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All human blood types contain and are categorized by amounts of protein—except type RH negative, that is. Is it possible that human beings possessing the latter blood type are actually from Mars, Venus, or elsewhere in the universe? Well, since the known laws of physics breakdown past the horizons of black holes, truly anything is possible. But is it likely that RH negative blood has unearthly origins?

Only 15% of human beings have this strange type of blood, and what’s more, these individuals have been described as having strange personal characteristics as well. Oddly enough, RH negative blood can be utilized by any human being in need of a transfusion, but people with RH negative naturally coursing through their veins cannot make use of any other type of blood at all. Furthermore, the vast majority of these latter individuals happen to reside in northern Europe. Even more fascinating are the facts that these people tend to have green or blue eyes, naturally orange-colored hair, cool body temperatures, and sensitivity to hot temperatures. 

More intriguing yet are claims that the physical, mental, and emotional awareness of these individuals is heightened—and no, this is not a sneaky lead into an upcoming movie or any sort of promotion whatsoever! In fact, it is widely known that pregnant women with type RH negative blood have extreme difficulty giving birth when their babies possess RH positive blood type; in this situation, it is not a stretch to say the woman’s body actually attempts to kill the baby inside of it. But is all of this enough to conclude that the Martian, Venusian, or other alien theories are correct? Perhaps a more important question to ask yourself is what will—or what should—happen if one of the theories is true. 

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From the Sumerians, Hebrews, Greeks, and other cultures, we learn that the gods created humans in their own image. The Hebrew god of the Bible, is called Elohim, which means more than one god. He says, "Let us, make man inourimage, afterourlikeness". What exactly is the image of the gods?

In all of the ancient literature, the gods are described as having supernatural powers, advanced knowledge, and advanced technology, but what do we really know about their character?

The Hebrew god of the Bible, admits to being a jealous god, and warns humans, that if they are foolish enough to put any other god before him, he will destroy them. He has a pathological need to be worshiped by humans, through animal, and even human sacrifice.

In Numbers 25, he kills 24, of his own people with a plague. He views humans, who he created in his own image, as evil, flawed, and sinful, and demands that they remain ignorant. His first commandment is, "Thou shalt not know". Finally, he seeks to destroy his sinful human creation in a flood, but chose his ineptitude, when they manage to survive.

There is no reason whatsoever to doubt the truth of the ancient Sumerian records, which describe human-like gods, living and walking side by side with humans, nor is there any reason to doubt similar evidence from the Hebrews, ancient Mayans, Phoenicians, Chaldeans, Aztecs, Aryans, Assyrians, Greeks, and the inhabitants of ancient India & Tibet.

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Bloodline of the Gods: Unravel the Mystery in the Human Blood Type to Reveal the Aliens Among Us

When Chariots of the Gods was published fifty years ago, it began a worldwide change in humanity's view of the cosmos. In an era of the military space race, Erich von Daniken boldly proclaimed that Earth had been visited by more advanced beings early in our history. But pre-scientific man had no concept of space ships, so he called their vehicles "chariots," and those driving the chariots became "gods."

Over the next five decades, von Daniken's thirty-two books built an ever-stronger case for Earth being visited by extraterrestrial visitors. And Chariots became an international bestseller, with thirty million copies sold in more than two dozen languages. Also during that time, the case for ET visitations millennia ago was being reexamined by contemporary UFO researchers, who found evidence of modern visitations. And von Daniken expanded his perspective to encompass the present.

Now, he presents his long-awaited sequel to Chariots of the Gods, proclaiming that the gods never left us, with all-new material to show that ancient aliens are still with us.

The Gods Never Left Us contends that recent advancements in biotechnology, astrophysics, engineering, and artificial intelligence not only give us a fresh perspective on his ancient astronaut theory but actually validates it. We are-as a race-embarking on the exact same trajectory of our own interplanetary colonization, just as von Daniken suggested Earth itself was colonized.

ETs are definitely at work today. And that affects all of us.



In case of a blood transfusion, it is important to know the blood type of both the donor and the patient. The reason is that you want them to match in order to reduce the risk of side effects. The well-known blood group systems ABO and Rh are prioritised as they are clinically the most important. However, other blood types can also cause problems.

Over the past ten years, researchers have developed methods to determine many of our blood types using DNA technology rather than by red blood cells. Modern technology is particularly important for patients who have received large amounts of blood or those who need blood often, as their blood becomes a mixture consisting of several different donors. This makes it difficult to determine the patient's own blood type.

However, for the DNA tests to work, the genetic cause of each blood type system must be known. This is the case for the majority of our 36 systems, including ABO and Rh.

In practice, it's actually only one system -- the Xg system -- that has continued to elude physicians and researchers over the years. A third of all men and a tenth of all women lack the Xg protein that carries the mysterious blood type Xga on their red blood cells, i.e. they are Xga negative. Furthermore, the protein's function is still unknown. The Xga blood type was discovered in New York back in , but it wasn't until now that researchers in Lund managed to figure out why a large part of the population lacks Xga.

"We enjoy solving old mysteries where others have failed, so we combined computer-based analyses with laboratory experiments," explains Martin L Olsson, professor at Lund University and medical consultant at the Nordic Reference Laboratory for Blood Group Analysis, who conducted the study.

Although this blood type was the first to be linked to a specific chromosome in humans (sex chromosome X), Xg is the last blood type system to surrender its secret and thus be included in modern genetic testing.

"We used a bioinformatic strategy to find the underlying genetic cause," says doctoral student Mattias Möller, who used to work in the tech industry before making a switch to become a physician and blood researcher.

"I sat down at my computer and analysed and compared results from previous major studies, partly using my own tools, to solve the problem. Then my colleagues took over to confirm my findings through experiments in a lab environment," says Mattias Möller.

The lab experiments showed that a small variation close to the XG gene prevents the transcription factor GATA1 from binding to the DNA, which is why the Xg protein cannot be expressed in the red blood cells in some people. The finding makes it possible finally to determine also the Xga blood type using genetic typing/methods.

"Now we are in the process of introducing it in the clinic and aim to find out what this exciting protein does and the consequences of the fact that so many of us don't have it," concludes Martin L Olsson.

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Materials provided by Lund University. Note: Content may be edited for style and length.

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