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How to Liberty Spike Your Hair

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    Grow your hair long. It is recommended to have hair at least to your eyes in the front, possibly longer in the back, so that your spikes will be as durable and in-your-face as possible. Longer hair in the back is recommended because the spikes in the sides and back of your head stick out horizontally and won't be as noticeable. Since the intense styling required to keep that fierce hairdo up may stunt its growth, grow your mane out before you do any other steps.

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    Get some pictures of liberty spikes online or from others so you can see how it looks when it is done. While you are spiking it, use the pictures as a reference. Look at these closely, they are your best guide as to how it should look. Jorge Herrera from the band The Casualties has spiked his hair in this fashion numerous times. Do not confuse styles where the hair has multiple "loose" looking spikes or what appear to be undefined spikes/no discernible spikes at all but plenty of volume; this is called "charged" hair and is done somewhat differently than this. A quick Google search should give you some idea as to what proper liberty spikes should look like.

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    Obtain a strong product. Most commercially available hair styling products don't have enough strength to hold your hair in liberty spikes for any reasonable amount of time. Other "products", namely things like Knox brand gelatin, glue (some punks swear by Elmer's school glue; others go so far as to use wood glue to keep their hair on end for long periods of time, especially if it's on the longer side), or clear glycerin soap are much better for keeping hair up. The thing with Knox gelatin is that you have to mix it perfectly or chunks of it will be left behind, and if left in your hair long enough, it will begin to smell.[1]

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    Comb your hair. Free it from any tangles. Make sure you have a clean head because oily hair doesn't seem to cooperate as well.

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    Straighten! You don't have to, but it sure makes it a lot easier if you do.[2]

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    Section off your hair into spikes with ponytail holders or hair clips. Before there is any adhesive in your hair, you can rearrange or resize them all you want. Make them so they are all over your head, are of even size, and are thick enough to stay standing. Proportion is key.[3]

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    Tease Your Hair. Undo one rubber band and pull your hair hard enough to wear your scalp raises BARELY with it. Don't make it hurt though. Get a comb and at the base of the about to be spike comb it downwards and then upwards (for those that don't know how to tease hair). Teasing helps it stay up. You'll know when you're done because when you let go of your hair, the teased section should stick up. The teasing creates a strong base. Do not tease anymore than an inch of your spike.[4]

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    Apply the product of your choice thickly to the first spike. If this is your first time spiking your hair this way, help from someone with more experience in crafting liberty spikes will help. Start at the bottom, closest to your scalp, and work your way up. Pay special attention to the base, as it is what keeps the spike standing, but make sure to get the whole spike very well.[5]

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    Pull the spike as tautly as possible (almost like you're trying to gently pull it off your head) and then blow dry the spike you just added product to until tacky. It will most likely not be anywhere near completely dry, but should stay up on its own now. If it flops over or seems like it's coming apart, repeat the addition of the product and blow-drying as needed. Spikes don't have to look perfect, but if you want yours to have a visually pleasing point to them, this can be done later; right now you're focusing on creating the spike to begin with.[6]

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    Repeat steps five and six for all the spikes you are planning to make. Once again, they should be all over your head, long, and thick.[7]

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    If you want a more aesthetically pleasing looking spike, this is where you would put effort into making the tips pointy. To do this, reapply product (although not as heavily as you did to create the spike) and rub it up the length of the spike as you blow dry it saving just enough product to twist the tips of your hair into a point. Done correctly, the spike should look like it's capable of stabbing or poking something.[8]

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    After all the spikes are up, use a small amount of the product (if you did this already to point the tips of your spikes, disregard this) to strengthen the spikes, then blow dry your hair even more. Ideally, the blow dryer should be almost touching your hair to dry the product and then a few inches from your hair to give it shape. If you use Knox gelatin as a product, use the "cool" setting so it will strengthen as quickly as possible.

  • Sours: https://www.wikihow.com/Liberty-Spike-Your-Hair

    Liberty spikes have been a signature hairstyle of punks for many decades. While they are not very easy to create and maintain, they are one of those long punk hairstyles that will not let you go unnoticed. With the variety of colors and forms, a liberty spike hair look offers you a myriad of styling options. Short or long, in straight lines or scattered, all over the head or a narrow strip, there are plenty of ways to pull it off. Want to know more? Feel free to check out our guide.

