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Lorena Canals

Founded in , Lorena Canals is the designer behind her eponymous home décor brand that specialises in beautiful, child-friendly rugs and textile accessories. Pioneers of the machine-washable rug, the brand offers a variety of stylish and modern textile products such as rugs and cushions. Lorena Canals' products are handmade respectfully in India from high-quality, natural materials, mostly cotton and wool, and eco-friendly, natural dyes. Committed not just to creating gorgeous, modern décor items, the brand is also doing its part to help give Indian children access to education. Set up in , the Lorena Canals Sakûla Project in Haryana, is a nursery that enables boys and girls found in the street, to be cared for and receive an education to help them secure a better future. Today there are boys and girls attending the nursery, and the brand is constantly working towards helping more children year after year.


Sours: https://www.smallable.com/en/brands/lorena-canals

Lorena Canals Washable Rug - Happy Heart

Sometimes, the little details are what make your heart more content. And the same is true when we are talking about decorating your home. It really is the little things that manage to make you feel at home and that allow you to give a unique and personal touch to any corner. That’s why we’re so happy and excited to introduce to you our new collection that was born from our collaboration with the brand Lorena Canals. An eco-friendly company that uses natural fibres and inks to offer rugs of maximum quality (and they are super cute on top of that).
What you see in these pictures is the most adorable rug in the entire collection, a design made to steal hearts and to put huge smiles on everyone's faces: our heart-shaped rug. Ideal to give an even more special look to your room, living room or your favorite corner of the house. If you're enjoying what you see, read on, because we want to tell you a little more. This rug is handmade and worked with natural inks, made with % cotton and is easily washable. Its heart design will make you fall in love with this product and continue to love it every time you see it.

Size: 90 x cm.

Rug made by hand and worked with natural inks. With a heart design, made of cotton and easily washable. Designed by Mr. Wonderful for Lorena Canals.
Machine wash on cold. Do not use bleach.

Sours: https://www.mrwonderful.com/en/lorena-canals-washable-rug-happy-heart.html
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Our collection of Lorena Canals machine washable rugs are handmade from natural cotton.

Designed in Spain, Lorena Canals are a family business that monitors the whole manufacturing process. They select the best cotton quality and dye the rug with natural dyes only - toxic dyes, contaminants or chemical fixing for the colors are never used.

They are perfect for decorating children's rooms - they are practical, easy to combine, pleasant to the touch, cool in summer and warm in winter, and machine washable in a standard domestic washing machine. Being natural cotton and washable will also benefit children with allergy problems.

A handmade and carefully designed product. Each piece is unique, hence there may be small variations in color and shape.

This product complies with all quality and safety regulations for children. ISO , ISO , ISO and AITEX certified.

Washing Instructions

Machine wash (check load limit first) separately using a delicate, 30ºC program without whitening.
Use a mild detergent, and do not use softeners.
Select low centrifuge speed if the rug has braids, fringes or pom poms. Do not leave the wet rug in the washer, as colours may run or stain.
Tumble dry at low temperature.
Avoid drying in the sun.
Don't worry if lint appears, as this is residue fibre produced from cutting the cotton. During the first few days, it is advisable to sweep the rug with a hard brush in the direction of the plush, and then it is recommended to use the vacuum cleaner.
Should you find any long or loose threads, cut these using a pair of scissors. Never pull a thread.
Keep away from fire.

Sours: https://www.heugahinteriors.com/lorena-canals-rug-air-naturalhtml

Lorena Canals

Shop Lorena Canals rugs at Rugs.ie — Ireland’s largest supplier of premium brand area rugs.

Handwoven from super-soft cotton and wool, Lorena Canals rugs come in a wide variety of quirky designs; discover more about the brands flair and practicality in our blog post. Featuring geometric Morrocan patterns, eye-catching Terrazzo prints and traditional tribal designs, a Lorena Canals rug is perfect for adding a bohemian touch to your home.Learn all about decorating your home in Moroccan style.

Lorena Canals Washable rugs can all be washed in a conventional domestic washing machine; making them particularly well-suited for children. The bestselling round ABC rug is perfect for adding a finishing touch to playrooms or nurseries. Soft underfoot, playtime will be always cosy with Lorena Canals Mr Wonderful Collection, an adorable selection of machine washable rugs inspired by children's imaginations.

Browse the entire product catalogue of washable rugs Ireland or filter your search as per price, category or style.

Need some help? We are happy to help you find the perfect rug for your interior. Simply contact us online or visit our experts in our rug shop in Cork, Ireland.

We offer worldwide shipping as well as free shipping to residents of Ireland and the UK.

Sours: https://rugs.ie/brands/lorena-canals-rugs

Rugs lorena canals

Lorena Canals

Life happens in every room, so each room should be made as comfortable as possible. Whether the living room, hallway, dining area, bedroom or kitchen for every room there is the perfect carpet and the perfect accessories to feel wonderfully comfortable. At Lorena Canals you will find home accessories in various designs that fit your lifestyle and are also wonderfully easy to clean.

Lorena Canals designs and produces rugs and textile accessories that are both stylish and practical. The rugs are made of % cotton and machine washable - perfect for the lifestyle of today. In addition to rugs, the Lorena Canals range also includes pillows, quilts and wall decorations in a variety of colours and designs.

It all started when the founder asked herself why she could not wash her children's rugs at home. After finding no suitable solution on the market, Lorena Canals set up her own business in , which has since become a staple in home textiles for children and adults.

The Lorena Canals brand stands for the highest quality in every production step. From the materials chosen, to contemporary designs, to social responsibility during production in India, where carpets, pillows and blankets are mostly made by hand. So Lorena Canals supports various social projects in India, gives children the opportunity to attend a school and built a kindergarten.

Sours: https://www.interismo.com/lorena-canals

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