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 ET Main


Fluidic Nether Portal ·
Direction Changer ·
Fluid Pipe ·
Modular Socket ·
Flux Pipe ·
Socket Frame ·
Ground Limestone ·
Universal Extractor



Item Input ·
Fluid Input ·
Energy Input ·
Multi Input ·
Magnet Input


Item Output ·
Fluid Output ·
Energy Output ·
Multi Output ·
Magnet Output


Item Extractor ·
Fluid Extractor


Item Distributor ·
Fluid Distributor


Item Ejector


Redstone Input ·
Redstone Output ·
AND Gate ·
OR Gate ·
NOT Gate ·
NAND Gate ·
NOR Gate ·
XOR Gate ·
XNOR Gate ·
Latch Toggle ·
Latch Set ·
Latch Reset ·
Timer ·
Delayer ·
State Cell ·
Pressure Plate

RF Consumers

Spinning Wheel ·
Vacuum ·
Furnace ·
Grinder ·
Freezer ·
Kiln ·
Multi Smelter ·
Centrifuge ·
Mixer ·
Husher ·
Enderic Fluid Pump

RF Generators

Solar Panel ·
Piezo Electric Tile ·
Hydroelectric Turbine ·
Stirling Generator ·
Gas Generator ·
Gas Turbine ·
Nether Plasma Reactor


Hinge ·
Ender Hinge ·
Lazy Susan ·
Elevator ·
Track ·
Accelerometer ·


Blank Module ·
Internal Clock ·
Burner ·
Breaker ·
Water Intake ·
Catapult ·
Deadly Flashing Blade ·
Advanced Breaker ·
Energy Indicator ·
Energy Expansion ·
Button ·
Block Update Sensor ·
Advanced Energy Expansion ·
Water Cooler ·
Lava Intake ·
Self Destruct System ·
Inventory Interface ·
Tank Interface ·
Charger ·
Activator ·
Machine Output ·
Pressurizer ·
Range Selector ·
Fracker ·
Photobioreactor ·
Fan ·
Vent ·
Exhaust ·
Refinery ·

Colored Planks

Black ·
Red ·
Green ·
Brown ·
Blue ·
Purple ·
Cyan ·
Light Gray ·
Gray ·
Pink ·
Lime ·
Yellow ·
Light Blue ·
Magenta ·
Orange ·

Ground Ore

Bauxite ·
Cassiterite ·
Galena ·
Gold ·
Iron ·
Copper ·
Pentlandite ·
Silver ·
Cobalt ·

Impure Dust

Aluminium ·
Tin ·
Lead ·
Gold ·
Iron ·
Copper ·
Nickel ·
Silver ·
Cobalt ·

Pure Dust

Aluminium ·
Tin ·
Lead ·
Gold ·
Iron ·
Copper ·
Nickel ·
Silver ·
Cobalt ·
Ardite ·
Platinum ·

Spray Paint

Black ·
Red ·
Green ·
Brown ·
Blue ·
Purple ·
Cyan ·
Light Gray ·
Gray ·
Pink ·
Lime ·
Yellow ·
Light Blue ·
Magenta ·
Orange ·


Nutrient Water Bucket ·
Slickwater Bucket


Engineer's Wrench ·
Hand Boiler ·
Redstone Wand ·
Socket Remote ·
Sweet Redstone Ingot

This page is about the Immersive Engineering block. For the mod, see Engineer's Toolbox.

ModImmersive Engineering
TypeSolid block

The Engineer's Toolbox is a block added by Immersive Engineering. It is used to store tools and other items.

Right-clicking it will open it. Each slot can only store a specific type of item/block; "Food" can store edibles, "Tools" can store tools, "Wiring" can store Immersive Engineering coils and similar items, and "Anything" can store, as it sounds, any block or item.

Shift right-clicking it will place it. It can be right-clicked in its block form to be opened. When broken, it will retain all of the items in it.



Version history
0.10-58Made the Engineer's Toolbox placable.
  1. Target filing cabinet
  2. Fish swim school
  3. Cadillac cts emblem
  4. Savemart gift card
  5. Redbubble art print

[512x/128x - 32x] Engineer's Toolbox [MC1.6 - 1.7]

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Engineer's Toolbox is a mod created by Emasher as a way to combine multiple machines into a single block.

