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If you’re feeling adventurous, the SkyLift Park may be the perfect cherry on top of your Gatlinburg stay. This park isn’t for the faint of heart, but if you want to get the best view possible of the Smoky Mountains, the Gatlinburg SkyLift Park is a must-see!

There are a lot of things to do at Gatlinburg SkyLift Park, including a lift ride, an expansive deck and the longest SkyBridge in the South. You can easily spend the whole day at this park, so mark off some time on your vacation calendar. For a glimpse of what your day at the Gatlinburg SkyLift Park might look like, here’s a rundown of the five major attractions.


1. SkyLift

Fancy a view from five hundred feet in the air, slowly soaring over Crockett Mountain? Well this is where you’ll get it!

Although the SkyLift has been around since the 1950’s the current machines are all state of the art, built in 2017. The SkyLift is the safest and easiest way to scale the Smoky Mountains.

And don’t worry about wasting time messing with your camera or phone. At the top of the mountain, you’ll get your group’s photo taken by park photographers.

When to ride: The SkyLift should be your first stop at the Gatlinburg SkyLift park, and not just because it’s in the park’s name. You have to ride the SkyLift to get to some of the other attractions, and if you wait too late in the day, you may not have time to enjoy everything.

2. SkyDeck

As soon as you step off the SkyLift, you’ll be greeted with the spectacular SkyDeck. Positioned precisely at the top of Crockett Mountain, the SkyDeck is a chance to relax. Grab a snack or a beer and soak in the gorgeous view.

The SkyDeck is a very relaxing activity. There’s no rush up here. You can choose to stay for five minutes or five hours. You might want to spend some time enjoying the SkyDeck right after you first get to the top of the mountain, or you can dash off to the SkyBridge first and hit the SkyDeck on your way back down (and there’s no law saying you can’t do both!).

3. SkyBridge

The SkyBridge is the SkyLift Park’s grand attraction. This pedestrian suspension bridge is the longest in the United States and gives you a spectacular walking tour of the Smoky Mountains’ greatest heights.

The SkyBridge is an amazing experience that doesn’t require any special skills. Anyone can traverse the SkyBridge and look down over all of Gatlinburg.

Walk 680 feet across a grand valley from a staggering height of 140 feet! The best part about the SkyBridge is that you can set your own pace. So whether you’re looking for a brisk walk or a leisurely stroll with your whole family, you can enjoy your time on the SkyBridge.

4. SkyCenter

The SkyCenter is also at the top of Crockett Mountain. It’s here that you’ll be able to grab your souvenir photo (the one that was professionally taken for you at the top of your SkyLift journey). There’s a lot of other fun gifts and snacks to purchase here, too.

From the cozy inside bar you can gaze out over the mountains and enjoy the breathtaking view. This is also a great way to cool down if you’ve been outside in the southern heat all day.

Take your snack out onto the SkyDeck, and don’t forget to grab some souvenirs before you head back down the mountain. The Gatlinburg SkyLift Park is a trip you’ll definitely want to remember.

When to visit: Put the SkyCenter in the middle of your park day. It’s a great recharging station.

5. SkyPark

The top of the summit marks the Gatlinburg SkyPark. Spend your day perusing the top of the mountain and enjoy a view that most people never get to experience. The park doesn’t close until 10 pm, so you can spend a good deal of time up here soaking in the scenery if you choose to.

There are no limits or guidance up here, the adventure is up to you! So feel free to dash around or leisurely stroll by, whatever helps you get your fill of the mountain.

A visit to the Gatlinburg SkyLift Park marks a great yearly tradition for a lot of people. You won’t want to travel through Tennessee without seeing it at least once. The SkyPark is continually adding new attractions and activities, so be sure to check it out again if you ever head back that direction.

Be sure to buy your tickets early, so you can take advantage of cheaper prices!


Although the Smoky Mountains are spectacular from any perspective, one of the best ways to view the Smokies is from the sky! There are several fun chairlift attractions in Gatlinburg that take you high up into the mountains for a unique aerial view! Here are 3 chairlift attractions in Gatlinburg TN you should ride for a unique aerial view of the Smokies:

1. Chondola at Anakeesta

Chondolas at Anakeesta in Gatlinburg

One of the most interesting attractions in Gatlinburg TN is the Chondola at Anakeesta, which is the world’s only fixed grip transportation system where you can choose between a gondola or an open air chairlift ride with a safety bar. While the enclosed gondola cabins are fun, the 4 person chairlift vehicles allow you to be truly exposed to the Smoky Mountains! During your scenic ride, you will soar 600 feet from downtown Gatlinburg to the summit of Anakeesta Mountain. Once at the top, you are free to get off the chairlift and explore some of the attractions at Anakeesta including the whimsical Firefly Village, the Rail Runner Mountain Coaster, and the Dueling Ziplines.

