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7 STUPID Tattoo Mistakes Men Make | Tattoos Gone Wrong? This Is Why

stupid-tattoo-mistakesThis is it.

The big night with the woman of your DREAMS.

She looks ready to melt as you start to unbutton your shirt…

But then…


(Romantic music screeches to a halt.)

What were you THINKING when you let some hack scratch that atrocity onto your chest?

Granted, tattoos won't always kill your chances of getting laid. In fact, men have been wearing them for thousands of years. They often signal strength, toughness, grit.

In other words, they can be an awesome way to augment your style…

IF you choose wisely.

Click Here To Watch The Video – 7 STUPID Tattoo Mistakes Men Make

Click Here To Watch The Video – Tattoos Gone Wrong? This Is Why

Studies show that tattoos make you look more masculine, aggressive, and dominant.

But it’s important to remember that they're essentially permanent. Removing them is costly, painful, and not always effective.

For this reason, when you get a tattoo you'll want it done right. Make sure it's something you'll be proud of for years to come.

Read on to discover the seven worst tattoo mistakes men make.

Tattoo Mistake #1: Face, Neck, And Hand Tattoos

Although tattoos have recently become more acceptable than in previous decades, having a tattoo on your face, neck, or hands is still generally frowned upon, especially in professional settings.

If you're wondering ‘do tattoos affect job opportunities?' – the answer is often a big YES. Unless you're a rock star or work in a tattoo parlor, keep your tattoos limited to places on your body that you can easily cover with clothing.

Tattoo Mistake #2: The Curse Of The Name Tattoo

I get it – you’ve been going out with this new girl for a few weeks and she is everything you’ve ever wanted. You are going to tattoo her name on your body as a sign of your undying love for her.

STOP RIGHT THERE. You're about to make a very serious mistake.

Statistically, tattoos last longer than most relationships. So if (when?) this perfect relationship ends, removing that tattoo may be more painful and difficult than your breakup was.

Tattoo Mistake #3: Trendy Tattoos

Trendy tattoos can easily date you. Barbed wire around the bicep, for example, screams “1996!”. It’s far better to go with something timeless, like an anchor, flower, or skull.

If you really like a tattoo style that's currently popular, there’s nothing wrong with getting it. Just be intentional. Don’t get something just because it’s in fashion right now.

Tattoo Mistake #4: Cheap Tattoo Fails

‘You get what you pay for' applies to many areas of men’s style. Tattoos are no exception. If you're getting something permanent on your skin, you'll want to make sure it’s good quality.

Do your research. Find a skilled tattoo artist who does consistently good work. Don’t be afraid to spend a bit more to get a quality tattoo.

Tattoo Mistake #5: Tattoos Under The Influence

A tattoo might sound like a great idea when it's 2:00 AM and you're plastered.

Don't do it.

Trust me. This is NOT a good decision to make under the influence. (Probably the only good decision you can make when you're drunk is to hand over your keys. But I digress.)

Something this permanent should only be done when you're sober and after careful consideration – not when your brain is fogged by alcohol.

Tattoo Mistake #6: Misspelled Tattoos

Few things look as ridiculous as a misspelled tattoo.

There are many examples of this on the internet. Don’t join this unfortunate group.

Do your research. Make sure your tattoo artist has done his. And remember, spellcheck is your friend.

Tattoo Mistake #7: Tattoos You'll Regret Later In Life

Steer clear of anything that you would be ashamed to show your family. Anything sexual, racist (What's wrong with you!?) or involving profanity is to be avoided. A naked lady on your forearm may seem cool now, but what about in twenty years, when you're trying to teach your son about personal responsibility and good judgment? Keep it classy.  You'll be glad you did.


There you have it, gents. Avoid these 7 mistakes and you'll be well on your way to rocking some awesome tattoos. Just remember that there are different views on tattoos in different cultures – what's cool and acceptable in one may be quite offensive in another.

As with all aspects of personal style, the most important thing to remember with tattoo is to be deliberate and think it through. A tattoo isn’t something you want to get on impulse. You want to be proud of it 10, 20, even 30 years from now.

Want some personal advice on the best tattoos to get? I don't have time to talk to all of you individually… but I CAN introduce you to over 50,000 stylish men who do.

If you want to talk tattoos – or ANY other aspect of style (no matter how basic or advanced) I know some guys who are awake and eager to help at any hour of the day or night. Click here to check out the RMRS Facebook community.


Tattoo Inspired Men's Clothing

The essence of real art is displayed in our tattoo apparel as more and more people stay true to their style. We see amazing designs and prints grace the alternative world today, and in men’s clothing, it is no exception. While tattoo-inspired clothing is splashed with bold colors and patterns, we get to experience the true meaning of ink in an outfit. Indulge in our hoard of clothes today, and understand why our pieces are walking art.

Shop at RebelsMarket for men’s tattoo design clothing in outstanding prints and colored fabrics. If you identify with alternative aesthetics like punk rock fashion or heavy metal style, you might as well be a fan of tattoo fashion. While punk is characterized by leather finishes in crazy patterns and metal style is more of the metal details, men’s ink fashion is the prints they are known for. And yet, they converge together as an alternative culture, fusing leather designs with metal details and finishing it off with statement prints to show us the real beauty of inks. If that is not incredible, then it is wholly artistic.

The relationship between tattoos and clothing came to be in 1971 at haute couture when Issey Miyake showcased artistic ink clothing in flesh-toned garments. This revolutionized the concept of ink in clothes, with designers like Jean Paul Gaultier incorporating unique designs in mesh clothing. This has come to be known as a permanent form of fashion, where tattoos construct one’s style and identity, and we see that being displayed in our everyday clothing. Clothing brands constantly partner with various artists to come up with unique prints, and RebelsMarket is a gateway in bringing you fresh designs.

