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Star tattoos are simultaneously one of the most popular and the most unique tattoos designs available. This is because there are just so many different types of stars available! Add in the size, color and placement, and the options are endless.

Choosing a star tattoo design is an exciting task – but don’t just find what looks good. Do you know the hidden meanings and symbols behind star tattoos?

Below you’ll find our top 16 favorite tattoo designs for inspiration (including some celebrity tats) plus a comprehensive list of star tattoo meanings that we’ve deciphered.

16 Star Tattoo Design Ideas

Need some inspiration for your next star tattoo? Check out our 16 favorite designs and discover what they mean…

Simple Star Tattoos

Star Tattoos, saved tattoo, 1
Star Tattoos, saved tattoo, 2

There’s nothing wrong with a simple star tattoo! You could even argue that they age better and you’re less likely to grow to dislike them. Simple designs can have just as complex meanings as extravagant ones, but they tend to be more versatile. These small tattoo designs we’ve found are on the wrist and ankle, but they could go anywhere on your body. As they can be quite small, you could tattoo simple stars inside your hip, behind your ear, at the back of your neck… and anywhere else you fancy. These types of star tattoo designs are great on both men and women.

Minimalist Star Tattoos

Star Tattoos, saved tattoo, 3
Star Tattoos, saved tattoo, 4
Star Tattoos, saved tattoo, 5
Star Tattoos, saved tattoo, 6

Minimalist star tattoos are super on-trend right now. They tend to be quite small and simple, with straight black lines that don’t always meet! Northern pointed stars and simple five-point stars are great in this style, along with moons, constellations and even small quotes.

Although popular with a lot of women, this starry design won’t look amiss on a man. A lot of people like these tiny designs as they’re easy to hide with makeup if necessary. They’re also popular on wrists, ankles, backs and collar bones – all places you can cover up with clothes, watches and jewelry if needed.

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Trailing Stars

Star Tattoos, saved tattoo, 7
Star Tattoos, saved tattoo, 8

Recognize one of these? That’s Rihanna! Trailing stars are beautiful, especially when you cluster lots of tiny stars together. This star tattoo design looks awesome trailing and curling naturally around your body. Just like Riri, you could tattoo stars trailing up your back and neck, or swirling around your collar bones, or curling around a forearm or calve.

Trailing stars look particularly feminine, but they can also look great on men – especially as part of a sleeve tattoo design.

As these trailing tattoos contain so many stars, it’s best to stick with a simple/minimalist star design that can be repeated in slightly different sizes and positions to build up a nice effect.

Inside Out Star Tattoos

Star Tattoos, saved tattoo, 9
Star Tattoos, saved tattoo, 10
Star Tattoos, saved tattoo, 11

These “inside out” tattoos use clever shading techniques to leave blank spaces in the shape of stars! Avoiding straight lines, tiny dots and shadows are used to build up the picture. This star tattoo design is both bold and artistically detailed – which usually means bigger is better. Although it would be possible to tattoo a tiny star in this design, all those little details would be hard to see – so what’s the point, right? Bigger is better! Try these stars trailing along your torso or decorating your arms and legs where they’ll be seen. Men tend to prefer this tattoo design over women, but it can still be feminine and delicate if designed right.

Moon and Star Designs

Star Tattoos, saved tattoo, 12
Star Tattoos, saved tattoo, 13
Star Tattoos, saved tattoo, 14

A moon – usually a crescent moon – and stars is a pretty design that sets more of an atmosphere than just stars alone. Intricate details within the crescent moon or drifting clouds across the scene add more mystical vibes. This tattoo design looks best with medium and large tattoo sizes. The inner wrist, ankle, or shoulder are all great places to have this tat. If you line up the stars and moon (see solar system designs below for more inspiration) they could even fit along a finger!

We love the versatility of this star design. The style of the tattoo can look lovely on both men and women of any age. In fact, some people associate the moon with wisdom!

Northern Stars

Star Tattoos, saved tattoo, 15
Star Tattoos, saved tattoo, 16

These northern style stars, with two points longer than the others, create a more oblong shape tattoo that’s perfect for areas like your wrist/forearm, behind an ear, or along a finger. You can certainly go for bold lines and simplistic designs (e.g., a diamond shape) with this type of star, but usually the minimalist design is more popular, especially with women. Adding dots or extra lines gliding away from the center of the star gives it a glowing/sparkling effect that’s particularly pretty. Like the nautical stars, this design can also symbolize travel or a journey. This is sometimes the star used in pictures of the nativity scene, guiding people to Bethlehem.

Astrological Constellations

Star Tattoos, saved tattoo, 17
Star Tattoos, saved tattoo, 18
Star Tattoos, saved tattoo, 19

Constellation tattoos link together several dots (or very tiny stars) to show a constellation! These designs are more versatile than you think – the constellation itself can have a meaning but incorporating flowers and other symbols into the design adds some extra flair.