    What Are Liberty Spikes?

    Liberty spikes are one of the most popular punk hairstyles. The look features long spiked hair that is styled straight up. They can be ordered in lines or randomly distributed around the head. You can also shave the sides down to the skin and style the hair on top upright like a mohawk. Although this is usually a long spiky hair style, you can also go for a shorter version.

    How To Style Your Hair In Liberty Spikes

    To style liberty spikes haircut, you need to stock up on the following products:

    • A hair spray with super hold;
    • Elastic bands or hair clips;
    • A hair dryer;


    Dissolved gelatin, egg whites, hair dyes.

    Steps to follow:

    1. Choose a look that you want to recreate.
    2. Grow out your hair until it exceeds your shoulders.
    3. Section out equal strands of hair and secure them with elastic bands or hair clips.
    4. Apply the hair spray with a strong hold to one strand, starting from the bottom and working the way up toward the ends. Optionally, apply dissolved gelatin or egg whites.
    5. With the hair dryer, blow dry the strand at the bottom first and move on to the ends.
    6. Shape up the ends so that they are spiky.
    7. Proceed to the remaining hair.
    8. Finalize the look by blowing dry the whole head once again.

    Liberty Spikes Hairstyles To Copy

    Since now you know everything about the hairstyle, it is time to explore its must-try versions.

    Red Fire

    You can barely find a more eye-catching color than red. Thus, if you are aiming at ultimately bold punk spikes that resemble spurts of flame, fire red hairstyle and undercut is your way to go.

    Dark Liberty Spikes

    Those who are trying a spiked mohawk for the first time may want to start with a more low key look. Thus, this dark liberty spikes hairstyle is a great option.

    Green Mohawk Liberty Spikes

    A spike mohawk is one of the trendiest ways to pull off liberty spikes. For extra emphasis, you can dye it into bright and flamboyant colors.

    Sunshine Style

    Doesn’t a liberty spikes mohawk remind you of sun rays? If not, then why not dye your locks yellow and end up with a genuinely sunshine spiky hairstyle?

    Thin Liberty Spikes

    Usually, we make hair spikes pretty thick. But if you want your men’s hairstyles to look really unique, consider getting your spikes as thin as possible.

    Short Bleached Spikes

    While most of the time hairstyles is styled on long locks, they can also be pulled off on most short punk haircuts. To enhance the style, you can bleach the spikes, leaving dark peekaboo roots.

    Long & Thin And Pink

    This thin pink punk spiked hair style is nothing short of sharpness and boldness.

    Silver Liberty Spikes

    Spiked hair styles can be paired nicely with other hot hair trends, such as a silver hair color.

    Asian Mohawk

    Spiked hairstyles look particularly impressive on Asian men. Take, for instance, this spiked mohawk with a head tattoo, which literally makes us stand in awe.

    Hooked Look

    Such a minor detail as curled tips can give your liberty spikes an intricate hooked look.

    Do you still hesitate whether or not to try on liberty spikes? Hopefully, we have helped you to make the right decision. Though, if you are in doubt, feel free to study our guide one more time.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What do liberty spikes mean?

    The liberty spikes hair style owes its name to the similarity to the Statue of Liberty tiara.

    How do you get liberty spikes?

    Here is how to spike hair to get a liberty spike hairstyle:
    1. Wash your hair and blow dry it using a hair dryer.
    2. With the help of a flat iron, straighten out your hair.
    3. Divide the hair into sections and secure each one with an elastic band.
    4. Take one section and back comb it.
    5. Apply a hair spray to the bottom of the strand.
    6. Hold the strand by its end and blow dry it.
    7. Apply the hair spray to the top of the strand and blow it dry as well.
    8. Repeat steps for the rest of the hair.

    When did liberty spikes start?

    The liberty spike hair style originated in London sometime between the end of the 70s and the beginning of the 80s.

    How do you clean liberty spikes?

