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CORSAIR Lighting Node PRO CL-9011109-WW, RGB Lighting Controller with Individually Addressable RGB LED Strips

Pros: - Comes with all the cables needed to start with install: 2x RGB LED hub cables 4x Thermal sensors 5x Fan extension cables 2x pieces of mounting tape - Has additional USB ports to plug in other peripherals to monitor; power supplies, etc. - Small (flat) enough to mount on the backside of case - I like that it is powered by SATA power cables so you don't have to find another power port on your motherboard - Uses the USB 2.0 headers from your motherboard, again, don't have to fit another proprietary port on motherboards to work - Comes with small temperature sensors you can mount to different hardware throughout your PC setup such as other fans, hard drives, SSD's, etc. - The Corsair software is great, in my opinion. I'm sure there's still a lot of tweaks needed but I love that all my RGB lights are controlled via software and they all turn on or off only when I need them to

Cons: Not really a CON, but maybe if this device could be a bit smaller form factor? come with additional cable management ideas? Other than that, it's a rock solid piece of hardware.

Overall Review: I do not know why I didn't get this sooner! I love RGB lights and I love that this one piece of hardware connects all my RGB fans together to flash or turn on/off when I want to. The only little issue I had was figuring out where to place the Commander Pro, but I made the decision to put it behind the motherboard. The wiring I did was not too pretty but it still fits inside my Antec case and nobody will see it anyways. I could tell they took time doing the software. There are lots of options and I didn't run into any issues during my install. The software detected the Commander Pro, the fans and I was up and running. It did take almost 3 minutes of configuring but that was it; like how fast I wanted the front fans to spin, etc..small minor "decisions". Overall, I'd highly recommend this Corsair Commander Pro if you want a nice and elegant looking RGB setup on your PC. It syncs up nicely to your RGB fans, controls them all with one touch and makes them flash with ease...because that's the whole reason you got RGB fans, so they can do colorful and wonderful flashing patterns.



The CORSAIR iCUE Lighting Node PRO RGB Lighting Controller brings stunning software-controlled RGB lighting to any PC, with four included RGB LED light strips boasting a total of 40 LEDs of RGB illumination.

Lights, iCUE, Action
Create, customize, and synchronize stunning RGB lighting effects when you connect CORSAIR RGB fans and lighting strips for an amazing system-wide light-show, all with a single controller that fits in the palm of your hand. Powered by CORSAIR iCUE software, the CORSAIR Lighting Node PRO helps turn your case into a smart case.

Four 10-LED CORSAIR RGB LED Light Strips Included
Each strip boasts ten individually addressable RGB LEDs to light up your system, with built-in magnets for easy installation.

Light Up Your PC, and Your Fans
Two RGB lighting channels provide independent software control of up to 12 CORSAIR individually addressable RGB LED strips or 12 CORSAIR RGB fans.

Intelligent Control, Unlimited Possibilities
Powerful CORSAIR iCUE software allows you to customize and instantly sync RGB lighting across all your CORSAIR RGB products, including fans, keyboard, LED light strips and more.

Easily Switch Color Profiles
  • Spiral Rainbow
  • Color Pulse
  • Color Shift
  • Rain
  • Rainbow Wave
  • Visor
Easy To Install
Lighting Node PRO connects to your PC using a simple USB 2.0 port, making setup and installation easy.

  • Control Scheme: RGB Lighting
  • RGB Channels: Two
  • Max RGB Devices Per Controller: 12 Fans (via RGB LED hub) or 12 RGB Strips
  • RGB Strip length: 410mm
  • USB Connection: Internal USB 2.0 9-Pin
  • System Requirements: Latest iCUE Software, Windows 10
  • Warranty: 2 Years
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If you’re building a complete desktop tower PC with all the fans and (fancy) lighting incorporated inside the case; then you’re probably wondering how or wished that you can control all the fans and RGB lighting simultaneously via a hub. Don’t fret my friends because Corsair got you covered; with the Corsair Commander Pro and Corsair Lighting Node Pro. Today we’re going to take a look at and review these products and see how these can help you with your build. Motherboard fan and RGB headers are sometimes inadequate, especially if the system that you are building needs several fans and LED strips installed. Not only that motherboard headers could be inadequate, but it would be very difficult to route and tidy all those cables. Not to mention, you’ll have to monitor and control all these fans and lighting effects. This is where the Corsair Commander Pro and Lighting Node Pro comes in. Please continue reading our review below and find out more about these products.

