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Minecraft Reaches Version 1.9! Mastering the New Combat System

Patch 1.9 is called the Combat Update for a very good reason: the shift in combat is massive. Fights no longer feel like basic spam, and now there is a valid tactical reason to use a much wider variety of items, attacks, and playstyles. Defense and offense have both become much more active, which improves the overall sense of joy in taking down your opponents. This is true when fighting monsters and other players!

Let’s break down the various combat changes so that we can talk about each and how they influence the game.

Changes to Attack Strength

Tools and weapons don’t do the same amount of damage that they used to. Each one of them has a maximum damage that is inflicted in a single swing, and you only deal that much if you wait for a cooldown to finish after making each attack. That means that you must be patient with your swings, make each one count, avoid missing, and wait for the cooldown icon that appears so that you know when your weapon is ready to go.

Let’s start with the table of new damages and swing times, and then we’ll talk about specific weapons individually.

Item NameAttack SpeedDamage Per SwingMaximum Damage Per Second
Hoe, Wooden111
Hoe, Stone212
Hoe, Iron313
Hoe, Gold111
Hoe, Diamond414
Shovel, Wooden12.52.5
Shovel, Stone13.53.5
Shovel, Iron14.54.5
Shovel, Gold12.52.5
Shovel, Diamond15.55.5
Pickaxe, Wooden1.222.4
Pickaxe, Stone1.233.6
Pickaxe, Iron1.244.8
Pickaxe, Gold1.222.4
Pickaxe, Diamond1.256
Axe, Wooden0.875.6
Axe, Stone0.897.2
Axe, Iron0.998.1
Axe, Gold177
Axe, Diamond199
Sword, Wooden1.646.4
Sword, Stone1.658
Sword, Iron1.669.6
Sword, Gold1.646.4
Sword, Diamond1.6711.2

We learn a huge amount about the new tools and weapon damage just by looking at this table. There are quick takeaways from this, as well as more developed points.

In short, Hoes are still almost worthless for their damage output. They only have validity when you want to attack something very quickly. They’re the fastest potential weapon, but that isn’t usually much of an advantage unless you’re harassing someone or attacking a creature with very low health and you only care about finishing it off. Even then, Swords are usually far superior.

Pickaxes and Shovels also have very low damage output. That’s fine; they were never intended to fight prolonged battles, and you only use them when something suddenly jumps you.

Axes and Swords are where you get to have your real fun. It used to be true that Axes were almost invalid. They did lower damage per swing than Swords, and they weren’t any faster to swing. There was no real reason to use one in battle. Now there is!

The high damage per hit of an Axe makes it your best weapon for sudden attacks and ambushes. If you are lurking around a corner or have to charge a ranged enemy, you want to deliver maximum damage per hit. Axes do just that. Early in the game, a Stone Axe can do almost twice the damage of an equivalent Sword (per swing). That’s quite nice.

Swords, though lower in their damage per hit, make up for it in spades with damage over time. These weapons can be used quickly to slap targets around. If you’re good at timing your attacks, you can do more damage per second with a Sword, but this requires that you swing at just the right time and stick close to your victim.

It’s good to have a quality Sword and Axe so that you have flexibility in your fighting. Use Axes to break enemy Shields, to ambush targets for high initial damage, or for hit-and-run battles where you attack once, back off, and come forward again when you’re fully charged.

Use your Sword when you’re confident in a kill and can safely stay on the target, using fast swings for maximum damage output. Swords don’t take as much Durability damage in combat, so they’re still a superior choice most of the time. It’s just that the game now has moments where Axes share the spotlight!

Some Enchantment and Armor Changes

Some enchantments are now found in chests or while fishing. These are considered to be Treasure Enchantments (in that they’re being awarded as treasure). Frost Walker and Mending are the first two enchantments of this type. Mending is highly sought after, because of its ability to make a strong item somewhat permanent.

