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  Clippard Check Valves

#10-32 Valves
    MCV Series Valves



MCV Check Valves permit flow in one direction only. Each has bright-dipped brass bodies that provide in-line mounting, Nitrile seals and stainless steel springs as standard.  The MCV-2 has #10-32 ports and a "duckbill" seal. The MCV-1 series has #10-32 ports and a brass poppet.

Miniature #10-32 Threaded Ports
• 2-Way, 3-Way & 4-Way Ported Valves
• 0.5 psig cracking pressure
• 325 l/min @ 100 psig
• Air or hydraulic applications
• Multiple porting options in #10-32
• Maximum pressure: 300 psig

1/8" NPT Valves
    MJCV Series Valves


Same features as above, the [part:MJCV-1] series check valves have 1/8" NPT or G1/8 ports and a Zytel 80G33 poppet.

Miniature 1/8" NPT Threaded Ports
• 2-Way, 3-Way & 4-Way Ported Valves
• Robust and miniature
• Up to 1,000 psig hydraulic
• Up to 300 psig pneumatic
• 1,000 l/min @ 100 psig

1/4" NPT & 3/8" NPT Valves
    GCV Series Valves


Same features as above, the GCV series check valves have 1/4" NPT, G14, 3/8" NPT or G3/8 ports.

Miniature 1/4" NPT, G14, 3/8" NPT or G3/8 Threaded Ports
• 2-Way, 3-Way & 4-Way Ported Valves
• Robust and miniature
• Up to 1,000 psig hydraulic
• Up to 300 psig pneumatic
• 2,000 l/min @ 100 psig

Pilot-Operated Series
    JPC Series Valves


  Pilot-Operated Check Valves work as standard check valves, but can be opened with an air pilot signal to permit free flow in the normally  “checked” direction. The Clippard Pilot-Operated Check Valve provides the user with a reliable method to check flow in one direction, with the ability to remotely signal a free flow through the valve. Ideal for any circuit that requires this useful function—all in one valve that is easy to connect!

Miniature #10-32 or 1/8" NPT Threaded Ports
• High flow valve means low pressure drop
• Uses Clippard's superior poppet design
• Variety of port conifigurations available
• Side port (port 2) rotates for ease positioning                                           
• "Auxiliary" port allows ease of plumbing

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Miniature Check Valves

Mini Check ValveMiniature Check Valves - Check-All Valve Manufacturing Company

Some miniature check valves weigh as little as 0.7 grams, though these are for extremely precise operations such as chemical or medical dispensing. However, the capabilities are still very impressive. The maximum operating pressure can be as high as 5,000 PSI, a value that exceeds many larger instruments. Miniature valves can also have a cracking point as low as 0.005 PSI, which means that the valve can be opened for operation even at extremely low pressures to accommodate lesser process streams.

These miniature check valves, with both high and low pressure ratings, are extremely compact and easily installed in small piping. Non return valves of this nature accommodate the controlled transfer of fluid or gas in applications such as vacuums, ventilation systems, refrigeration, heating, cryogenics, medical, water treatment, metering, dental and mixing among others. These industries rely on miniature check valves to protect product and equipment from harmful backflows, the repercussions of which can be costly and dangerous.

Miniature Check Valve InteriorMiniature Check Valves - Check-All Valve Manufacturing Company

Miniature check valves are well suited to low resistance, high flow applications where they easily prevent pressure surges, cross-contamination and flooding. To reap these benefits it is important to install the valve properly with the correct orientation. Many check valve manufacturers etch or stamp directional indicators on the outer surface of the main body in order to prevent potentially damaging improper installation.

Although there are numerous types of miniature check valves widely available from retailers and manufacturers around the globe, the overall process is similar for each. The body of the valve is a cylindrical or spherical cavity that is inserted in the pipeline. A seat, or cross-sectional element with a central hole, is placed perpendicular to the pipeline in order to create a division between the upstream and downstream sides of the piping.

An oversized stopper rests in the seat. This may be a ball, disc, piston or other apparatus. When fluid or gas flows at the optimal pressure, this stopper is lifted from the seat, creating a gap through which materials may flow. When the forward moving pressure drops and the downstream pressure increases, the stopper is quickly pushed back into place, creating a tight seal that prevents reverse flow.

While metal valves made of materials such as stainless steel, aluminum and brass are popular, they may be more prone to leaking than plastic check valves, which offer slight deformation under pressure and therefore create a better seal. Other considerations for miniature check valves include maximum operating pressure and temperature, flow rates and overall dimensions which may vary considerable. It is important to consider these options and others with regards to intended use when selecting a miniature check valve.

Miniature Check Valves Informational Video

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Smallest Check Valve in the World

Our 1/8" (3.2mm) plain tube check valve is the smallest spring assisted valve in the World.

It's difficult to understand how a check valve with an OD of just 1/8" and a length of 25mm exists, but it's not difficult to understand how useful it is. Our patented check valve technology allows us to fit a reliable and precise ultra-miniature check valve into a plain tube format that is perfect for applications where space is an issue. Just be careful not to lose it!

The standard model, available to buy online, comes in 316 stainless steel with a cracking pressure of 0.6 bar.

Browse our range of check valves below to learn more about their unique attributes.


Check valve models:


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Check valve miniature

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How to Make the Easiest Check Valve at Home (One Way Valve)

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