2. Gatlinburg SkyLift

When it comes to iconic attractions in the Smokies, you won’t want to miss the Gatlinburg SkyLift! This chairlift ride has been a landmark on the Parkway since 1954 and has been a must-do experience for thousands of visitors each year. The SkyLift of today is a comfortable 3 seat chairlift that was built in 2017, so sit back and relax as you are swept from the heart of Gatlinburg to the top of Crockett Mountain! Once reaching the peak, step off to explore the expansive new SkyDeck and enjoy the sweeping vistas across the peaks of Great Smoky Mountains National Park. You can also take a thrilling stroll across the SkyBridge, which is the longest pedestrian suspension bridge in North America!

3. Scenic Chairlift at Ober Gatlinburg

A sign for the Ober Gatlinburg Aerial Tramway in downtown Gatlinburg TN.

Another one of the chairlift attractions in Gatlinburg TN you should experience is the Scenic Chairlift at Ober Gatlinburg! This peaceful ride is the longest chairlift of its kind in the USA, and it allows you to enjoy the best views of the Smoky Mountains without having to take a hike! Once you reach the peak of Mountain Harrison, you can see as far as Douglas Lake on a clear day and the view of Mount LeConte is simply breathtaking! While visiting Ober Gatlinburg, there are tons of other fun attractions for you to enjoy too, including a mountain coaster, alpine slide, ice bumper cars, carousel, and a wildlife encounter.

Where to Stay

Stay close to these chairlift attractions in Gatlinburg TN when you stay with us, where you can enjoy scenic mountain views from the privacy of your own cabin deck! We have cabins of all sizes to accommodate your needs, as well as a selection of pet friendly cabins when you want to bring your furry companion along for the fun. We have specialized in cabin and chalet rentals since 1972, so come find out for yourself why so many guests love spending a vacation with us year after year!

Check out all of our Gatlinburg vacation rentals today to enjoy a wonderful vacation just minutes away from these fun attractions in Gatlinburg TN! We look forward to your stay!

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The Gatlinburg SkyLift Park has offered Gatlinburg’s best views and most memorable experiences since 1954 and is now even better with the spectacular new SkyBridge and expansive SkyDeck overlooking the Great Smoky Mountains.

The SkyLift itself is a landmark in Gatlinburg, sweeping guests right off the Parkway from the heart of town up five hundred vertical feet to the top of Crockett Mountain the most spectacular views you’ll find anywhere. Originally opened in 1954, today’s SkyLift is a smooth, comfortable ride on a three-seat chairlift carrying guests of all ages up and down the mountain.

At the top, you’ll discover the expansive SkyDeck with multiple seating areas inviting you to relax and take in the panoramic views over Gatlinburg and deep into Great Smoky Mountain National Park. While there, you can enjoy a beverage from the bar upstairs in the SkyCenter, or visit the snack bar or gift shop downstairs.

From the SkyDeck, your exploration continues as you quite literally cross the sky on the spectacular Gatlinburg SkyBridge – the longest pedestrian suspension bridge in North America. Stretching 680 continuous feet across a deep valley, the SkyBridge provides a sense of wonder and adventure easily attainable to everyone and even features glass panels to cross at its midpoint. A visit to the SkyBridge will be the one photo you’ll want to share with family and friends after your trip.

The experience and vistas of the Gatlinburg SkyLift Park are like nothing else in the region, and will stay with you long after your visit.


Gatlinburg is a city of tradition. Today, many parents introduce their kids to the same exciting experiences they enjoyed during their formative years. Such is the case with the Gatlinburg SkyLift Park, which has delighted generations of visitors.

SkyLift Information & History

Opened to the public in 1954, the original attraction consisted of a Sugar Bowl Ski Area lift that was carefully dismantled and transported to a Studebaker dealership in Michigan for rebuilding. It took some effort to bring the final product to Gatlinburg, but the project ultimately proved a success. As the first chairlift in the Dixie region, it attracted its fair share of attention when it opened — and it continues to do so today.