    You clean liberty spikes like any other hairstyle:
    1. Wet your spiky hair with lukewarm water.
    2. Apply a hair shampoo and lather it.
    3. Massage it into the roots and wash it off with lukewarm water.
    4. Apply the shampoo once again to remove any remaining hairstyling products.
    5. Wash off the shampoo and apply a hair conditioner to the ends of the hair.
    6. Let it sit for a few minutes.
    7. Rinse the hair with water.

    • Liberty spikes is hair styled into long, thick, upright spikes. Source
    • Huge ass spike hairstyle worn by punks. Source
    Sours: https://menshaircuts.com/liberty-spikes/
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    4. Edc key rings

    Punk styles have remained popular over the years because punk is more of a state of mind than a specific design. They started in the s as rebellious, anti-establishment styles that broke all the rules of conventionality. Today, punk fashion is more widely accepted and enthusiasts can have a lot of fun playing with different looks. Most hair styles that are considered punk feature edgy cuts, often with wild, funky colors.

    Men's Styles

    While the mohawk and shaved head are the most popular styles for men, cuts such as the undercut and the short, spiky style can be business-friendly.

    Related Articles


    The mohawk is the hairstyle that one typically associates with punk hairstyles. Whether you are wearing it spiked, short or long, both sides of the head are shaved. The cut does not necessarily have to be done by a stylist, just make sure the shaved areas are even. Hair can be colored before styling using permanent or temporary hair color. You could also opt for colored hair spray that is sold with costume accessories. Mohawks work best on men who have medium to thick hair that is straight, and the hair that is going to be worn as the mohawk is all one length. To get this classic mohawk:

    1. Shave both sides of the head leaving a strip of hair about two to three inches wide from the front hairline to the nape of the neck.
    2. Start with clean hair. Use a spiking gel like TIGI Hard Head. If your hair is long and/or thick, you may need to mix it about half and half with Elmer's school glue. If you do use the glue, add baking soda to your shampoo to wash it out.
    3. After working the gel through the hair evenly, use a comb to brush the hair up while using a blow dryer.
    4. When the hair is completely dry, use a liberal misting of a strong hold hair spray.

    Liberty Spikes

    This style is similar to the spikes worn with a mohawk. The difference here is that the spikes are worn all over the head in a somewhat symmetrical pattern. Since the hair in this style is basically glued together, a few layers in the hair will not affect the finished look. Like the mohawk, this style works best for those whose hair is a medium thickness and straight. To get this look:

    1. Begin with clean hair.
    2. Use a spiking gel such as got2b glued spiking glue. Apply the gel evenly through your hair.
    3. Section your hair where you want the spikes to be.
    4. For each section, use a comb to brush up the spike. Use your fingers to narrow and form each spike while using a blow dryer to dry your hair.
    5. When all spikes are formed and dry, use a liberal misting of a strong hold hair spray to finish.

    Short and Spiky

    This is a style that Billy Idol made popular. It works well for teens as well as older men who like a little edginess to their hair. The basic cut works with any hair thickness or type, though curly hair will look a bit different. Have the cut itself done by a stylist and then follow these steps to style your hair at home.

    1. Start with freshly washed hair.
    2. Apply hair a gel such as got2b spiked up and work through your hair with your hands. This is a piecey but not messy style so separate some pieces with your fingers by gently pulling the ends out from the scalp.
    3. You can let your hair air dry or opt for using a blow dryer. If you use a blow dryer, use your fingers to separate pieces of hair to keep the spiky look.


    This style is also known as the skinhead. It is a great, low maintenance look for guys who want a wake-up-and-go style. Regardless of your hair's thickness or type, there are a few things to remember with this look:

    • After the shave, a moisturizing aftershave and sunscreen should be used, especially if you are shaving the hair completely off.
    • This style is usually done with a razor or clippers without a guard.
    • If you want a little hair left, use a pair of clippers with a 1/8 inch guard.


    The undercut is a low maintenance hairstyle that works with various lengths. It features trimmed sides with long hair on top. You can experiment with different lengths on the sides and top to depending on how dramatic you want your look to be. This style is best done by a professional and suited for men who do not have thinning or receding hair or a wide forehead. It works best for men who have thick hair whether straight or curly.