Did you know that your zodiac sign has a constellation? Some, like Cancer and Aries, are quite simple, while others like Gemini, Sagittarius, and Virgo are quite complex! Constellation tattoos are a fairly new trend, so you usually see them on younger people (including hipsters) but they’re quite versatile with size (huge or tiny) and are nice on men and women alike. Choose a thin design and these constellation tattoos can be a lot less painful than others.

Colorful Star Tattoo Designs

Star Tattoos, saved tattoo, 20
Star Tattoos, saved tattoo, 21
Star Tattoos, saved tattoo, 22

You’ve probably noticed by now that most tattoo designs are black and white, but very colorful ones do exist! You can use the color of the stars to represent different things. Pink for surviving breast cancer, for example. Or even a rainbow of colors to celebrate gay pride. These tattoos are more eye catching than the simple black ones and look particularly stunning on display – ankles, arms, necks and other exposed areas of skin are lovely spots for this tattoo. The bright colors are usually more popular with younger generations of any gender.

Star Portraits

Star Tattoos, saved tattoo, 23
Star Tattoos, saved tattoo, 24

Including an image of a person with your star tattoo can be a lovely way to commemorate someone you love, or someone who has passed away. It’s also an opportunity to take your star tattoo to the next level. These large tattoos look great on your back, ribs, upper arm or even thigh (particularly for women), where you have a large canvas to work on. Angels, fictional characters and family members are all popular choices for star portraits. Monochrome or colorful tattoos both look great for this design too. Just make sure that you really want the image of another person on your body before you commit to this tattoo design!

Tribal Style Designs

Star Tattoos, saved tattoo, 25
Star Tattoos, saved tattoo, 26

Some tribal designs naturally include stars to represent things that are important to that culture – other tribal designs just use the tribal style (thick black bands) to create interesting tattoos. Tribal star designs are no different. These bold tats look great as large and very large designs and placed in the traditional places for tribal tattoos: the upper arm, sleeve, or back shoulder blade. These tattoo designs are far more popular with men than women.

Geometric Star Designs

Star Tattoos, saved tattoo, 27
Star Tattoos, saved tattoo, 28

These star tattoos look great on all ages, and both men and women. The sharp lines and geometric angles have minimalistic vibes but can also be more symbolic than other star tattoo designs. Pentagrams, or simply mathematical angles and calculations to symbolize an interest in the sciences are popular with this design. Geometric star designs look good as medium-small tattoos that fit on your wrist or ankle. They can also be shrunk down to hide behind your ear or on a toe.

Nautical Star Designs

Star Tattoos, saved tattoo, 29
Star Tattoos, saved tattoo, 30
Star Tattoos, saved tattoo, 31

This design is exceptionally popular with adventurers, travelers, sailors and those in the navy. Traditionally, the nautical star represents the compass rose that was used for navigating. Each star point is split in half and colored in to create the iconic symbol. Both men and women have this tattoo, particularly on the wrist, arm or ankle. It tends to be better as a medium-sized tattoo rather than super small or super large.

Black and white is traditional, but other block colors are good too. Pick blues, purples, reds and other dark colors that will contrast well with the light blocks of the star.

Starry Scene Designs

Star Tattoos, saved tattoo, 32
Star Tattoos, saved tattoo, 33
Star Tattoos, saved tattoo, 34
Star Tattoos, saved tattoo, 35

Placed along your forearm, these starry night scenes are quite popular, especially with the younger generations of ink addicts. Designed vertically or horizontally, these star designs feature a night sky (sometimes with a moon, sometimes without) with other scenic items. Trees, animals, or an iconic skyline can all be incorporated to represent a place that is special to you. Perhaps it’s the place where you were born, or your favorite place in the world. This tattoo is popular with both men and women, as the scene can easily have a masculine or feminine vibe.

Star Sleeves and Bands

Star Tattoos, saved tattoo, 36
Star Tattoos, saved tattoo, 37
Star Tattoos, saved tattoo, 38

Like a string or trail of stars, these tattoo designs can also loop entirely around your forearm or create a delicate band around your upper arm, wrist or ankle. Fine lines and tiny stars are most popular with women, while full sleeves and bold, large stars are more popular with men – but not always. The key to this design is to pick a simple star that can be repeated over and over to look cohesive, but not too busy.

Star Solar System Designs

Star Tattoos, saved tattoo, 39
Star Tattoos, saved tattoo, 40

Similar to constellations, solar system star designs incorporate the moon, planets and other astrological symbols with stars to create a sleek tattoo. The design is usually in a straight line, with the star, moon, sun and planets lined up along your forearm or finger, or even along a collarbone. But it looks equally nice arranged together in a group, so it can fit on your upper arm or shoulder blade. Beautiful on men and women.

