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Clue Scrolls (hard)

A player's Clue Scrolls (hard) completed ranking. Minimum of 1 complete clue to appear on the HiScore.

1 Raul Raul RuneScape Member ,
2 Dudey xD Dudey xD RuneScape Member 93,
3 Golden Globe Golden Globe RuneScape Member 82,
4 AndyB AndyB RuneScape Member 81,
5 DiogoJCL13 DiogoJCL13 RuneScape Member 70,
6 John Skynyrd John Skynyrd RuneScape Member 67,
7 Khetnen Khetnen RuneScape Member 60,
8 StarkDizzle StarkDizzle RuneScape Member 60,
9 Wrongfully Wrongfully RuneScape Member 55,
10 runecoin runecoin RuneScape Member 55,
11 Weirdo Faye Weirdo Faye RuneScape Member 55,
12 xGibb xGibb RuneScape Member 55,
13 Killaz Killaz RuneScape Member 53,
14 Crazy_xD Crazy_xD RuneScape Member 49,
15 Mateusinho Mateusinho RuneScape Member 45,
16 IronStore IronStore RuneScape Member 44,
17 L33 L33 RuneScape Member 43,
18 Wisely Done Wisely Done RuneScape Member 41,
19 Clueski Clueski RuneScape Member 40,
20 Uther Uther RuneScape Member 40,
21 Grim Daniel Grim Daniel RuneScape Member 37,
22 StepSeagle StepSeagle RuneScape Member 36,
23 morguibruh morguibruh 32,
24 Chryssss Chryssss RuneScape Member 32,
25 Zowkii Zowkii RuneScape Member 32,
Common rewards
Rune pickaxe.pngRune pickaxe, longsword, or 2h sword
Rune platebody.pngRune full helm, platebody, platelegs, or kiteshield
Black dragonhide body.pngBlack dragonhide body or chaps
Rune arrow 5.png Rune arrows
Mystic fire staff.pngMystic air, Mystic fire, Mystic earth, or Mystic water staffs
Blood rune.png75 Law, Nature, Astral or Blood runes
Mahogany plank.png24 (noted) Mahogany planks
Black dragonhide.png5 (noted) Black dragonhide
Court summons.pngA Court summons
Rare rewards
Magic composite bow.pngYew composite or Magic composite bow
Rune platebody (t).pngA piece of trimmed or gold-trimmed rune armour
Rune platebody (Zamorak).pngA piece of Saradomin, Guthix, or Zamorak rune armour
Blue dragonhide body (t).pngA piece of trimmed or gold-trimmed blue dragonhide armour
Robin Hood hat.pngPirate or Robin Hood hat
Enchanted top.pngEnchanted hat, top, or robe
Black cavalier.pngTan, dark, or black cavaliers
Rune platebody (h2).pngA piece of Rune heraldic armour (h1—h5)
Amulet of fury (t).pngAmulet of glory (t) or Amulet of fury (t)
Saradomin stole.pngA piece from the Saradomin, Guthix, Zamorak, Armadyl, Bandos, or Ancient vestment sets
Blessed dragonhide body (Guthix).pngA piece of the Saradomin, Guthix, or Zamorak dragonhide blessed set
Green dragon mask.pngFox, white unicorn, black unicorn, green dragon, blue dragon, or red dragonanimal masks
Top hat.pngTop hat or Rune cane
Costume-skipping ticket.png1–4 Costume, Puzzle, or Knot-skipping tickets
Very rare rewards
Barrows Dye.pngBarrows dye or Shadow dye
Explosive barrel.pngBackstab cape, Sack of effigies, or Explosive barrel
Prismatic large fallen star.pngPrismatic large fallen star
Rune platebody (Gilded).pngA piece of Gilded armour
Super defence (4).png5 (noted) Super attack, Super defence, and Super strength potions
Super restore (4).png15 (noted) Super energy, Super restore, or Antifire potions
Starved ancient effigy.pngStarved ancient effigy
Third-age platebody.pngA piece of Third-age warrior, Third-age mage, or Third-age ranger armour
  1. Poulsbo auto repair
  2. Mistress of blades
  3. Gfci circuit diagram

Cryptic clues

Cryptic clues are common riddle clues in higher level clues, but they can be found in lower level clues on occasion. These are labelled Treasure Clue in the top left corner when reading a clue. They will lead the player to an NPC to talk to, crates to search, or to a location where they are to dig. Hard level clues which lead the player to an NPC will normally result in a puzzle box.

