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Essie Summer 2016 Collection Swatches

Get ready to dip your nails into the hottest summer colours because the Essie Summer 2016 Collection officially launches on May 17th across beauty destinations in Canada!

The first thing that stood out to me is that there’s a black nail polish in a summer collection. You know how happy that makes me? I’ve always been a strong believer that you should enjoy any colour you want regardless of what is ‘in season’ or expected.

I’ve been known to sport black manicures in sweltering August and blinding neons during February’s frost. That’s why seeing a dark colour in the Essie Summer 2016 Collection made me smile – it encourages going against the grain, which can oftentimes be quite refreshing!

The formulas on all of these were excellent because I only needed two coats to get full coverage.

It must be noted that Coconut Cove (white) pleasantly surprised me because it wasn’t a streaky, sheer mess, which is typical of many white nail polishes. It covered very well!

Another honourable mention goes out to Tribal Text-styles (black) because the formula was extremely pigmented and smooth with the ideal consistency.

Loot the Booty (sapphire blue) and Viva Antigua! (turquoise) are both gorgeous with a delicate sparkle, and after Tribal Text-styles, they’re my favourites in the collection.

When I swatched Berried Treasures (berry), I wondered, “Is it an Essie Brides No Grooms dupe?” You may remember it from the Bridal 2015 Collection. Since some of you may also be curious, check out the bottom of this post because I did comparison swatches that answer the question.

Additionally, this post includes the official Essie Summer 2016 Collection press release and Rebecca Minkoff’s editor’s note (she’s Essie’s Global Colour Director), in case you want to know the inspiration behind the colour selection.

P.S. Yes, I’m a green nail-polish lover and maybe sometimes I’m immature, but when I read the name Berried Treasures, it made me think of buried treasure…as in the green kind. Am I the only one?

Edit (April 12, 2016): One of my readers asked me on social media if there’d be a mini set for this collection. I sent over an e-mail to find out. Turns out that, YES, there will be a mini set, and it will include all the shades! If I receive more information, I’ll add it here.

Edit (April 15, 2016): Someone on Instagram wondered how they compared, so I added a comparison swatch of Essie Hiking Heels with Essie Color Binge in this post and on my social media.

There are six shades in the Essie Summer 2016 Collection:

Essie Summer 2016 Collection Pictures

Essie Summer 2016 Collection

Essie Summer 2016 Collection

Essie 2016 Summer Collection

Essie Summer 2016 Collection

Essie Summer 2016

Essie Summer 2016 Collection


Essie Summer 2016 Collection Swatches

All swatches have:

    • No base or top coat
    • 2 coats of colour

Tribal Text-styles

Black gold and crushed onyx

Click here to see my Essie Tribal Text-styles Swatches & Review!

Essie Tribal Text-Styles Swatch Essie Summer 2016 Collection Swatches

Essie Tribal Text-styles

Loot the Booty

Pavé sapphire blue

Click here to see my Essie Loot the Booty Swatches & Review!

Essie Loot the Booty Swatch Essie Summer 2016 Collection Swatches

Essie Loot the Booty

Viva Antigua!

Iridescent crystalline turquoise

Click here to see my Essie Viva Antigua! Swatches & Review!

Essie Viva Antigua Swatch Essie Summer 2016 Collection Swatches

Essie Viva Antigua!

Hiking Heels

Scorching hot lava red

Essie Hiking Heels Swatch Essie Summer 2016 Collection Swatches

Essie Hiking Heels

Berried Treasures

Bright ruby berry

Essie Berried Treasures Swatch Essie Summer 2016 Collection Swatches

Essie Berried Treasures

Coconut Cove

Sweet cream white

Click here to see my Essie Coconut Cove Swatches & Review!

Essie Coconut Cove Swatch Essie Summer 2016 Collection Swatches

Essie Coconut Cove

Essie Berried Treasures vs. Essie Brides No Grooms

Before I tell you which is which, take a look at the photo below, and try to guess!

