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Ohio County

Law Enforcement

West Virginia Statewide Interoperability Radio Network (SIRN)    
Project 25 Phase II    
Ohio Co Sheriff and other law enforcement in Ohio Co, including Wheeling PD, use this trunked system for primary communications.

Frequency  License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
  MOC LAW TA-1 Ohio Co Law Enforcement Talk-Around Ch. 1 FMN Law Tac 
  MOC LAW TA-2 Ohio Co Law Enforcement Talk-Around Ch. 2 FMN Law Tac 
  MOCSO SRT TA-1 Ohio Co Sheriff SRT Talk-Around Ch. 1 FMN Law Tac 
  MOCSO SRT TA-2 Ohio Co Sheriff SRT Talk-Around Ch. 2 FMN Law Tac 
 KQB RM PLOCSO VHF 55 Ohio Co Sheriff (backup only) FM Law Talk 
 KRV RMOCSO-WPD BU Ohio Co Sheriff / Wheeling PD (backup only) FMN Law Talk 

Fire Departments

West Virginia Statewide Interoperability Radio Network (SIRN)    
Project 25 Phase II    
All fire departments in Ohio Co, including Wheeling Fire use this trunked system for primary communications.

Frequency  License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
 WQIW BMOC FIRE PAGE Ohio Co Fire Paging FMN Fire Dispatch 
 WPCM RM PLOC FIRE DISP Ohio Co Fire Dispatch/Paging FMN Fire Dispatch 
  MOC FIRE TA-1 Ohio Co Fire Talk-Around Ch.1 FMN Fire-Tac 
  MOC FIRE TA-2 Ohio Co Fire Talk-Around Ch. 2 FMN Fire-Tac 
  MOC FIRE TA-3 Ohio Co Fire Talk-Around Ch. 3 FMN Fire-Tac 
 WQCL  MOC FIRE LZOP Landing Zone Operations FMN Fire-Tac 
 KRA BM PLWESTLIBVFD West Liberty VFD (backup only) FMN Fire-Talk 
 WPIG MMARSHCOFIRE Marshall County Fire Link FMN Fire-Tac 

EMS Agencies

West Virginia Statewide Interoperability Radio Network (SIRN)    
Project 25 Phase II    
EMS-to-hospital activity can be found on this trunked system.

Frequency  License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
 KGV BM PLTRI-ST AMB Tri-State Ambulance FMN EMS Dispatch 
 KKL BMEMS2HOSP EMS to Hospital FMN Hospital 

Public Works

West Virginia Statewide Interoperability Radio Network (SIRN)    
Project 25 Phase II    
Some local government / public works agencies in Ohio Co use this trunked system.
Wheeling City Services    
Motorola Type II Smartnet    
Wheeling local government operations are on this system.

Frequency  License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
 KNDT BMBETH PUBWRKS Bethlehem Public Works/Police Talkaround FM Public Works 
 KNEC RM PLOC PSD Ohio Co P.S.D FMN Public Works 



Wheeling City Services    
Motorola Type II Smartnet    
Wheeling public works continues to use this system for primary communications
West Virginia Statewide Interoperability Radio Network (SIRN)    
Project 25 Phase II    
Wheeling Police, Fire and EMS use this system for primary communications

Frequency  License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
 WPDW RM PLWHGPD TA Wheeling PD TRS Talkaround FM Law Tac 
 WPDW RM DPLWHGFD T-A Wheeling FD TRS Talkaround FM Fire-Tac 
 KQB RMWHG FD B-UP Wheeling FD (backup only) FMN Fire-Talk 
 WNWK RM DPLOGLEBAY OPS Oglebay Park - Main Operations FMN Public Works 
 WNWK RM DPLOGLEBAY MNT Oglebay Park - Maintenance FMN Public Works 
 WQFI RMOGLEBAY GOLF Oglebay Park - Golf Course Operations FMN Public Works 
 WPQK RM PLOGLEBAY Oglebay Park FMN Public Works 

