you use a pressure cushion?

People who spend long periods in the same position

People who suffer from immobility or who use the same wheelchair for much of the day

People that may be at risk of developing pressure ulcers

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Premium Air Inflatable Seat Cushion - Comfortable Chair Cushion for Wheel Chair - Ideal for Prolonged Sitting - Ideal Seat Cushion for Daily Use (Blue)

EMSupply seat cushion is perfect for the treatment of traumatic deep tissue injuries, surgery recovery, & pain management. It features a unique inflatable design that functions as a skin barrier and support, while the flat surface cradles around the body for ease when lifting. Our chair cushion was made to reduce pressure applied to the back, hips & buttocks, when sitting.

EMSupply wheelchair cushion also helps to provide comfort in the areas where we spend the majority of our time. Since many hospitals, nursing homes and in home care organizations often overlook this aspect of care, namely seating applications, given that the focus is typically on bedding. We decided to invest in a product that facilitates comfortable sitting, primarily because the average adult generally spends 50 to 70 percent of their time in a seated position. Whether in wheelchairs, day chairs, or other hard surfaces, it's vital for our customers to have these surfaces covered, in order to aid in seating comfort and prevention ; treatment of pressure ulcers & various other conditions.

  • Evenly distributes weight across the surface
  • Durable material prevents leaking air
  • Much more comfortable than gel or foam
  • Easy to fold & carry around with you
  • Helps take the pressure off when sitting
  • Fits almost any structure large or small

We stand behind the quality of our EMSupply products! If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, reach out to our customer service team ; we will take care of you!


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How to set up and adjust ROHO Wheelchair Cushions? - Low/Mid/High Profile w/ Single/Dual Compartment

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