    1. The sides and back of the hair are cut with clippers to blend in with the beard. If you do not wear a beard, the sides and back of the hair should be buzzed to either no longer than 1/2 inch or cut in a fade up to the top of the head.
    2. The top of the hair is cut and blended to be long enough to brush just below the cheekbones.
    3. The finished cut does not require gel, but a frizz serum such as John Frieda Frizz Ease or texturizing cream such as American Crew Light Hold Texture Lotion will help give some control to the style.

    Women's Styles

    Many women's punk hairstyles are similar to men's designs. However, several of them are altered to look more daring than they are. Bold colors, funky highlights and ombre colors are a big part of punk styles for women.


    Most mohawks for women are styled and not actually cut. They are slicked back or braided to look as if the hair is shaved. These styles work best on hair that is at least shoulder length and naturally straight or straightened before styling. If you have thick hair, ask your stylist to add some long layers to take some of the weight away. Try one of these variations on the women's mohawk.

    Braided Mohawk

    The braided Mohawk is one of the more popular variations for women because it is not a permanent style. You can make a single braid on each side of your head and spike the top of the hair or make the braids close to the ear or close to the mohawk. The braids can be done in a detailed curved pattern above the ears or the mohawk can be made into a full fan. To get the look shown here:

    1. Make a section about three inches wide going from the front hairline to the nape of the neck. Clip this section out of the way.
    2. Make a tight cornrow style braid on each side of the head going from the front hair line to the nape area just behind each ear. Fasten the ends with a small elastic band.
    3. For the top section, make a thin slice section from front to nape on each side. Twist and clip these sections out of the way.
    4. Use a comb and tease the center section of hair so it stands upright. Let the ends fall forward.
    5. Take the thin sections and make several small braids. Tease or back brush the ends of the braids so they stay together.
    6. Gently work in each braid to the top section by teasing the ends of the center section with the ends of the braids.
    7. When all braids are up, use a liberal misting of a maximum hold spray such as Paul Mitchell Freeze & Shine Super Spray.

    Slicked Back Mohawk

    This style can have the sides combed or slicked back, or it can be combed back and tucked behind the ears. If your hair is longer on the top and short on the sides, wear the sides slicked back. Shorter hair with shorter layers can also work with this design, but at least collar-length hair is recommended. To get this look:

    1. Start with freshly washed, towel-dried hair.
    2. Apply a firm hold hair gel and work through hair.
    3. Blow dry your hair using a round brush to add a little lift to you bang area, but do not curl the ends.
    4. When dry, comb your hair up in sections starting on one side. Pin each section with two bobby pins at the top of your head. Make sure the bobby pins cross in an X form so that they lock together. This will ensure a stronger hold. When you reach the back of your head, comb the hair up toward your crown and pin it before starting up the opposite side of your head.
    5. After all hair is slicked up, tease the top slightly to give it a somewhat messy look.
    6. Apply a heavy misting of a firm finishing spray such as Super Clean Extra from Paul Mitchell.


    This is another versatile style. The pixie works well with any thickness of hair and should be cut by a stylist. If you have curly hair, you will need to straighten it before styling. Here it is shown full and swept up. You could also wear the sides combed back and the top spiked up, or brushed back with a little bump at the front. To get this look:

    1. Apply a volumizing mousse to towel-dried hair.
    2. Use a blow dryer to maximize the fullness.
    3. When the hair is dry, use a sculpting cream such as d:fi d:sculpt. Work this cream through your hair using your fingers to brush the sides back a little. Gently pull the ends of your hair on top up and over slightly.


    The asymmetrical hairstyle can be short as seen here or it can be as long as a bob on one side, depending on how long you like to wear your hair. Bright colors through the bangs add more of a punk feel to the style. If you opt for the longer style, the underneath hair can be done as an undercut for more edge. This cut works well on any thickness of hair and is best done by a stylist. After the cut, you can style it as follows:

    1. Start with clean, dry hair. Use a thermal protectant spray and a flat iron on the bang area and the long side.
    2. Work a texturizing cream through the back and top of the hair to spike it a bit and make it look a little messy.
    3. Work the same texturizing cream gently through the bang area to pull the hair into a piecey side bang and smooth into the long side.
    4. Hairspray is optional with this style. If you are in a humid climate, you may want to give the bang area a light mist of hair spray.