Cute Cartoon Stars

Star Tattoos, saved tattoo, 41
Star Tattoos, saved tattoo, 42

Last on our list is these cute cartoon star designs! These designs add more character and a playful nature to your tattoo. They can also be used to celebrate a favorite artist or show, like the soot sprite holding the star from Studio Ghibli’s Spirited Away. Bold colors are great for these tattoos which tend to be medium to large in size. This tattoo is most popular with younger men and women, placed on the wrist, hip or lower back. Make sure you really love the design before you tattoo it on your body – these cartoons don’t age as well as minimalistic designs.

The Meanings Behind Star Tattoos

Star tattoo designs vary widely – which is great! Design your own star tattoo and you’ll be sure that no one else in the entire world has the same tattoo as you. Totally unique.

But in general, star tattoos are a symbol of ambition and success (you’re a star!) or honor and hope (looking up at the night sky). It can also be a guiding symbol, like how travelers would once navigate by the stars. Your star tattoo can be a reminder to follow your goals, or that fate will guide you.

A lucky star might bring you luck or protect you from harm too.

Sometimes, a star tattoo can also be a way of remembering a loved one who’s passed on and now lives amongst the stars. Beautiful.

For many people, their star tattoos have a unique meaning. When the ink is permanently embedded in their skin, it’s a way to symbolize something that has a personal message or meaning behind it… or perhaps they just like the aesthetics of a lovely star tattoo. There’s nothing wrong with that!

When help you choose the type of star tattoo design you want, here’s a list of all the different types and what these star tattoos mean.

Types of Star Tattoos (and What They Mean)

Star Tattoos, saved tattoo, meaning

Nautical Star – represents a compass rose and symbolizes guidance, finding the right path, and staying true through a rough storm.

Shooting Star – wishing and dreaming. It’s good luck to see a shooting star and make a wish!

Russian Star – commonly used by Russian criminals and prisoners. It shows authority and rank, depending on the placement.

Geometric Star – the sharp lines can represent structure and order, or perhaps it means balance… or perhaps we just prefer the bolder designs!

Minimalist Star – modern and simple. A minimalist style star tattoo can be large or small. It can have a variety of meanings.

String of Stars – another star tattoo design that can mean following a path or guidance. Can also symbolize achievements, adding an extra star for every milestone.

Pentagram – a magical symbol of a star inside a circle that some people associate with Wicca, and others associate with evil.

Tribal Star – designs differ from culture to culture. This star usually represents protection, strength and honor.

Celtic Star – with three points, the Celtic star is also known as the Celtic knot. It can have religious connotations or represent numerous things, like mind, body and spirit.

American Flag Stars – a very patriotic star tattoo design!

Stars and Moons – the night sky in a tattoo can symbolize family. The parent is the moon, while the little stars are children.

Winged Star – a beautiful way to symbolize a lost star. Commemorate someone you’ve lost.

Linked Constellations/Zodiac Stars – represents whatever the constellation or Zodiac sign means!

3 Stars – growth and achievements, especially if the three stars are in a line. Three stars forming a triangle can represent the circle of life or strength and unity.

Star Point Meanings

Star Tattoos, saved tattoo, types green

4 Point Star – sometimes represents the Star of Bethlehem, or the four points of a compass. A great design for filling long areas like toes and fingers.

5 Point Star – the most common star tattoo, associated with many different beliefs and even the freemasons, as well as American patriotism.

6 Point Star – conjuring and contacting spirits. Also closely associated with the occult and pentagram (see above).

7 Point Star – could represent the 7 days God used to create the world (according to Christianity) or 7 planets. Also called a septagram.

8 Point Star – many meanings throughout history, including the Babylonian symbolism for goddess Ishtar and the planet Venus. For women, this star design symbolizes lust and sexuality.

Consider Placement

Usually, the design of the star holds the meaning of the tattoo, but sometimes the location of the tattoo on your body can mean something too. A star on your foot or hand can symbolize leading you somewhere, while over your heart or the back of your neck could be to help you remember someone you’ve loved or lost.

For small tattoos: finger, wrist, ankle, foot, toe, neck, collarbone/clavicle, hip, under eye, and behind ear.

For medium tattoos: wrist, forearm, elbow, angle, foot, calve, neck, shoulder, lower back and hip.

For large tattoos: upper arm, forearm, calve, shoulder, back of shoulder, lower back, and hip.


Star Tattoos, saved tattoo, FQA

Where is best to get a star tattoo?

Different placements can have different meanings. For example, a star tattoo on your foot could symbolize that you’re going somewhere important – following a star as your guide. If you just want the most painless experience, pick somewhere fleshy with good padding between your skin and bones – calves, outer thighs and forearms are all good.

Are star tattoos painful?