Some clues require the player to obtain a key from a nearby monster to access the needed location. These chest key clues are usually found on lower level trails. Oddly, if there is a key involved in the clue, it is possible to get the key before&#;reading the hint, which could save the player some time.

Note: Cryptic clues in the Wilderness have a lower chance of appearing than other clues.


Riddle Key?Puzzle?
46 is my number. My body is the colour of burnt orange and crawls among those with eight. Three mouths I have, yet I cannot eat. My blinking blue eye hides my grave.X mark.svgX mark.svg
Solution Image
Level 46 Wilderness. Dig on the spot of the sapphire. The sapphire is located at the centre of the mountain of brown spiders, north of Red Dragon Isle. Beware of player killers!

Quickest travel: Use a Wilderness sword 1 or higher to teleport to the Wilderness herb patch, then run northeast.

Alternate travel: Take a Waka canoe to the Wilderness, then run northeast.

Cryptic clue brown spiders.png



Riddle Key?Puzzle?
A great view: watch the rapidly drying hides get splashed. Check the box you are sitting on.X mark.svgX mark.svg
Solution Image
Almera's house north of Baxtorian Falls, 1st2nd&#;floor[UK] in the boxes. Cryptic clue Almera's House.png
Riddle Key?Puzzle?
A strange little man who sells armour only to those who've proven themselves to be unafraid of dragons.X mark.svgYes check.svg
Solution Image
Talk to Oziach in his house north of Edgeville lodestone.

Quickest travel: Home teleport to the Edgeville lodestone, then run north.

Cryptic clue Oziach.png
Riddle Key?Puzzle?
A town with a different sort of night-life is your destination. Search for some crates in one of the houses.X mark.svgX mark.svg
Solution Image
Search the crates in the clothes shop in Canifis.

Quickest travel: Home teleport to the Canifis lodestone.

Cryptic clue Canifis clothes shop crate.png
Riddle Key?Puzzle?
After a hard day of spraying back the vegetation, you mite want to pop to the nearby forge and search the crates.X mark.svgX mark.svg
Solution Image
The Zanaris forge (furnace, north-western corner of Zanaris) west of the slayer monsters (fungi). Search the crates. Lost City is required to complete this step. Cryptic clue Zanaris.png
Riddle Key?Puzzle?
After trawling for bars, go to the nearest place to smith them and dig by the door.X mark.svgX mark.svg
Solution Image
Dig in front of the house with an anvil in Port Khazard, near the fishing trawler minigame. Cryptic clue Port Khazard.png
Riddle Key?Puzzle?
Aggie I see. Lonely and southern I feel. I am neither inside nor outside the house, yet no house would be complete without me. The treasure lies beneath me!X mark.svgX mark.svg
Solution Image
Dig under the southern window in Aggie's house at Draynor Village.

Quickest travel: Use the Draynor teleport on an Amulet of glory.

Alternate travel: Home teleport to the Draynor lodestone, then run south.

Cryptic clue Aggie's house.png
Riddle Key?Puzzle?
And so on, and so on, and so on. Walking from the land of many unimportant things leads to a choice of paths.X mark.svgX mark.svg
Solution Image
(Requires completion of Fremennik Trials)

On Etceteria, dig next to the Evergreen in front of the castle walls.

Simplest travel:Fremenikk lodestone then run north-west into Relekka and talk to Sailor on the docks.

Alternate travel: Fairy Ring Code CIP to Miscellania then run east.

Cryptic clue Etceteria.png
Riddle Key?Puzzle?
As you desert this town, keep an eye out for a set of spines that could ruin nearby rugs: dig carefully around the greenery.X mark.svgX mark.svg
Solution Image
At the flying rug hub in Nardah, dig next to the two cacti nearby.