Let your alternative style move you as you pick your desired piece that caters to your fashion needs. We have our men’s tattoo style clothing coming in all kinds of colors and symbols fit for various preferences. From tattoo-inspired hoodies to undergarments like underwear, you can get men’s tattoo print clothing that will leave you stylish and fresh from a shopping spree. Get yours today and make your artistic dreams come true!

What kinds of designs can I find in men’s tattooed fashion?

There are probably thousands of styles around, with every print having its unique identification. Shop for various designs available at your reach. Depending on your artistic drive and the need to speak through your clothing, you can get your desired pattern in our collection of tattoo-inspired apparel. Here are some of the prints to look out for:

Skulls- They are among the most popular prints in the alternative scene today, with different designs to experiment with. Skull fashion has identified its prints in different forms, starting from the simple skulls and crossbones, skulls and roses, to the complex designs of the grim reaper and skull bikers. Whatever skull print you are hoping to find in your skull clothing, we have a bunch of choices to go for.

3D prints- If you are a fan of realistic drawings with designs that come to life, you can shop for 3D printed clothes at RebelsMarket. We have amazing looks to go for, from dreamcatcher feather prints to vintage Christian prints and biker drawings. Add some tattoo streetwear clothing to your alternative wardrobe and experience the art of 3D whether you are shopping for men’s tattoo tank tops or tees.

Anime prints- You can also find a whole lot of anime prints in our pieces. From Japan and China’s finest brands where they are made to life, there are several designs to fancy and find in your attires. Go for designs like dragon tattoos, comic designs, and also clubwear prints.

Wordplay- If you like conservative and simple prints, you can go for aesthetically designed wordings in your clothing. Find hilarious ink sayings or sarcastic prints that will give you something to talk about at the same time leaving you stylishly simple. Shop for tattoo clothing online for unique designs that fit your preference.  

Men’s tattoo clothing trends

In the world of men’s fashion, tattoo apparel has taken over the alternative culture. Thanks to various designer labels and artists, we are embracing the culture in a big way. The look has evolved from simple men’s tattoo accessories like baseball hats to bold-looking shirt designs.

Our outerwear collection consists of hoodies and sweatshirts in sick prints that you might like. We feature various pieces that you can style on any occasion, from a cold, snowy night to a hot day. Style your winter wear with cool hoodies in skull designs that can complement a pair of men’s heavy metal pants and classic alternative boots for men. Also, find the sweatshirts in Samurai prints and blossoms to be worn on a casual setting or layered with a fitting coat.

Shop for men’s t-shirts in black or white, depending on your style. We have an array of tattoo-style t-shirts that will give you an effortless look, whether you are styling an everyday school or work look. We also have tattoo tops and vests that you can style during a festival, along with an alternative pair of jeans and casual sneakers. 

Also, buy from our collection of accessories that will add an extra touch to your outfit. We carry a wide range of accessories for you to choose from. Our style includes trucker hats with tattooed prints and belts with crosses and skulls. Find stylish messenger bags and backpacks to rock to school or work in our selection. Apart from that, you can also get bandanas and patches to add some flavor to your looks. Don’t forget to style your favorite jeans and tee combo with a classic skull bandana and further accessorize it with some skull jewelry pieces like a ring or a bracelet.

Tattoo-adorned clothes have been embraced with men of all ages, and you will see them in most stores and streets. Fashion enthusiasts are adopting various designs and are getting eager by the day for fresh prints that will be better than the last. It’s not hard to find your preferred choice of stylish and comfortable ink fashion clothing in eye-catching designs. All you need to do is take a walk on the alternative streets for a style to identify with. 

Have your alternative look taken to the next level with cheap tattoo clothing from RebelsMarket. Whatever your preference, whether you are looking for a boldly printed outfit or a simple design, find a cool piece when you shop today. We partner with art-worthy indie brands like OrrlArt, Annex Clothing, Fashion Machine, and Skygraphx to bring you unique looks and a satisfactory sense of fashion. So shop today and define your style with edgy inked clothing. Get to enjoy 10% OFF your first purchase as you buy from us. We also ship our products globally. Shop today!

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Greatest Tattoo Ideas For Men in 2021

Tattoo Ideas For Men Featured Image

Getting a tattoo is becoming increasingly mainstream. We see more and more men and women with amazing body art, and we cannot help it but get a slight itch to go to a tattoo shop ourselves.

Before we head out to a tattoo shop, there are actually 5 steps we need to take care of first.

  • Step 1: Come up with a meaningful tattoo idea
  • Step 2: Present the idea to a tattoo artist
  • Step 3: Work with a tattoo artist on getting it designed uniquely for us
  • Step 4: Find a tattoo shop
  • Step 5: Book an appointment to get inked

In this blog post, we will try to help you with the first step – where to find amazing tattoo ideas for men that will help you transform your idea into a workable design.

Below you will find more than 100 tattoo ideas for men – feel free to jump straight to the tattoo designs.

Tattoos have actually been around for thousands of years – with tattooed mummies ready to testify!

However, it did take a while until the tattoos became mainstream in the world as we know it today.

Basically, until mid 20th century, tattooing was sporadically done by brave individuals such as John O’Reily and Emma Burgh.

One of the tattoo styles that we know today, and that was initially popularized for men was Sailor Jerry tattoo style.

Around 50s, tattoos were considered a sign of masculinity, and mostly related to the underground world of thugs and criminals.

By the 70s, tattoo shops became increasingly popular and slowly tattoo art was no longer reserved for the society’s outcasts.

What Are Meaningful Tattoo Designs for Men?

Historically, men tattoos were done as a rite of passage in many cultures – going from boys to men through a unique and meaningful design for the man in question.

In the West, with the uprising of Sailor Jerry and Navy tattoos, different kinds of tattoo designs for men were popularized. There are also fun tattoo ideas that are a popular theme.