Star tattoos are not more or less painful than any other tattoo. The placement (closer to bones on thin skin) and design (thick, large outlines) can make a tattoo more painful. Many people have reported that the shading of the tattoo (filling and coloring it once the outline is done) is actually less painful!

Which famous celebrities have star tattoos?

Arguably the most famous star tattoos belong to Rihanna, but did you know that Kelly Osbourne has a star tattoo on her neck among 18 other tattoos? Megan Fox, Lil Wayne, Justin Bieber, Sophie Turner, and Sienna Miller are just a handful of others that have a star tattoo design inked on their bodies.

How much does a small star tattoo cost?

From a standard tattoo artist in the USA, a small star tattoo usually costs $50 to $100. Even a tiny tattoo still requires a fresh needle, ink, cleaning materials, etc. which is why the fees start at this price. Slightly larger star tattoos won’t be massively more expensive, as the equipment required is the same (just more ink is needed).

Does the color of the star tattoo matter?

The color can symbolize different things – a rainbow star might be for pride, or a gold star might represent fame and success, for example. Most star tattoos are black, or white with a black outline, so they stand out. The color doesn’t have to mean anything unless you pick it with a purpose in mind.

What does a star tattoo mean for men?

For men, star tattoos usually symbolize bravery and adventure. A guiding star will help you navigate the journey of life. That’s why so many men prefer the nautical star tattoo design. Of course, some men just like the look of a star tattoo on their body, with no hidden meaning.

What does a star tattoo mean for women?

For women, star tattoos can simply be because they’re beautiful! They can also symbolize hope, love and guidance. A star tattoo can remind you to stay true to yourself or let fate guide you.

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Categories DesignSours:

What do star tattoos mean? Well, they can have different meanings depending on which context they are shown. For example, the nautical star tattoo will represent guidance and hope while shooting star tattoo will represent stardom and fantasy.

Star of David and North Star represent faith in religion. Red star represents a political ideology. Here we present you 50-star tattoos that can be tried by both men and women –

Southern Star Tattoos

1. A star gets dark when it dies. According to science, it becomes a black hole. A dark star tattoo will mean that you are a strong-willed person and do not fall easily for emotions.
dark Star Tattoos

2. This star tattoo design with angel wings is also a good choice for memorial tattoo.
Best Star Tattoos

3. A 3s star tattoo design would require a good amount of space so either try it on the chest or on back.
3d Star Tattoo

4. Blue star tattoo are also meaningful as they represent peace. They show that you understand that with great power comes great responsibility.
Black Star Tattoo

5. Star tattoos are often added with other design. One of the best companions is a butterfly. A butterfly and star tattoo will mean that you find beauty in nature.
Blue Star Tattoo
virgo star constellation tattoo

6. You can try multiple colourful star tattoos. These could be dedicated to your family members and loved ones.
Butterfly And Star Tattoos

7. Here is a cool star tattoo design where one star is shown bigger than the other two. This is a fact of the universe. There are so many bigger stars than our own sun.
Colorful Star Tattoos

8. Black star tattoos have their own meaning as they represent hope of a man who has lost it all.
Cool Star Tattoos

9. Various review aggregator sites use the five-star technique to rate a movie, song, book or a product. You can opt for a five-star tattoo to show you consider yourself as a perfect genius.
Five Star Tattoo

10. Forearm is one of the best places to try star tattoos. Here is one unique design that you can try on the forearm. You always wondered how many stars can you see? Well not more than 3000 at a time.
Forearm Star Tattoos
sunflower tattoo meaning

star tattoo designs for guys

11. Many logos uses star in them. Here is a four star tattoo that looks extremely $exy on the stomach of this woman.
Four Star Tattoos

12. Heart and star tattoo have a unique meaning. They represent infinite love that will exist even in next life.
Hearts And Star Tattoo

13. The jewish star or the star of david is also a popular tattoo design. It is opted by jews.
Jewish Star Tattoos

14. Many tribes consider star tattoos to be lucky as they depended on them for agricultural hints. You can opt for a nautical lucky star tattoo like this.
Lucky Star Tattoo

15. We see our moon along with trillions of stars in our night sky. It would be a cool idea to try a moon and stars tattoo design.
Moon And Star Tattoo

16. In Victorian era, sailors depended on nautical star for navigational purpose. Here is a nautical star for people on navy.
Nautical Star Tattoo

17. Sailor mainly depended on North Star for this. So you can try a north star tattoo like this.
North Star Tattoo

18. You can decorate your star tattoo design with various patterns. Here is a picture of star tattoo that is styled with a some tribal patterns.
Pictures Of Star Tattoos