Quickest travel: Use a Desert amulet 2 or higher to teleport directly to Nardah.

Alternate travel: Magic carpet. Ride from Shantay Pass to North Pollnivneach and then walk to South Pollnivneach. Then ride from Pollnivneach to Nardah. (Chipped House tablets, Pollnivneach Teleport scrolls, or Rings of slaying can be used to skip the first step).

Cryptic clue Nardah cacti.png



Riddle Key?Puzzle?
Being this far north has meant that these crates have escaped being battled over.X mark.svgX mark.svg
Solution Image
Search the crates north of the north-eastern most building in the battlefield south of Ardougne. Cryptic clue battlefield.png
Riddle Key?Puzzle?
By the town of the dead, walk south down a rickety bridge, then dig near the spotted fungus.X mark.svgX mark.svg
Solution Image
Walk down the bridge just to the west of the northern entrance to Port Phasmatys and dig just to the east of the mushroom. Cryptic clue slime-covered tree.png



Riddle Key?Puzzle?
Citric cellar.X mark.svgYes check.svg
Solution Image
Speak to Heckel Funch in Tree Gnome Stronghold in the south-east corner of the Grand Tree on the first level above the ground. Cryptic clue Citric Cellar.png
Riddle Key?Puzzle?
Covered in shadows, the centre of the circle is where you will find the answer.X mark.svgX mark.svg
Solution Image
In Mort'ton, dig in the centre of town, just south of the store. Cryptic clue Mort'ton.png



Riddle Key?Puzzle?
Don't skip here, it's too muddy. You'll feel like a star if you dig here, though.X mark.svgX mark.svg
Solution Image
Go to the southern tip of Mudskipper Point (fairy rings code AIQ) and dig on the south-eastern starfish.

The starfish may not actually appear, so good luck!

Cryptic clue Mudskipper Point.png



Riddle Key?Puzzle?
For any aspiring mage, I'm sure searching this bookcase will be a rewarding experience.X mark.svgX mark.svg
Solution Image
Search the bookcase in the north-east corner of the shop on the top floor of the Mage Training Arena. Cryptic clue Mage Training Arena.png
Riddle Key?Puzzle?
Four blades I have, yet draw no blood; Still I turn my prey to powder. If you are brave, come search my roof; It is there my blades are louder.X mark.svgX mark.svg
Solution Image
Lumbridge windmill, search the crates on the top floor.

Quickest travel: Home teleport to the Draynor lodestone, then run east.

Cryptic clue Lumbridge windmill.png



Riddle Key?Puzzle?
Go to the village being attacked by trolls, search the drawers while you are there.Wait till I get my hands on Penda, he's nicked the key again. - Go to the

house very close by, just south-east.

X mark.svg
Solution Image
Go to the weapons shop in Burthorpe and when you try to open the drawers it says "wait till I get my hands on Penda, he's nicked the key again." Go to the house directly east and kill Penda for the key. Then open and search the drawers.

Quickest travel: Home teleport to the Burthorpe lodestone, then run northeast.

Cryptic clue Burthope.png
Riddle Key?Puzzle?
Go to this building to be illuminated, and check the drawers while you're there.I'm guarding the key at the market - Go to Rellekka and kill one of the Fremennik market guards. X mark.svg
Solution Image
Kill a Fremennik market guard, acquire a key, then search the drawers in the Lighthouse west of Rellekka (if you don't kill the market guard, then the drawer will say "I'm guarding the key at the market"). Requires commencement of Horror from the Deep to enter the lighthouse and the completion of Bar Crawl miniquest. You only need to gain entry to the lighthouse near the start of the quest. Cryptic clue Lighthouse.png



Riddle Key?Puzzle?
Hay! Stop for a bit and admire the scenery, just like the tourism promoter says.X mark.svgX mark.svg
Solution Image
Search the hay bales in the circular room south of the Baxtorian Falls, near Rasolo. Cryptic clue hay bales.png



Riddle Key?Puzzle?
I am a token of the greatest love. I have no beginning or end. My eye is red, I can fit like a glove. Go to the place where it's money they lend, And dig by the gate to be my friend.X mark.svgX mark.svg
Solution Image
Dig next to the gate, under the west bank of Varrock. Cryptic clue under the west bank of Varrock.png
Riddle Key?Puzzle?
I am head of the abbey with a cold breeze from the west. X mark.svgX mark.svg
Solution Image
Talk to Abbot Langley in Edgeville Monastery

Quickest travel: Home teleport to the Edgeville lodestone, then run west.

