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'Dragon Ball Super' Reveals Why Goku Can't Beat Jiren

Dragon Ball Super finished its anime series with the big Tournament of Power battle between Goku and Jiren, and in an unexpected turn, Goku actually lost the fight, and needed the teamwork of old foes (Freeza and Android 17) in order to finally beat Jiren, and bring home the win for Universe 7.

Well, the Tournament of Power arc in the Dragon Ball Super manga is now coming to a close, and in this version of the story, the battle royal once again comes down to Goku and Jiren - and once again, Goku ends up getting his butt whipped, despite the game-changing debut of his Ultra Instinct power.

Where the Dragon Ball Super manga differs is in the level of detail that is given concerning Goku and how his Ultra Instinct powers work, ultimately revealing why the Saiyan warrior cannot possibly hope to defeat Jiren - and never could!

During the bout with Jiren, Goku goes makes the massive transition from the incomplete form of Ultra Instinct (known as "Ultra Instinct Omen") to the full-fledged perfected version of Ultra Instinct. With that power-up, Goku is able to lay a serious beatdown on Jiren (in the classic style of Dragon Ball tournament bouts,no less) and for a moment, it looks like Universe 7 will walk away with a decisive victory in the Tournament of Power.

However, despite Ultra Instinct Goku nearly blowing Jiren clear out of the bottom of the ring, the Pride Trooper from Universe 11 won't concede defeat. In fact, Goku's speedy surprise attack tactics only make Jiren that much more furious, as he declares that, "Attacks that exploit openings are not true strength!"

Jiren's anger and determination to beat Goku exponentially increase his power level, and Ultra Instinct Goku quickly finds himself on the defensive. As Whis explains, it's actually quite hard for Gok to maintain Ultra Instinct as a defensive technique, as it requires a delicate balance of power and tranquility that is faster than thought - and it requires practice to maintain the technique:

"When Goku's body just reacts, it takes quite a toll on his," Whis says, revealing the form's energy toll.

"He may have achieved Ultra Instinct, but Goku hasn't trained enough to wield it properly."

As the battle raged on, Whis and Beerus quickly realize the odds are not in their favor:

"This is now a Battle of attrition," Whis says.

Beerus responds: "Will Jiren run outta stamina first? Or will Goku's Ultra Instinct wear off?

Jiren pretty much makes it clear which way the battle is going to go, voicing his pure strength of will when he says, "You people could never match my drive in pursuit of strength. Which is why I cannot lose to you."

Sure enough, the battle continues at such high power levels that the rest of the Universe 7 team can't even see Goku and Jiren's movements anymore - but as Goku's power drains, Jiren's just grows, and ultimately Goku is hit so hard he nearly flies out of the ring, only being saved at the last second by Vegeta.


As it stands, Ultra Instinct was still too new and untested to be the big win that Goku needed - and that's not altogether a bad thing. The technique really was a gimmick, and deciding the entire Tournament of Power through its use would've been a cheap and empty climax. Like the anime, this issue of the manga ends with Goku realizing and utilizing the one advantage he actually has over Jiren: teamwork. It's a much richer sort of conclusion - one that expands the scope of Dragon Ball beyond just Goku.

Dragon Ball Super: Broly will hit Japanese theaters in December, and is expected to arrive in the U.S. on January 16, 2019. Dragon Ball Super is currently airing its English dub on Adult Swim during the Toonami programming block Saturday evenings at 9:30 p.m. ET. It is also available to stream on Funimation and Amazon Video. The Japanese language release of the series is complete and available to stream on Funimation, VRV and Crunchyroll.

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Dragon Ball Super 129 : Goku vs Jiren dans un combat épique

On y est : L'Ultra Instinct maîtrisé par Goku dans l'épisode 129 de Dragon Ball Super, comme prévu après toutes les révélations, dans les magazines ou les trailers du jeu Xenoverse 2. Comme prévu, il faut attendre la fin pour la voir activée, mais la Toei n'a pas été trop vache et nous la montre en action un peu, avant le final de la semaine prochaine.

Et on peut dire que c'est satisfaisant : l'épisode entier est un travail de Goku sur cette forme, avec un chouette texte de Whis qui commente la prise de maturité du champion en plein dans l'action, comme savent le faire les Saiyans. La forme Ultra Instinct non maîtrisée propose déjà de belles choses pour patienter, même si ce sont plus les effets spéciaux et les explosions qui vont nous contenter que l'animation. Il n'y a guère qu'une séquence ou deux de mouvements impressionnants. Le reste est bien trop bourrin, notamment le Kamehameha défléchi de Goku qui part un peu dans tous les sens. Ca reste jouissif, mais on n'aurait bien voulu quelques scènes plus travaillées pour accompagner le spectacle.

La mise en scène du passage à l'Ultra Instinct maîtrisé est en tous cas très réussie : sobre et rapide, sans dramatisation (outre toutes les séquences pour en arriver là) Goku contrôle totalement Jiren à partir de là, mais ce n'est pas pour autant terminé. Jiren va maintenant devoir se battre d'égal à égal et le combat décisif se fera la semaine prochaine. Il est tout à fait possible que le conflit s'attarde et qu'on se retrouve sur un match nul à la fin du tournoi, alors que le narrateur s'applique bien à éviter de nous préciser combien de minutes il reste. Et si vous croyez qu'on a oublié Freezer...

Erwan Lafleuriel est rédacteur chez IGN France. Esclave du jeu vidéo depuis 40 ans, il ne s'en échappe que ponctuellement pour pleurer ses défaites sur Twitter.