Other Entities

Air Evac Lifeteam

Frequency  License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
 WQJQ RMAIR EVAC LT Air Evac Lifeteam FMN EMS Dispatch 

Stat Medevac

Frequency  License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 

WPAHS LifeFlight

Frequency  License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
  BM PLALLEG LFLITE Allegheny Life Flight FM EMS Dispatch 

K through 12 Schools

Higher Education

West Liberty University

Frequency  License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
  M PLWLU MAINT West Liberty University - Maintenance Department FM Schools 

All Trunked Radio Systems in Ohio County

Sours: https://www.radioreference.com/apps/db/?ctid=
FrequencyDescriptionService AreasCounty Fire DispatchBarbour CountyCounty EMS DispatchBarbour CountyCounty Sheriff DispatchBarbour CountyCity Police DispatchBarboursville CityCity Fire DispatchBeckley CityCity Police DispatchBeckley CityCity Police DispatchBenwood CityCounty Fire & EMS DispatchBerkeley County (Project 25 Standard TRS)City Police DispatchBerkeley Springs CityCity Fire DispatchBluefield CityCity Police DispatchBluefield CityCounty Fire DispatchBoone CountyCounty EMS DispatchBoone CountyCounty Sheriff DispatchBoone CountyCounty Fire DispatchBraxton CountyCounty EMS DispatchBraxton CountyCounty Sheriff DispatchBraxton CountyCity Police DispatchBridgeport CityCounty Fire & EMS DispatchBrooke CountyCounty Sheriff DispatchBrooke CountyCity Police DispatchBuckhannon CityCounty Fire DispatchCabell CountyCounty EMS DispatchCabell CountyCounty Sheriff DispatchCabell CountyCounty Fire & EMS DispatchCalhoun CountyCounty Sheriff DispatchCalhoun CountyCity Police DispatchCameron CityCity Police DispatchCeredo CityCity Fire DispatchCharleston CityCity Police DispatchCharleston CityCity Fire DispatchClarksburg CityCity Police DispatchClarksburg CityCounty Fire DispatchClay CountyCounty EMS DispatchClay CountyCounty Sheriff DispatchClay CountyCity Police DispatchDavis CityCounty Fire & EMS DispatchDoddridge CountyCounty Sheriff DispatchDoddridge CountyCity Fire DispatchDunbar CityCity Police DispatchDunbar CityCity Fire DispatchElkins CityCity Police DispatchElkins CityCity Police DispatchFairmont CityCounty Fire & EMS DispatchFayette CountyCounty Sheriff DispatchFayette CountyCity Police DispatchFollansbee CityCity Police DispatchGilbert CityCounty Fire DispatchGilmer CountyCounty EMS DispatchGilmer CountyCounty Sheriff DispatchGilmer CountyCity Police DispatchGlendale CityCity Police DispatchGrafton CityCounty Fire & EMS DispatchGrant CountyCounty Sheriff DispatchGrant CountyCounty Fire DispatchGreenbrier CountyCounty EMS DispatchGreenbrier CountyCounty Sheriff DispatchGreenbrier CountyCounty Fire DispatchHampshire CountyCounty EMS DispatchHampshire CountyCounty Sheriff DispatchHampshire CountyCounty Fire DispatchHancock CountyCounty EMS DispatchHancock CountyCounty Sheriff DispatchHancock CountyCounty Fire & EMS DispatchHardy CountyCounty Sheriff DispatchHardy CountyCounty Fire DispatchHarrison County (Project 25 Standard TRS)County EMS DispatchHarrison County (Project 25 Standard TRS)County Sheriff DispatchHarrison County (Project 25 Standard TRS)City Police DispatchHinton CityCity Fire DispatchHuntington CityCity Police DispatchHuntington CityCity Police DispatchHurricane CityCounty Fire DispatchJackson CountyCounty EMS DispatchJackson CountyCounty Sheriff DispatchJackson CountyCounty Fire & EMS DispatchJefferson County (Project 25 Standard TRS)County Fire DispatchKanawha County (Project 25 Standard TRS)County EMS