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After December 8th, the day YouTube said it would that claimed widespread errors and fraud changed the outcome of the contest, there was a dramatic drop in misleading election claims on Twitter. In that time period, the ratio of election fraud videos shared on Twitter from YouTube dropped to below 20 percent. That ratio fell again following the US Capitol riot when YouTube said it would to any channel spreading misinformation about the results of the election. By the time President Biden swore the Oath of Office on January 20th, only around five percent of all election fraud videos on Twitter were coming from YouTube.

The researchers saw that same trend play out on Facebook. Before YouTube’s December 8th policy decision, about 18 percent of all videos shared on the platform were related to election fraud theories. By Inauguration Day, that number fell to four percent. To compile their findings, the team at New York University collected a random sampling of 10 percent of all tweets each day and then isolated the ones that linked out to YouTube videos. They did the same on Facebook using the company’s tool.

If nothing else, the findings highlight the outsized role YouTube plays in how information is shared in our current moment. As the most ubiquitous video platform on the internet, the company has an enormous amount of power to shape political discourse. Its policies can do both great harm and good. “It’s a huge part of the information ecosystem,” Megan Brown, a researcher at the Center for Social Media and Politics told The Times. “When YouTube’s platform becomes healthier, others do as well.”


Ghost Adventures: The 10 Greatest Pieces Of Evidence, Ranked

Ghost Adventures is one of the most popular ghost hunting shows out there. The competition is quite fierce, especially with countless ghost-centered YouTube channels and fellow ghost hunting programs. However, Ghost Adventures stands out from the rest owing to its stellar production values, the camaraderie and likability of its cast, and the great evidence on display.

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Unlike some other ghost shows and many YouTube channels, the evidence that the Ghost Adventures crew captures isn't obviously fake. Sometimes they don't capture anything at all, and sometimes all they get is a creepy whisper or a knock. But, on occasion, they get some truly great evidence that will have even the biggest skeptics scratching their heads.

10 Most Of Rolling Hills

The Rolling Hills Asylum is by far one of the scariest locations that the Ghost Adventures investigated. The abandoned asylum itself is wonderfully creepy and imposing, and the investigators unearthed a ton of great evidence.

These include very audible footsteps, two apparitions in a photo, EVPs saying "get out" and "kill Zak," a wheelchair that appears out of nowhere and squeaks, a slamming steel door, and a very creepy disembodied scream. It's just non-stop craziness, and it proves one of the team's most active investigations.

9 Moving Teddy Bear

In season one, the team travels overseas to investigate the Edinburgh Vaults. While there, they learn about a child spirit named Jack who supposedly haunts the ancient vaults. To tempt Jack and hopefully acquire some evidence, the team set up a teddy bear for him to play with.

As their investigation comes to a close, a static camera captures the bear being moved without an external source. It slightly rotates and tips over, and, ten minutes later, the faint voice of a young child can be heard on the camera.

8 Shadow Hand

In season one, Zak, Aaron, and Nick visit a Former Psychiatric Hospital, the Essex County Hospital in New Jersey. While traveling through an underground tunnel connecting the buildings, Zak captures a shadow hand on the wall that seems to reach out from behind his back.

To make matters more believable, Zak feels an ice-cold pressure on his arm at the same time that the shadow hand appears, and Aaron captures a ball of light that zooms into Zak's arm right before the hand shoots out.

7 The Fort Erie Shadow

The Ghost Adventures crew has only traveled to Canada once, and that was to visit Old Fort Erie. While there, the team meets up with an employee of the fort named Darrel, who agrees to tag along for the investigation.

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Darrel is placed in the kitchen by himself, and he freaks out after witnessing something frightening, saying. Luckily, the camera was positioned in just such a way that viewers could see what Darrel saw: a very obvious shadow hand projected on the kitchen wall.

6 Gettysburg Apparition

Gettysburg proves one of the most unique locations in Ghost Adventures history. It also provided the show with some of its greatest and most interesting pieces of evidence. One of them was the clear apparition that was spotted outside the Engine House.

While scanning with the thermal camera, Zak captures the apparition of what appears to be a Civil War-era soldier, complete with a rifle slung over his right shoulder. It's a great bit of evidence; scary, haunting, and ultimately tragic.

5 Laughing Doll

By far one of the creepiest pieces of evidence is the laughing doll that Zak and Aaron captured on Mexico's Island of the Dolls. The island is absolutely filled with hanging dolls and dolls that have been hammered into the wall of a dilapidated cabin.

While setting up Harold the Haunted Doll, one of the hammered dolls on the wall begins laughing despite being years old and not having any batteries. What's creepier? The fact that an unpowered doll was laughing, or the creepy laugh itself?

4 Thrown Ceiling Fan

This show has seen many a thrown object, but few are as scary as the thrown ceiling fan. While investigating a basement, Zak begins cleansing the room with some sage.

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Along the way, he taps a forty-pound ceiling fan with the stick of sage. Just a few minutes later, the very heavy ceiling fan is thrown across the room. The thrown fan is horrifying enough, but it's also interesting to note that it's one of the few things that Zak actively touched with the sage.

3 The Coat Rack

In season three, the team visit the abandoned Pennhurst State School and Hospital and captures some of the best evidence in the show's history. Just as the word database says "hit," Zak is hit by a random coat rack that seemingly flies into his chest.

After reviewing their footage, the team makes the horrifying discovery that the coat rack was found in another area of the room, meaning it had been physically moved and pushed into Zak.

2 The Prison Band

The team travels to Yuma to investigate the Yuma Territorial Prison, also known as Hell Hole Prison. While there, they are given a show by the prison band. Zak captures multiple figures on the kinetic camera, and all seem to be playing instruments.

They also respond to the team's requests and actions. They wave after being asked to wave, and they bow after Billy begins clapping to show his appreciation. Capturing ghosts is one thing, but actively interacting with them is something else entirely.

1 Flying Rock

The Ghost Adventures team has investigated Nevada's Goldfield Hotel on numerous occasions. That's because the hotel is a hotbed of paranormal activity, and it has often provided the team with their best pieces of evidence.

During the episode "Goldfield Hotel: Redemption," a rock is visibly thrown against Zak's foot. The flying rock is captured on camera, and viewers can clearly spot the rock being lifted from the ground and hitting Zak in the foot.

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Adventure youtube ghost

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