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10 Best Diary Rewards in Old School RuneScape (Ranked)

Achievement diaries are special tasks you can complete in certain areas of OSRS to unlock rewards, which are often permanently bound to your account.

And there are four tiers of diary rewards: Easy, Medium, Hard, and Elite.

The easy diary will be relatively simple to unlock, only requiring basic skills. While the elite diary will require some really high skills & an aptitude for high-level PvM.

But with so many diaries out there, which rewards are best? And which diaries are worth completing first for their awesome rewards?

Let’s explore some of these awesome rewards below, along with how you can get them.


10. Unlimited Teleports to Duradel

Karamja Gloves (4) render from OSRS

Duradel is high level slayer master, requiring a minimum of 100 combat to use him.

He’s commonly used by adventurers seeking difficult slayer task including boss tasks.

This teleport is also quite useful for clue scrolls, as there are quite a few in the region, which the gloves provide quick access to.

How to Unlock: Completing the Karamja Elite Diary will allow you to use the Karamja Gloves (4) which provide you an unlimited amount of teleports to Duradel. This is useful since he’s located in Shilo Village, which is miles away from civilization and is pretty annoying to get there quickly.


9. Unlimited teleports to Sherlock

Kandarin headgear 4 render from OSRS

Here’s another useful teleport, and Sherlock is the man to see regarding skill tasks when it comes to Master and Elite clue scrolls!

This is very useful for players looking to grind out clue scrolls. Reason being that you’ll save a ton of time teleporting to him instantly, as opposed to running from Seers’ Bank.

How to Unlock: Completing the Elite Kandarin Diary will unlock the Kandarin headgear 4, which offers this teleport. Note that the diary has some high level requirements, like 90 Smithing and 86 Herblore. You’ll also need to reach level 5 in all roles at Barbarian Assault.


8. Noted Dagannoth Bones

Dagannoth Bones OSRS render

Noted bones are always a great reward. But especially when its Dagannoth bones, which are great prayer experience and worth a ton of money!

Only the Dagannoth Kings (DKS) will drop the noted bones, but this will save you a ton of inventory space, and increase the lengths of your trips dramatically.

Many players find this to be extremely useful when pet hunting, or on a Dagannoth Slayer Task.

How to Unlock: Complete the Elite Fremennik Diary which requires some high level PvM, as you’ll need to kill each of the God War Dungeon bosses. A high Agility and Runecrafting Level of 80 and 82 are also needed for the Elite diary.


7. Better Quality Pay Dirt

Pay-dirt render from OSRS

Pay Dirt is what you get from mining at the Motherlode Mine, and once washed, it becomes the ores we use in the Smithing skill.

Higher quality Pay Dirt means better quality ores, such as Rune and Adamant ores, as opposed to more coal.

This in turn means more money in your pocket!

You’ll definitely want this upgrade before going for 99 Mining, as the increased profits are well worth it.

How to Unlock: You’ll need to complete the Falador Elite diary, which was some insanely high requirements like 88 Runecrafting and 91 Farming. You’ll also need a Quest Cape or a 99 skill cape, both of which will take weeks to obtain.


6. Giant Mole Locator and Noted drops

Falador Shield (3) item from OSRS

I personally love this reward and use it constantly on my Ironman, as you can never have too many Saradomin Brews!

The reward from this diary is the Falador Shield (3), which automatically locates the Giant Mole in its burrow, pointing the direction out to you.

This is insanely useful because it saves you from running around searching for this giant beast.

Even better, once the mole has been killed, its skins and claws will be noted – meaning you don’t have to run to a bank as often to drop off your newfound loot.

As a result, a skilled player can manage almost 100 kills before even needing to restock with this upgrade.

How to Unlock: All you’ll need is the Falador hard diary completed, which has some mid-to-high tier requirements such as 70 Prayer, obtaining full Prospector, and entering the Warriors’ Guild.


5. Ardougne Cloak (4)

Ardougne Cloak (4) item render from OSRS

Locked behind another Elite diary, the Ardy Cloak offers you the best in slot stab bonus and prayer bonus in OSRS – making this an extremely sought after cloak!

Considering it’s the best in slot for stab, it’s often used at Corporeal Beast and for PvP, since the cape is entirely free (provided the diary is complete).

But it gets even better:

The Ardy Cloak grants you with unlimited teleports to the Ardougne Farming patch, making your herb runs even faster!

How to Unlock: This cloak is locked behind the Ardougne Elite Diary, which is further locked behind some insane stat requirements. You’ll need 85 Farming, 90 Agility, 94 Magic, 91 Cooking, and 91 Smithing, just to name a few of the stats required for this diary. If you want a full list of all required skill levels for this diary then check here.

I would also recommend using Spicy Stews to boost yourself up to the required skill levels, in case you’re a bit under any of them.


4. Noted Dragon bone drops in Wilderness

Dragon bones render from OSRS

Dragon bones are one of the primary ways to train Prayer in OSRS. And you can never have enough of them!

This upgrade will allow you to slay any dragon in the wilderness and receive noted bones as a drop.

This applies to Black Dragons (but not the King Black Dragon), Green Dragons, and Lava Dragons.

The result of this upgrade is that you can virtually camp Wilderness dragons forever, or until someone kills you… as this is the Wilderness.