19. A red star usually dwarf in size. However, on earth, red star is popular symbol for communism.
Red Star Tattoo

20. Almost every tribe on earth believed that shooting stars gave hidden messages to them. They usually wished for something good when witnessing a shooting star.
Shooting Star Tattoo

cool star tattoos for guys

21. Usually star tattoos are opted small in size because they look better in such size. Here is a small star tattoo on the collar bone of this girl.
Small Star Tattoos

22. Modern compasses used star design in them. A Star compass tattoo will represent that you are looking for (or have found) right direction in life.
Star Compass Tattoo

23. Star tattoos cannot be a good cover up tattoo. But a shooting star coverup tattoo can be a good idea.
Star Coverup Tattoos

24. Star tattoos are also tried on face. Even though I won’t advise star face tattoos but If you want one then here is a design.
Star Face Tattoos

25. Small star tattoos can be easily tried on fingers. Here is a star tattoo on finger that is made even more meaningful with the addition of moon.
Star Finger Tattoos

26. If you want to have a star half sleeve tattoos then you have to opt for the 3d design like this.
Star Half Sleeve Tattoos

27. The star of life tattoo is a six-pointed star tattoo that has the staff of Greek god Asclepius at the center. People in the medical profession opt for it.
Star Of Life Tattoo

28. You can have a galaxy of star tattoos on your side just like this girl.
Star Side Tattoos

29. Another cool idea would be to try tiny star tattoos behind ears just like this.
Star Tattoo Behind Ears

30. Stars are uneven in size so if you are showing multiple stars in your tattoo design then keep this fact in mind.
Star Tattoo Designs

star tattoos for women

31. One cool body part to try star tattoos is elbow. You can try a similar design.
Star Tattoo On Elbow

32. There are very few tattoos that look good on foot. A stars cluster tattoo like this will look amazing on feet.
Star Tattoo On Feet

33. Even though I would prefer the above design but many people cannot extend tattoo up to calf due to job-related reasons. They can try the below-shown design.
Star Tattoo On Foot

34. Star tattoos look amazing on wrist. However you should opt for a unique or uncommon design like this.
Star Tattoo On Wrists

35. A minimal star tattoo will have its own grace. It will represent your simplicity.
Star Tattoo

36. You can try an eight pointed star tattoo which will represent that you believe you are unstoppable.
Star Tattoos Designs

37. If you have huge bicep then a cool idea would be to try star tattoo on them like this.
Star Tattoos For Guys

38. One common practice among tattoo artists is show a blurry black background behind a white star. Here is how such tattoos look like.
Star Tattoos For Men

39. It is common among siblings (both among brothers and sisters) to try matching star tattoos.
Star Tattoos For Women

40. Here is a tribal star tattoo design that is inspired from the Egyptian pyramid paintings. It looks like a running man.
Star Tattoos Images

star tattoo designs for men

41. You can gracefully use the white and black ink in your star cluster tattoo to show that you believe life has every shade.
Star Tattoos On Backs

42. One unique style that you can try is to have a Disney styled star tattoo cluster on your leg as shown in this picture.
Star Tattoos On Leg

43. Here is a unique star tattoo on the shoulder of this girl that also looks like Patrick (from Spongebob Squarepants) sleeping on his back while Gary the snail resting over him.
Star Tattoos On Shoulders

44. Here this uneven star tattoo on stomach actually has a deep meaning. The artist tried to show that the things that are shiny far away may be broken inside.
Star Tattoos On Stomach

45. Here is another small and simple star tattoo design on wrist that can be easily inked.
Star Tattoos On Wrist

46. You can add a meaningful quote or saying or bible verse to your star tattoo design.
Star Tattoos

47. If you wish to have a temporary star tattoo design then opt for henna or mehndi for this.
Star Temporary Tattoos

48. Star tattoos looks extremely $exy on thigh in my opinion. Here is a unique design that can be tried by girls.
Star Thigh Tattoos

49. This pointed tribal star tattoo design is also very meaningful. It shows that a person can has two sides.
Tribal Star Tattoo

50. Here is a watercolour star tattoo design that is very graceful and beautiful.
Watercolor Star Tattoo

From the above-shown photo gallery of star tattoos which one you liked this most?

  1. Maine auto trader
  2. Stihl ms280 parts
  3. 1980s fashion teenage
  4. Taurus weekend horoscope

Star Tattoo Ideas: Constellations, Star Clusters, and More

I have thirteen tattoos as well as several piercings, and I think they're all pretty cool.

Stars are, by far, one of the most popular trends in tattoos today. They are so popular, in fact, they will probably soon become too popular and therefore end up going out of style. Oh well, they rock for now, and there are so many different styles and colors and ways of inking the image onto your skin.