The primary feature of Engineer's Toolbox is the Modular Socket. Essentially, these are special blocks which can be customized to serve a number of functions by placing special modules on each of the six sides. Some of the functions of sockets are: Ore Processing (Doubling or Tripling + Bonus); Automatic Mining; Power Generation; Energy, Item and Fluid Storage; Energy, Item, Redstone and Fluid I/O Through One Block; Compact Redstone Logic (Various Logic Functions + Timers and Latches); Redstone Sensors; Block Movement; Right-Click Simulation; Frames; And Many More

Go To The Engineer's Toolbox Minecraft Forum Thread


v1.2.3.0 for MC 1.7.10by Novamanga

for MC1.6




#MC1.7 update by Novamanga (10/11/2015)
#Initial Release (8/19/2014)


SuperJenBot - For Way To Many Block Textures To Name (This Project Is As Much Hers As It Is Mine ;))

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You don't need the pack.mcmeta and pack.png files in a patch for MC1.6. They're only for MC1.7+.

Also, you need to link directly to imgur images, not to the pages (right click > Copy Image Location).

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Ok, I'll Fix It Right Away :)
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Hello, as I said on the request thread for this mod, I had already started. I have a ton of blocks done if you would like them.


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Oh, I Feel Kinda Bad Now.. :oBut I'll Be Glad To Add Them! Of Course You'll Be Fully Accredited!

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Have you done anymore work on this? I would like to do some more textures so I need to know what you've already got done


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SuperJenBot wrote:Have you done anymore work on this? I would like to do some more textures so I need to know what you've already got done

I Have Finished Most Of The Blocks And Items But Feel Free To Change/Tweak Them As Much As You'd Like!

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@JackletonI see that you've posted a new topic to go into the release thread for this patch. All you need to do is copy the formatting from the one you made in releases and paste it in this one. I will move this one into releases once you've done so :)

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is there a 1.7.10 patch update for this mod?


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Will this work in MC 1.7.10? Or is there any way to get this updated for that?

Thanks a ton, patch makers.

Quick Links:
Bug Reports
Source Code

Engineer's Toolbox - Customizable Modular Machines

Engineer's Toolbox is a tech mod with a focus on customization. It's based around blocks called sockets which can have modules installed on their sides to serve various functions. Different modules can do everything from simple redstone logic, to generating energy.

You'll find more detailed information on the different modules in the mod's wiki, but this summary should give you a good idea of what's possible with sockets:

Redstone Logic

There are basic redstone input and output modules for simply passing a redstone signal through a socket on one of it's three basic redstone channels, or controlling a machine. There are also logic gate modules wich perform logical functions using different redstone channels including NOT, OR, AND, NAND, NOR, XOR, and XNOR. Sockets also have 3 internal redstone latches which have their own channels (latch channels can also be used as input for logical functions). There are modules for setting, resetting and toggling the latches. There are also timers for producing repeated redstone pulses, and modules that act like buttons, pressure plates, and even block update sensors.

Items and Fluids

Each socket has 3 internal inventories and 3 internal tanks. There are various modules for inputting, and outputting both from adjacent inventories, tanks, pipes, machines, etc. as well as more advanced modules for extracting from inventories and tanks that don't auto output, as well as modules for directly viewing and interacting with the contents of an internal tank or inventory. These modules are useful not only for passing resources through a socket, but also supplying input for the various processing machine modules.


Engineer's Toolbox uses the redstone flux energy network to power the various machines you can install on sockets, and output power from its various generators. There are modules for inputting and outputting energy as well as modules for increasing the energy storage capacity of a socket from 5000 RF to millions. There are also generator modules which range from basic solar panels, to hydroelectric turbines, to a generator that draws energy from stampeding cows (and other entities). If you install the official addon, GasCraft, you'll get access to even more methods of generating energy with sockets.

Ore Processing

Not only will you be able to craft a furnace module, you'll also be able to construct machines that when combined can double and even more than triple your metal output. These include a massive limestone kiln multi-block structure that takes some creativity to automate. You can process the standard ores that you find in many mods as well as a few more unique ones such as Tinkerers' Construct's nether ores.

Automated Mining

Engineer's Toolbox includes an automated mining system based on the ancient Roman technique, hushing. Large amounts of water are sprayed at the ground to expose the valuable ores underneath. Of course, the "husher" module you can install on a socket is a little more advanced. When fed with water, or a new fluid, slickwater (lets the husher dig deeper) the husher can mine large areas of land with very little energy input. Slickwater can even be pumped out of the hole when you're done and re-used to dig the next one. There are also block breakers (and placers) which when combined with certain other mods, can be used to create large tunnel bore machines to mine even faster.

For details on how to use the mod including detailed instructions on the modules, and how to use sockets themselves, please visit the wiki. The above is only overview and is far from an exhaustive list of what you can do with the mod.

Below are a few fan-made videos that explain various aspects of the mod in depth:

The Basics:

Ore Processing:

Automated Mining:

This video was made by me to explain the movement based modules in Version and later:

GasCraft - Drill Baby Drill!