But this upgrade is commonly used by high level ironmen who are looking for a way to collect Dragon Bones to get 99 Prayer.

How to Unlock: Complete the Wilderness Elite Diary. This diary is especially challenging because it’s all within the Wilderness, meaning other players can kill you while you’re trying to finish up tasks.

You’ll need to have some high skills here too, such as level 90 Smithing, 85 Mining, 85 Fishing, 90 Cooking, 96 Magic, and 84 Thieving. Also be prepared to fight some of the hardest bosses in the Wilderness, as all of them will need to be slayed to grab this reward.


3. Rada’s Blessing (4)

Rada's Blessing 4 in OSRS

Rada’s Blessing is the best blessing in OSRS.

It provides a +2 prayer bonus and a variety of really cool benefits. So it’s worth tracking down if you can get it.

And the blessing will give you an 8% chance to catch two fish at once while it’s equipped. But this does not grant bonus experience (bummer, I know).

You’ll also have unlimited teleports to the top of Mount Karuulm – which is a great way to access Hydra’s and the Slayer Master Konar.

How to Unlock: Rada’s Blessing is locked behind the Elite Kourend and Kebos Lowland Diary, which like the rest of the Elite Diaries, has some very high requirements.

You’ll need to complete a Chambers of Xeric, have 95 Slayer, 90 Woodcutting, and 90 magic, just to name a few of the challenges. But this reward is well worth the grind!


2. Fairy Ring usage without a Dramen/Lunar Staff

Preview fairy ring render in OSRS

This is a quality of life reward, which honestly just makes the game so much easier.

Fairy Ring travel is essential for moving around the map quickly.

And this upgrade allows you to use Fairy Rings without the use of a Dramen or Lunar staff, which not only saves you an inventory spot, but also means that you don’t have to pre-plan your usage of Fairy Rings. You can simply use them at your discretion.

How to Unlock: Completing the Elite Lumbridge and Draynor Diary will grant you access to this awesome reward. This diary is probably one of the easiest to complete (compared to the others here), only requiring 88 Smithing, 76 Runecrafting, 75 Woodcutting, and 78 Thieving, to name a few of the higher end stats you’d need.


1. Elite Void

Full Elite Void armor in OSRS

I can’t even begin to explain how amazing this reward is.

Elite void is an upgraded version of the original Void set, obtainable from the Pest Control minigame.

The upgraded version offers a 2.5% damage output increase to mage and range variants (compared to the original set), as well as an additional prayer bonus of +6.

Void is also useful because it limits the amount of switches you need in places like Chambers of Xeric and Theatre of Blood, meaning it’s perfect for players to use when learning difficult content.

Void is also very useful to pures and in PvP, as the range set in particular is fantastic for its great damage bonus.

If you can put up with the requirements then I would highly recommend chasing down this reward.

How to Unlock: The Elite Void upgrade is only locked behind the Hard Western Province Diary, meaning you do not even need the elite diary for this awesome upgrade!

The requirements to complete the hard diary are not too bad, either. You’ll need a minimum of 100 combat, 70 Mining, 75 Thieving, and 68 Farming, just to name a few of the tougher skill requirements. But the toughest challenge of the hard diary is that you’ll need a Zulrah kill, which can be challenging since she’s a formidable boss.

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"Task(s)" redirects here. For Slayer tasks, see Slayer assignment.

For a list of every task sorted by certain requirements, see Achievements/All achievements.

Achievement Diaries icon.png

Achievements is a set of small challenges that players may complete in order to earn rewards. The achievements are tasks that are usually tied to a specific area and are meant to test the player's knowledge about that area. There are currently eleven areas that have tasks to complete.

The tasks of each area are split into four categories based on their difficulty: Easy, Medium, Hard, and Elite. The easiest tasks usually do not require any significant skill levels to complete, but most higher level tasks require the player to have high skill levels and difficult quests completed, as well as in-depth knowledge of a particular area within RuneScape, such as the TzHaar Fight Cave. Achievements is currently exclusive to members only.

Players who have completed all the achievements can purchase an Achievements cape (t) from Twiggy O'Korn in Draynor Village for 99,000 coins. Completing all the achievements will also add a cyan trim to the Quest point cape.

Achievements difficulty is sorted by levels needed to complete: Easy require skills up to level 40, Medium up to level 65, Hard up to level 75, and Elite can require skills in the 90s. For this reason, if you are pursuing to complete all of a specific difficulty of the achievements set, it is recommended that you have all your skills at the achievements difficulty level.

Should you complete all tasks of one difficulty without having completed the tasks for the previous difficulty for one area, the taskmaster will tell you to complete all of the tasks of the previous difficulty before claiming your reward.

List of achievement sets

There are currently twelve areas that have achievements:

All requirements

The tabber below shows all the requirements for each set of achievements.

Skill Requirements
Attack icon.png-
Hitpoints icon.png-
Mining icon.png40
Strength icon.png-
Agility icon.png20
Smithing icon.png13
Defence icon.png-
Herblore icon.png20
Fishing icon.png20
Ranged icon.png30
Thieving icon.png21
Cooking icon.png30
Prayer icon.png-
Crafting icon.png40
Firemaking icon.png15
Magic icon.png21
Fletching icon.png25
Woodcutting icon.png40
Runecrafting icon.png9
  1. City of harrisburg
  2. Synonym for gambling
  3. Constitution check 5e

To keep up the trend of big updates to Old School, we are bringing you 10 brand new achievement diaries as well as an elite addition to the Karamja achievement diary!