Among others, meaningful tattoo designs for men include:

  • Family tattoos –  a tattoo that will portray the eternal bond a man feels to his family, partner, and parents
  • Religious tattoos – a tattoo that usually has a Biblical scene, or just a concept from the Bible, like sun rays pushing through the clouds, with praying hands and doves.
  • Animal tattoos – popular animal tattoos for men include animals like lions, bears, ravens, snakes and wolves with strong symbolism of strength, overcoming obstacles and endurance like phoenixes, or even just animalistic objects, such as feather tattoos.
  • Tribaltattoos – aesthetically pleasing with a strong message of perseverance, masculinity, strength, and endurance, tribal tattoos have emerged from far away cultures into the Western mainstream, and with a good reason – they are a puzzle on their own, with their meaning mostly hidden for everyone but the person wearing it.
  • Geometric tattoos – lines and shapes carry a lot of meaning, even though they would look abstract to the rest of the world.
  • Realistic tattoos – depictions of nature like moons, timepieces, roses, compasses, women figures and fictional characters are common in realistic sleeve designs for men.
  • Traditional tattoos – from Sailor Jerry to neo-traditional tattoo designs, the unique aesthetic of traditional tattoos are especially pleasing to men, with their meanings ranging from fun and quirky to deep meanings such as tattoos dedicated to mothers.
  • Flower tattoos – either using a specific flower (a favorite of your mother) like a cherry blossom tattoo, or with something dainty like a daisy tattoo, you can also go for your mother’s birth flower to include in your tattoo.
  • Heritage tattoos – a tattoo dedicated to honoring one’s roots and culture, these tattoos can be mixed with modern symbols to create meaningful tattoo designs, such as Irish and Celtic tattoos, or Native American tattoos, for example.
  • Hero tattoos – Your childhood heroes or personalities you resonate most with are a great theme for your tattoo design. So much so, many choose their favorite characters from Marvel comics, or Japanese animation series or movies to base their tattoo on.

How To Come Up With Unique Tattoo Ideas

Now that we’ve covered the history and some popular designs, let’s see how you can come up with your own unique and meaningful tattoo.

While tattoos for men can have a lot of different meanings, most people choose to find their own significance that relates to their own life story and personality.

Think about your life

Who is that one person and that one event that has stood out in your life?

Dig deep to scrape for the things that matter most to you and that you’d like to make eternal with a piece of body art.

Think about your message

What is that thing you stand up for? Which value, or a specific character trait is important to you?

Having a message that you hold dearly, be it just an aesthetic value or a philosophy that guides you, will help you never regret your tattoo choice.

Think about your style

Your body art reflects your personal unique style. Do you like bold, realistic, colorful pieces or are you more drawn to delicate shading and black and grey play of details in an intricate black work?

This is the fashion you will wear on your sleeve, so think about what you like and where you think it would look best on you.

Best Tattoo Placements For Men

Where should you get your tattoo?

Your placement will likely depend on the size of the tattoo, as well as whether or not you want to avoid existing tattoos or scars and natural curves of your body.

The most common places for tattoos for men are the forearm, chest, back, and calves. Doing a whole or a part of a sleeve is also very popular among men.

When choosing, be sure to consult a qualified tattoo artist for their input. Also, give thought to your tattoo’s exposure to the elements and your pain tolerance. 

Best Tattoo Ideas for Men

How do you know a tattoo design is right for you? If you feel like the symbolics and significance of the tattoo fits with your personal style, then it is a great tattoo choice.

Take a look below, and check out our best tattoo ideas for men:

Small Tattoo Ideas For Men

Are you looking for a custom tattoo design for men? We got you.


Our expert tattoo artists will provide a quick initial draft to get you going.
Happy inking ❤

Milena Petrovic

Milena Petrovic

Co-founder of Tattoo Stylist

Tattoo Stylist

Milena has decided to start an organization that will create a safe environment for everybody to get their first, second or third tattoo and to encourage young people to transform their ideas into tattoos safely, with talent and vision.

You can find her writing about tattoos on Quora or updating our Pinterest profile with awesome tattoo ideas!


Best Tattoo Ideas for Men 2020


Now that we have the introduction to tattoos and some popular designs, let’s discuss ideas how you can come up with meaningful and unique tattoos.

While tattoos for men can different meanings, most people find their own significance that relates to their own story and personality.

Think about your life

There must be a story in your life or a moment that has stood out in your life? Dig deep for things that matters and make to eternal with piece of body art.

Think about your message

What is the thing that you stand up for? Which you value or a trait important to you? Can you make the thing it a figure or a shape or sum up in a word? Then that an be your message. Message that you hold dearly, aesthetic value or something you never forget.

Think about your style

Your body art should reflect your personality. If you are bold, realistic you make more delicate shading and black and grey play of details black work?

How to Get a Tattoo

Choose the Right Tattoo Artist

Inking your skin is a great deal, that will most probably be remain there for rest of your live, so get some professional help. For the best outcome, seek out a tattoo specialist in the style of tattoo you want to get.

Listen to the Professionals

Be sure to make a note of what your tattoo artist suggests you to do. As a professional, they’ll be able to provide your expert insight and all their experience gonna make your part easy too!

Play it Safe

While many workplace environments still frown upon the in that can’t be covered up. So, before you get that killer or your favourite neck tattoo, be sure to consider your career.

Don’t Worry About the Pain

Ofcourse, getting a tattoo can hurt, buts it’s not bad as some people might say. But some areas of boy like neck or the torse are more sensitive, those can be more uncomfortable sensation.

Does a Tattoo Make You More Attractive?

If you are wondering if getting a tattoo will make you more attractive or not, you should know, you are not the only one to wonder about it. The question is highly debatable but the answer depends on each person, some might hate or others love your big fat tattoo on your back. But don’t worry if you are getting a very meaningful tattoo, because its for you!


