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Replacement Battery for Sears Craftsman Diehard Portable Power 1150 Battery - UB12220 12V 18

Sears Craftsman Diehard Portable Power 1150 Battery - Replacement UB12220 12V 18 PowerStar Brand Batteries 2 year warranty - 100% compatible Advanced AGM Technology Sealed – Maintenance Free 12V 18AH AGM type. L-7.13 in W- 3.00 in H- 6.6 in, Weight 12.5 lbs Deep Cycle Battery - 18AH battery with nut and bolt terminals to be provided - Acceptable for use with Scooters, Back Up power etc. Used in Fire Alarms Security Systems/Alarms, UPS Battery BackUp , Exit Signs/Emergency Lighting, Testing Equipment , Electric Scooters , Mobility Wheelchairs, Electric Gates. replaces, Powersonic PS-12150 Powersonic PS-12180 Panasonic (Matsushita) LC-R12V17P Panasonic (Matsushita) LC-RD1217P Panasonic (Matsushita) LC-X1220P Panasonic (Matsushita) LC-X1220AP Sonnenschien A212/15G Sonnenschien A512/16.0SR CSB/Prism EVX-12170 CSB/Prism GP12150 CSB/Prism GP12170 Eagle Picher CFM12V18 GS Storage (Portalac) PE12V18B1 GS Storage (Portalac) PX12180 GS Storage (Portalac) PWL12V15 Hitachi HP15-12 Hitachi HP17-12 Johnson ControlsJC12150 Johnson Controls KB12170 Yuasa NP18-12B Yuasa NP20-12 Yuasa NPG18-12 Yuasa NPH16-12 Yuasa NPX-80 12 volt 15 Ah 12 volt 16 Ah 12 volt 17 Ah 12 volt 18 Ah 12 volt 19 Ah 12 volt 20 Ah


Sears Diehard Portable Power 1150 28.71988 User Manual

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Keep the jump starter dry.


DO NOT allow the jump starter to come into contact with rain or moisture.


DO NOT operate the jump starter if you, the jump starter, the device being operated or


any other surfaces that may come in contact with any power source are wet. Water and

many other liquids can conduct electricity, which may lead to serious injury or death.
Do not place the jump starter on or near heating vents, radiators or other sources of heat.


Do not place the jump starter in direct sunlight. The ideal air temperature for operation


is between 50° and 80°F.
Do not use the inverter near an open engine compartment where fumes or gases


may accumulate.
Do not modify the AC receptacles in any way.


Using the Inverter


It is important to know the continuous wattage of the device you plan to use with the inverter.

The jump starter must be used with devices drawing 400 watts or less. If the wattage is not

marked on the device, use only devices that draw less than 4 Amps of AC current.
Devices like TVs, fans or electric motors require additional power to start (commonly

known as the “starting” or “peak power”). The jump starter can supply a momentary

surge in wattage; however, even devices rated less than the maximum 400 watts can

exceed the inverter’s surge capability and cause an automatic overload shutdown.
Do not use the inverter with a product that draws a higher wattage than the inverter can

provide, as this may cause damage to the inverter and the product.
Make sure the device you are using is compatible with a modified sine wave inverter.

Always run a test to establish whether the inverter will operate a

particular piece of equipment or device.
In the event of a power overload, the inverter is designed to automatically shut down.

This safety feature prevents damaging the inverter while testing devices and equipment

within the 400-watt range.
If powering more than one device, start one device at a time to avoid a power surge

and/or inverter overload. The surge load of each device should not exceed the inverter’s

Continuous Operation wattage rate.
If you are using the power inverter to operate a battery charger, monitor the temperature

of the battery charger for about 10 minutes. If the battery charger becomes abnormally

warm, disconnect it from the inverter immediately.
You can use an extension cord from the inverter to the device without significantly

decreasing the power being generated by the inverter. For best operating results, the

extension cord should be no longer than 50 feet.

This inverter uses a nonsinusoidal waveform. Therefore, we do not

recommend you use it to power the following devices:

Switch Mode Power Supplies


Linear Power Supplies


Class 2 Transformers


Line Filter Capacitors


Shaded Pole Motors


Fan Motors


Microwave Ovens


Fluorescent and High Intensity Lamps (with a Ballast)


Transformerless Battery Chargers


Doing so may cause the device to run warmer or overheat.

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