8 Star Tattoo Ideas

  1. Basic Star
  2. Filled-in Star
  3. Shooting Stars
  4. Nautical Stars
  5. Star Trails
  6. Constellations
  7. Star Clusters
  8. Stars on the Side

1. Basic Star

The standard, basic star is a common choice for a first tattoo. It's easy, it's simple, and you can pretty much place it anywhere and it will look good. Although I might be biased, because my first tattoo was a small black star on my lower stomach, I think it's a good way to introduce yourself to the pain of a tiny needle repeatedly puncturing your skin—an experienced artist can ink a small star in under five minutes.


2. Filled-in Star

A variation to the standard star outline is the standard filled-in star.

3. Shooting Stars

Shooting stars look good all by themselves, but it is also possible to incorporate a word or phrase into the stardust that trails behind them.

4. Nautical Stars

Nautical stars are pretty hot right now. The nautical star is a symbol of protection and guidance, primarily used by sailors or soldiers as a way of finding their way home. It is characterized by half of all five points being colored black. A true nautical star is black and red, but unless you're a diehard sailor to whom accuracy matters, any color will work.

5. Star Trails

Star trails, or lines of stars, make great armbands. They can wrap around your wrist, ankle, or bicep, or they can accentuate your lower back or hip bones. Remember, they don't need to be in a straight line—a little curvature is fine.

Colored stars are an easy way of representing people or ideas important in your life: rainbow colors to symbolize gay pride, your favorite color, or the favorite color of someone you love.

6. Constellations

An idea I've recently come upon is constellations. Every zodiac sign has a constellation that rules it, so you can get a set of stars tattooed in your sign's constellation formation. Another option is to get the constellation formation of your significant other's sign either by itself or intertwined with your own.

7. Star Clusters

Similar to constellations are star clusters, groups of stars which are gravitationally bound. The most prominent clusters are Pleiades and Hyades, characterized by hot blue stars surrounded by a bright luminescent glow.

8. Stars on the Side

I've recently noticed a sudden influx of stars on the side, beginning at the hips and winding their way up the rib cage. If it's done correctly and the placement of each star is exact, this can be a beautiful accentuation of a woman's natural curves. If done incorrectly, it looks like the sky exploded onto your skin.


adult on November 04, 2013:


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Kim on July 07, 2011:

i#m going to get stars as a memorial tattoo. at the mo it's gonna be four but i have to have the place to ad on to them soo, not sure yet where. either around the wrist or inbetween my shoulderblades. what do you think?

Star Tattoos Ideas on January 20, 2011:

Star Tattoos Ideas: Putting the Bright Side on Your Skin

country_honey_09 on March 09, 2010:

I have 7 stars going up my right side, They all have zebra print in them, all hand drawn print so I know that they can never be copied. I love them and cant wait to show them off in the summer. Stars are very popular but I doubt they'll ever go out of style because there are so many different ways to have the stars. They might fade away like so many other tattoos but they wont become unpopular just because so many people have them.

cindy on January 05, 2010:

i really like the stars going down the girls back im planning on getting a tattoo with stars aroung my hip but im scared that its really gunna hurt me

voci on January 03, 2010:

i,love shum nejs i,love d stars , it shows off who u r star jan mir

TERRY on July 06, 2009:


tani on April 30, 2009:

love d stars. it shows off who u r

Mouse on April 29, 2009:

I love stars!!! My first tat was a nautical star wit a ribbon round it sayin my last name in da ribbon...Im only 15 and im ready for my next tat!!!! Its gonna be on my back like da 1st one. Of some sorta star idk yet...

erin on March 09, 2009:

i have a tattoo of 4 outlined stars and a nautical star behing my left ear hurt like a bitch but it was worth it

tigerbonn on March 04, 2009:

these are great tattoo of stars.. i lookin as gettin one very soon.. i am goin to get a cluster of stars up back of me leg. i'l post a pic when get

starr on September 17, 2008:

they are kool

starrkissed from Arizona on July 27, 2008:

i love star tattoos.

Ellis on July 17, 2008:

i recently decided i wanted a tatoo of a star and wandered if gettin it done behind the neck hurted??


Sheila on February 24, 2008:

Those star tattoo's are awesome....I just got one on my neck with my sons name in the middle and it is great!!!!!!!

Nabila on October 14, 2007:

I had a friend who got a bunch of stars tattooed up her side, and she had each one filled in with different animal skins, ie: leopard print, zebra, tiger, etc., and they were all different colors - pink, purple, green, blue...

GreatTattoosNow from San Jose on August 12, 2007:

I like the whole stars on the side. Great picture you added for star tattoos. THe best thing is star tattoos are often smalla nd can be added to later on.

icarusalsoflew on July 19, 2007:

My first tattoo was a nautical star. It serves as a reminder that all I need to guide me is already within me.


