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Paflyfish General Forum
Open forum for all topics related to fly fishing

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Beginner Forum
If you're new to fly fishing or brushing up on some of the basics, visit here. Don't be shy!

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Fly Tying
The place to share and swap fly tying discussions.

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Fly Fishing Locations

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Hatch and Entomology Forum
Discussion area for insects and hatches

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Subforums    [Mayflys (Order: Ephemeroptera )]  [Caddisflies (Order: Trichoptera)]  [Stoneflies (Order: Plecoptera)]

Topics as they relate to conservation efforts and topics in the Pennsylvania region.

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Warm Water & Salt Water Fly-Fishing
Topics for warm water and salt water fly-fishing in the region

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Gear Talk
Forum open to line, leaders, waders, all fly fishing gear and reviews

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Lost and Found

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Tips and Tricks
Ideas and general fly-fishing questions for all levels.

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Swap Forum
Forum open for swapping and trading fly-fishing gear.

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Print, Video, Audio Discussions
Discuss your favorite fly fishing literature, DVDs, podcasts, etc.

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Troutnut Fly Fishing Forum : General TopicsTopicsPostsGeneral Discussion of Fly Fishing, Trout and Salmon, and Stream Insects171016340Fly fishing, fly tying, aquatic entomology, fishing gear, rivers, trout and salmon science, and conservation issues.Fly Tying Tips, Materials, and Techniques4965337Ideas to make flies seem more realistic to trout (or at least to us).Fly Fishing Gear: Rods, Reels, Lines, Leaders, etc.3433899Fishing is more about stuff than we admit. Here we figure out once and for all which stuff is best. Yeah, right.Fly Fishing Beginner Help99915Where beginners ask "getting started" questions, and others share "wish-I-had-known" lessons. Troutnut Fly Fishing Forum: Member Fishing Reports & PicturesFly Fishing Trip Reports3872536Describe your fishing trips and upload pictures for free. Give as many or as few details as you like.Get Bugs Identified4323757Post pictures and ask questions of experts to help learn about aquatic insect identification.Share and Discuss Photography5844768Discuss photography equipment and techniques, and share your best fishing pictures. Troutnut Fly Fishing Forum: Site Content DiscussionTrout Streams & Rivers39250Talk about the trout streams featured on this site. Other stream talk goes in General Discussion.Fly Hatch Talk from the Aquatic Insect Encyclopedia2181947Behavior and habitat of species of mayflies, caddisflies, stoneflies, and other important insects.Individual Specimens from the Aquatic Insect Encyclopedia3871770Identification or imitation of particular specimens, and comments on their pictures.Comments on Site Updates and Blog Posts5961324Each topic on this board hold's comments for a single day's updates and blog posts.

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