Completing these diaries will be no small feat with the elite diaries requiring both immensely high stats and a complete understanding of every part of Old School.

Achievement Diary Taskmasters

We have added a new NPC to act as a taskmaster for each diary. Being able to track these taskmasters down is important when starting diaries and claiming rewards. Below is a brief explanation of where each taskmaster can be found, their name and appearance.

Morytania - Le-sabre
Achievement Diaries (1).png

To start the Morytania diary and claim your rewards once you've earned them, head just west of Canafis and track down Le-sabre.

Achievement Diaries (2).png

Falador - Sir Rebral

The taskmaster for the Falador achievement diary, Sir Rebreal, can be found in the White Knights' Castle.

Achievement Diaries (3).png

Wilderness - Lesser Fanatic

The Lesser Fanatic, the wilderness diary taskmaster, can be found in Edgeville nearby the bridge.

Achievement Diaries (4).png

Varrock - Toby

Toby, the Varrock diary taskmaster, can be found in the centre of Varrock.

Achievement Diaries (5).png

Fremennik - Thorodin

Thorodin, the Fremennik diary taskmaster, can be found just south of Relekka (slightly west of the house portal).

Achievement Diaries (6).png

Kandarin - The 'Wedge'

The Kandarin diary taskmaster, The 'Wedge', can be found by the gates of Camelot.

Achievement Diaries (7).png

Lumbridge & Draynor - Hatius Cosaintus

Hatius Consaintus, the Lumbridge & Draynor taskmaster, can be found looking quite fancy just outside of Lumbridge castle.

Achievement Diaries (8).png

Desert - Jarr

The desert diary taskmaster, Jarr, can be found in the Shanty Pass.

Achievement Diaries (9).png

Western Provinces - Elder gnome child

The taskmaster of the Wester Provinces diary, Elder gnome child, can be found just south of the Grand Tree.

Achievement Diaries (10).png

Ardougne - Two-pints

Two-pints, the Ardougne diary taskmaster, can be found in the pub north of the castle in east Ardougne.

Achievement Diaries (11).png

Karamja - Tzhaar-Mej

TzHaar-Mej, the Karamja elite diary taskmaster, can be found south of the gem shop in the Tzhaar area. You cannot go to Cap'n Izzy No-beard for the elite diary. You must go to TzHaar-Mej.

Diary rewards

For each Achievement Diary that you complete you will receive a number of rewards. With an easy, medium, hard and elite set of tasks for 10 different diaries, the number of rewards available with this update is huge. Because of this we are not able to go over every reward in this news post.

You can see the full list of rewards in the Achievement Diary rewards developer blog.

Here are a few of the many noteworthy diary rewards that we wanted to highlight.

Rewards across all diaries

The following rewards will be offered for all diaries across all regions:

  • Easy lamp: 2,500 Experience in any skill over level 30.
  • Medium lamp: 7,500 Experience in any skill over level 40.
  • Hard lamp: 15,000 Experience in any skill over level 50.
  • Elite lamp: 50,000 Experience in any skill over level 70.

You will receive these lamps in addition to the specifics rewards for each set of tasks on each diary.

Access to new red chinchompa hunting ground - Western Provinces diary - Hard reward

Upon completing the hard tasks for the Western Provinces diary you will be allowed access to a new red chinchompa hunting ground. This hunting area is sure to be peaceful and competition-free as only the top tier of hunters will be able to access it.

Achievement Diaries (12).png

Access to the cooking guild bank - Varrock diary - Hard reward

Those of you that missed being able to hang out in the cooking guild bank will be pleased to see it return. Completing all hard tasks in the Varrock achievement diary will allow you access to the newly created bank.

Achievement Diaries (13).png

Ability to use the Edgeville furnace - Varrock diary - Easy reward

After completing the easy tasks in the Varrock achievement diary you will be rewarded with access to the Edgeville furnace as well as a 10% chance of smelting 2 bars at once up to steel when using it.

With each additional set of Varrock tasks that you complete, the chance of smelting bars applies to an additional tier of bar. Completing the medium diary allows you to get the 10% chance when smelting mithril bars, hard allows you to get it for adamant and elite allows you to get it for runite.

Achievement Diaries (14).png

Ardougne cloak - Ardougne diary - Easy to elite reward

The Ardougne cloaks have been a long standing favourite when it comes to achievement diary rewards. With each set of Ardougne achievement diary tasks completed a new Ardougne cloak will be unlocked.

The Ardougne cloak 4, the reward for completing the entire Ardougne achievement diary, is now the best-in-slot cape in Old School for a few stats. It offers the following stats:

Achievement Diaries (15).png
  • Stab attack: +6
  • Slash attack: 0
  • Crush attack: 0
  • Magic attack: +6
  • Range attack: 0
  • Stab defence: +6
  • Slash defence: 0
  • Crush defence: 0
  • Magic defence: +6
  • Range defence: 0

Other rewards

As previously mentioned, you can see the full list of achievement diary rewards by reading the Achievement Diary rewards developer blog. There are a huge number of benefits to exploring the game with achievement diaries, don't miss out!