Sours: https://fr.ign.com/dragon-ball-super-1/34579/feature/dragon-ball-super-129-goku-vs-jiren-dans-un-combat-epique
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Is Goku Stronger Than Jiren? (& 9 Other Facts About Their Rivalry)

The Tournament of Power arc was certainly the best thing about Dragon Ball Superand for Goku as well, who just loves facing some of the fiercest warriors in the Dragon Ball Multiverse. With 12 universes partaking in the competition, it was always a question of who is the strongest fighter out there.

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Without a surprise, it was Jiren from Universe 11, whose energy level was so high that he had already eclipsed his own universe's God of Destruction. Of course, Jiren vs Goku was the best fight of the tournament as both of them pushed each other to their limits and in the end, Jiren came out on top. Here are some facts about their rivalry in the Tournament of Power.

10 Disrespectful First Meet & A Glimpse

As always, Goku was very excited when the Universe 7 team landed in the Null Realm, and he was looking around scouting the energy levels of his opponents. When Universe 11 arrived, Goku, with Vegeta, felt a tingling sensation.

That was due to Jiren's tremendous energy. When Goku went to say hello, out of nowhere, Jiren disappeared and from behind asked Goku to get lost. The warning signs were always there.

9 Super Saiyan Transformations Were No Match For Jiren

When Goku and Jiren began fighting, as is customary with every Goku opponent, he started out by testing Jiren's strength. He went Super Saiyan and found out it was no use before switching to Super Saiyan 2 and then to Super Saiyan God.

Nothing really happened to Jiren during these transformations as he dealt with Goku pretty easily. He didn't even have to show his real strength to fight the Saiyan.

8 Jiren's Glare Was Proving Enough

Goku had enough of the mind games and he switched it up to Super Saiyan Blue but even that wasn't hurting Jiren and his glare was proving enough.

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The glare means Jiren's technique to build an invisible energy wall around him through a glare. That wall in itself was proving difficult to penetrate for Goku. Even when Goku went Super Saiyan Blue 20X Kaioken, Jiren was dealing with him like it was some kind of child's play.

7 The Spirit Bomb Couldn't Handle Jiren's Right Hand

When Goku couldn't find a way to hit Jiren even once, he thought it was time to bring out the trump card that he always saves for the last moment, the Spirit Bomb.

Unfortunately, though, this Spirit Bomb attack didn't pan out as it usually does because Jiren was able to deal with it quite easily. He was maneuvering the gigantic ball of energy like it was some kind of sport. In the end, Goku hurt himself through this attack, although it triggered something beautiful.

6 Jiren Triggered Goku's Ultra Instinct

There is something incredibly different about Saiyans. Their ability to come out of adversity and unleash something out of the world is so common that it cannot be considered a coincidence. When Goku's Spirit Bomb collapsed on itself, everyone felt Goku was no more.

But, there Goku was sporting a new look; the Ultra Instinct. If anything, Jiren triggered Goku to break his boundaries and it's unknown whether someone else could push the Saiyan enough to unleash Ultra Instinct. As of right now, Goku can't attain the power level at will.

5 Jiren Refused Help To Fight Goku For One Reason Only

Aside from being a wonderful fighter, Jiren is also a very interesting character. His background story reveals that he lost everyone he loves and now, he doesn't put his trust in anyone.

A little glimpse of the same was given when Ultra Instinct Goku was giving Jiren a good time. Toppo and Dyspo decided to help but Jiren stopped them, although, together, they could have easily negated Goku. Jiren doesn't trust anyone but himself.

4 Fully Mastered Ultra Instinct Was Too Much For Jiren

There are two forms of Ultra Instinct. One is the immature one that Goku fought with first and the next is the mastered version. As soon as Goku mastered the Ultra Instinct, his attacks got better and better with every blow forcing Jiren on the back foot.

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Jiren had to unleash his real power in order to stand a chance but as the fight went on, Ultra Instinct was proving to be too much to handle. After all, it is a martial artist's perfect form.

3 No One Other Than Goku Has Pushed Jiren To The Limit

Another interesting little detail that can be gathered from Goku and Jiren's fight is the fact that Universe 11's God of Destruction was very sure that no one in the multiverse would be able to deal with Jiren.

That confidence came from the lack of competition mortals had given Jiren over the years but Goku turned out to be something very different. Goku was able to match the astounding difference in both their power levels mid-tournament. It was spellbinding, to say the least.

2 Disrespect Turned Into Respect

When all was said and done, Goku managed to show Jiren that his way of fighting, one that involved trusting his friends and family, was the right way, although Jiren didn't agree or disagree.

When they first met, Jiren was pretty disrespectful towards Goku but fair to say, he earned the strongest mortal's respect pretty quickly. So much so that Jiren might have even accepted Goku as a friend, showing the huge change he went through as a person in the Tournament of Power.

1 Goku Isn't Stronger Than Jiren

All things considered, Goku isn't stronger than Jiren yet and there are many reasons for that. Goku, in his normal Super Saiyan transformations, isn't good enough for Jiren, and as of right now, he cannot, by will, tap into Ultra Instinct.

Moreover, Goku hasn't trained with Ultra Instinct enough and that means his body will keep breaking down after he uses that technique, even if just for a few minutes. Jiren, on the other hand, has much more control over his skills and he'll only get stronger.

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Sours: https://www.cbr.com/dragonball-super-goku-jiren-rivalry-facts/

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