Tattoo fashion mens

In the world of men's fashion, urban tattoo clothing has really taken off in a big way. Thanks in great part to celebrity trends and designers who embrace the heavily artistic tattoo culture, the look has evolved from a small selection of baseball caps and T-shirts to so much more.

About Tattoo Clothes

The very antithesis of suave and polished, tattoo-adorned clothes have been adopted by males of all ages. You'll see them on everyone from mall rats to Jon Gosselin, and if you look hard enough you'll probably spot a pint-sized tyke or two sporting an Ed Hardy T-shirt. It is designer Christian Audigier's Ed Hardy line, in fact, that is largely responsible for all the hubbub.

Related Articles

When Audigier launched Ed Hardy in 2004, he was armed with the exclusive rights to artist Don Ed Hardy's designs. Hardy, also known as the "Godfather of Tattoo," is widely known for his usage of Japanese aesthetics in his work, and his involvement in tattoo exhibitions and lectures has helped spawn the ever-growing interest in the tattoo lifestyle. Certainly, the collaboration between fashion trailblazer Audigier and tattoo cultivator Hardy held promise, and before long the line drew attention from celebrities and trendsetters all over the world.

Though bright, loud T-shirts were the initial draw, the line quickly grew to include jeans, hoodies, sweaters, baseball caps, neckties, sunglasses, shoes and much more. With collections for women and children also part of the growing repertoire, the tattooed look caught on in a big way.

Men's Fashion Urban Tattoo Clothing Trends

It's not hard to find your choice of cool, comfortable clothing etched with eye-catching tattoo designs, and there are plenty of options beyond the Hardy label, of course. A stroll through just about any shopping mall or a browse through various Internet boutiques will yield many different labels and styles. This is good news if the instantly recognizable Hardy brand is simply on your "no way" list, or if you'd rather stand out from the crowd and wear something a little bit different.

We've tracked down some of the best places to get your fix of men's fashion urban tattoo clothing and accessories. If price constraints are an issue, you'll find a good variety here to keep you within your budget, and vice versa - if money is no option, prepare to spend freely.

  • Ed Hardy is chock-full of men's apparel and accessories, all creatively touched with Hardy artwork. Check out the sale section for decent deals on select items, but note that all sale items are final purchase. If you're not entirely sure of your Hardy size, pay a visit to a local store that carries the line and try some of the pieces on first.
  • Tattoo Apparel carries edgy clothes and accessories worthy of any rock star (American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert is a fan). For discounts, check out the sale clearance section, where several items are priced at up to 80 percent off their retail.
  • Too Fast Online calls itself the "anti-Ed Hardy." The line is born from a true affiliation with punk rock music and appreciation for the tattoo culture, and the men's collection is rife with hard-edged jackets, slim-fit T-shirts and jeans, to name a few. Narrow down your selections by price for easier shopping.

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The Truth About MY TATTOOS - Alex Costa

Top 135 Best Tattoo Ideas for Men in 2021

If you’re looking for brilliance in tattoos for men, this is the list for you to help spur creativity for future grand ideas.

Remarkable tattoo artist talent paired with inspirational ideas showcase jaw-dropping examples of masterful tattoo designs for men.

The designs for men in this collection pushes the limits of what’s possible and may make you reconsider the idea of professionalism when it comes to tattoo artistry.

In this guide you’ll find the best tattoo concepts for men in a range of styles, positions, and symbolic meanings; from ultra-realistic 3D art to sleeve tattoos, to small tattoo and traditional masterpieces, there’s something inspiring for all possible kinds of tattoo for men.

1. Forearm Tattoos for Men

Cool Hourglass Tattoo Male Upperarms

Cool Galaxy Tattoo Mens Forearms

3D Cool Serpent Tattoo Males Forearms

Guy With Cool City Street Lane Tattoo On Forearms


Forearm tattoo designs often have great social and personal significance for men looking at getting the best tattoo ideas made real.

Forearm ink is in a place to be seen and could be the best tattoo to make a statement. And a quality forearm piece speaks to others about your confidence in yourself, the things you feel are important or bring you joy.

2. Chest Tattoo Ideas for Men

Cool Full Back Grey Tattoo Of Eyes For Men

Cool Flaming Dragon Tattoo Mens Chest

Cool Chest Tattoo Of Roaring Gorilla For Males



Usually, the subject matter for chest tattoos for men are very personal. Near and often over the heart, chest tattoos idea and design pieces will display deep feelings or beliefs, such as memorial tattoo, loved ones, or religious imagery.

While these complex chest tattoo design ideas are the more traditional art seen on the chest, smaller pieces have become more popular as tattoos have spread amongst the broader population.

These tattoos for men often feature depictions of animals such as an owl tattoo wolf tattoo, the nautical compass tattoo, beautiful women or anchor.

3. Small Tattoo Ideas for Men






The concept of a small tattoo for men is trending because they not only possess the incredible ability to convey symbolic meanings, but are also simple and clean tattoo design.

Often, tinier tattoo designs for men utilize bold but precise lines to perfectly compliment a man’s confidence and style.

There are many different possibilities for guys to enjoy, from a lion tattoo or cross tattoo to a feather tattoo or cartoon character on the forearm, wrist or ankle.

3. Arm Tattoo Ideas for Men


Guys Arms Cool Royal Symbols And Chekered Board Tattoo

Cool Tattoo Of Sharp Eyed Owl On Upper Arms

Cool Universe And Rings Around Skull Tattoo For Guys On Upper Arms


Richness is a vital element when designing any cool arm tattoo, especially if you hope to tantalize others with your body art. Vibrant colors are a plus, although some of the best varieties maximize shading range between black and white.

While arm tattoo concepts seem easy on the surface, their execution is actually quite difficult, especially since the competition is increasing every day.