Essie Berried Treasures Essie Brides No Grooms Comparison Swatches

While they are very similar, it turns out that they are not dupes of each other. However, for me, they’re so close, so I think you don’t necessarily need both…unless you’re a collector.

Essie Berried Treasures Essie Brides No Grooms

Essie Brides No Grooms is from the Bridal 2015 Collection. (Click the link to see the individual post.)

Essie Berried Treasures Essie Brides No Grooms Comparison Swatch

Essie Berried Treasures (Summer 2016) vs. Essie Brides No Grooms (Bridal 2015)

Essie Hiking Heels vs. Essie Color Binge

Essie Color Binge is from the Fall 2015 Collection. (Click on the links to see their individual posts for more details.)

Essie Hiking Heels Essie Color Binge Comparison Swatches

Essie Hiking Heels (Summer 2016) vs. Essie Color Binge (Fall 2015)

Essie Summer 2016 Collection Press Release

Follow the Beat of Your Own Drum

Introducing the essie Summer 2016 Collection

Travel feeds the soul. Adventure excites the senses. For thrilling sights in an array of shades, Antigua, Guatemala is the place to just be. Turn strangers into friends at the heart of the city, Parque Central. Its magical fountains and centuries old landmarks are sure to satisfy any traveler’s wanderlust.

A sleepy little city at first glance, Antigua is a bracing wake-up for all the senses and ripe for exploring. Look around at the colourful costumes of the local people and feel the inspiration!

After waking up to the sun kissed mountain tops in your own coconut cove, accessorize with your favourite berried treasures. Slip into hiking heels and you’re ready for a day of exploration and discovery. Delve into the tribal text-styles of the local markets and loot the booty in this gem of a city. Don’t worry about sticking to a guidebook, just live in the beautiful moment and go where the spirit leads you.

An adventure filled getaway is an ideal inspiration for essie Summer 2016 Collection. Become a local and dance to the beat of your own drum in viva antigua! Summertime is the moment to get inspired by adventurous colour, defy convention and strike out on a style itinerary of your own. No matter where you go, there’s an essie Summer 2016 Collection shade to reflect your fashion ambitions.

The Summer 2016 Collection will be available as of May 17, 2016, in salons, drugstores, and other beauty destinations across Canada at a suggested retail price of $9.99 each.

Essie Editor’s Note: Rebecca Minkoff

I spend a lot of time on the road. Partly because I have to – it’s a necessity to find inspiration – and partly because I love to. The more I travel, the more I appreciate real adventure. Tourism shouldn’t necessarily be about visiting the most famous monuments (although, that can be exhilarating). For me, a really amazing experience is usually defined by connecting to the people and place in a way that feels personal, and different. Something off the beaten track is often more memorable than the most popular attraction.

That’s why I love Antigua. By car, bicycle or on foot, it’s an absolute pleasure to wander in such a beautiful city. What makes Antigua so special is the people; they’re so warm and kind, you begin to feel like a local. Going to the market to buy some fresh fruit becomes an epic discovery of culture, history and of course, gorgeous handmade fabrics and tribal text-styles. Their vivid, saturated colours reflecting the local flora can be seen everywhere.

Natural wonders are everywhere – lush mountains, rainforests, waterfalls. Each bend in the road presents a spectacular new view. Start the day with a beautiful breakfast of local fruit and nothing to do except go where the mood takes you. There’s no need for a plan – leave the guidebook behind and drift. Adventure will find you. Just go.

Let’s get lost,

Rebecca Minkoff
Essie Global Colour Director

Disclosure: This post contains press samples provided by PR.

Were you also pleasantly surprised to see a black nail polish in a summer collection? Which are your favourite shades in the Essie Summer 2016 Collection?

