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How to Locate the Battery on a Chrysler Sebring Convertible

The Chrysler Sebring convertible is popular for its fuel efficiency and practicality. Unfortunately, a unique battery storage confuses many owners trying to locate their battery. The battery is located in the same location in every year model of the Chrysler Sebring.

Step 1

Park the Sebring on level ground. Turn the steering wheel to the right until until it locks. Turn the engine off and engage the parking brake for safety.

Step 2

Get out of the vehicle and locate the front tire on the drivers side. The battery is mounted in front of the tire in the wheel well.

Remove the clips with the screwdriver and pop off the access cover in front of the tire. The battery will be visible.



  • To easily jump start the battery, use the terminals under the hood that run from the battery. To replace the battery, remove the driver's side right tire. The battery is visible but cannot be removed with the tire on. The battery is located in the wheel wheel in many Chrysler and Dodge vehicles, including the Stratus and non-convertible Sebring.

Things You'll Need

  • Phillips-head screwdriver

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When it comes to the list of luxurious rides, the Chrysler 200 has been ranked among the most affordable luxurious ride you can ever own. The model comes with amazing looks, such as a high cabin and incredible safety features. A big trunk is also a bonus. With all this aesthetic aspect, the Chrysler will require a battery to perform.

Where is the battery in a Chrysler 200? The car’s battery is usually located in a compartment under the hood, and that’s between the left headlight area and the left front wheel splash guard. Knowing the location of your battery is essential as it helps you monitor the physical state.

By monitoring the battery’s physical appearance regularly, you can quickly point out and rectify a problem before it turns out major. The act can save you from the misery of having a dead battery in the Chrysler 200. We both know what a dead battery can mean to your luxurious ride.

Apart from bailing on you in the middle of those deserted roads, a dead battery can see you spend some huge amount of cash on unplanned battery replacements. Today, you’re likely to spend between $200 and $225 on a new battery for your Chrysler 200, and around $75 on labor. The figure is high to ignore, especially when it put into something that could be prevented.

How Can I Take Care of the Chrysler 200’s Battery?

1. Avoid the Short Rides as Much as Possible

Like most other cars, Chrysler’s battery is tasked with the work of starting the engine. The same cell is also used to power up the electronics attached to the vehicle, as well as, the headlights. The stereo system, especially, can be much consuming, and that’s based on the size. It’s for this reason that you’re always advised to avoid using the system for long when the car isn’t on the move.

By using the system or leaving the headlights on when the car isn’t running, you end up draining the battery. Cars are designed to have the battery charging while they are on the move. As a result, the more distance you cover, the more power the battery receives.

Therefore, you should avoid taking the short rides if possible, as this will mean your battery won’t charge fully. You can choose to walk instead as this is also good for your health.

2. Fasten the Cell in its Position

If you happen to drive your car off the road frequently, the high chances are that the battery is going to go lose over time. As a result, you must ensure that the battery is tightly held it its position to curb the vibrations. Today, you will find cells in the market labeled as vibration-resistant. Having such batteries doesn’t mean that they aren’t prone to damages that may arise from the vibrations.

Apart from cracking and stuff, a loosely-held battery can end up short-circuiting and eventually die. Instead of waiting for all this to happen, you can invest in a battery tray and straps or upgrade your battery compartment based on your situation. Also, when tightening the battery, don’t make the mistake of over-tightening the clump nuts. By doing so, you may end up damaging the battery instead of helping.

3. Clean it More Often

Like your Chrysler 200, the battery also needs to stay clean and dry at all times. The battery corrosion, for instance, if not controlled, can shorten the life of your expensive battery. When dealing with the corrosion, always observe safety precautions as the substances can mean harm when in direct contact with your skin.

Also, taking away the dirt on top of the battery can help reduce the cases of discharge and thus prolonging life. Besides, the regular cleaning gives you a perfect opportunity to observe the cracks that may appear on the battery and hence, a repair, if needed.

4. Reduce Heat Exposure

Most people firmly believe that cold weathers are the leading cause of battery damages. Well, it’s not always the case. Most of those batteries that fail during the winter season do so because of the damages they experienced during the summer holidays. You must understand that excessive heat evaporates the battery components, including the sealed models.