    Sinead O' Connor shocked the world and made this look famous . This is the most extreme of the styles for women. Whether you shave your head to bare skin or buzz it very short, you are sure to turn heads with this statement style. Just like the men's shaved look, you'll want to use a pair of clippers with a 1/8-inch guard over the blade to shave the entire head. To keep your scalp looking great after the cut, continue to use hair conditioner in the shower and don't forget the sunscreen afterwards.


    The shag has been a popular and versatile androgynous style since the s and has been the signature style of rocker Joan Jett throughout her career. It features short, choppy layers that frame the face and can easily be spiked. The back can be as long as you like. This is a great style for women with thick, straight hair but thin hair can also look voluminous because of the layering. If you have curly hair, ask your stylist to create long layers and your hair will need to be straightened to achieve this style.

    1. Apply a volumizing mousse to towel-dried hair before blow drying.
    2. Use a texturizing cream such as Rusk Paste on your fingers and gently shake your hair moving it where you want it.
    3. Gently pull the ends around your face and the sides in front of your ears straight down.
    4. Apply a liberal mist of finishing spray to hold the messy look of the style.

    Reverse Mullet

    The reverse mullet is a very short cut in the back and around the ears while the top and the front of one side is left long. This look is best worn on straight hair and is easily achieved on any thickness of hair.

    1. Ask your stylist to cut your hair to about an inch in the back and around the ears. The hair is cut up over the ears in this style.
    2. The top and one side should be basically one length with a blended side bang.
    3. Use a texturizing cream such as Redken Mess Around 10 and run your fingers through your hair pulling the ends of the hair out.
    4. Smooth the top and bang area.
    5. Finish with a light mist of hair spray to set the style.

    Rebellious Hair Fashion

    Punk hairdos are full of creativity whether you opt for big bold shapes or traditional cuts with an added edge. The vivid colors can be permanent or even dyed with Koolaid. Punk styles can be a perfect way to let your imagination and personality play a part of your fashion.

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    Liberty spikes

    A British punk with liberty spikes

    Liberty spikes is hair styled into long, thick, upright spikes. The style, now associated with the punk subculture, is so named because of the resemblance to the diademcrown worn by the Statue of Liberty, itself inspired by the Roman goddess Libertas and god Sol Invictus.


    Liberty spikes trace their origins to the Ancient Britons.[1] Warriors washed their long hair in lime water, which also bleached it blond.[2] This hairstyle was highly symbolic as a badge of honor and manhood: Celts were not allowed to spike or cut their hair until they had killed an enemy.[3] After the subjugation of Britain spiked hair fell out of use in favor of short Roman haircuts.[4] In the silent film era some actors, like comedian Harold Lloyd, experimented with spiked hair to stand out from the crowd, although this trend did not catch on with ordinary people. This changed in the s when the emerging British punk subculture chose messy, choppy hair in reaction to the long smooth styles worn by hippies and disco fans. Originally the spikes were small, as worn by modern-day pop-punk fans, but by the s this had evolved to tall liberty spikes, sometimes over a foot in length.[5] Liberty spikes were also worn by the Goth subculture, although in this case they were dyed black instead of the bright unnatural colors favored by punk rockers.

    There are also liberty spikes that make use solely of front spikes to look more like the crown of the Statue of Liberty than a proper mohawk. This type of styling is not easy by any means. Those who do it, spend anywhere from one to two hours,[6] and they must be done every day because it can be very disturbing to sleep with. This form of liberty spikes is also known as a crown.


    In this style, the hair is formed into thick spikes that may radiate outwards in all directions or all point up in the same direction. They are favored for their durability in extremely long hair. Liberty spikes may be enhanced by the use of hair dyes.

    Liberty spikes are also a common way of styling mohawks.

    Forming and keeping the shape of liberty spikes is beyond the capacity of some hair styling products, which were created for more natural looking styles.