Treasure Enchantments are hard to find and take time to discover, but you can raise your chances by fishing frequently and using Luck of the Sea (or Luck Potions) to give yourself a better shot at this high-end loot.

Enchantments for higher damage and knockback still complement both major weapon types, but be aware that Sharpness has been slightly reduced in power compared to early versions of the game. Sharpness now adds 1 damage initially and +0.5 damage per level. It used to add 1.25 damage per level, so this is a substantial reduction. Battles are likely to take longer because of this, especially when coupled with increased swing timers.

But, there is a force in the opposite direction that partially mitigates these changes. Protection has been reduced in power as well. This enchantment gives less defense across the board. On top of that, armor loses its defense very quickly as you take damage. The more blows you take, the weaker your armor becomes, reaching a minimum value of 20% if you don’t get things repaired after a few battles. This makes it harder to stay out in the field for too long if you’re being attacked consistently.

How Good Are Shields?

Shields are crafted from Iron and Wood. They go into your offhand and serve as protection against enemy attacks. They’re one of the best items for dual wielding when you go into battle (a Bow being another).

Use your right-click to raise a Shield and protect yourself when enemies are firing at your character (or swinging at you in melee). While blocking like this, you move as if you were sneaking and you cannot attack. This is purely a defensive option.

If you block a missile attack, it has a chance to ricochet and strike another target nearby. This sometimes helps when you’re fighting a mix of melee and missile troops. Shields are very nice to have when you’re facing other players and Skeletons.

Shields are at their worst if you’re fighting someone who has an Axe ready to go. Each Axe blow that lands has a chance to disable the Shield for 5 seconds. That leaves the defender vulnerable. If it happens to you, back off as quickly as you can to get your bearings, and swing your primary weapon to ward off your attacker.

Shields are repaired with Wood, but you need to do this at an Anvil.

Ranged Combat in 1.9

Ranged combat has gotten a few modest upgrades that make it easier to use. Spectral Arrows help to mark targets and go after them in the dark (or when they hide behind objects). This imparts the Glowing status effect, so that the victim is very easy to track for 10 seconds. This is very helpful in player versus player combat, when your opponent is most likely to hide, ambush, and be hard to figure out.

Tipped Arrows let you transfer the effects of a Lingering Potion onto your arrows. They only do 1/8th of the effect per Arrow, but each recipe creates eight altered arrows, so you aren’t wasting any power.

Possible Tipped Arrows

  • Arrow of Regeneration
  • Arrow of Swiftness
  • Arrow of Fire Resistance
  • Arrow of Healing
  • Arrow of Night Vision
  • Arrow of Strength
  • Arrow of Leaping
  • Arrow of Invisibility
  • Arrow of Poison
  • Arrow of Weakness
  • Arrow of Slowness
  • Arrow of Harming
  • Arrow of Water Breathing
  • Arrow of Luck

Some of these arrows are very intuitive. Harming and Poison are both very good effects to add to your arrows, especially when fighting against powerful targets (whether humans or monsters). But the other special types of Tipped Arrows open the door for a number of more odd and interesting encounters.

Think about Arrows of Healing against undead monsters! Healing does damage to undead creatures, so that’s a fun little trick.

For group situations, you can buff your friends at long range using the more positive arrows. Use a weaker bow without enchantments. This ensures that you do very light damage with the arrow itself (especially if your friends are armored). They’ll primarily get the effect of the buff (Regeneration, Swiftness, Healing, etc.).

You can also set up fake traps in custom areas that are meant to scare people, but they’ll actually help them.

Special Attacks

Swords and Axes have special attack properties that make them more versatile in combat. The Sweep Attack that you get with Swords doesn’t do much direct damage, but it creates a wide swath in front of the player that knocks targets away. This is a powerful defensive option to get a horde of targets off of you. It’s used automatically as long as you’re striking a monster, aren’t running, and have your swing time charged all the way up.