GasCraft is an official addon for Engineer's Toolbox. GasCraft adds several gases to the game which while all functioning like normal Forge fluids, behave like gases when in block form. Different gases have different uses. Many gases are used to produce energy, but some are used as weapons, and even steel production. Being an addon for Engineer's Toolbox, GasCraft naturally adds several socket modules for producing energy from different gases, interacting with gas blocks in the world, and more.

Different gases are obtained differently. Some gases, such as natural gas, can be acquired using hydraulic fracturing. Other gases like deadly neurotoxin must be produced by processing other gases. Hydrogen can be produced by processing Algae in a photobioreactor, and smoke can be obtained as a by-product of energy production.

As early as Minecraft 1.2.5, GasCraft has been endangering players with underground gas pockets, and those are still included as a configurable option. Now there are even more dangerous pockets of plasma you can find in the Nether. Of course, you can still craft a gas mask for protection in an emergency, however, there's a very good chance it isn't going to help you much when it comes to plasma.

Similarly to Engineer's Toolbox, more information can be found on the wiki.

The video below explains how to farm algae and produce hydrogen, and ultimately energy from it:

Automated Algae Production:

Emasher Resource

Emasher Resource is required by Engineer's Toolbox and Defense. It provides the ores that are shared between my mods, as well as some shared code. Additionally, Emasher Resource adds the algae used to produce hydrogen, and hemp, which can be grown and used to make armour, string, paper, and more.


Defense is a small mod that adds various types of fences including chain-link, barbed wire, and razor wire as well as other defensive blocks designed to protect your base, such as sand bags and deflector shields. I suppose I probably should have started with that last one.

Download links for all of the above are available here.

Regarding Mod Packs

Feel free to use my mods in any modpack provided that the pack in no way violates the Minecraft Terms of Use, you give me appropriate credit for my work, and you do not directly make money off of my mods. For instance, advertisements are fine, selling access to my mods is not. I also ask that you either keep my mods up to date in you pack, or tell your users to report any bugs with old versions to you, as I don't want to see bug reports for bugs I've already fixed. Please do not send me messages asking me for permission. Everything you need to know is already explained here. I would, however, appreciate a heads up if you're planning on using my mods in a pack that is already well established and you expect the pack to get tens of thousands of downloads or more.


-All mods require the latest version of Minecraft Forge for the version of Minecraft they are for.
-Engineer's Toolbox and Defense both require Emasher Resource.
-GasCraft requires Engineer's Toolbox
-All mods on this page are installed by placing the .zip file in the .minecraft/mods/ directory.
-Emasher resource and GasCraft add world gen. Both have retro-gen, however, Emasher Resource's Retro Gen must be enabled in the config. GasCraft's Retro Gen is always enabled.
-It is highly recommended that you backup your saves before installing any new mods. Use my mods at your own risk.

Bug reports are very helpful, but only if they're regarding actual bugs, and include all the information I need to actually fix them.
Before reporting a bug, please ensure the following:

- It's actually a bug and not intended behavior
- It's not just an ID conflict
- You've read the notes section on this page and installed everything correctly
- The bug is actually related to my mod (if the game crashes, my name will be somewhere in the stacktrace if this is the case)
- You're using the latest version of my mods
-The bug hasn't already been reported on Github (check the closed issues tab as well as the open issues one)
- You don't have a mod installed that's known to cause conflicts with other mods eg:
---Any mod that edits base classes
---Any mod that does something really hackish
---Non-Forge mods

If you've got through all that, and you're certain what you've found is a bug, please ensure you include the following in the bug report:

- The full crash log(obtainable via .minecraft/crash-reports/) if the game crashed
- A description of what you were doing at the time
- A screenshot if applicable
- Any other information you think is relevant
- The exact way a socket was configured if the bug involves a socket

More information is always better.

Please report all bugs here*:


* "Dupe" bugs and other exploits (except for energy loops involving ET's power adapters) should be reported to me via some sort of private message.



Mod engineers toolbox

Engineer’s Toolbox Mod 1.6.4/1.6.2

What Engineer’s Toolbox Mod does?

Have you ever had to run a wire, pipe or cable through a wall, but didn’t want to leave a huge hole in it? Perhaps at some point you’ve wanted to run multiple cables or pipes through a single tile, or maybe you’ve wanted to build a single block ore-processor. I’m sure at some point you’ve wanted to build a machine that can harvest obsidian instantly, and ever since zombies discovered that wooden doors can be broken, you’ve probably wanted a way to toggle open iron ones using a single block device.

Engineer’s Toolbox provides the means to do all of that, and more, lots more. The mod is based around a single block called a socket, which can have a module installed on each of its six faces. There are over 50 modules to choose from and they cover everything from redstone logic gates to bouncing mobs around in the air (See the full list below). You can design and build your own machines to do many tasks that other mods would take several blocks (or even different mods) to accomplish, in a single, or at least very few blocks. This allows for much more compact, cleaner builds.