    In popular culture[edit]

    Brooklyn Punk with liberty spikes
    • Irish berserkerSlaine Mac Roth is well known for his spiked black hair.[7]
    • Various anime heroes have liberty spikes, including Yugi Mutou from Yu-Gi-Oh!, Son Goku from Dragon Ball, Vash the Stampede from Trigun, Kenpachi from Bleach and Brock from Pokémon.[8]
    • In Dune the villain Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen (portrayed by Sting) has spiky orange hair.
    • Salvador Dalí in the s made a spiky hairstyle for a model.
    • David Bowie in the s.
    • Sid Vicious in the late s.
    • Johnny Rotten in the late s.
    • GBH (band) in the s and nowadays.
    • Billy Idol in the s.
    • Radio DJ Pat Sharp.
    • Matthew Bellamy around
    • Alan Barton of British pop group Black Lace.
    • Brad Pitt in , later somewhere around the late s and early s, then again from –
    • David Beckham in the early s.
    • Thom Yorke in , then again in –
    • Chester Bennington, Mike Shinoda, Dave Farrell, and Joe Hahn from the American rock group Linkin Park.
    • Benji Madden from American pop punk group Good Charlotte.
    • Gareth Gates in –
    • Tech N9ne was known for his red liberty spikes in the early s.
    • Jimmy Urine was known to sport the liberty spikes in the early s for the band Mindless Self Indulgence.
    • Brody Dalle was known to have liberty spikes during her time in the band The Distillers.
    • Mikhail Gorsheniov in the late s.
    • Professional wrestler Nigel McGuinness was known for his liberty spikes look during his time in the wrestling promotion Ring of Honor.


    External links[edit]

    Sours: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liberty_spikes

    Punk spiked hair

    25 Absolute Punky Liberty Spikes for Men

    Liberty Spikes are a cornerstone of the punk subculture. They are named Liberty Spikes because they look like the spikes the Lady Libertas wears around her head on the Statue of Liberty. Punk fashion means that these spikes can be worn by both men and women. Any of these looks are great hairstyles for men or hairstyles for women.

    These hairstyles are a major hit in punk subculture. Getting its name from the spikes on the head of Statue of Liberty, these hairstyles have incorporated in themselves the real definition of bold and blunt.


    How to Make a Liberty Spikes Hairstyle

    How to Make a Liberty Spikes

    The fashion of liberty spikes is gaining popularity day by day. In , it is among the renowned hairstyles for both men and women alike. Once you have adopted this hairstyle of liberty spikes, it is going to rock your world!

    If you want to create liberty spikes in your hair, you will need a very strong-hold hair gel. Most standard hair gels will not hold your hair in place all day. Buy special hair gel for punk styles and use plenty of gel when you are styling your hair. Some punk hair holding gel actually includes dye so that you can color and style at the same time.

    From twisted rainbow spikes to basic upright spikes, it has hundreds of variations for you to choose from. Where pun rockers tend to dye their hair in bright colors, goth subculture is more in favor of getting black liberty spikes.


    Watch The Following Tutorial to Learn How to Do Liberty Spike Mohawk Hairstyle 


    Best Liberty Spikes Hairstyles

    Find here 25 awesome liberty spikes hairstyles to get a punk look that will blow your mind!

    #1: Hair Raiser

    Hair Raiser liberty spikes

    This style does not necessarily fit into the genre of &#;spikes&#;, but it is still shockingly cool. The hair raiser hairstyle has been gelled up to look like the results of an electric shock.


    #2: Dark Times


    Black liberty spikes may be considered to be slightly satanic, but they are also great for anarchists. Use black or midnight blue hair dye to give yourself an edge of darkness.

    Coolest Short Spiky Haircuts for Men


    #3: Punk Explosion

    s liberty spikes hairstyle

    Punky hair spikes were a staple of &#;s and &#;s counterculture. Create an explosion style by pulling your spikes upwards and outwards in a lot of different directions.


    #4: Fringe Look


    Create even more anarchy with your liberty spikes hairstyle by dyeing your fringe a completely different color. Blonde hair dye provides the perfect contrast to black hair color.


    #5: Spiked Mohawk

    liberty spikes mohawk

    A mohawk fade is another staple punk hairstyle. Close shave the majority of your head except for a strip down the center. Use strong hold hair styling gel to pull your hair up into a small number of liberty spikes in the center of your head.


    #6: Sunshine Style


    Give your hair a sunny style by gelling it up into sunbeam-style liberty spikes. Enhance this bright and cheerful look by dyeing some of your hair with a bright blonde or yellow hair color.