The sweep knocks enemies back while dealing normal damage to the primary targets and a bit of damage to the secondary ones. After the sweep, use the time you’ve earned yourself to back up and look for a chokepoint so that the group of enemies can’t swarm you again as easily.

Axes are better for smashing individuals (especially players). Instead of knocking a group away from you, the Crushing Blow can disable Shields for 5 seconds. The base chance for success is 25%, but this is improved by 5% per level of Efficiency enchantment on the weapon. Also, you get +75% more bonus points if you’re sprinting when you unleash the attack, making this pretty much a guarantee.

This is why it’s very nice to keep an Axe around for dealing with tanky enemies that are shield blocking all the time. Sprint up to them, nail them with your Axe, and take your free shots afterward.

Axes are better when you’re culling herds of animals for meat. You don’t want to accidentally cut down more animals or scare the ones that are close to your target. It’s safer to bring an Axe and only hurt the animals that you need to kill.

Status Effect Changes

Status Effects used to only be shown when you were in the inventory screen. This changed in 1.9 so that you now see these effects on your HUD. Look on the side of your screen while exploring, and you’ll see the type of effect and the amount of time that it’s still going to influence you.

New effects have been added to the game, so it’s a good time to revisit these in general. Here is the table of special effects in Minecraft.

Effect NameAbilityCaused By
AbsorptionAdds special health that cannot be regeneratedGolden Apple, Enchanted Golden Apple
Fire ResistanceNegates damage from fire, lava, and Blaze attacksEnchanted Golden Apple or Potions of Fire Resistance
GlowingCauses something to glow, even if it’s hidden by a wallSpectral Arrows
HasteImproves Attack Speed (+10%/level) and Block destruction (+20%/level)Beacon
HungerYou lose points off of your food meter very quicklyEating Rotten Flesh, Raw Chicken, or Pufferfish
InvisibilityYou can’t be seen unless you’re very close to a targetPotion of Invisibility
LeapingImproves jumping height and reduces falling damageBeacon or Potions of Leaping
LevitationThe target rises upwards without being in control of the movementattacks
LuckImproves loot quality when Fishing or when going into containers that have a special loot tablePotion of Luck
Mining FatigueSlows Attack Speed and Block destructionGetting close to an Elder Guardian
NauseaDistorts the screenEating a Pufferfish (tetrodotoxin is not yummy)
Night VisionGreatly improves vision in dark areas (and underwater as well)Potion of Night Vision
PoisonDoes damage over timeEating a Spider Eye, being hit by a Cave Spider, Poisonous Potatoes, Pufferfish, Potions of Poison
RegenerationRegenerate health every 2.5 secondsGolden Apple, Enchanted Golden Apples, and Potions of Regeneration
ResistanceReduces damage takenBeacon or Enchanted Golden Apple
SlownessDecreases movement by 15% per levelPotions of Slowness
SpeedIncreases movement speed by 20% per levelBeacons or Potions of Swiftness
StrengthImproves melee attack damage (+3/level)Beacon or Potions of Strength
Water BreathingAllows you to be able to swim underwater without drowning (and improves sight under water)Potion of Water Breathing
WeaknessReduces your melee damage dealtPotion of Weakness
WitherDoes damage over timeBeing struck by the Wither or by Wither Skeletons


Sours: https://primagames.com/games/minecraft/guides/dual-wield-fly-conquer-mastering-minecraft-eguide/minecraft-reaches-version-19/mastering-the-new-combat-system

Combat Tests refers to multiple "experimental snapshots" released with changes related to combat, which are currently in development.[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8] Nine snapshots have already been released on Reddit, but they are not found in the launcher. While these snapshots are development versions for a future version, they are forks of 1.14.x, 1.15.x and 1.16.x releases and do not contain any features past the version it was forked from. These changes will be added to the main game when the new combat system is finalized.[2] The latest version is Combat Test 8c.