DispatchKanawha County (Project 25 Standard TRS)Municipal PD DispatchKanawha County (Project 25 Standard TRS)County Sheriff DispatchKanawha County (Project 25 Standard TRS)City Police DispatchKenova CityCity Police DispatchKeyser CityCounty Fire DispatchLewis County (Weston & Princeton)County Fire DispatchLewis County (Jane Lew & Jacksons Mill)County Fire DispatchLewis County (Walkersville)County Fire DispatchLewis County (Midway)County EMS DispatchLewis CountyCounty Sheriff DispatchLewis CountyCounty Fire & EMS DispatchLincoln CountyCounty Sheriff DispatchLincoln CountyCounty Fire DispatchLogan CountyCounty EMS DispatchLogan CountyCounty Sheriff DispatchLogan CountyCity Police DispatchMadison CityCounty Fire DispatchMarion County (Project 25 Standard TRS)County EMS DispatchMarion County (Project 25 Standard TRS)County Fire & EMS DispatchMarshall CountyCounty Sheriff DispatchMarshall CountyCity Police DispatchMason CityCounty Fire & EMS DispatchMason County (North)County Fire & EMS DispatchMason County (South)County Sheriff DispatchMason County (North)County Sheriff DispatchMason County (South)County Sheriff DispatchMason County (West)County Fire DispatchMcDowell CountyCounty EMS DispatchMcDowell CountyCounty Sheriff DispatchMcDowell CountyCity Police DispatchMcMechen CityCounty Fire DispatchMercer CountyCounty EMS DispatchMercer CountyCounty Sheriff DispatchMercer CountyCity Police DispatchMilton CityCounty Fire & EMS DispatchMineral CountyCounty Sheriff DispatchMineral CountyCounty Fire DispatchMingo CountyCounty EMS DispatchMingo CountyCounty Sheriff DispatchMingo CountyCounty Fire DispatchMonongalia County (Project 25 Standard TRS)County EMS DispatchMonongalia County (Project 25 Standard TRS)County Sheriff DispatchMonongalia County (Project 25 Standard TRS)City Fire DispatchMorgantown CityCity Police DispatchMorgantown CityCounty Fire DispatchMonroe CountyCounty EMS DispatchMonroe CountyCounty Sheriff DispatchMonroe CountyCounty Fire & EMS DispatchMorgan County (LTR Standard TRS)County Sheriff DispatchMorgan County (LTR Standard TRS)City Police DispatchMoundsville CityCity Police DispatchNew Martinsville CityCounty Fire & EMS DispatchNicholas CountyCounty Sheriff DispatchNicholas CountyCity Fire DispatchNito CityCity Police DispatchNito CityCity Police DispatchOak Hill CityCounty Fire & EMS DispatchOhio County (Project 25 Standard TRS)City Police DispatchPaden CityCity Fire DispatchParkersburg City (LTR Standard TRS)City Police DispatchParkersburg City (LTR Standard TRS)County Fire DispatchPendleton CountyCounty EMS DispatchPendleton CountyCounty Sheriff DispatchPendleton CountyCity Police DispatchPhilippi CityCounty Fire & EMS DispatchPleasants CountyCounty Sheriff DispatchPleasants CountyCounty Fire & EMS DispatchPocahontas CountyCounty Sheriff DispatchPocahontas CountyCity Police DispatchPoint Pleasant CityCounty Fire DispatchPreston CountyCounty Sheriff DispatchPreston CountyCity Police DispatchPrinceton CityCounty EMS DispatchPreston CountyCounty Fire & EMS DispatchPutnam CountyCounty Sheriff DispatchPutnam CountyCounty Fire DispatchRaleigh CountyCounty EMS DispatchRaleigh CountyCounty Sheriff DispatchRaleigh CountyCounty Fire DispatchRandolph CountyCounty EMS DispatchRandolph CountyCounty Sheriff DispatchRandolph CountyCounty Fire & EMS DispatchRitchie CountyCounty Sheriff DispatchRitchie CountyCounty Fire DispatchRoane County (Clover)County Fire DispatchRoane County (Newton)County Fire DispatchRoane County (Reedy)County Fire DispatchRoane County (Spencer)County Fire DispatchRoane County (Walton)County EMS DispatchRoane