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Inspired by Rebecca Minkoff’s travels to Antigua, the Essie Summer 2016 Collection is an interesting bunch of shades that when smushed all together into a single collection, have me wishing for sun and sand with a side order of surf.

essie summer 2016 swatches & review

Essie Coconut Cove – Essie Summer 2016 (above). She’s a barely off-white crème that took me three coats to get here. Yep, three. I was slightly patchy in two and (on account of my OCD) required a third. Depending on your application technique, you might be able to get away with two. I did one thin and two thicker for perfect level and 100% opacity. It’s not globbed on there; the control with formula/brush combo is actually quite good. She’s not white though. I’ll show you – later. Down there. After the swatches.

Essie Berried Treasure – Essie Summer 2016 (above). My notes for this simply say “two coats.” I guess we don’t need more information that that, huh?

Essie Hiking Heels – Essie Summer 2016 (above). Essie is calling this a “scorching hot lava red.” I’m calling it hot poppy and dupetastic. But here’s the thing: the formula, while on the thin side, is perfection. That’s two quick and easy coats to absolute colour saturation and shine. If you haven’t got a hot orangey-red like this, this one is an excellent choice.

Essie Loot the Booty – Essie Summer 2016 (above). Flecky stuff. Essie seems to be on a flecktastical journey lately and I'm pleased to see it. Loot the Booty is a nice ball-point blue with splashy little iridescent flakes in purple and turquoise. Don’t let the volume of flecks stuck to the inside the bottle fool you though – that doesn’t translate to the nail. 

Essie Loot the Booty (above). You’ll want to use a base coat with this bootylicious shade. And you’ll also want to be very careful around your cuticles and sidewalls. You know what I’m sayin’ here, right? Blueticles. You have been warned.

Essie Viva Antigua! – Essie Summer 2016 (above). Gah! Lookit all that fleckyness! Wanna know what my notes say? “Two coats. Just a perfect formula.” Everything else is right there for you to see with your own eyes. Kinda great, isn’t it? 

Essie Viva Antigua! (above). Here... let's get closer! *Oh! A side note: I've seen swatches of this pop up online and on my screen, other swatches have been showing decidedly blue. This shade isn't blue. It's turquoise green. If my swatch shows straight up blue on your screen right now, we aren't calibrated the same way and you might need to adjust something in order to show colour correct. On this side, across all my computing devices, I'm accurate in natural daylight conditions.

Essie Tribal Text-Styles – Essie Summer 2016 (above). Sure it’s an interesting addition to a summer collection, but truth? Sometimes we need a nice dark shade for those hot summer nights. Against hot white linen, is there really a better contrast than this? Nope. 

Essie Tribal Text-Styles (above). Application is pretty swell. You can get even-but-patchy coverage in one coat, but it won’t be opaque, so use two. And the finished effect of all those lavender, teal, and sliver flecks elevates the black crème base to a stunning, shimmery gun-metal grey. It’s a perfect summer dark that I’m head over heels in The Love with.

Oooh! Know what we should do now? This:

essie summer 2016 comparison swatches

Essie Coconut Cove comparison swatches (above). See? It ain’t white, it's just a shade towards cream.

Essie Hiking Heels comparison swatches (above). I think I’ve seen this shade somewhere before…

Essie Berried Treasure comparison swatches (above). Mmm-hmm.

Essie Loot the Booty comparison swatches (above). I got nuthin’ close enough to even call similar.

Essie Viva Antigua! comparison swatches (above). Similar, but so not the same.

Essie Tribal Text-Styles comparison swatches (above). I know, right? I’ll bet you had no idea I could possibly have this many similars. But I do.

And there you are fellow polish nerdies! Your Complete Manigeek Guide to Essie Summer 2016. Let’s talk about it now! Are we feeling white cream and gun-metal grey for summer? What about this smashing trend towards flecky stuff? We should chat. Let’s chat!

Availability: Essie Summer 2016 is slated for Canadian release on May 17, 2016. At that time, you’ll be able to find it here at and several other nationwide retailers. In the US, hit or

While you’re shoppin’ for summer, don’t forget about Essie Spring 2016, Essie Resort 2016, or Essie Bridal 2016!