Currently, development of a combat update is in Phase 1. When Phase 2 begins, there will be fewer system changes and more focus on changes related to balance and mobs.[6][9] Phase 2 may also change difficulty.[10]



  • New attribute: .
    • Represents the attack reach of a player.
    • Only used by players.
    • Default base: ; minimum: ; maximum: .
      • Value is the number of blocks away the player can attack from.
    • Weapon modifier now modifies with Operation and UUID .
  • Added a "Combat Reach" parameter (using attribute ) to swords, hoes and tridents.
  • Added the Cleaving enchantment for axes.[3]
    • Adds 2♥ of damage (increasing by 1♥ per subsequent level) and 0.5 seconds (10 game ticks) of shield stunning per level.
    • Maximum level in survival is 3, though the effects continue to scale as expected if higher levels are applied with commands.
    • Incompatible with Sharpness, Bane of Arthropods and Smite
  • Added a "Shield Indicator" option that displays when the shield is active, similar to the Attack Indicator.[3]
    • Found in Video Settings, the available options are "OFF," "Crosshair," or "Hotbar."
    • Disabled by default.
  • Now activate automatically when crouching.
    • Can be enabled or disabled in the Accessibility Settings.
    • Only works when in the off-hand.
    • Enabled by default.



  • Arrows shot from bows become less accurate if held drawn for longer than 3 seconds.
    • This also cancels out "critical arrows".
  • Increased attack speed for all axes to 2 (0.5 seconds), was 0.8 (1.25 seconds) for wooden and stone axes, 0.9 (~1.11 seconds) for iron axes, and 1 (1 second) for gold, diamond, and netherite axes.
  • All axes are weaker and deal 1♥ more damage than their sword counterparts.
  • Always disable shields for 1.6 seconds (32 game ticks), instead of having a 25% chance to disable them for 5 seconds (100 game ticks).
  • Now use 1 durability when attacking instead of 2.
  • Can no longer receive combat enchantments such as Sharpness, Smite and Bane of Arthropods without using an anvil.
  • Nerfed attack reach 2.5, was 3.
  • Are now able to receive the Sweeping Edge enchantment, to perform sweep attacks.
    • All tools can now have Sweeping Edge with commands or creative mode, but axes can get it in survival by using an enchanted book and an anvil.
  • Now have a cooldown of 4 ticks.
  • Changed the attack speed for most hoes:
    • Wooden: 2 (0.5 seconds), was 1 (1 second).
    • Gold: 3.5 (~0.29 seconds), was 1 (1 second).
    • Stone: 2.5 (0.4 seconds), was 2 (0.5 seconds).
    • Diamond and netherite: 3.5 (~0.29 seconds), was 4 (0.25 seconds).
  • Changed the attack damage for all hoes:
  • Buffed attack reach to 3.5 blocks, was 3.
  • Increased attack speed for all pickaxes to 2.5 (0.4 seconds), was 1.2 (0.83 seconds).
  • Changed the attack damage for some pickaxes:
    • Wooden and gold: 3♥♥, was 2♥.
  • Reach nerfed down to 2.5, was 3
  • Now only blocks up to 5♥♥♥ of attack damage.
  • Removed warm-up delay from shields (0.25 seconds (5 game ticks) activation cooldown).
  • Crouching player can't perform "charged" attacks.
  • Now only block 50% of knockback when attacked by a weapon.
    • Due to a bug (MC-147694) shields block more knockback.
    • An empty hand or non-tool items will still negate all knockback.
  • The arc of available protection has been decreased to 100 degrees from the previous 180 degrees.
  • Now block 100% of explosion damage, if it isn't caused by the player.
  • Now stack to 64.
  • Now have a cooldown of 4 ticks.
  • Can now stack up to 16.
    • Splash and lingering potions are not included.

Non-mob entities[]

  • Arrow uncertainty value has been decreased from 1.0 to 0.25, increasing accuracy.
  • Instantaneous effects on tipped arrows are now scaled by 1/8, just like the duration of other effects. For example, instant harming I arrow will deal additional 0.75♥ × 0.375 magical damage.
  • Are now knocked back by < 1 damage hits, including 0 damage hits such as snowballs and eggs.