CountyCounty Sheriff DispatchRoane CountyCity Fire DispatchSouth Charleston CityCity Police DispatchSouth Charleston CityCity Police DispatchSpencer CityCity Fire DispatchSt Albans CityCity Police DispatchSt Albans CityCity Police DispatchSt Marys CityCounty Fire DispatchSummers CountyCounty EMS DispatchSummers CountyCounty Sheriff DispatchSummers CountyCounty Fire & EMS DispatchTaylor CountyCounty Sheriff DispatchTaylor CountyCounty Fire DispatchTucker CountyCounty EMS DispatchTucker CountyCounty Sheriff DispatchTucker CountyCounty Fire & EMS DispatchTyler CountyCounty Sheriff DispatchTyler CountyCounty Fire DispatchUpshur CountyCounty EMS DispatchUpshur CountyCounty Sheriff DispatchUpshur CountyCity Police DispatchVienna CityCounty Fire DispatchWayne CountyCounty EMS DispatchWayne CountyCounty Sheriff DispatchWayne CountyCounty Fire DispatchWebster CountyCounty EMS DispatchWebster CountyCounty Sheriff DispatchWebster CountyCity Fire DispatchWeirton CityCity Police DispatchWeirton CityCity Police DispatchWelch CityCity Police DispatchWeston CityCity Police DispatchWestover CityCity Police DispatchWest Union CityCounty Fire DispatchWetzel CountyCounty EMS DispatchWetzel CountyCounty Sheriff DispatchWetzel CountyCity Fire DispatchWheeling City (Motorola Type II Smartnet TRS)City Police DispatchWilliamson CityCity Police DispatchWilliamstown CityCounty Fire DispatchWirt CountyCounty EMS DispatchWirt CountyCounty Sheriff DispatchWirt CountyCounty Fire DispatchWood CountyCounty EMS DispatchWood CountyCounty Sheriff DispatchWood CountyPrimaryWVU MedcomCounty Fire DispatchWyoming CountyCounty EMS DispatchWyoming CountyCounty Sheriff DispatchWyoming County
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FrequencyDescriptionService AreasCounty Fire DispatchBarbourCounty Fire DispatchCounty EMS DispatchBarbourCounty EMS DispatchCounty Fire & EMS DispatchBerkeleyCounty Fire & EMS DispatchCounty Fire DispatchBooneCounty Fire DispatchCounty EMS DispatchBooneCounty EMS DispatchCounty Fire DispatchBraxtonCounty Fire DispatchCounty EMS DispatchBraxtonCounty EMS DispatchCounty Fire & EMS DispatchBrookeCounty Fire & EMS DispatchCounty Fire DispatchCabellCounty Fire DispatchCounty EMS DispatchCabellCounty EMS DispatchCity Fire DispatchHuntington CityCounty Fire & EMS DispatchCalhounCounty Fire & EMS DispatchCounty Fire DispatchClayCounty Fire DispatchCounty EMS DispatchClayCounty EMS DispatchCounty Fire & EMS DispatchDoddridgeCounty Fire & EMS DispatchCounty Fire & EMS DispatchFayetteCounty Fire & EMS DispatchCounty Fire DispatchGilmerCounty Fire DispatchCounty EMS DispatchGilmerCounty EMS DispatchCounty Fire & EMS DispatchGrantCounty Fire & EMS DispatchCounty Fire DispatchGreenbrierCounty Fire DispatchCounty EMS DispatchGreenbrierCounty EMS DispatchCounty Fire DispatchHampshireCounty Fire DispatchCounty EMS DispatchHampshireCounty EMS DispatchCounty Fire DispatchHancockCounty Fire DispatchCounty EMS DispatchHancockCounty EMS DispatchCity Fire DispatchWeirton CityCounty Fire & EMS DispatchHardyCounty Fire & EMS DispatchCounty Fire DispatchHarrisonCounty Fire DispatchCounty EMS DispatchHarrisonCounty EMS DispatchCity Fire DispatchClarksburg CityCounty Fire DispatchJacksonCounty Fire DispatchCounty EMS DispatchJacksonCounty EMS DispatchCounty Fire & EMS DispatchJeffersonCounty Fire & EMS DispatchCounty Fire DispatchKanawhaCounty Fire DispatchCounty EMS DispatchKanawhaCounty EMS DispatchCity Fire DispatchCharleston CityCity Fire DispatchDunbar CityCity Fire DispatchNito CityCity Fire DispatchSouth Charleston CityCity Fire DispatchSt Albans