145 Star Tattoo Designs to Infinity and Beyond

Let’s take a look at star tattoo designs. You will flying high riding on stardust into the tattoo chair and getting ink done. After all we came from stardust so let’s pay homage to our heritage far away in the sky. If you consider yourself a rock star. This list is for you. If you consider yourself a super star this list is for you. If you consider yourself none of the above. This list is for you.

star tattoos

Arm Star Tattoo

The above star tattoo is a tribute to this lady’s children. We all think our own children are stars even if no one else does. In reality, we are programmed from the day they are born to have biased opinions on the skill level and behavior of our children. Mother nature can be a cruel mistress sometimes and sometimes she can give us the most amazing blessings in the form a child.



Nautical Star Tattoo

The nautical star is common in the tattoo world. It was used as an instrument to guide wayward sailors on their way to new adventures and new discoveries. Don’t quote me on that but it sounded good. There are several meanings to the nautical star tattoo. Sometimes people get them to show that they have survived hardship. Sometimes people get them because they love getting ink done but have run out of original ideas. Regardless of the reason, it’s all good baby.


Chest Star Tattoo

Here is some big ol’ stars on this guys chest. The inner shoulder or outer chest is good spot to get two identical tattoos. These ones are pretty average and sure you could come with something better. So challenge yourself and design an absolute ripper.

Universal Star Tattoo

This one looks like a home job. Not that its a bad thing. Rough, scrappy, tattoos have been made popular by famous music artist. This is features crappy line work and a dodgy color job. If that’s what float your goat- go for it!

A Star is Born

I wonder if Jeff Goldblum’s parents said the day of his entry to world. If I was his father I would have said that for sure after I held him up to the sun and proclaimed, “Everything the light touches will one day be yours, Jeff”.

The feet and the fingers are ideal for small tattoos that don’t have a lot of detail. This lady has a cute tail of stars reminder her that your never too old to dream a little dream or a big dream. If you’re going to dream- dream big. Shoot for the stars and the heavens above and that goes for tattoos as well. Get that big bold tattoo and don’t worry about what it’s going to look like when you’re all saggy like prune.

Hand Star Tattoo

Are you good with your hands? Why not celebrate your skill a nice star tattoo on hands. The different sizes of stars used in this tattoo give it depth and add a little dimension to the piece. It’s simple and elegant.

Shoulder Star Tattoo

A cute little star can say a lot. This lady shines as bright as the stars in the sky with this tattoo.

Hand Star Tattoo

Are you a DJ? Imagine how cool you will look scratching up a storm with a star tattoo on your hand. It’s sure fire way to improve you image and in turn winning over fans even if you not very good. If you can’t DJ for nuts at least you can look the part.

A Tribute to Steffan

Have you ever heard of Steffan? If the answer is no you’re not alone. I have no idea who Steffan is nor do I care. But let’s give it up for Steffan and his tattoo tribute. If I had to guess I would say he’s this woman’s child. Welcome to the world Steffan and happy birthday for 16th of March. All jokes aside, this tattoo artist has done a fine job with the lettering in this piece. They also deserve some props for recreating the foot print and the hand print. Good Job Mate!


Neck Star Tattoo

Get a neck tattoo. Those right there are words of wisdom that should be lived by. The neck is a good spot for a tattoo and thanks to rappers throughout the world they are becoming more accepted  by the general public. But be wary there are some old dinosaurs still out there that consider tattoos works of the devil. But don’t worry, like the dinosaurs, they too are becoming extinct.

Colorful Star Tattoo

The sky is full of stars. When it comes time to get your star tattoo get many. A lone star can get lonely all by themselves so get two. Why not get a cluster. That way they will be able to have party on your body together.

What am I’m Looking at Star Tattoo

I’m not really sure what I’m looking at here. I know there are stars in there but what the hell is with the wavy lines. Each to their own. That’s the beauty of tattoos is they don’t have to make sense and you can get whatever the hell you want. Hell, I knew a dude who lost a bet when he was drunk and got the face of some random dude from the bar tattooed on his left butt cheek.

Sexy Star Tattoo

Here is a bunch of sexy stars on this woman’s shoulder. They look great paired with the love heart.

Stars in Your Eyes

Our next model is wearing a variety of different tattoos as you can see by the segmented picture above. She seems to love her small cute tattoos in random places all over her body. Once you catch the tattoo bug it’s easy to get more and more and more. It becomes a lifestyle and next thing you know your sitting in the chair once a week. Soon you will be waking in the middle of the night, in cold sweat, shivering violent, thinking about your next tattoo.

Anarchy in the Skies

In the midst of these star is the a naughty little star. It’s the sign of the devil apparently. I don’t know if the devil would have time to go around and draw these symbols everywhere. He or she would be too busy at the entry gates of hell welcoming all the naughty people of the world.

Mixed Bag Star Tattoo

There are all different kinds of stars in the sky and on the ground. Why not mix it up like this lady has and get a variety of different stars in the cluster. It’s a cool way to keep it as fresh AF.