Feedback & bugs

With such a massive update we are fully expecting, and hoping, to receive feedback on tweaks that we could make to improve the quality of this update. To make sure that we see everything that is said about the update, we have made a dedicated thread for you to send us your feedback and suggested tweaks.

In addition to general feedback, if you come across a bug it is crucial that you report it using the bug report form. Reporting it here will guarantee that it is seen and will allow us to fix it as soon as possible.

F2P Worlds & instanced bosses

To deal with the recent influx of new F2P players, we have temporarily converted 3 members worlds to F2P. Worlds 301, 326 and 335 are now F2P. These worlds will be changed back at some point next week after we have had a chance to set up additional F2P worlds.

One concern that a number of players had with reducing the number of members worlds was the inability to find an open world in which to kill the Kraken. To address this, a poll will being going live later on today offering access to an instanced Kraken cave. This will allow any number of players to kill the monster at any given time without having to be concerned about competition.

In other news...

  • Loading times should no longer be increased after searching on the Grand Exchange.
  • The achievement diary cape will not have an emote until next week.

Discuss this update on our forums.

Mods Archie, Ash, Ghost, Ian, John C, Mat K, Reach, Ronan, Weath


Complete a task.

To locate the Achievement Diary, click the Star in the top right-hand corner of your Quests Interface.


Please bear with us! We're working on this!

Rune Mysteries and Digsite

15 Mining, 13 Agility, 8 Crafting, 9 Runecrafting, 5 Thieving, and 20 Fishing.

Bones, Pickaxe, Normal log, 150 gp, Hatchet, Soft clay, at least 5k for changing houses, Earth tiara/talisman, Cup of tea, Fly fishing rod, around 5 feathers.

Varrock Armour 1, 1 Antique lamp worth 2,500 Experience in any skill above 30, 15 battlestaves from Zaff, skull Sceptre.

Task NumberCommandWhat To Do
1Browse Thessalia's store.Bring 1k to Thessalia in the clothes shop south west of Varrock Square, no need to pay for anything here, just right click Thessalia and select "Change Clothes", then exit screen.
2Have Aubury teleport you to the Essence mine.Right-Click on Aubury and select "Teleport" to go to the mines. Aubury is in the Rune Shop just below the East Bank in Varrock.
3Mine some Iron in the south east mining patch near Varrock.Get any pickaxe and mine the iron located at the mines South East of Varrock.
4Make a normal plank at the Sawmill.Bring 100 gp and a log to the sawmill North East of Varrock.
5Enter the second level of the Stronghold of Security.Go down to the second level of the Stronghold of Security via the portal on the first floor and the ladder going down at the treasure room.
6Jump over the fence, south of Varrock.The fence is between Lumbridge and Varrock, close to Rat Burgiss, simply use the agility shortcut and you're done.
7Chop down a dying tree in the Lumber Yard.Bring an axe and go to the Lumber Yard which is north east of Varrock. Jump over the ledge and cut the tree near the front.
8Buy a newspaper.Buy from Benny in Varrock square for 50 gp.
9Give a dog a bone!Find a stray dog around Varrock (there is also one close to Getrudes House west of Varrock) and use a bone on him. Any bones work.
10Spin a bowl on the pottery wheel then fire it in the oven in Barb VillageBring Soft clay to Barbarian Village and go to the South House. Use the soft clay on the pottery wheel and choose bowl (8 Crafting required), then take the unfired bowl to the oven next to it and use it on the oven.
11Speak to Haig Halen after obtaining at least 50 Kudos.He is the curator of the Varrock Museum, he is found on the ground floor near the west entrance to the Museum. See the Varrock Museum guide if you don't know how to get or have any Kudos.
12Craft some Earth runes.You will need Earth talisman or tiara and 1 rune/pure essence. Head North-East of Varrock, just South of the the Lumber Yard/Sawmill. Enter the Earth altar (Mysterious Ruins), and craft an Earth rune.
13Catch some trout in the River Lum at Barbarian Village.Bring a fly fishing rod and some feathers and find the fishing spot close to the bridge to Varrock in Barbarian Village.
14Steal from the Tea stall in Varrock.Steal tea from the tea stall in downtown Varrock

Reward: After completing these tasks, talk to Toby at the center of Varrock by the fountains for your reward.

At least 32 quest points, Digsite, A Soul's Bane, Enlightened Journey, Garden of Tranquility.

25 Thieving, 30 Agility, 40 Combat, 40 Firemaking, 30 Farming, 10 Herblore and 49 Magic.
30,105 coins, Limpwurt root, Red Spider Eggs, Ring of Charos, Digsite pendant, (1) Law Rune, (3) Air Runes, (1) Fire Rune, (20) Mahogany Logs, (10) Willow Logs, (1) Log.

Varrock Armour 2, All easy diary rewards, (1) Antique Lamp worth 7,500XP in any skill above 40, (30) battlestaves from Zaff, Ability to switch the Varrock Teleport location to Grand Exchange, Skull Sceptre.