CityCounty Fire DispatchLewisCounty Fire Dispatch  (Weston & Princeton)County Fire DispatchLewisCounty Fire Dispatch  (Jane Lew & Jacksons Mill)County Fire DispatchLewisCounty Fire Dispatch  (Walkersville)County Fire DispatchLewisCounty Fire Dispatch  (Midway)County EMS DispatchLewisCounty EMS DispatchCounty Fire & EMS DispatchLincolnCounty Fire & EMS DispatchCounty Fire DispatchLoganCounty Fire DispatchCounty EMS DispatchLoganCounty EMS DispatchCounty Fire DispatchMarionCounty Fire DispatchCounty EMS DispatchMarionCounty EMS DispatchCounty Fire & EMS DispatchMarshallCounty Fire & EMS DispatchCounty Fire & EMS DispatchMasonCounty Fire & EMS Dispatch (North)County Fire & EMS DispatchMasonCounty Fire & EMS Dispatch (South)County Fire DispatchMcDowellCounty Fire DispatchCounty EMS DispatchMcDowellCounty EMS DispatchCounty Fire DispatchMercerCounty Fire DispatchCounty EMS DispatchMercerCounty EMS DispatchCity Fire DispatchBluefield CityCounty Fire & EMS DispatchMineralCounty Fire & EMS DispatchCounty Fire DispatchMingoCounty Fire DispatchCounty EMS DispatchMingoCounty EMS DispatchCounty Fire DispatchMonongaliaCounty Fire DispatchCounty EMS DispatchMonongaliaCounty EMS DispatchCity Fire DispatchMorgantown CityCounty Fire DispatchMonroeCounty Fire DispatchCounty EMS DispatchMonroeCounty EMS DispatchCounty Fire & EMS DispatchMorganCounty Fire & EMS DispatchCounty Fire & EMS DispatchNicholasCounty Fire & EMS DispatchCounty Fire & EMS DispatchOhioCounty Fire & EMS DispatchCity Fire DispatchWheeling CityCounty Fire DispatchPendletonCounty Fire DispatchCounty EMS DispatchPendletonCounty EMS DispatchCounty Fire & EMS DispatchPleasantsCounty Fire & EMS DispatchCounty Fire & EMS DispatchPocahontasCounty Fire & EMS DispatchCounty Fire DispatchPrestonCounty Fire DispatchCounty EMS DispatchPrestonCounty EMS DispatchCounty Fire & EMS DispatchPutnamCounty Fire & EMS DispatchCounty Fire DispatchRaleighCounty Fire DispatchCounty EMS DispatchRaleighCounty EMS DispatchCity Fire DispatchBeckley CityCounty Fire DispatchRandolphCounty Fire DispatchCounty EMS DispatchRandolphCounty EMS DispatchCity Fire DispatchElkins CityCounty Fire & EMS DispatchRitchieCounty Fire & EMS DispatchCounty Fire DispatchRoaneCounty Fire Dispatch  (Clover)County Fire DispatchRoaneCounty Fire Dispatch  (Newton)County Fire DispatchRoaneCounty Fire Dispatch  (Reedy)County Fire DispatchRoaneCounty Fire Dispatch  (Spencer)County Fire DispatchRoaneCounty Fire Dispatch  (Walton)County EMS DispatchRoaneCounty EMS DispatchCounty Fire DispatchSummersCounty Fire DispatchCounty EMS DispatchSummersCounty EMS DispatchCounty Fire & EMS DispatchTaylorCounty Fire & EMS DispatchCounty Fire DispatchTuckerCounty Fire DispatchCounty EMS DispatchTuckerCounty EMS DispatchCounty Fire & EMS DispatchTylerCounty Fire & EMS DispatchCounty Fire DispatchUpshurCounty Fire DispatchCounty EMS DispatchUpshurCounty EMS DispatchCounty Fire DispatchWayneCounty Fire DispatchCounty EMS DispatchWayneCounty EMS DispatchCounty Fire DispatchWebsterCounty Fire DispatchCounty EMS DispatchWebsterCounty EMS DispatchCounty Fire DispatchWetzelCounty Fire DispatchCounty EMS DispatchWetzelCounty EMS DispatchCounty Fire DispatchWirtCounty Fire DispatchCounty EMS DispatchWirtCounty EMS DispatchCounty Fire DispatchWoodCounty Fire DispatchCounty EMS DispatchWoodCounty EMS DispatchCity Fire DispatchParkersburg CityPrimaryWVUMedcomCounty Fire DispatchWyomingCounty Fire DispatchCounty EMS DispatchWyomingCounty EMS Dispatch
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Jackson, Mason, and Meigs Counties Fire and EMS