Lower Leg Star Tattoo

The above tattoo features a star trail on the lower leg. The trails join the piece together and make it appear whole. Use your imagination the next time if comes to your tattoo. Think about the main subject and try something like this in terms of linking tattoos together.

Nautical Themed Fun Star Tattoo

Forearm Star Tattoo

This is a cool take on a star tattoo. It’s big rough around the edges and features a red inner line. As they say in the building industry- rough is good.

Inner Forearm Star Tattoo

Add texture and dimension to your tattoo with thing like cracks as this person has. You don’t have to limit yourself to cracks. Use your imagination and the skies the limit my friends.

star tattoos

Classy Lady with a Star Tattoo

Heels. Check. Star tattoo. Check. Chillin on a balcony in Paris. Check. This lady is rocking a sweet star tattoo and her fancy custom made kicks while eating a baguette in France. The image doesn’t show her eating the baguette, I had to use my imagination on that one. You can picture eating whatever the hell you want.

Necklace of Stars

Forget the pearl necklace. The star necklace is where it’s at. Don’t worry about jewellery, it only gets lost in the ether. Don’t let your jewellery become another statistic and get it tattooed. That way you won’t lose it on those drunken nights out.

Under the Milky Way

The milky way has a bunch of stars and apparently each one has a family of planets around it. Just like our solar system. It make you feel small when you think of it like that. Imagine how many planets there are in the universe. I don’t think I can even count that high.

Face Star Tattoo

If you’re ever struggling for inspiration for your next tattoo watch rap music videos. The kids in the rap world these days are going to town with face tattoos and keeping tattoo artist in business. It’s good for the rap game and good for the economy. But I’m not an economist. I can only speculate and that’s about as good as fact.

Shuriken Star Tattoo

Everybody loves a good shuriken. It’s the Japanese name for a ninja star. Ninja were huge in the late 80’s. There were heaps of ninja movies being released and every kid on the block wanted to be one. We used fashion our own ninja stars out of cardboard and old ice cream containers. Then you would have ninja battle against your friends and if you got hit by a ninja star you were dead and had to count for twenty seconds before you could come back to life.

Cheek Star Tattoo

What’s better than a kiss on the cheek? A star tattoo of course. Above is a cute little tattoo smack bang on the cheek. That’s a bit cheeky.

New Star Tattoo

It’s selfie in the mirror. Lock that down and post it on Instagram #newtattoo #startattoo #checkmeout #Imnotvain

Colors Colors Colors

All the color of the rainbow. This is cool tattoo that utilizes color very well. I love the splashes of ink and it really makes this ordinarily plain tattoo into a palette of beautiful colors.

Within the Galaxy

Here is another unique take on a star tattoo. It has a cool pattern within the star that spirals like the center of a galaxy. So cosmic. So chic

Accentuate the Star

The blur in this photograph really makes the elbow star tattoo pop. This is a cool tattoo. It’s kind of like elbow pads but in tattoo form.

Tattoo Aftercare

Now is about the time that we talk about tattoo aftercare. Caring for your tattoo after it has been completed is really important so it maintains its brilliance. You need to keep it out of the water for a few weeks so it has time to heal. You also need to keep it nice and moist using moisturizer or cream that your tattoo artist suggest. Ask your tattoo artist about how to care for your tattoo. They are the ones in the know and will help you get the best results possible.

Hand Bras and Tattoo Stars

Here is two delightfully fun things in life. A hand bra and star tattoos. This pick is a cheeky one taken in the shower. I wonder if there her hands and if they are who’s taking the picture.

Vivid Star Tattoo

The colors in this tattoo shine as bright as the stars in the sky. They look wonderful and the color has retained its saturation even after the healing process. It’s another simple star tattoo that looks really cool. As you have probably noticed that most of the star tattoos on this list have been pretty basic. But don’t let that stop you from getting something more detailed. The options are endless.

Nautical Star on the Upper Chest

Something a Little Different

This star tattoo has no outline and is a unique take on the classic. This is a great style and could be incorporated into a variety of different tattoos, and using different patterns.

Stars and the Sun

I swear by the moon and the stars and the sun. Unlike the bad lyrics from a boy band from the 90’s, these stars look a bit rock and roll.

And you’ve reached the end of the list. Congratulations! Is your skin itching yet? If it is book into your tattooist and go for it before it’s too late. Luckily for you it’s never too late to get a tattoo unless of course the shop is closed. Then you will have to wait until tomorrow. But tomorrow never come until it’s too late. OK, I’m confused.


Tattoos star cluster

Didn't notice how he lit the second one. He stood and recalled fragments of the events of the previous night, staring at the pillars and fields that swept past. I returned to the carriage when everyone. Was already assembled.

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We lay down as a sweet couple, awaiting further events. The door opened and Mom walked down the hallway past our door and into the bathroom. There was the sound of taps and a stream of water.

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