4. Shoulder Tattoo Ideas for Men




Source: @le_metallier_paris via Instagram



Source: @agami_ink via Instagram

Shoulder tattoo styles feature distinctive designs, shapes, sizes, and application techniques to make outstanding body art.

The Shoulder tattoo is popular precisely because they’re versatile in size and offer interesting placement choices that can be augmented against the flow of muscle and bone.

5. Hand Tattoos for Men


Cool Red Rose And Splashing Water Tattoo Male Hands


Cool Calm Buddha Tattoo Mens Hands

Cool Iron Grey Tattoo Of Rose And Clock Tattoo Male Hands

A hand tattoo is easily seen by everyone, unlike other areas of the body. It’s the one place other than the neck or face that can’t be covered up or concealed.

Getting a hand tattoo is a big decision for any man.

Generally speaking, tattoos on the back of the hand are the most likely to age gracefully when it comes to hand tattoos, while tattoos on the palms of the hand will deteriorate fastest simply because of the amount of use they get in our everyday lives.

6. Tribal Tattoos Ideas for Men





Nearly one third of all men look at tribal tattoos before ever stepping foot into a tattoo shop, and tribal designs for men are almost always heavily laden with meaning.

The four most notable reasons men in ancient times embraced tribal tattoos were for: Rites of passage, marriage tattoos, totem animal guardianship, and perhaps the most bizarre of them all, magical and medical reasons.

While some of these tribal tattoo designs are less superstitious than in times past, they remain extremely important symbols, such as a tribal wolf tattoo for strength and loyalty, or the owl tattoo for wisdom.

7. Cross Tattoos for Men






A cross tattoo is primarily known as a symbol for sacrifice, unity and love. Almost universally, these tattoo designs for men provide deep meaning and great significance to the collector.

Not all men’s cross tattoos are religious in purpose however. For instance the tribal cross can be a tribute to a tribe or ancestor, or the growing gothic trend in tattoo design where all manner of imagery is joined to the cross to associate the tattoo with pain and anger.

8. Back Tattoos for Men





Cool Tattoo Majestic Horse And Greek God Tattoo Mens Back

Arguably the body’s most expansive canvas, the back is an ideal location for epic tattoo masterpieces, whether it’s a full back Japanese inspired design or intricately detailed lion tattoo cascading down the shoulders and along the spine.

Possible back tattoo schemes can include mythical scenes, nautical themes, or dramatic iconography, although a single image or series of smaller designs are also useful back tattoo ideas, such as a compass tattoo in the middle of the back or other stylish tattoos for men.

9. Sleeve Tattoo Designs for Men


Cool Grey Gods Tattoo Mens Full Sleeves


Source: @tat2brett via Instagram

Cool Rose And Ferocious Tiger Tattoo Mens Upper Arms


Arguably the body’s most expansive canvas, the back is an ideal location for epic tattoo masterpieces, whether it’s a full back Japanese inspired design or intricately detailed lion tattoo cascading down the shoulders and along the spine.

Possible back tattoo schemes can include mythical scenes, nautical themes, or dramatic iconography, although a single image or series of smaller designs are also useful back tattoo ideas, such as a compass tattoo in the middle of the back or other stylish tattoos for men.

10. Half Sleeve Tattoo Ideas for Men


Cool Tattoo Of Scary Veiled Skull Tattoo Mens Forearms




A half sleeve can look just as good as a full tattoo sleeve if not better. Understand that a half sleeve can be quite handy in terms of concealment, or for incorporating future ink.

The average price for half sleeve tattoos for men are around $1,500, however, this number and other tattoo prices can vary greatly depending on the shop, the artist, the details of the tattoo idea, and other factors.

11. The Best Neck Tattoo Ideas for Men






A neck tattoo can show off bravery and individuality.

It could be an intriguing piece hidden under a collar, or an always visible tattoo that gives a clue to what a collector’s passions and interests might be.

It’s a chance for a man to really put himself out there as a free thinker and edgy creator.

12. Rose Tattoos for Men






Far from a mere feminine symbol, the rose tattoo was once considered the botany of the masculine archetype, carrying a depth of meaning that lingered much longer than a perfume note or pretty flower.

The rose tattoo is a complicated badass symbol of strength, courage, and nobility, a reminder that refinery wears armor, and that even the truest love is not without its thorns.

13. Simple Tattoo Ideas for Men






Cool simple tattoos add a suggestive statement with a flowing, seamless design. Be it whimsical or bold cool simple tattoos are an element of the tattooed man to be desired.

Simple tattoo designs range in size from the tiniest suggestive tattoos to fluid and bold design such as full chest or back tribal designs.

14. Leg Tattoos Ideas

Guys Lower Legs Cool Yellow Sailed Ship With Moon Tattoo

Cool Grey Tattoo Male Full Legs




Leg tattoo designs are becoming more frequently utilized in contemporary tattooing. The legs offer different areas to use across any body art style and also provide a commanding opportunity for full sleeve tattoo designs.

Once on the lower range of the popularity scale for tattoo placement, the legs offer a fantastic large canvas with low pain options for your tattoo idea to be etched into life.

15. Finger Ideas for a Tattoo






In today’s times, finger tattoo ideas are part of the growing popularity of visible body art, although some still view them as job stoppers for times after you get inked.

From complicated ideas to those simple in design, finger tattoo is paving the way for an ever-evolving creative talent. Though, as you can expect, your bony fingers are more than just hard to ink, they’re painful too thanks to a bunch of nerve endings.

16. Family Tattoos Ideas for Men






A great tattoo is meant to last for life, which explains the enduring importance and popularity of family tattoo designs.

There are countless ways to pull off these emotionally charged pieces of family love and affection, but the touching impact always remains.