The Gatlinburg Sky Lift, which initially opened in the 1950s, is one of the oldest continuously operated attractions in the Smoky Mountains. The popular attraction is located directly across the street from Ripley’s Believe It or Not in downtown Gatlinburg. In May of 2019, the new version of this vintage attraction opened. Now, the combination of the SkyLift, SkyBridge, and SkyDeck provides visitors with panoramic views of the surrounding Smoky Mountain and the quaint town of Gatlinburg below. SkyLift Park has clearly earned its reputation of the number one scenic overlook in Gatlinburg.

The long history of the SkyLift is immediately evident to all those who visit it today — but so is the clear commitment to bringing a delightful experience to new generations. The attraction has entered a new era, bringing even more opportunities to locals and tourists.

The park’s latest developments warrant return trips, even among those who have enjoyed the chairlift extensively in the past. From an updated lift to a beautiful observation deck, there’s plenty to love about the latest edition of the SkyLift. Perhaps most impressive: a vast pedestrian bridge that offers some of the most awe-inspiring sights in the Smoky Mountains region. Reaching these attractions still requires participating in the time-honored tradition of riding the chairlift, bringing new and old together in the ultimate blend of Gatlinburg fun.

While the SkyLift attracts its fair share of visitors, lines are typically minimal and tend to move fast. Multiple ticket windows are maintained to ensure easy loading. The chairs move continuously, but operators are always on hand to help visitors get on and off the ride. There’s no need to make a reservation; simply stop by when you’re in the mood for a remarkable experience.

Our favorite activities and amenities include the following:


While the Gatlinburg SkyLift technically consists of several attractions, it’s named for this particular lift — and for good reason. A classic Smoky Mountain excursion, the SkyLift is not to be missed. Beginning in the heart of Gatlinburg, this ride sweeps participants up towards the top of Crockett Mountain for a vertical ascension of 500 feet.

While the SkyLift has been around for decades, its current edition was built in 2018. Each chair has three spacious seats and a bar that drops down in front of riders to lend an extra sense of security. While there is no weight limit, visitors are encouraged to take the lift alone or in groups of two when necessary to ensure maximum comfort.

The round-trip ride lasts nearly twenty minutes, but most people break up the experience by stopping at the top of the mountain and checking out the other attractions.


The latest addition to the SkyLift lineup, the SkyBridge delivers thrills, scenery, and an unforgettable experience. Spanning 680 feet, the bridge allows pedestrians to explore at their own pace, all while taking in the natural beauty of the Smokies. The bridge reaches a height of 140 feet at its midpoint, granting visitors an excellent view while also offering a surprisingly accessible experience. Glass panels situated periodically provide all-around visibility. If nothing else, the attraction is worth checking out for its claim to fame: North America’s longest pedestrian suspension bridge.


Treat yourself to yet another lovely view of the Smoky Mountains as you relax on the SkyDeck. Added to the park in 2019, this viewing deck offers easy access to the area’s most impressive scenery. Take in the sweeping panorama from the comfort of a patio chair. Nothing complements these vistas quite like the tasty snacks and craft beer available in the cafe. The SkyDeck experience is so relaxing, you’ll be tempted to stick around all day. Once you’ve gotten your fill of spectacular scenery, stop by the gift shop for a keepsake.

Experience the beauty of the Smokies with a fresh set of eyes. Whether you favor the nostalgia of the SkyLift or the leisurely pace of the SkyBridge and SkyDeck, you’ll come away with a whole new appreciation for the area’s breathtaking scenery.

The Gatlinburg Sky Lift is located at 765 Parkway in downtown Gatlinburg, Tennessee at traffic light #7. It is directly across the street from Ripley’s Believe It or Not and within one block of the iconic Gatlinburg Space Needle.

Insider Tips:
-Many visitors find that one ride on the SkyLift just isn’t enough. The park offers all-day passes, which allow you and your loved ones to enjoy all it has to offer at your own pace. Keep in mind, however, that you’ll need to get off and change seats between rides if you plan to take the chairlift multiple times in a row.
-Designated parking is not available at the base of the SkyLift. However, two public lots are located within walking distance of the ride’s entrance. Metered parking can also sometimes be found on River Road. The chairlift’s base is accessible from the town’s trolley, which traverses between several main attractions and charges just 50 cents per ride.
-Infants and small children are welcome on the SkyLift, but strollers must be left at the attraction’s base in Gatlinburg. Young children should ride on their parent’s lap to ensure safety.


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