  • The attack cooldown is now only 4 ticks (200ms) when an attack is missed.
  • Attacking is no longer possible until the weapon is recharged.
  • There is a longer "charged" attack that gives a bonus reach of +1 meters.
  • Weapons with shorter cooldowns give victims a shorter attack invulnerability time (invincibility frames).
  • The attack key can be held down to automatically attack at the next available moment.
    • Has a +1 tick (50ms) penalty, making it less effective than optimal timing or clicking.
  • Entities with bounding boxes smaller than 0.9 block (such as rabbits and bats, for example) now have them inflated to that value.
    • This means that they still have smaller hitboxes than 0.9 block, but now can be attacked outside their hitbox within a range of 0.9 block.
  • The attack timer is now unaffected by switching items, only resetting when the player performs an attack.
  • Entities can now be hit through transparent blocks like grass or vines, without destroying said block.
  • Changed the swing animation to "emphasize the rhythm of the attacks".
  • The eating and drinking animations are interrupted and reset when being hit by a player/mob or a projectile throw from one.
  • Liquids (such as stews, honey, milk, and potions) are consumed faster (20 ticks, was 32 or 40 ticks)
Critical Hits
  • Can now be performed with sprint-knockback hits (the first hit dealt by a sprinting player), as it was in older versions and Bedrock Edition.
Sweep attack
  • Is now only performed by a weapon enchanted with Sweeping Edge.
    • Requires a fully charged attack to activate.
  • Is now activated regardless of whether or not an entity is hit.
  • The Sweeping Edge enchantment itself has been nerfed. It now does 25%/33%/37.5% percent of sweeping damage per level instead of the previous 50%/66%/75%.
  • All tools can now perform the sweep attack if they have the Sweeping Edge enchantment.
    • Sweeping Edge cannot be applied to non-sword tools in survival, except for axes and pickaxes.
  • Weapon enchantments are now included in the base damage when calculating critical hits and potion effects.


  • Attacking with the player's bare fist now deals 2♥ instead of 1♥, to match the behavior in Bedrock Edition.
Status effects
Sours: https://minecraft.fandom.com/wiki/Java_Edition_Combat_Tests
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  2. Radiology partners salary
  3. Pink short curtains

For the Combat Tests snapshots, see Java Edition Combat Tests.

For a guide about all the additions and changes in this update, see Java Edition guides/Combat Update.

The Combat Update is the name for Java Edition version 1.9, a major update released on Monday, February 29, 2016.[1] This update overhauled the combat system, among other additions and changes.

The official name for the update, the Combat Update,[2] was discovered on April 1, 2015 by Reddit user 3dDeters (and several others independently) who found a QR code hidden in the snow falling pattern of the April Fools 15w14a snapshot.[3]

Development on the Combat Update began at least a month before the Bountiful Update was released.[4][5] The development period was over twice as long as the development period for 1.8 at 576 days; 2015 became the first year where a major update to Minecraft: Java Edition was not released. Snapshots began the day after 1.8.8 was released. 56 development snapshots were released, from 15w31a to 16w07b, making it the update with the most snapshots so far. The time between releases of 1.8 and 1.9 represent the longest time span between major updates, at 545 days. Fifteen iterations of the launcher were released during this period, from 1.5.2 to 1.6.59. 1.8.9 was also released during this period.

The development team called the release feature-complete by the end of October 2015, and started a lengthy period of gameplay balancing and bug-fixing[6]. They later announced that 1.9 would not be released in 2015, as the developers "want to fix more bugs before release, and keep the game stable over the holidays".[7]

Mojang released the first pre-release on February 17, 2016. The date for this was hinted at by the image in the blog post that announced snapshot 16w06a. The data values of the wool in the image were (1, 7, 0, 2, 2, 0, 1, 6), having a possible (though never confirmed) interpretation of "17-02-2016", a date just one week from 16w06a. The second pre-release was released on February 18th, the third pre-release was released on February 24, and the fourth pre-release was released on February 26.