Each socket has three internal inventories and three internal tanks to store items, and fluids, respectively. There’s also an internal capacitor to store energy, three internal redstone circuits to pass redstone signals between sides, and three internal redstone latches to store a redstone signal. This might sound complicated but you can easily configure you modules to use whichever of them you need using a tool called the socket remote. Engineer’s toolbox doesn’t have any complicated GUIs that need configuring (in-fact, there are no GUIs whatsoever for the time being), everything can be done using the remote’s various modes, quickly and easily. All the various options are even colour coded (don’t worry, there’s a config option for our colour blind friends).

Sockets are compatible with BuildCraft facades. They also work with both BuildCraft’s MJs and Industrial Craft^2?s EUs, (1 MJ = 2.44 EU) so you can quite easily use sockets as power converters. Not only that, but when dismantled with a BuildCraft compatible wrench (one is included in the mod), sockets retain the contents of their tanks and inventories, as well as all their energy, so you can use sockets as portable energy storage devices, tanks, or whatever else you can think of.

The mod also adds a tool called a redstone wand which can be used to deploy short lived redstone emitting orbs into the world, which you can use to test out your contraptions.

Engineer's Toolbox Mod


+ Show Content »»Select All

Below are a few examples of the sorts of machines you can build using sockets. This barely scratches the surface of what you can do with them, let alone what you will be able to do with them as more content is added to the mod. Keep in mind that blocks from several other mods are used in these examples, including some from Thermal Expansion, BuildCraft, IC^2, Forestry, as well as some of my own mods, AS#B and GasCraft.

Route different resources through a single block:

Engineer's Toolbox Mod

Build a quick and convenient obsidian harvester:

Engineer's Toolbox Mod

Create portable energy storage blocks that work with both BuildCraft and IC^2 power:

Engineer's Toolbox Mod

Build complex redstone circuits using logic gates and other redstone sensitive modules:

Engineer's Toolbox Mod

Engineer's Toolbox Mod

Build an automated GasCraft algae farm:

Engineer's Toolbox Mod

Input or output energy, fluids, and items through a single face:

Engineer's Toolbox Mod

Blow up your friends with a landmine:

Engineer's Toolbox Mod

Harness the power of a river:

Engineer's Toolbox Mod

And if you don’t have a river, power your base using cows:

Engineer's Toolbox Mod

Here’s a full list of the modules you can currently craft:

+ Show Content »»Select All
  • Item Input
  • Item Output
  • Item Ejector
  • Item Distributor
  • Item Detector
  • Inventory Interface
  • Vacuum (suck up items)
  • Fluid Input
  • Fluid Output
  • Fluid Extractor
  • Fluid Distributor
  • Tank Interface
  • Fluid Detector
  • Energy Input
  • Energy Output
  • Multi Input
  • Multi Output
  • Redstone Input
  • Redstone Output
  • Redstone AND
  • Redstone OR
  • Redstone NOT
  • Redstone NAND
  • Redstone NOR
  • Redstone XOR
  • Redstone XNOR
  • Redstone Latch Toggle
  • Redstone Latch Set
  • Redstone Latch Reset
  • Redstone Timer
  • Redstone Delayer
  • Redstone State Cell
  • Pressure Plate
  • Button
  • BUDS (block update sensor)
  • Burner (ignites fires)
  • Breaker (breaks blocks)
  • Advanced Breaker
  • Spring (bounce mobs around)
  • Deadly Flashing Blade (damage entities)
  • Water intake (infinite water source)
  • Lava intake (cobblestone generator)
  • Water Cooler (solidify lava)
  • Freezer (make ice)
  • Furnace
  • Grinder (think macerator)
  • Energy Indicator
  • Energy Storage Upgrade
  • Advanced Energy Storage Upgrade
  • Solar Panel
  • Hydroelectric Turbine
  • Piezoelectric Tile
  • Self Destruct System (BOOM!)
  • Activator
  • Machine Output
  • Kiln
  • Multi Smelter
  • Centrifuge
  • Mixer


How to install Engineer’s Toolbox Mod for Minecraft:

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge
  • Download mod zip file
  • Put downloaded zip file into your /.minecraft/mods folder. Do not unzip it. If you don’t have a mods folder, create one
  • Done



  • Fixed certain item IO modules not connecting to BC pipes

Engineer’s Toolbox Mod Download Links:

For 1.6.x

For 1.5.2

Minecraft 1.6.2 ModsMinecraft 1.6.4 Mods

Engineer's Toolbox - Tekkit Legends - #2

Without a word, we sat opposite each other. Sergei Vladimirovich interrupted the silence: Lena, did you sleep well, how do you feel. Sergei Vladimirovich, I seem to have slept, but I feel good.

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