Task NumberCommandWhat To Do
1Have the Apothecary in Varrock make you a strength potion.He needs a limpwurt root, red spider eggs, and 5gp to make.
2Enter the Champions' GuildYou need 32 quest points to enter. Located South West of Varrock.
3Select a colour for your kitten.Will need 100 coins to recolor your kitten..
4Use the Spirit Tree north of Varrock.The spirit tree is located north of Varrock Castle. Requires the completion of Tree Gnome Village to use.
5Perform the 4 emotes from the Stronghold of Security.Idea, Stamp, Flap and Slap head. You must have completed Stronghold of Security mini-game to use all emotions.
4Enter the Tolna dungeon after completing A Soul's Bane.Complete A Soul's Bane, then enter the rift South-East of the gate separating Morytania from Varrock.
5Teleport to the digsite using a Digsite pendant.Teleport using a Dig Site pendant made out of a Ruby necklace. You learn how to make pendant when you get a ruby necklace from the archaeological part of Varrock museum.
6Cast the teleport to Varrock spell.Level 25 magic. You need 1 law, 3 airs, and 1 fire rune.
7Get a Slayer task from Vannaka.He is in Edgeville dungeon, and you must have 40 combat to get a task from him. You cannot have another task in progress.
8Make 20 Mahogany Planks in one go.You need level 50 woodcutting to cut mahogany trees in Tai Bwo Wannai (100 trading sticks needed), or on Ape Atoll. Take 20 mahogany logs to sawmill operator with 30k.
9Pick a White Tree fruit.If you have completed The Garden Of Tranquility Quest, simply pick a fruit from the white tree in the centre of the Varrock Castle Garden.
10Use the balloon to travel from Varrock.Use the Hot Air balloon to fly somewhere else.
11Complete a lap of the Varrock Agility course.Complete one lap in the agility course located in Varrock.

Reward: After completing these tasks, talk to Toby at the center of Varrock by the fountains for your reward.

A Tail of Two Cats, Demon Slayer, Desert Treasure, Hazeel Cult, In Aid of the Myreque, Making History, Merlin's Crystal, Observatory Quest, Priest in Peril, Rune Mysteries, Shield of Arrav, Temple of Ikov, Digsite, The Grand Tree, What Lies Below, Curse of the Empty Lord, and All 153 Kudos at Varrock Museum.

66 Hunter, 60 Woodcutting, 54 Magic, 60 Firemaking, 50 Construction, 68 Farming, 52 Prayer, 51 Agility

25,800gp, (2) dashing kebbit furs, Any axe, (2) Law Runes, (1) Fire Rune, (1) air Rune, Skull Sceptre, Tinderbox, Yew seed or sapling, Spade.

Task NumberCommandWhat To Do
1Trade furs with the Fancy Dress Seller for a spottier cape and equip it.Take 2 Dashing Kebbit furs and 800 gp to the Fancy Dress Seller south/east of the eastern bank and he'll trade you a spottier cape. The furs can be acquired by catching Dashing Kebbits in the Falconry area (hunter lvl 69 required) or purchased from players. Equip the finished cape.
2Speak to Orlando smith when you have achieved 153 Kudos.You must do EVERYTHING possible in the museum. See the Varrock Museum guide if you don't know how to get or have any Kudos.
3Make a Waka Canoe near EdgevilleGo over the bridge northeast of the bank, then go south. Chop down the canoe station, and click on the chopped log. Requires 57 Woodcutting to make.
4Teleport to Paddewwa.Use the Paddewwa Teleport, requires 2 Law, 1 fire, and 1 Air rune.
5Teleport to Barbarian Village with a Skull sceptre.To perform this you will need the Skull sceptre
6Chop some yew logs in Varrock and burn them at the top of the Varrock church.Cut down some Yew logs North of the Varrock Palace, then head to the Varrock church, go up the stairs, and burn them.
7Have the Varrock estate agent decorate your house with Fancy Stone.You'll need to pay a fair amount of GP to the estate agent to have him redecorate your house. 40 Construction and 15k required for Tropical wood and 50 Construction and 25k for Fancy stone.
8Collect at least 2 Yew roots from the Tree patch in Varrock Palace.Using Farming, use an axe with an already grown Yew tree to chop it down. Repeat this process until you obtain two roots.
9Pray at the altar in Varrock palace with Smite active.Head into the Varrock Palace, go up the stairs in the front of the Palace, and go North until you reach a room with an altar. Activate Smite, and pray at the altar.
10Squeeze through the obstacle pipe in Edgeville Dungeon. Head into the Edgeville Dungeon and go East until you reach Vannaka. Use the pipe south of him, going into the Moss Giant area. You may also go to the Moss Giant area, using the Varrock manhole, and use the pipe there. Then use it again to complete the task.

Reward: After completing these tasks, talk to Toby at the center of Varrock by the fountains for your reward.

Dream Mentor and The Tourist Trap.

90 Herblore, 86 Magic, 95 Cooking, 89 Smithing, 81 Fletching, and 78 Runecrafting.

Super attack (4), Super strength (4), Super defence (4), Torstol, 20 nature rune, 40 astral rune, 300 earth rune, 21,000 coins, 20 mahogany logs, Raw summer pie, Runite bar, 10 feathers, Hammer, and 25 rune essence. Rewards:
Varrock armour 4, All hard diary rewards, 1 Antique lamp worth 50,000 XP in skills above 70, 120 battlestaves.