Notable features[]

Main article: Java Edition 1.9


  • A method of restarting the ender dragon boss fight.
  • The infinite generating outer islands of the End, populated by chorus trees, end city structures and ships, and shulker mob.
  • "Off-hand" slot for dual wielding.
  • Attack cooldown mechanic.
  • Massively nerfed armor strength.
  • Attribute system expanded.
  • Shield, spectral arrow, 14 types of tipped arrow and a lingering potion for each type of potion.
  • Elytra for Gliding.
  • Subtitles.
  • Dominant hand option.
  • Igloo structures that generate in cold biomes.
  • Skeleton trap horses that spawn during thunderstorms.
  • 13 new blocks: grass path, frosted ice, 2 new types of command block, chorus flower and chorus plant, end gateway block, end rod, end stone brick, purpur block, pillar, slab and stairs.
  • New items: beetroot with seeds and soup, end crystal, normal and popped chorus fruit, luck potion and dragon's breath.
  • 5 new splashes.
  • 4 new particles:
    • , , and
  • 4 new status effects:
  • 2 new enchantments:
  • 5 new statistics:
    • , , , and
  • Lots of new NBT tags.
  • 3 new gamerules.
    • , ,
  • 150+ new sound events.
  • Support for Chinese, Japanese and Korean, and probably other IME languages.


  • Changed the layout of the end island pillars and the Ender Dragon boss fight.
  • Skeleton AI is more difficult.
  • Sword blocking removed, and several other weapon techniques added.
  • Tool damage is rebalanced.
  • Sharpness enchantment nerfed.
  • Armor strength massively nerfed.
  • Status effect icons are now visible on the main screen.
  • Health regeneration is rebalanced.
  • Fishing is rebalanced.
  • Brewing stands now require blaze powder.
  • Enchanted golden apples are no longer craftable.
  • Maps changed.
  • Healing system based on saturation.
  • Attack cooldown on melee tools and weapons.
  • Loot found in chests generated in the world is rebalanced.
  • Death in hardcore mode allows the player to continue in spectator mode.
  • Boats are improved.
  • Stronghold generation increased to a maximum of 128 strongholds.
  • Large oak trees generate in forests again.
  • Increased fire spread while raining.
  • Glass panes and iron bars have a thin appearance when not connected, as opposed to a crosslike appearance.
  • Mobs and players now push one another around.
  • Death message is now displayed on the death screen.
  • Mob and player heights are slightly modified.
  • Resource packs can specify models depending on damage value, item state, and hand.
  • Structure data now comes from /assets/structures.
  • Loot from mobs, fishing and chests is now determined by loot tables.

Performance and optimizations[]

  • Particles are no longer entities
  • Block ticking
  • Mob pathfinding
  • Memory usage when connected to servers


  • As the trend has been since version 1.2, the update notes say "Removed Herobrine", despite the fact that Herobrine was never part of the game.
  • The name for the update was teased in the joke snapshot 15w14a with a QR code.
  • This is the only update to date that released on leap day (February 29th) and is guaranteed to remain that way until at least 2024 (assuming no alterations are made to the calendar).

Further revisions[]

  • 1.9.1 added elytra sound effects, the stat, and made the crosshair attack indicator visible by default, as well as other minor changes and bugfixes.
  • 1.9.2 was released soon thereafter to fix a crash in 1.9.1, when riding boats and minecarts on Realms servers.
  • 1.9.3 was released to fix several stability issues, add the command, and to implement a blacklist for servers not in conformance with the Minecraft EULA.
  • 1.9.4 was released soon thereafter to fix an erroneous Realms warning.


  • Image for the Combat Update released by Mojang


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Sours: https://minecraft.fandom.com/wiki/Combat_Update

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