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Feed Notes

This feed covers several fire departments and EMS agencies in Jackson County, WV, Mason County, WV, and Meigs County, OH.

The feed is in near real-time.  There is typically a delay of seconds between the time a radio transmission takes place and the time you hear it on the feed.  Generally speaking, the longer you listen without reconnecting, the longer the delay becomes.

Organizations that may be heard on this feed are listed below.  Organizations in orange are on the outer fringes of the scanner's reception range and will often have weak signals that have static and can fade in and out.  An organization in purple won't usually be heard at all, but might on rare occasions be picked up by the scanner.  Hyperlinks are in blue.




Area volunteer fire departments are always looking for new members.  Having an adequate number of firefighters results in quicker responses to emergencies, more lives saved, and fewer homes destroyed.  If you would like the satisfaction of helping others in their time of need, contact a representative of your local department.

The scanner providing the feed is a Radio Shack PRO digital/analog scanner.

Text identifying the channel you are hearing will be displayed if you use the Winamp player, Scanner Radio, iTunes, or certain other applications to listen.

Weather conditions can impact scanner reception.


- Jackson County Fire Dispatch
- Jackson County EMS Dispatch
- Ravenswood Fire Dispatch
- Mason County Fire/EMS North/Bend Dispatch
- Mason Fire Dispatch
- Valley and Leon Fire Dispatch (Not usually picked up by this scanner)
- Pt. Pleasant Fire Dispatch
- Mason County EMS South Dispatch (Pt. Pleasant area) (Currently not included in the feed)
- WV Aeromed 2 (limited range)
- WV Helo 1 (limited range)
- WV Helo 2 (limited range)
- Meigs County Fire/EMS Dispatch

WV SIRN Talkgroup - Mason County EMS
WV SIRN Talkgroup - Mason County Fire
WV SIRN Talkgroup - Mason County
WV SIRN Talkgroup - Jackson County Fire
WV SIRN Talkgroup - Jackson County EMS


Click for Racine, Ohio Forecast


Sours: https://www.broadcastify.com/listen/feed/

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Radio Codes & Signals -- West Virginia


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