Cryptic clue Abbot Langley.png
Riddle Key?Puzzle?
I'm sure they will let ya buy some things here, as long as you are in good 'ealthX mark.svgX mark.svg
Solution Image
Search one of the two crates in the general shop from Lletya. Cryptic clue Lletya crate.png
Riddle Key?Puzzle?
If a man carried my burden, he would break his back. I am not rich, but leave silver in my track. Speak to the keeper of my trail.

Clue scrolls are commonly obtained as a drop from monsters. Below is a small list of some of the more common clue droppers. For a complete list of monsters please see the Clue Scroll entry in our Items Database. There are also other way of obtaining clue scrolls using various skill (see the list below).

EnemyCombat LevelWhere to FindEasyMan/Woman2Almost at every town GoblinVarious places - near Lumbridge, Goblin Village, Goblin cave near Fishing GuildFarmer10various areasRogues15Rogue House in level WildernessThugs16Wilderness and in some towns - Varrock primarilyThief 20In some towns - Varrock primarilyAl Kharid Warrior 26Al Kharid PalaceBarbarian Woman40Barbarian Village and Varrock CastleBarbarian44Barbarian VillageH.A.M. Guard 44H.A.M. HeadquartersRock CrabNorth of RellekaMediumGuards26In almost every large town Cockatrices64Fremennik Slayer Dungeon Paladin 70ArdougneIce Warriors78Ice Cave close to Rimmington and WildernessJogre82Karamja Jungle Area Tribesman86, 90Karamja Jungle Area DagannothLighthouse, Waterbirth Island, and Chaos TunnelsHardCyclops82, 98Warrior's GuildGreen Dragon90Wilderness and Chaos TunnelsJelly98Fremennik Slayer DungeonBlue DragonTaverley Dungeon and Hero's GuildGreater DemonBrimhaven Dungeon and Kuradal's DungeonRed DragonRed Dragon Isle (Wilderness) and Brimhaven Dungeon.Bronze DragonBrimhaven Dungeon and Chaos TunnelsHellhoundTaverley DungeonJungle StrykewyrmNortheast of Mobilising ArmiesExiled kalphite guardianExiled Kalphite HiveIron DragonBrimhaven Dungeon, Frozen fortress west of the Frozen Waste Plateau, and Kuradal's dungeonBlack DragonTaverley Dungeon, Wilderness Lava Maze Dungeon, and Evil Chicken's LairSteel DragonBrimhaven Dungeon, Frozen fortress west of the Frozen Waste Plateau, and Kuradal's dungeonDesert StrykewyrmClosed off area east of Al-Kharid palaceIce StrykewyrmCave of MuspahMithril DragonOtto's WhirlpoolEliteGiant MoleMole dungeon, under Falador ParkJungle StrykewyrmNortheast of Mobilising ArmiesChaos ElementalWest of the Rogues Castle in level 70 WildernessExiled kalphite guardianExiled Kalphite HiveIron DragonBrimhaven Dungeon, Frozen fortress west of the Frozen Waste Plateau, and Kuradal's dungeonSteel DragonBrimhaven Dungeon, Frozen fortress west of the Frozen Waste Plateau, and Kuradal's dungeonDesert StrykewyrmClosed off area east of Al-Kharid palaceIce StrykewyrmCave of MuspahKing Black DragonKing Black Dragon Lair, near Lava Maze in WildernessDagannoth Prime, Rex, and SupremeWaterbirth DungeonMithril DragonOtto's WhirlpoolKalphite QueenKalphite hive, in the Al Kharid desert south west of Shantay PassCorporeal BeastCave northwest of Clan Wars in level 33 wild

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