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JVP Service Centrecan repair yourPanasonicproduct whether it be a Plasma TV , LCD TV or Audio product. If yourPanasonicproduct has gone faulty and is out of warranty

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With qualified staff and prompt service throughout Sydney, JVP Service Centre is a leader in LED – LCD TV repairs.


We offer 3 Months Warranty on all our TV repairs
We repair any make and model.


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“PANASONIC Company timeline

Konosuke Matsushita, an Industrialists aged 23, invents the two-socket light bulb.  He begins manufacturing and selling it from his house in Osaka, Japan, with the help of three employees.

Matsushita invents and manufactures a new lamp for use on bicycles, the predominant form of transport in Japan and many countries around the world.

Prototype three-tube radio set developed and wins first prize in competition sponsored by Japan’s public  broadcasting station.  The radio was designed to meet Matsushita’s concept of a quality set that ordinary electrical retailers could service themselves.

Matsushita launches the first television set.  By now, his company is manufacturing 600 different products, and sales extend outside Japan for the first time. Employees now number 3,500.

The company became the first large-scale radio manufacturer in Japan.

The beginning of the ‘home appliance era’ saw sales and finance companies established, and the construction of the Central Research Laboratory.

Quality control strengthened and expanded through a nation-wide network of service companies and a Product Inspection System.

Establishment of the five day working week. By the end of the 1960s, the total number of employees rises to more than 28,000 and the comp any’s profits reach 1.5billion yen.

Rapid growth of the Japanese economy sees the increase in consumer demand for air conditioners, colour TVs, washing machines microwaves, cassette recorders and VCRs.

The consumer movement gathered strength nationally and internationally, and Panasonic set up consumer relations offices across Japan.  With a focus on the consumer, products were developed in response to their desires and demands, and householders were involved in testing new products before mass production commenced.

VHS-standard VCR marketed with long recording times and bright, clear images.  U.S company RCA entered into an agreement with Panasonic for the supply of VHS Video equipment, followed by General Electric.

An historic joint venture with the People’s Republic of China was undertaken to produce picture tubes for colour TVs.

The death of company founder, Konosuke Matsushita.

Panasonic takes the lead in the global movement for corporate environmental responsibility with its “Environmental Charter”, adhered to by all groups within the company.

Information and Communications Centre opens

Corporate restructuring under its new President, Yoichi Morishita, with a vision of “creativity and daring”. “



Panasonic TV repair




PANASONIC Plasma TV repair

PANASONIC TV models are and have been the best products for many years. Their Plasma models are known for their reliability and durability. They have also started manufacturing LED models and like their counterparts, are now being manufactured with various built-in user friendly features.

Nevertheless, because it is an electronic device and much like all other electronic devices, your PANASONIC TV can fail anytime without notice.

Common Failures in PANASONIC Models:

  • Standby light flashing a number of times
  • No picture / No backlight
  • No picture but can hear sound
  • Not turning on
  • No light flashing
  • Making a clicking noise
  • Turning on and off continuously
  • Turns off after a few seconds
  • Wifi not connecting or identifying connections
  • Lines on the screen

Usual fault on Panasonic models especially their Plasma models is that the YSUS board would malfunction or short causing the TV to go in a standby loop where the standby light starts flashing a number of times. This fault is usually cured by replacing the ICs on the YSUS board or sometimes the board needs replacement all together. 80% to 90% of the times, any TV make would have Power supply fault, which can usually be repaired by replacing the capacitors on the board. But there are also instances where the Main board is causing the fault and not letting the power supply board turn on. The main board and/or the software on the main board is also to blame sometimes when the TV is in on and off cycle loop. When you get no picture on the TV, the cause of the fault may also be the Logic or the TCON board.

It is quite difficult to access where the fault is coming from till the engineer diagnose the fault. Many times customer do ask us that surely we would have come across this fault before, to which we reply that yes we do and we do try to give a round figure as to how much it may cost them, but because we have not diagnosed the fault or have looked at the TV we can only guess. Because, even though the fault the customer may be describing to us over the phone may sound complex; it has been found that sometimes the solution was very simple which we resolved upon our visit.

Broken Screens:

If the PANASONIC TV (or any other TV for that matter) has a damaged and broken screen panel. Then it is never economical for repair. It will cost the customer more than the TV’s value to have a new screen replaced. Screen panel makes up for 90% of the TV’s value and when you add labour on top, it will never be viable to have a screen replaced.

If you need an evaluation report for insurance purposes, then contact us here

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Panasonic Television Repair

Panasonic, formerly called Matsushita Electric, originated in 1918 as a company that specialized in selling duplex lamp sockets. The company continued to produce other electrical components through World War II, including bicycle lamps, motors, electric irons, vacuum tubes, and light fixtures. The company has come a long way since the 1940s. Today, Panasonic is headquartered in Japan and offers a range of electronic devices worldwide. These devices include air conditioning, SD memory cards, video intercoms, projectors, scanners, phones, tablets, etc. Panasonic offers a range of services as well, including fire alarm systems, business communication systems, security systems, and more.

Among the electronics that Panasonic has produced are TVs. However, Panasonic TVs are mostly no longer sold in U.S. markets. It is still possible to come across them occasionally, especially refurbished ones, but Panasonic TVs are not nearly as prominent in the U.S. TV industry as they once were. This is due to a combination of increased competition and declining sales that, ultimately, lead Panasonic to focus its efforts on other home electronics.

Panasonic TVs are large, rectangular displays. They are relatively thin and commonly black in color. They have the Panasonic logo somewhere on the device, usually on the front center, just below the screen itself. Panasonic TVs are designed to sit on a TV stand or entertainment center or attach to a wall mount.


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