Task NumberCommandWhat To Do
1Create a super combat potion in Varrock west bank.This must be created in Varrock west bank with the following: Super attack (4), Super strength (4), Super defence (4), Torstol.
2Use Lunar magic to make 20 mahogany planks at the Lumberyard.In the Varrock Lumberyard, use Lunar magic along with the following: 20 nature runes, 40 astral runes, 300 earth runes, 21000 coins, 20 mahogany logs
3Bake a summer pie in the Cooking guild.Using a Raw summer pie in the Cooking guild.
4Smith and fletch ten rune darts within Varrock.Create 10 rune darts using 1 runite bar, 10 feathers, hammer
5Craft 100 or more earth runes simultaneously.Using 25 rune/pure essence players must create 100 or more earth runes at the Earth Altar North-East of Varrock.

Diary osrs achievement

What do you get for completing achievement Diary Osrs?

Easy Varrock. launch 15,639 xp left.

How much XP do you get from all diaries Osrs?

In order to be able to claim the experience, a player must have a level of at least 30, 40, 50 and 70 respectively in the desired skill. ‭Every Achievement Diary lamp combined would give a total of 891,000‬ experience.

Are Achievement Diaries worth doing?

The Desert Achievement Diaries do not really have any super useful rewards, except for the Elite Diaries, which gives you a permanent rope at the Kalphite Lair entrance. Even then, it is not really that helpful.

Is Kandarin hard Diary worth it?

Is it worth it? 100% worth it until Ardougne. The xp gained in the long run will save you many many hours.

Can you boost Achievement diaries?

Can you boost to complete achievement diaries? Yes. It’s best to do it with Spicy Stews for pretty much all stats (gives +5).

Where are the Achievement diaries in rs3?

By opening the achievements tab, a player can view an overview of the achievements (including the Path System), list of all achievements, and a tracker for achievements. On the third tab in the lower left corner, players can view the Milestone achievements.

Are Achievement Diaries members only?

The Achievement Diary interface. The Achievement Diary (also known as Diaries) is a one-off set of tasks and challenges exclusive to members that can be completed to obtain rewards and various benefits.

Is Kandarin hard Worth?

Are Achievement Diaries worth it?

What are the rewards for a diary in RuneScape?

Here are a few of the many noteworthy diary rewards that we wanted to highlight. The following rewards will be offered for all diaries across all regions: Easy lamp: 2,500 Experience in any skill over level 30. Medium lamp: 7,500 Experience in any skill over level 40.

What are the rewards for the achievement diaries?

The following rewards will be offered for all diaries across all regions: 1 Easy lamp: 2,500 Experience in any skill over level 30. 2 Medium lamp: 7,500 Experience in any skill over level 40. 3 Hard lamp: 15,000 Experience in any skill over level 50. 4 Elite lamp: 50,000 Experience in any skill over level 70.

What do achievements do on Old School RuneScape?

Completing all the achievements will also add a cyan trim to the Quest point cape . Achievements difficulty is sorted by levels needed to complete: Easy require skills up to level 40, Medium up to level 65, Hard up to level 75, and Elite can require skills in the 90s.

What kind of achievements do you get in RS3?

v • d • e RS3 Achievements List of achievements List of free-to-pla Skills Agility Combat Cooking Crafting Divinati Exploration Anachronia Free to Play Lodestones Membe Area Tasks Easy Ardougne Medium Ardougne Hard Ardou

Here are a few of the many noteworthy diary rewards that we wanted to highlight. The following rewards will be offered for all diaries across all regions: Easy lamp: 2,500 Experience in any skill over level 30. Medium lamp: 7,500 Experience in any skill over level 40.

The following rewards will be offered for all diaries across all regions: 1 Easy lamp: 2,500 Experience in any skill over level 30. 2 Medium lamp: 7,500 Experience in any skill over level 40. 3 Hard lamp: 15,000 Experience in any skill over level 50. 4 Elite lamp: 50,000 Experience in any skill over level 70.

What do you do with achievements in RuneScape?

For the process of killing monsters assigned by a Slayer master, see Slayer assignment. Achievements (previously known as Tasks and Achievement Diaries) are standalone challenges which players may complete in order to earn rewards. The achievements system consists of achievements grouped under the categories list below.

Where do you get the achievement diary Cape?

Players who have completed all the achievement diaries can purchase an Achievement diary cape from Twiggy O’Korn in Draynor Village for 99,000 coins. Completing all the achievement diaries will also add a cyan trim to the Quest point cape .

[OSRS] Ardougne easy diary guide

OSRS Achievement Diaries Guide

OSRS Achievement Diaries, which some refer to simply as Diaries, is a set of challenges that you can complete to get certain rewards and benefits. It’s divided into specific tasks which are tied to a particular area. Those tasks are intended to test your skills and knowledge about the area. The Achievement Diary OSRS covers twelve areas so far.

The assignments in every area are divided by four categories based on difficulty: we have Easy, Medium, Hard and Elite. The easiest ones don’t have any significant requirements for skill level in general, but the higher the level, the higher the requirement for quests completion and skill level. To complete the harder tasks you also need deeper knowledge of particular areas in the game, for example the Tzhaar Fight Cave. 

Easy tasks require skills up to level 40, Medium up to level 65, Hard up to level 75, and Elite…well, Elite wants your skills to be in the 90s. So if you are trying to complete all tasks of a particular difficulty of diary, it’s best that you have all your skills at the level required for the diary difficulty. 