17. Rib Tattoos Ideas for Men






There are innumerable concepts to explore, adapt, and depict when choosing a rib tattoo.

From minimalist designs and simple quote tattoos, to realistic rib tattoo art or those exploring religious themes, the rib cage is a bold area to make a tattoo statement.

Any application or thematic concept can be applied to make a successful rib tattoo. It is your expression and art brought to life by the tattoo artist.

18. Thigh Tattoo Ideas for Men






A thigh tattoo presents the opportunity to cover a large surface area if desired and suits every style of body art application. They can be a deeply personal tribute tattoo, something more privately meaningful, or a reflection of interests.

Full thigh tattoo designs offer a unique style, while smaller designs are quite easy to cover up or hide as the situation dictates.

19. Badass Tattoo Ideas for Men



Cool Tattoo Of Water Flowing Out Of Beast Mouth Forearms

Cool Spaceman In Universe Tattoo Mens Full Arms


The tattoo industry has recently witnessed amazing technological strides. As a result, it is possible for men to get badass tattoos that defy all previous possibilities.

If you want to shatter the norms of convention, then now is a good time to pursue the unfettered sex appeal of badass tattoo style and excitement.

20. Symbolic Tattoo Ideas for Men





A tattoo can be one of the most meaningful decisions you make. When you are planning your new piece of artwork, it is a wise idea to look deeper than the initial image.

What does it mean today? What has it meant in the past? What does it mean to you?

There are a wide range of symbolic designs, from ancient religions and histories to the contemporary ideas and connected culture of today.

21. Skull Tattoo Ideas for Men






You’ll be surprised at the meaning behind many skull tattoo ideas, which are quite possibly the most popular designs for ink worldwide.

Most assume on first glance their scary, morbid, and intimidating form symbolizes one thing: Death. The truth is, skulls can symbolize everything from celebration of life to serving as a way to ward off evil spirits.

22. Christianity Tattoo Ideas for Men






Christian tattoos keep gaining popularity, and it’s not just crosses and crucifixes. Theological imagery is presently being shaped into some of the most thrilling artistic designs conceived.

These iconic scenes include famous encounters with apostles or classic portraits of Jesus or the Virgin Mary. A picturesque emblem of spirituality will keep you on the right path and remind you not to stray.

23. The Best Tattoo Lettering for Men






Traditional forms of lettering still applies to lists of the best tattoo ideas, even with realistic designs that can paint a thousand words in a single picture.

Often, the meaning behind these words when etched in skin are made stronger than when they are spoken.

From names to quotes to foreign characters, maxims, adages, or benedictions come together to form seriously cool body art.

24. Celtic Tattoo Ideas for Men






The story behind Celtic tattoos is almost as intricate as the designs are. From ink that fiercely intimidates foes on the battlefield to the meaning of life with no beginning nor end.

When it came to inking the skin, men on the battle field could be seen with knot designs on either the upper chest or arms. Over time countless patterns, symbols and meanings emerged.

Swirls, trinities and circles are believed to symbolize nature, motion, time and the wind. While the popular cross and circle stood for the unity of four directions under the sun.

25. Flower Tattoo Ideas for Men






When it comes to flowers tattoos for men, illustrated men of the past might have dismissed them as being a staple of femininity in tattoo design.

The truth is, gender stereotyping in the world of ink is being obliterated daily – we don’t care if you’re a man or woman as long as you rock cool tattoos.

With all sorts of different plants available to help in creating your inspirational tattoo design, each flower can be a distinctive bloom of beautiful significance.

26. Music Tattoo Ideas for Men






There are no boundaries to the expression that can be enabled by a music tattoo for men. With millions of albums and concert posters to choose from, you will run out of room before you run out of ideas.

Sheet music and lyrics are fine choices too, while some fans even get autographs of famous performers tattooed on their skin.

The most common tattoo choice is an electric guitar, however classical music lovers shouldn’t feel left out because every instrument in the orchestra can be brought to life on the flesh.

27. Tree Tattoo Ideas for Men






The roots of the tree run deep–in life, in history, and in art. A symbol of ancient wisdom, nurturing, and the branches that connect us all, the tree has long been revered as nature’s most sacred living monument.

It’s no small wonder that tattoo artists and enthusiasts have taken notice, resulting in some of the most stunning ink renditions to date.

There are many reasons to opt for a tree tattoo, ranging from cultural values to a preferred aesthetic.

Tattoos for Men FAQs

How much are small tattoos for men?

Small tattoo pricing can range from the shop minimum of $50-$80 for the smallest designs – two square inches or less, to around $200 for an hour for more complex work.

Highly skilled, in demand artists can charge up to $500 per hour, while apprentices and less skilled artists are as little as $75.00 per hour.

What’s good advice for men getting a first tattoo?

  1. Choose a concept you won’t regret
  2. Start small and think of possible future ink
  3. Choose the right artist for your idea
  4. Study up on color, style, and tattoo health and aftercare
  5. Have fun!

What style ink should I get for my first tattoo?

First timers traditionally choose symbolically meaningful tattoo designs. Body art relevant to self identity and belief never go out of style.

Appealing application styles vary for taste – it’s entirely up to you! Smaller designs inked on simpler spaces like the forearm or outer bicep are statistically most likely.

What are the most popular style tattoos for men?

  • American Traditional – rose tattoo, daggers, and skulls
  • Animal realism and nature ink – owl tattoo, wolf tattoo, lion tattoo are the most widely sampled
  • Family tattoos and script designs
  • Linework tattoo designs
  • Tribal tattoos for men
  • Abstract, Geometric and 3D tattoo
  • Japanese style tattoos
  • Space themed 3D tattoo
  • Ironic and funny tattoo design

How much are sleeve tattoos for men?