So, how can you deal with this misery? The best option is to invest in a battery that is designed for the hot seasons, especially if you live in the southern region. These types of cells are usually well insulated to prevent the battery from overheating. However, they come with a bit high price as compared to conventional batteries. Also, you should remember to always park the car in shade or garage regardless of the weather.

5. Test the Voltage Frequently

Testing the state of your battery may sound unnecessary, but it’s crucial. For instance, cells that are subjected to deep discharge moments are likely to last shorter as compared to those that are always full. It’s for this reason that you’re always advised to test a voltage of your battery often. So, how often should one check the voltage? From an expert’s perspective, the testing should be done at least once a month.

For the lead-acid batteries, the voltmeter should read 12.7 volts or more. Therefore, if you notice that the reading is below 12.5, you should ensure that the battery is charged soon. Using a voltmeter is easy. It doesn’t ask for any special skills, and hence, it’s a task you can perform without having to drive to your local garage.

6. Taking Care of the Entire Car

A well-maintained car translates to a well-functioning battery. Therefore, it’s advisable not to undermine the regular servicing of your vehicle. How often do you take your vehicle for service?

Servicing in this scenario doesn’t mean renewing the engine oil alone. It means taking a look at every component of the car. The alternator, headlights, and entertainment system, especially, shouldn’t be neglected as they affect the battery directly if they develop a problem.


Finding your Chrysler 200’s battery location shouldn’t be complicated as many drivers make it sound. By reading this article, you will understand everything from the battery’s location to tips on how to prolong its life. Read through the piece to have a deeper understanding, as this can end up saving you some cash.

1. Battery Location; Jump-starting – Chrysler 200 Convertible User Manual – ManualsLib

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Where is the battery in a Chrysler 200? The car's battery is usually located in a compartment under the hood, and that's between the left headlight area and the left front wheel splash guard.

Click to see full answer.

Correspondingly, how do you get the battery out of a Chrysler 200?

Loosen the nut on the negative "-" terminal by turning it counterclockwise with a 10mm socket and a 1/4" drive ratchet or a 10mm wrench. Pull the negative terminal off the "-" battery post, wrap it in a small towel and tuck it away on the side of the battery to help prevent accidental electrical contact.

Also, how much is a new battery for a Chrysler 200? The average cost for a Chrysler 200 battery replacement is between $204 and $223. Labor costs are estimated between $70 and $89 while parts are priced at $134.

In this manner, where is the battery on a Chrysler?

The battery is located in the wheel wheel in many Chrysler and Dodge vehicles, including the Stratus and non-convertible Sebring.

How many years do car batteries last?

Under these conditions, you can probably expect your car battery life to be about six years. On average, a car battery lasts between two and five years. If you live in the northern United States, your car battery lifespan will be longer, because you're in a cold climate.


Where is the battery located in a 2005 Chrysler 300?

The battery in the Chrysler 300 is located in the front of the car underneath the hood. It is positioned on the right-hand side in the engine compartment as you're facing the car.

Click to see full answer.

Also, where is the battery located in a 2006 Chrysler 300?

The battery in the Chrysler 300 is located in the front of the car underneath the hood. It is positioned on the right-hand side in the engine compartment as you're facing the car.

Also, how do you get the battery out of a Chrysler 300? Remove the two battery hold-down bolts and remove the hold-down bracket. Disconnect the positive battery terminal from the battery, then slide the battery toward the rear to gain access to the negative terminal. Disconnect the negative terminal and remove the battery from above, in the engine compartment.

Secondly, what kind of battery does a Chrysler 300 need?

Duralast 300 car batteries have best-in-class vent caps, a Solidium™ Weld System and higher cold cranking amps to ensure that you don't get left out in the cold. Duralast batteries from AutoZone come with a 2-Year Nationwide Free Replacement Warranty (3-Year Warranty on Gold and Platinum models).

Where is the battery located in a 2005 Dodge Magnum?

Instead, look like the firefighter who knows that the battery in the 2005-2008 Dodge Magnums is located in the rear cargo area by the spare tire.


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Chrysler Sebring Battery Replacement

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