Another thing to be noted is that if you complete all tasks of one difficulty before completing those of the previous one, the taskmaster won’t give you your reward until you complete the easier tasks too.

The Achievement Diaries OSRS is a feature available to members only, meaning you can’t access it if you only use the free-for-play worlds and content. 

The Achievement Diary Cape

Once you complete the Achievement Diary OSRS, you can buy an Achievement Diaries cape for 99,000 coins from Twiggy O’Korn in Draynor. You should know this is one of the hardest items to obtain on OSRS since it has high requirements. The Achievement Diary is no joke! 

The Achievement Diary cape can be trimmed after you complete all quests just like the Quest Point cape can be trimmed in cyan when you complete all of the diaries. After an update on the 6th of May 2016, players can trim and untrim their Achievement Diary cape at whim. However, your cape gets untrimmed when a new quest comes out and you can’t equip it or trim it until you complete the quest. To buy OSRS gold to trim it, you can check out our website.

The Achievement Diaries cape is known as the only cape that has +4 prayer bonus, regardless whether it’s trimmed or not. It has ten teleport charges/day that can get you to any Achievement Diary master

Areas with diaries

The twelve areas that have diaries so far are:

 • Ardougne 

 • Kharidian Desert

 • Falador 

 • Fremennik 

 • Kourend & Kebos 

 • Karamja

 • Kandarin 

 • Lumbridge & Draynor

 • Morytania

 • Varrock

 • Western Provinces

 • Wilderness

The highest requirement for any area is for the Falador Diary, which requires 99 in skill level or 268 quest points. 


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Best Achievement Diary Rewards in OSRS

What’s going on guys! My name is Theoatrix, and today I am going to be talking about the Best Achievement Diary Rewards in Old School Runescape. So, for those that do not know, the Achievement Diaries are a set of Tasks in 11 different Provincesand areas, which players can complete in order to get some kind of reward. So, to explain each of the best rewards, I am going to go through each and every one of Task areas and I will explain the best reward from each one.

1. The Varrock Achievement Diaries

Starting off with the Varrock Diaries… Now, each level of the Varrock Diaries allows you to get more and more Battlestaves from Zaff from the shop in Varrock. At maximum, so with the Elite Diaries, you can actually profit 230 000 per day by buying 120 Battlestaves for 7000 each. Then, you just sell them to the Grand Exchange. Now, if you multiply 230 000 by 14, so 14 days, that is equal to 3 220 000, which will easily cover the cost of a Bond over that 14 day period. So, essentially, the Elite Varrock Tasks and even the Hard Tasks are enough to cover the price for a Bond for free with no effort at all. With the Varrock Medium Tasks, you can change your Varrock teleport location to the Grand Exchange, which is so handy for so many reasons.

2. The Ardougne Achievement Diaries

Now, the Ardougne Tasks have a couple of good uses. The first is the Ardougne Capes, and mainly the Ardougne Cape 4 from the Elite Diaries, which is actually the best in slot for Prayer bonus. There are also some pretty useful Thieving benefits. From Easy, there is a 10% less chance of getting caught thieving stalls in Ardougne. From Medium, there is a 10% less chanceof getting caught thieving anything in Ardougne, which is really, really useful for thieving Ardougne Knights, which makes them really AFK and great XP. The Hard Diaries actually has the same 10% effect, except that it is in effect across the whole Runescape map.

3. The Fremennik Achievement Diaries

Now for the Fremennik Diaries… The easy Diaries give you 1 free teleport to Rellekka once a day, which can be pretty useful in some cases if you want to go to Rock Crabs or need to visit Rellekka for a Quest or something. But, the best rewards come from the Hard Fremennik Diaries. Firstly, with Hard, you gain access to 2 new Lunar Spells. First is the Tan Leather Spell, which you can actually make about 800 000 coins per hour along with 120 000 Magic XP per hour. The second spell is Recharge Dragonstone, which can also be pretty profitable in some cases. The second good reward from the Hard Diaries is that the Aviansies in the Godwars Dungeon drop noted Adamant Bars instead of un-noted Adamant Bars. This makes them super good money since they drop them really often in stack of 4. The Elite Diaries make the Dagannoth Kings drop noted Dagannoth Bones, and this makes them really, really, really profitable since their bones are about 10 000 each.

4. The Falador Achievement Diaries

Now for the Falador Diaries… The Medium Falador Diaries gives you access to a shortcut in the Motherlode Mine, which really, really speeds up your banking. The Hard Diaries gives you access to the Bank Chest at the Crafting Guild, and in conjunction with 99 Crafting, this is one of the closest teleports to a bank in Old School Runescape. Additionally, the Giant Mole drops noted Moleskin and Mole Claws, and then the Falador Shield 3 from the Hard Diaries acts as a Mole Locator. This makes killing the mole 100 times less frustrating and way more enjoyable.