There is no fixed price for full sleeve tattoos and sex or gender is also unimportant. Cost depends on factors such as:

  • Artist skills and experience
  • Tattoo size
  • Technical complexity
  • Ink color
  • Fillers
  • Time taken

A full sleeve tattoo can take at least 10-15, so a tattoo may cost from $1,500 to $2,000 before tips at a minimum.

How much should I tip my artist?

There is no set amount or percentage to tip and artist, and no actual obligation for you to do it after meeting the basic obligations for your tattoo.

However, we recommend that you make sure 15-20% of your tattoo price should be tipped for service and execution each time after you get inked.

What are the most popular flower tattoos for men?

A selection of the most popular flower tattoo inspiration for men includes:

  • Roses
  • Lotus flower
  • Cherry blossom
  • Peony
  • Chrysanthemum
  • Poppies
  • Magnolias



You will also be interested:

Getting a tattoo is probably not something to take lightly. Case in point, I once met a guy with a pizza rat tattoo. Trust me, you do not want to be him.

Yet, coming up with good ideas for an original tattoo can be difficult, especially if you have many pieces already or you don’t know how to begin your collection. But before you dare ink a rodent eating a greasy New York slice on your body, there are better ideas.

If you need something to spark your next tattoo idea, this is the right place to be. From iconic traditional tattoos to modern symbolism, inspiration for your next ink is bound to come your way from these 40 classic and unique designs.

What you won’t find on this list is trendy designs, tribal tattoos, Native imagery, wildly offensive suggestions, lovers names, or tattoos in languages you don’t know. Just don’t do any of it.

Whether you’re mulling over your first tattoo or you're filling up your last patches of free skin, these 40 tattoo ideas are some to consider.

1. Rose

      Willie B. ThomasGetty Images

      A rose tattoo is a classic design for any person of any gender—and for good reason. The tattoo lends itself to almost any style of tattooing, providing depth and interest with layered petals. You really can’t go wrong.

      2. Human Skull

      Edward BerthelotGetty Images

      Another undisputed tattoo classic is a human skull, as it's both a morbid reminder of mortality and a badass piece of ink. Like the rose, it spans tattooing styles, fitting any guy’s budding tattoo collection.

      3. Quote

      Westend61Getty Images

      If you have a favorite quote, why not ink it? Whether it’s a life mantra or a phrase your father always said, a quote tattoo is always a good way to go— as long as everything is spelled correctly.

      4. Iconic Heart and Banner

      Thinkstock ImagesGetty Images

      A traditional-style heart and banner stands the test of time for the simplicity of its tribute. Just make sure the name in the banner is someone you’ll love for life, like your mom or dad or dog.

      5. Strong, Fierce Animal

      Patrick Hochbaum / EyeEmGetty Images

      If you want to go hyper masculine with your selection, nothing says “tough guy” quite like a strong, fierce animal tattoo. From lions to wolves to tigers, majestic animals are a top-notch selection for depicting strength and resilience.

      6. Spiderweb

      franckreporterGetty Images

      Another classic piece of ink, spiderweb tattoos first became popular among those “tangled” in the prison system. Now, webs aren’t associated with time on the inside, but still add an edge to your ink.

      7. Roman Numerals

      Mark A PauldaGetty Images

      Instead of tattooing a numeric birthdate or year on your body, transferring that number into Roman numerals can be more pleasing to the eye. With line-based figures that provide angles and structure, Roman numerals lend themselves well to tattooing.

      8. Horror Movie

      Nacho CalongeGetty Images

      Want to get a little creepy? Horror movie tattoos are perfect for the spooky super fan who wishes every day was Halloween.

      9. Nautical

      Mike HarringtonGetty Images

      Nautical motifs are forever associated with tattooing in the West, as sailors are largely credited with bringing the art form to the Western world from Polynesian and indigenous Asian communities. Nautical themes—including ships, anchors, wheels, lighthouses, and compasses—are staples of tattooing, especially in traditional styles.

      10. Song Lyrics

      Thomas LohnesGetty Images

      If you have a particular song carries special meaning, tattooing a particularly poignant lyric is a way to celebrate that significance without constantly singing.

      11. Nerdy Themes

      SOPA ImagesGetty Images

      If you are an unapologetic nerd, use your ink to proudly show off your passions. Admittedly, this guy went a little H.A.M., but you could always tone it down a few notches.

      12. Dagger

      Gian Carlo Ampie / EyeEmGetty Images

      Another classic when it comes to tattoo imagery, a dagger is a symbol of strength, freedom or badassery. You can also get a dagger tattoo to commemorate that totally real knife fight you were once in…

      13. State or Country Outline

      Stefn Plsson / EyeEmGetty Images

      Celebrate your roots with ink in the shape of your home state or country. A simple outline tattoo is a great way to keep your homeland close, even if it is New Jersey.

      14. Heart

      Jason MerrittGetty Images

      A heart tattoo is a way to show your softer side—but you can still get a little interesting with it. Favoring an anatomical design is a welcomed variation on this classic tattoo.

      15. Nature-Themed Imagery

      Podoplkin Vasilij / EyeEmGetty Images

      Channel the peace of the natural world with a nature-themed tattoo of mountains, rivers, trees and more. Whatever makes you calm, throw it in there. Even if you live in a concrete jungle, this will add some solace to your skin.

      16. Swallow

      Nick DoldingGetty Images

      A staple of traditional tattooing, swallows were popularized among well-traveled sailors. Nowadays, truly anyone can get a swallow tattoo, which will never go out of style.

      17. Eagle

      Veronique DURRUTYGetty Images

      Eagles symbolize strength and wisdom, with these birds commanding the skies. Eagles are also obviously associated with patriotism, if that’s your thing. But they are just plain awesome as a chest piece with spread wings and no one can deny it.