Essie Mrs Always Right_Essie Bridal 2016 Collection Swatches Review.jpg
Essie Spring 2016 Swatches Review Beautygeeks Composite.jpg
Essie Spring 2016 Swatches Review_Essie Lounge Lover.jpg

See ya’ll soooon!

Manicures & Photographs Karen Falcon (her king-sized heating pad kicks ass!)

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essie Summer 2016 Collection Swatches & Review

essie Summer 2016


Today I’ve got most of the essie Summer 2016 collection for ya! This collection features six new shades all inspired by travels in the summertime. I WISH I was traveling this summer, but alas, I shall have to daydream of Antigua instead. Or wear it on my nails.

Most of these swatched beautifully with just two coats and no problems. Except one problem child. The two not shown are Berried Treasures (a pink creme) and Tribal Text-Styles (a black with shimmer).

essie Coconut Cove

Coconut Cove

Coconut Cove is a sweet cream shade. And yes, this was the problem child as you might guess. Whites usually are. I didn’t use a ridge-filling base coat and probably should have. If I had it might have worked with two coats, but I used three. It’s on the thicker more gloopy side.

essie Hiking Heels

Hiking Heels

Hiking Heels is a bright red lava creme. Very vivid and clear looking, but not unique.

essie Viva Antigua!

Viva Antigua!

Viva Antigua! is a turquoise green with iridescent shimmer. WOWZA. Now this is a serious beauty! Shimmery, opaque and stunning. Very mermaid-y.

essie Loot The Booty

Loot The Booty

Loot The Booty is a bright sapphire blue with blue and green shimmer. I promise in person you see the green shimmer in there and it’s just gorgeous.

essie Summer 2016 Collection

Well I think it’s pretty clear that my picks for the most unique and prettiest shades here are Viva Antigua! and Loot The Booty. 🙂

These are available now and are around $8.50 each.

Which ones are you loving?


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Disclaimer: The products featured were provided for review.
The Essie Summer 2016 Collectionis on the blog today! Available starting May 17th, this adventure-inspired collection is full of unconventional and fun colors that will sure to dazzle your nails for the summer. To see some swatches, click.......

Berried Treasures:
Although this beautiful hot pink is not the most unique color out of the six, the formulation is very smooth and pigmented. I used two coats for the swatches below.
Berried Treasures, two coats with no top coat.
Coconut Cove:
A simple white cream, Coconut Cove has a fairly pigmented formulation. The application is creamy and a mostly opaque coverage can be obtained with two coats of application.
Coconut Cove, two coats with no top coat.
Hiking Heels:
This is a lovely bright tomato red with a squishy, jelly-like finish. The pigmentation is super saturated, one coat is almost enough for a full coverage.
Hiking Heels, two coats with no top coat.
Loot the Booty:
If you love a good blue shimmer then you are going to love this one! Loot the Booty is a beautiful deep blue scattered with small flecks of iridescent light blue/purple sparkles. The formulation is very easy to work with; I used two coats for the swatches below.
Loot the Booty, two coats with no top coat.
Viva Antigua!:
A stunning teal with iridescent light teal shimmer flecks, Viva Antigua! screams summer! The formulation is a tad sheer but with two coats the finish is fairly opaque.
Viva Antigua!, two coats with no top coat.
Tribal Text-Styles:
Just when you think this collection can't get any more awesome, we have one last kick-ass shade called Tribal Text-Styles. This is a gorgeous dark onyx packed with iridescent silver shimmers. The formulation is fantastic, two coats for a beautiful coverage.
Tribal Text-Styles, two coats with no top coat.
The Essie Summer 2016 Collection is available starting May 17th, 2016, in salons, drugstores, and beauty destinations across Canada.
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Essie Summer 2016 - Live Application Review

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