5. The Lumbridge Achievement Diaries

Next is the Lumbridge Diaries, and the only really good rewards here come from the Elite Diaries. Firstly, it gives you a 6th spot for Blocking Slayer Tasks. Along with that, it gives you a 20% discount on items in the Culinaromancer’sChest. So, the Barrows Gloves instead are 104 000 as opposed to 130 000. With the Elite Diaries, you can also cast 30 High Alchs per day without using any Runes. But, you do not get XP. This can be really handy for Slayer, especially since you do not have to carry Nature Runes and Fire Runes with you, you just need the Explorer’s Ring. Also, you do not even need to pay money for the Nature Runes. So, you actually profit quite a bit. Lastly, with the Elite Diary, you can use Fairy Rings without a Dramen or Lunar Staff, which is really awesome.

6. The Western Province Achievement Diaries

Now for the Western Provinces Diaries… The Easy and the Medium Diaries do not really give any good rewards. But, the Hard Diaries are so useful. Firstly, they allow you to get Elite Void with 200 extra Pest Control Points per piece, and these pieces give 3 more Prayer bonus each on the top and bottoms. Secondly, you can use the Crystal Halberd, which is arguably one of the best special attack weapons for Bossing in the game. The Elite Diaries allow you to get a Chompy Chick as a pet while you are Hunting Chompy Birds. Also, another good thing for Hard-core Ironmen, the Elite Diaries give you an extra life at Zulrah.

7. The Karamja Achievement Diaries

The Karamja Hard Diaries are kind of a hidden money making method in themselves, and they give players access to the Karamja Shop money making method. Basically, when you have the Karamja Gloves 3 equipped, you can sell items to the General Store (the one near Tai Bwo Wannai Village) for 1.75 times their low Alch price. Essentially, 1.75 times the low Alch price of a lot of Rune items is actually higher than the Grand Exchange price. So, this makes it an insane money making method, and I have heard that Lynx Titan, who is ranked 1 in Runescape at the moment, used to do this on a few Alt accounts back in the day, and was making over 10 000 000 per hour doing it. The Elite Diaries can actually give you an extra life – once per day – in the Fight Caves, which can be pretty useful for higher level players doing a JAD Slayer Task, or something like that. But, keep in mind that you do need to at least do it once before you can use this benefit. Also, the Elite Diary gives you the ability to teleport to Duradel, the Slayer Master, for free.

8. The Desert Achievement Diaries

The Desert Achievement Diaries do not really have any super useful rewards, except for the Elite Diaries, which gives you a permanent rope at the Kalphite Lair entrance. Even then, it is not really that helpful.

9. The Morytania Diaries

The Morytania Diaries are actually a really, really good Diary to complete, mainly for the Slayer XP bonuses, which are given for doing tasks in the Slayer Tower near Canifis. With the Easy Tasks complete, you get 2.5% more XP per monster that you kill. With the Medium Tasks, you get 5% more, and with the Hard Tasks, you get 7.5% more. Then, with the Elite Tasks, you get 10% more XP, which is really good since Slayer is a very slow skill. The Hard Diaries also give you 50% more Runes from Barrows Rewards Chests, and you also get the Bonecrusher, which automatically crushes the Bones that you get from killing monsters, and gives you half the Prayer XP you would normally get. The Elite Diaries upgrades this from half XP to full XP. So, basically, it automatically buries every single bone for you. Also, with the Elite, you gain access to an extra Herb farming patch.

10. The Kandarin Achievement Diaries

The Kandarin Diaries can be a very useful Diary to complete. Firstly, all the Diaries above and including Medium give extra Herb yields for the Catherby Herb patch, with 5% more in Medium, 10 %more in hard, and 15% with Elite. The Medium Diary also gives you 10% extra XP when you cut Maple Logs at Seer’s Village, which makes them a pretty good option for training Woodcutting. The Hard Diaries gives you 10% more Barbarian Assault Points in each wave that you complete. So, essentially, you can get your rewards 10% faster. You also have the option to change your Camelot teleport to outside Seer’s Bank. With this unlocked, it unlocks the fastest Agility XP from level 60 Agility all the way to level 90 Agility. This is because after you complete the Camelot Rooftop Agility Course, you can teleport back to the bank, and then really quickly start your next run. Also, with the Hard Diaries, it gives you a 10% higher chance of a special attack occurring. But, this is multiplicative. So, that means that if it originally had 5% chance of happening, it goes to a 5.5% chance, not 15%.

11. The Wilderness Achievement Diaries

Now, the Wilderness Diaries have a couple of minor uses. The Medium Diaries allow you to hold 4 Ecumenical Keys at the same time instead of the original 3. The Hard Diaries upgrades this to 5. The Hard Diaries also gives you 2 extra shortcuts in the Wilderness – one at Lava Dragon Isle, and one at the Lava Maze. Also, you can choose where you want to teleport with the teleporting obelisks in the Wilderness, and this one can really save you some time getting to places in the Wilderness. The Wines of Zamorak that can be telegrabbed at the Chaos Temple are also noted with the Hard Diaries. So, this makes them really, really good money since you can just constantly get them. But, this can be very dangerous. If someone kills you with a large stack of them on you, there goes your money. Lastly, the Elite Wilderness Diaries makes all the Dragons in the Wilderness drop noted Dragon Bones. Once again, this is great for money, but it is pretty risky again at the same time.

Anyways guys, that is it for the Best Achievement Diary Rewards in Old School Runescape. If you learned something or enjoyed, be sure to leave a like, and make sure to subscribe if you are new. As always, thanks for reading this article, and have a nice day!


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