      18. Time-Related Designs

      GSPicturesGetty Images

      Tattoos depicting time can be a sobering reminder of mortality, or point to a specific time in your life. Set an analog clock to a special time or date (like 5:25 for May 25), or tattoo a simple hourglass to depict fleeting time. No matter your choice, time is a constant in life—and there ain’t never enough.

      19. Religious Motifs

      Martin MeyerGetty Images

      For those who praise a higher power, religious tattoos are undeniably popular. From depictions of gods to symbols like crosses, religious tattoos are a way to keep your faith close forever.

      20. Portraits

      Oli ScarffGetty Images

      When done right, portrait tattoos are commanding, impressive and just plain stunning. Just make sure you go to a portrait artist, for the love of god.

      21. Geometric Designs

      Fernando Trabanco FotografíaGetty Images

      A popular style in recent years, geometric tattoos take a seemingly normal object and break it down to a series of angles and shapes. An especially stellar technique for animal designs, this style is a way to add interest to a simple idea.

      22. Intricate, Large-Scale Ink

      Halfpoint ImagesGetty Images

      Not every tattoo needs to depict a tangible object. Some can just be plain cool, like large-scale design work that prioritizes black and gray patterns.

      23. Lettering

      Antonio Garcia / EyeEmGetty Images

      Go to an artist specializing in lettering if you want a single word or two in bold type. Lettering work is an art, and a way to really make a meaningful single word stand out. Just don’t make it your own first name.

      24. Abstract Ink

      MICHAL CIZEKGetty Images

      For the artsy types, abstract ink is a way to turn the body into a canvas. Some tattoo artists specialize in brush-like ink and whimsical design. Seek those stylistic stunners out for a project like this.

      25. Blackwork

      BORIS ROESSLERGetty Images

      If you have tattoos you want to cover, blackwork may be for you. This style of tattooing covers often large areas of skin with saturated black ink. It’s an eye-catching way to cover a bad decision, but also a tattoo style that takes talent to master.

      26. Single Line

      Amanda Norris / EyeEmGetty Images

      Single line tattoos create a design out of one non-breaking line. When done right, it’s an impressive illusion that the artistic-type will love.

      27. Insect

      Westend61Getty Images

      From butterflies and scorpions to bees and spiders, tattoos of insects are probably more popular than insects themselves. Even if you still jump at the sight of a spider or swat away a bee after getting one inked, no one has to know.

      28. Creepy Motifs

      EZEQUIEL BECERRAGetty Images

      Are you a certified creep? Display it proudly with a somewhat goth, somewhat freaky piece of ink. Consider a creepy tattoo a warning to others of your sinister, spooky ways.

      29. “Torn Flesh” Tattoos

      AFP ContributorGetty Images

      Illusion tattoos, like those that depict tearing flesh, are a stylistic way to jazz up any design. From torn edges to a swath of ripped flesh running through a design, this tattoo element goes hard—especially when paired with anatomy and mechanical-themed tattoos.

      30. Fine Line

      Karwai TangGetty Images

      Fine line tattoos are popular for their realism and intricate design. Though the aging of these pieces are up for debate, fine line tattoos are undoubtedly impressive, almost looking like a temporary tattoo from childhood.

      31. Pinup Girl

      Marianna MasseyGetty Images

      A pinup girl is traditional tattoo staple, representing the femininity, power and allure of women. Once popular among soldiers, people of all genders now sport pinup girl tattoos as a nod to the roots of tattooing—and to celebrate sassy, sexy women.

      32. Flash Designs

      MARCO BERTORELLOGetty Images

      Flash tattoos are often smaller tattoos an artist designs for a flat rate with no alterations. Some artists pre-design a collection of flash for an event (like those famous “13” tattoos for Friday the 13), tattooing each design multiple times. Some flash, however, is a design an artist wants to do that a client can claim—and it’s only tattooed once. Either way, flash designs are great when you find an artist you love because, let’s be real, sometimes letting professionals have free reign is better.

      33. Animal Skull

      Ignat/Bauer-GriffinGetty Images

      Celebrate the natural world (and death, but whatever) with an animal skull tattoo. From bird skulls to steer skulls, animal skulls are aesthetically pleasing and edgy. And dead. Very dead.

      34. Flames

      Lucy LambriexGetty Images

      A flame tattoo probably reminds you of a bad-to-the-bone OG biker guy. With similar ink, you can channel that energy, even without a motorcycle license.

      35. Coordinates

      Kevork DjansezianGetty Images

      This tattoo is admittedly a little trendy, but a smart way to remember a moment in time. Whether its the location of your childhood home or the exact spot you had a memorable experience, getting a minimal coordinate tattoo is a small reminder for you and only you.

      36. Space-Themed Designs

      Anadolu AgencyGetty Images

      Space is the vast and mysterious—and that makes it great for tattooing. From astronauts to galaxies to planets, space tattoos depict the unknown that’s beyond us, which is pretty freaking sobering and sick.

      37. Literary Ink

      Henry HorensteinGetty Images

      Any book nerd will appreciate a literary tattoo that celebrates their favorite read. From quotes to cover art to any other creative depiction, literary tattoos acknowledge the power and impact of the written word.

      38. Snake

      Felix HannappelGetty Images

      A true classic, snake tattoos are winding and edgy, making them visually interesting. Snakes often represent shedding your skin and transforming, or knowledge and patience. But again, they just look cool, which is probably enough for most tough guys.

      39. Memorial Tattoo

      The Washington PostGetty Images

      A memorial tattoo is a meaningful way to celebrate the life of a loved one. Unlike anything else, ink is forever with you, meaning the person you memorialize will be eternally close. If you are grieving, the permanent nature of tattooing can be healing and comforting.

      40. Knuckle Ink

      honey_and_milkGetty Images

      And when the skin on your body is filled with every other design on this list, it’s time to tattoo your knuckles. The ultimate badass placement when no other skin is left.

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