    #7: Elongated Look


    Elongate your head by pulling your liberty spikes slightly backwards instead of straight upwards. Give the spikes at the rear of your head a lot of length.


    #8: Dino Cool


    Take some inspiration from the Stegosaurus by gelling your hair up into these uniquely-shaped liberty spikes. The spikes should be thick and rounded at the bottom but pinched into a point at the top.


    #9: Thin Spiked Fauxhawk

     Fauxhawk liberty spikes hairstyle

    Use your hands to pull the top layer of your hair up into a thin mohawk style but do not not shave the underneath layers of your hair. Secure your &#;hawk in place with firm hold hair gel.


    # Hair Flick


    This punk hairstyle for men or women looks as though it is straight out of an Instagram beauty shot of someone flicking their hair over. The only difference is that this look has been styled to stay this way for the whole day!


    # Red or Dead

    libertyspikes hair

    A huge red mohawk liberty spike is sure to attract attention. Use a really bright shade of red to make sure that your look cannot be missed. Alternatively, choose a different color of hair dye to express your individuality.


    #  Long and Thin Spikes


    If you do not have thick hair, then it may be better to create a larger number of thinner liberty spikes. Thin spikes will help to give your hair the illusion of more volume whereas you may not have enough hair to create thicker spikes.


    # Twisted Spikes

    twisted liberty spike hairstyle for young men

    Twisting your liberty spikes whilst you are pulling them upwards can help to give a firmer hold. Twisting your hair spikes will also give them a slightly more rounded shape.


    # Black Tips


    To give another interesting dimension in your spiked-up hairstyle, you can color the tips of your hair a different color. For the cleanest finish, add the black hair dye after the spikes have been pulled up.


    # Liberty Crown

    statue of liberty crown spikes

    Follow the example of Lady Libertas by wearing your spikes around your head in a crown formation. This is a great look for people who want to subvert the regal crown style.


    # Hooked Look


    Give each of your liberty spikes a little curl at the end to create a hooked look. All that you need to do is curl the point halfway around your finger before adding the firm hold styling gel.


    # Punk Accessories


    Accessorize your liberty spikes hairstyle with some funky jewelry. Snake bites, lip rings and earlobe stretching retainers are all popular choices on the punk scene.


    # Go Long

    long liberty spikes for men

    For a really extreme look, grow your hair long so that larger spikes can be created. Shaving your hair for a true mohawk will enhance the look. Remember that long hair will need more gel to hold it.


    # Sun Burst


    This explosion of yellow hair is a wonderfully bright choice for a punky liberty spike hairstyle. Create regularly spaced spikes coming off your head at all angles for the maximum effect.


    # Rainbow Bright

    liberty spiked for men

    Give your hair an amazing rainbow look by dyeing it with a lot of different hair colors. Choose the colors that you like best to create your own unique mix of patterns that match your personality.


    # Fanned Mohawk Style

    Mohawk is one of the most favorite hairstyles in today&#;s world. Mohawk with fanned spikes is the best combination you could ask for.


    # Liberty Spikes for Thin Hair

    Styling thin hair can be difficult sometimes, but with the introduction of liberty spikes, it is not a problem anymore. Style your hair into several thin spikes to give the illusion of volume to the hair.


    # Golden Shower Punk Effect

    To shine bright, dye your punk rock hair yellow golden and spike them up in mohawk liberty spikes pointing in every direction. These are the perfect sun rays for the world to see.


    # Spiked Rainbow Style

    guy with liberty spikes

    If you have a serious love for colors, it should reflect in everything you do, especially through your hair. Dye your hair in every color you like and then make a Mohawk with evenly spaced spikes.


    # Gothic Pointy Style

    funky liberty spike hairstyles for men

    If you are a goth, you ought to try this look. All you have to do is spike up your hair into pointy liberty spikes, and that&#;s all.


    Before you start doing any liberty spikes hairstyles, you should make sure that you have plenty of styling gel available. Take a lot of time to carefully shape your hairstyle and it will look great all day long. Be fearless with your style and you will realize that the possibilities are endless.

    Sours: https://hairstylecamp.com/liberty-spikes/
    Brad Mondo, where you at? - Liberty Mohawk Punk Hair Tutorial

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