Corsair Commander Pro Review – The All-In-One Hub

The Corsair Commander Pro is a multipurpose / all-in-one hub for your fans, (RGB) lighting and temperature. It lets you connect up to six 3-pin or 4-pin PWM fans; has two 3-pin (RGB) LED header, four temperature sensor headers and has two USB 2.0 headers. It’s basically a “complete control” solution for your PC’s cooling, lighting and monitoring needs. Now the Commander Pro and Lighting Node Pro are two different products. Although the Commander Pro already has two (RGB) LED headers, the package doesn’t come with RGB LED strips. On the other hand, the Lighting Node Pro is a small hub with two (RGB) LED headers but the package contains 4 RGB LED strips. Let’s take a closer look at the Commander Pro first.

The Corsair Commander Pro’s packaging is compact and simple. Again, we see Corsair using the black and yellow color theme. The package includes the Commander Pro itself, an installation guide and some reading materials, two RGB LED hub cables, four thermal sensors, four fan extension cables and two mounting tape.

The Commander Pro has a USB connector and a SATA power connector. You can connect the Commander Pro in one of the USB header on the motherboard, usually located at the bottom portion of the motherboard. The Commander Pro has two USB 2.0 headers, this means you can connect another accessory, like the Lighting Node Pro, via the Commander Pro instead of connecting it directly to the motherboard. This minimizes the exposed cables, giving a nice and clean build with well-managed cable routing.

There are a total of six fan headers; you can connect either a 3-pin fan or a 4-pin PWM fan. Unfortunately, the Commander Pro only supports the 3-pin (RGB) LED Strip. I haven’t tried other RGB LED strip with the Commander Pro since the only 3-pin LED strip we have are the ones that came with the Lighting Node Pro. If you already have some Corsair RGB LED strips, you may connect and control the LED strips via the Commander Pro.

In terms of specifications, the Commander Pro measures 133mm x 69mm x 15.5mm. It’s pretty slim and can be hidden behind the motherboard tray or at the bottom of the chassis. It has a logic power input of 2.97V to 3.63V, then 4.5V to 5.5V. The fan is 11.4V to 12.6V and the RGB LED is 4.5V to 5.5V. The maximum power per fan header (combined) is 1A per port (4.5A combined). Meanwhile, the maximum power for the RGB LED channels is 4.5A.

The cables included with the Corsair Commander Pro are thin and black. This makes it easy for cable routing and the black color easily blends on a black background. Above you see a photo of the Commander Pro installed at the back of a PC’s chassis, behind the motherboard tray. This is where you can easily place the Commander Pro. But you can place it in other areas of your chassis, depending on your layout, cable routing and depending on the chassis as well.

The only thing that I find missing in the Commander Pro (or perhaps on the Lighting Node Pro) is the 4-pin RGB Fan hub. The Commander Pro can power, monitor and control fans, as well as RGB LED strips; but it can’t handle the RGB lighting on some of Corsair’s RGB fans, like the HD series or LL series. You will need the Corsair RGB Fan LED Hub to power and control the RGB lighting on Corsair’s fans. The RGB Fan Hub is included on the 3-fan pack variant. Don’t make the mistake of purchasing individual (RGB) fans and a Commander Pro only, because there is no header for the RGB fan lighting on the Commander Pro.

After installing the Commander Pro, you will need to download and install Corsair’s LINK app. It’s a small utility app that lets you control the fans, monitor the fan(s) speed, monitor the temperature from the thermal sensors and control the (RGB) lighting as well. I’ll show you how the LINK app looks after the Lightning Node Pro review.

Next page, let’s proceed to the Corsair Lighting Node Pro review.

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Lighting Node Pro: Available at here or here

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